Hey my lovely trans brothers, non-binary beauties, intersex angels and all those in between. just a heads up.
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I made a post about him a while back, but I wanted to make another with more pictures. But anyway, I remember back when the Naruto manga had just ended, I immediately made a pink haired Uchiha boy named Sakurai. I had a lot of fun making fake anime screenshots lol.

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Yousana are this type of couple who are casually hanging out outside, Sana smiles and Yousef can't stop admiring how beautiful she is and forgets the world around himself so he stumbles and falls on the ground while Sana is laughing because of how funny it was and Yousef who feels pain going through his entire body is regretting nothing because he made his girl laugh and watching her like this is the most prettiest thing in the universe

Petition for next turtle movie to have a badass Casey Jones

But she’s a girl