girl on fiyah

"How could anybody ever see me and Lucas as a couple?"--Maya Hart

…but it just stood out to me. In Yearbook when Maya and Lucas are voted favorite couple Maya says “How could anybody ever see me and LUCAS as a couple?” When I rewatched the episode it just kind of stood out to me that she called him Lucas instead of Ranger Rick, Huckleberry, Hopalong, etc.

I kinda just feel like if she was actually annoyed because it was stupid or found it ridiculous she would have said something a bit more sarcastic. She was just kind of surprised didn’t really show much to good or bad, just surprised.

We all know Maya has liked Lucas for a while, so it’s no surprise that she wasn’t disgusted by this. What IS surprising is that she DIDN’T cover up with insults, sarcasm, humor, etc. She used to try to hide most of her feelings from everyone for Riley’s benefit, but something just in the way she said it here. She was surprised, a little confused and caught off guard, but she DIDN’T say something like “Ew me and Huckleberry as a couple?!”(for example). She just asked unsure because…everyone sees them as a couple? That’s news to her. She thought they were all gunning for the Rucas summer rain, but they were actually shipping “Lucaya Fiyah”.

Basically the fact that she said LUCAS instead of a nickname, how she didn’t make a joke or use sarcasm, how she didn’t turn off her feelings for Riley’s benefit just for a split second. And how she wasn’t disgused or annoyed, but simply surprised/shocked and confused.

Summer Rain...

…comes out of nowhere, and is (usually) lovely while it lasts, even when it’s heavy. Summer rains almost always end as quickly as they came. If you’re lucky, you get to see a rainbow for a bit as the sky clears and the world glows for a little while.

But once a summer rain is over, you can’t make it come back. You can’t force the rain to fall. Just enjoy it while it lasts and be glad you got to see a rainbow.

(Fire, on the other hand, can be reignited at will. Fire can be a big blaze, a little flame, a flicker, or even just embers. It has to be tended to, but you can bring fire back over and over again if you want.)

Summer rain is over when it’s over.