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here have some sweet ‘n caring members to their lovable mc

  • me: *plays video games constantly*
  • person: oh you game? what do you play?
  • me: *suddenly cannot remember a single game i have ever played aside from cooking mama*

but we made ‘em cocoa

moodboard: queenie goldstein

queenie goldstein is porpentina goldstein’s vivacious little sister. a powerful legilimens, she can read others’ minds, going so far as to admit that ‘she can’t help but listen in on people’s thoughts’. she is also an accomplished cook, who notably bakes excellent strudels.

why do i constantly feel like i’m trying so hard not to hurt anyone’s feelings but i’m always simultaneously trying so hard not to get my own feelings hurt because nobody else cares whose feelings they’re hurting 🙃

My friend made this really sweet post about me in the Black Girls are Kawaii page on fb and I’m lowkey tearing up ;u;

Even though there was a lot of drama when I started the Kawaii Black Girls did and I got a  lot of backlash for it, I’m glad I endure it because it was so worth it imo. 

All I ever wanted was for more black girls to see that they could wear cute fashion and rock it. That there were other black girls with the same interests as them!!

Now I see more black girls wearing kawaii fashion and cosplaying than ever before and I feel like I’ve reached my goal! I’m so glad I was able to bring this community together ;-; I love all the kawaii black girls ♥


So we still haven’t recieved any renewal updates, which SUCKS. What we do know, is that the fandom has POWER - that’s been proved today by the Timeless un-cancellation. I have also heard from a reliable source (not SSA) that FOX has been checking out several NG Tumblr blogs today, so they are definitely interested in the fandom’s current mood.

So, let’s all summon our very last energy together, and SPAM SPAM SPAM the hell out of the #reNewGirl campaign, until Monday morning when we’ll get the news. They will listen to us!

Here’s how to do it:

Twitter (most efficient): use the hashtags #reNewGirl #NewGirl #Season7 and tag @foxtv, @newgirlonfox, @lizmeriwether and @finkel_is_great. Also reblog all the #reNewGirl tweets you find.

Facebook: use the hashtag #reNewGirl on New Girl’s offical FB page to comment on old posts, and write your own posts on their wall.

Instagram: use the hastag #reNewGirl on New Girl’s official IG, to comment on old posts, NG fan accounts or any other New Girl cast or crew member’s IG you’.re following.

Tumblr: reblog this very post to spread the word to as many Roomfriends as possible.

GO GO GO!!!! Together we will make #reNewGirl happen!!!