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Childish (MET with Reader) fluffy drabble

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(A/n): guys I’m bored

Summary: The reader is a bit frustrated, so she fixes it herself

Warnings: swearing and stuff


Aggressively, (Y/n) threw up her arms.

“Okay, well, I quit.” she called.

It was very close to one in the morning, and (Y/n) was pissed.

As she was, she lived with Teamiplier as their graphic designer. Although, her tasks were relatively simple, that doesn’t mean she was always able to slip her way out of staying up late.

Like tonight for instance.

Her work seemed like it was cheating her, and her graphics table wasn’t willing to cooperate. All (Y/n) wanted was to get her shit done. But noo.

“Alright, fuck it.”

She arose from her desk chair and snuck herself around the corner, down a hallway of bedrooms. Firstly, she fixed her sock. Then, the girl entered the first bedroom on her left.

“Ethan…” she whispered.

Creeping down his carpet, (Y/n) was careful not to trip in the inkwell darkness.


“Dad…?” the blue boy mumbled thickly. Ethan squirmed a little in his sheets, before looking up at his intruder.

“Get dressed.” she told him.

He fell from his bed, in the most literal sense, and began to pick up whatever clothes were on his floor.

“That’s the opposite of what I want a girl to say while in my room at night…” he commented, tumbling about.

(Y/n) chuckled at his weak joke and made her way down to the next room. Of course, Ethan would wake up to an absurd comment like ‘Dad’. She had legitimately confused him awake.

Quietly creaking into the neighboring room, she had opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted.

“Yeah, I know,” said the gruff voice “get dressed, right?”

“Please?” the girl smiled in the dark.

“I’m already dressed.” Tyler sighed, standing up. He surprised (Y/n) by being fully clad in jeans and a t-shirt.

“I had just finished work and literally flopped onto my bed without undressing…” he admitted. (Y/n) laughed.

Together, both (Y/n) and Tyler entered the final room on the left side.

“Markimoo~” (Y/n) lulled softly, peeping in through the door. No movement was detected from the bed, other than slow breathing.

“Mark…?” she said again, a tad louder. When still nothing came up, she looked to her tall companion. Tyler then spoke frighteningly.


Mark screamed.

✽   ✽   ✽

“Where are we going again?” asked Ethan, yawning quaintly.

(Y/n) finished buckling her seatbelt before she responded.

“Well, uh, nowhere in particular…” she spoke sheepishly, turning to the blue boy “I was just really frustrated a couple of minutes ago… and driving at night helps me. So do you guys. I just thought… if I put them together, I might be able to get more done.”

Mark laughed heartily from the back seat.

“Well, no problem, doll face. I’m here to help!”

The girl beamed at his words.

“Can we go to McDonald’s?” pondered Tyler.

“At one in the morning?” asked both (Y/n) and Ethan.

Tyler raised his hands and shoulders defensively “Hey, she said she was sad. I’m gunna’ treat her to ice cream. At one in the morning.”

(Y/n) smiled at him kindly, thanking him as well. Ethan rolled his eyes while Mark sputtered some words of his own.

“Yeah well, not if I treat her first…” he claimed, challenging Tyler with his stare.

The blue haired male sighed, and put the car into drive.

He taunted “Imagine that, getting treated to ice cream by the Markiplier at one in the morning. Oh, the chivalry.”

Both him and (Y/n) giggled, while (Y/n) added “Every girl’s dream.

“Which of you actually know which ice cream flavour I prefer, though?” the girl asked the two men in the back.

Mark said “VANILLA-!”

While Tyler said “Chocolate.”

Now the challenging stares really began.

“How childish..” sighed Ethan. He smiled widely as he pulled out of the driveway.


(A/n): Imagine getting taken out at one in the morning for ice cream just because you’re sad


Anon Asks: If Summer were still alive when Ruby was fifteen, could I see proud parents seeing their little girl off to Beacon?

Oh, yes. Yes, you can totally see this, beautiful Anon.

I’m calling this AU the “Happily Ever After AU” (since we’re all basing this stuff off of stories and such, so why not). In this AU, Summer never died, Raven never left, and Yang gets to be raised by Tai x Raven while Ruby is raised by Summer x Qrow. Hummingbird and Pheonix (Team STRQ) are a happy, close nit family.

Qrow and Summer are about to get attacked by a swarm of parents and students who are STRQ fans soon. Ruby and Yang are also about to get the looks of fellow students, whispers saying “holy crap, those are the STRQ girls, Ruby and Yang!”

Eeeeveryone’s going to feel super uncomfortable.

Qrow and Summer are seeing off their little girl to Beacon, beaming and leaking pride. They’re also going to warn the girls for the millionth time, “LANDING STRATEGY”.

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61 solangelo

61. “Why didn’t he come and talk to me himself?”

Highschool AU because why the hell not

“Hi! You’re Nico, right?” The aforementioned guy had let out a small yawn and a not so subtle grunt of annoyance. It’s way too fucking early in the morning for this level of enthusiasm and he haven’t had the time to get his morning coffee.

“What do you want?” Okay, that sounded a little to rude but as of the moment, Nico can’t find it in himself to really care. Not that the girl actually got deterred by his attitude.

“Personally, nothing. Well, not at the moment but you see, I just really have to ask for a friend” The girl edged a little too near for his liking. “Do you have a date for the upcoming school dance?”

“I don’t do dances and I don’t do girls” It was a straightforward reply in hopes that it’ll end up sending the girl on his way. To his immediate shock, the girl simply beamed up to him.

“Perfect! I knew it! Will’s really overthinking things!” Nico perked up at the name but quickly disguised it to simple curiosity.

“Will?” Of course he knew Will. He had been crushing on him for way too long now it’s starting to become addictive.

“Will Solace. Tall blond guy who can put toothpaste commercial models to shame. Always happy it’s either contagious or really annoying. Secretly watches way too many sappy romantic movies. Very much Bi. Yeah, that Will Solace”

If he didn’t have a reputation to keep up, Nico seriously would have done one of those happy dances he sees on TV. In the end, thankfully, he managed to simply raised a brow and talked as confidently as he could.

“Why didn’t he come and talk to me himself?”

“Since I am raised to be merciful, tell me Lou Ellen how do I make your death as comfortable as possible?”

“Oh come on, stop being ridiculous. I did you a favor”

“You did not. You just made things complicated”

“I helped you with the first steps of landing a date with your crush for the upcoming dance. All you have to do is to ask if he’ll say yes. How is that complicated?”

“You don’t understand. It’s Nico!”

“I am well aware of who he is, Will. You have stolen photos of him inside your cabinet and a discarded quiz paper that suspiciously had his name on it. What a stalker”

“What the- I told you not to touch my things!”

“And I told you to just seize it! You know, if you don’t ask him now someone else might end up going to the dance with him and you’ll be seething with jealousy cause you won’t be able to wrap your arms around him and kiss him during a really magical song that connects you two together. Just imagi-

-’kay, fine. I’ll talk to him. Now stop trying to torture me with possible scenarios that aren’t in my favor”

“That’s my boy! I’m just so proud of you, I’m going to cry”

“Oh shut up”

“Uh, Hi”

“Hey, Will. Need anything?”

“Yeah, about that. Lou told me she asked you to be my date for the dance?”

“She did, actually”

“Sorry about that. I swear I didn’t ask her to” Will turned a certain shade of pink “Uhm, if you want you can just forget about it?”

Nico looked really confused before managing to compose himself.

“Don’t you want to? The dance, I mean attending it with me because your friend said that you really do”

“I do! S-sorry, I do want to go with you. But I’m not sure if you feel the same” Will asked, nervously placing a hand at the back of his neck and rubbing it while facing the floor not being able to see the other. So when he felt a soft and quick kiss on his cheek, he was in for a shock.

“Good. I was really hoping you didn’t change your mind”

He looked up and saw Nico with his lips slightly curved up into a smile. He handed him a piece of paper.

“That’s my number. I’ll let you pick me up at five and I trust you to not wear something too bright”

With that he walked away leaving Will still staring at the piece of paper as if it was a gem of some sort. And in it’s very own way, it really is one.


Soulmate au oneshot full of Marichat


They always thought they’d be alone forever. There had been stories of people whose soulmate mark didn’t appear by their thirteenth birthday, but for their first thirteen years Marinette and Adrien thought it was only a story. When their birthdays came and passed, they knew.

Sometimes Adrien felt like that’s why his mother left, because he was defective. He thought maybe that’s why his father became cold. He felt truly lucky to at least have Nathalie, who was the closest thing to a parental figure in his life. Maybe the lack of a mark was why his father forbid him from attending school, to protect him from the ridicule and hate. It took years to convince his father to let him attend school. Whenever magazines asked about his mark, he lied and said it was a secret. Nobody speculated that he didn’t have one for two reasons; one, a lot of famous people refused to reveal their marks, and two, it was practically unheard of to not have one. The last case of an unmarked person was decades ago in the United States; there was no documentation of an unmarked in Paris in all of history.

Marinette’s family was much more understanding. They gave her options and kept their promise of unconditional love. Instead of being forced to hide, Marinette chose to be open. She did not advertise her lack of a mark, but whenever someone asked she told the truth. Some were disgusted, others confused. The bakery even lost some customers but her parents never blamed her for that. She wasn’t happy with the hand life dealt her but she was determined to make the most of it. Years of consoling words from her parents prepared her for a lonely life.

Then a misunderstood blond gave her an umbrella and everything changed. For the first time ever she felt a romantic attraction, a craving for love.

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who the FUCK is writing the captions on the voltron wiki

have you guys fucking seen this shit??? who the fuck is getting paid to do this like

theres this whole section of them just going “bruh”

the Science™


coran do not

lots of the captions are references to other stuff and i

they just straight up put a meme here

we got mean girls in space

alfor no


fucking shakespeare quotes


they even quoted spaceballs


theres also so many referring to shiro being the dad friend

support team


protective papa shiro


i know the feel shiro




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Hey love your blog! I don't think this one has been requested yet but maybe some blind! Iggy fluff where he reacts to his child being born?


Sorry this is so short! I have to head out for the evening but I wanted to post something for you guys before I left. Hope you like the fluff!

The sound of your pained screams fills Ignis’ ears. He reaches out to you, clutching your hand in a vice-like grip. Your palm is slick with sweat, the same as your forehead as he bends down to press a kiss to your hairline.

“Ignis,” you pant, as another contraction rips through you. “If I survive this, I’m going to kill you.”

Ignis chuckles softly, squeezing your hand in comfort. “While I will openly acquiesce to my part in your current plight, I do recall that nine months ago, you were the one who seduced me and dragged me by the collar into your bed.”

You press your eyes shut as pain blots your vision. The contractions are happening closer and closer together, and you know it’s only a matter of time. “Yeah, well,” you grumble, trying to sink deeper into the hospital bed. “You know how much I like that button-up shirt.”

“Now that we’ve both admitted our supposed wrongdoings,” Ignis teases, his other hand coming to rub small circles against your convex belly, “Let us focus on the task at hand.”

“The task at hand,” you can’t help but mimic his accent. “You try pushing a person out of your—”

“Mrs. Scientia,” the doctor cuts you off, checking how far dilated you are. “It’s time.”

You let out an involuntary whimper at the news, and Ignis leans his forehead against yours.

“You can do this,” he promises, and you believe him.

“Okay,” the doctor perches herself between your legs. “Push.”

A scream is torn from your throat as you push with all your might. In your haze of anguish, you manage to say, “Please, can you tell us what’s happening? I want Ignis to hear.”

The doctor nods at you. “Keep pushing, hun. I can see the head.” She describes the baby’s hair—tawny blond, just like their father’s. Her voice raises in excitement when the baby’s face emerges, then arms, and tiny little legs.

“It’s a girl,” she beams, cleaning off the baby and handing her to the assisting nurse. “Now for the afterbirth.”

The baby cries out almost instantly, the shock of fresh air entering her lungs powering her intermittent wails.

“Iggy,” you pant, tugging on his sleeve. “We have a daughter.”

After the baby is cleaned up and swaddled, she’s handed to you, and you cradle her lovingly in your arms. She coos, her eyes shut. You scoot over in the bed and pull on Ignis’ hand for him to join you.

Ignis removes his shoes and slips into the bed, one arm stretching across your shoulders to pull you in close, the other reaching for his daughter with trembling fingers.

He traces his fingertips along the contours of her face—she’s warm, and so incredibly soft in a way that only newborn babies are. Unmarred from the the harsh world around her, perfect in every way. He touches the curve of her tiny nose, feels the slight pout to her lips as she gurgles.

“Iggy,” you whisper, leaning your head against his shoulder. The baby blinks slowly, getting used to the light in the room, and your heart nearly stops. “She has your eyes.”

Ignis feels his voice catch in his throat. “She’s perfect,” he finally says. He kisses you on the cheek. “I’m so proud of you, my love.”

You turn to him and kiss his lips, and he feels you smiling against him. “I love you.”

“And I love you,” he replies, and then leans down to kiss his daughter’s plush cheek. “And I love you, my darling. You are my dream come true.”

You feel yourself melt against the pillows. You nudge him. “You want to hold her?”

Ignis gives a small nod and adjusts his arms as you pass the baby over to him. She gurgles slightly as she shifts in his grip, but as soon as he circles his arms around her, she yawns and falls asleep against his chest.

You smooth out the blanket that swaddles her and lean up to kiss Ignis on the cheek. The skin there is wet—a tear slides down his face, and you rest your head against his shoulder, keeping a hand on his arm.

The three of you fall asleep like that, curled against one another, a moment of peace for the new parents and their tiny miracle.

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So for the meetcute prompts could you do number 7 please? 💖

This was so much fun! Thanks for the prompt! And, as always, also on ao3!

Truth be told, Derek had never actually kissed anyone before. Not really.

Sure, he had kissed Paige on the cheek once or twice back in their sophomore year, kissing her farewell when he dropped her off back home after one of their handful of dates. And he might have kissed the back of her hand while asking if she wanted to dance at the winter formal, but that was all.

They had only gone out a few times, gone to a few dances together, but that was before she had officially come out. A few days before winter break, she had sat Derek down and explained that while she’d had a really nice time with him on their dates and at the dances, she was one hundred percent into girls not guys.

Derek had done everything he could to be supportive, hugging her and thanking her for feeling comfortable enough to share something so personal with him, even offering to throw her a coming out party. She had declined, but shortly afterwards she had started dating his younger sister, Cora.

So, he and Paige had never really kissed. And he had never gone out with anyone else after Paige, either, preferring to focus on his schoolwork. He put all of his effort into maintaining his spotless GPA and honing his skills for the basketball team, hoping to be team captain one day.

Besides, he constantly had to worry about keeping the fact that he was a werewolf hidden so as not to draw any unwanted attention from hunters or worse. And so as much as his friends teased him about being an asocial nerd, dating and kissing just weren’t that high on his list of priorities.

Which was why he was still upset with himself for letting Erica and Isaac drag him to some raucous party at Jackson Whittemore’s palatial house. On a school night, no less!

With Boyd out of town visiting family in New York, Erica was without a ride to the wild party, the same one she and Isaac had been talking about nonstop for weeks. Derek being the only other person in their little group of friends with a car, the sleek black Camaro that Laura had passed down to him when she had left for Princeton his freshman year, the scheming duo had turned to him for a ride.

He was helpless to deny them, especially when they both gave him their best puppy dog eyes. How Boyd managed to resist giving Erica whatever she wanted when she jut out her bottom lip and batted her eyelashes oh so innocently, Derek would never know. So, he agreed to drive them to the party, Erica’s promise that Stiles would be at the party perhaps influencing his decision a bit, too. Just maybe.

Because while dating wasn’t very high up on his lift of to-dos and kissing wasn’t something he dedicated himself to pursuing, it didn’t mean he never thought about them. He did. Quite often, as a matter of fact. And the person starring most prominently in his little daydreams and half-baked fantasies he usually reserved for late at night when he couldn’t sleep, was none other than Stiles Stilinski.

Stiles was infectious. Not in a bad way, it was just that everything about him was positively contagious. His enthusiasm, his laughter, his sometimes twisted sense of humor, even his unique way of looking at the world around himself. It was all just contagious.

Derek didn’t know a single person who didn’t laugh when Stiles made some kind of horrendous yet clever pun about whatever time period they were studying in history of whatever formula they were going over in calculus. Even people who, somehow, didn’t like Stiles always cracked a smile at his well placed one liners and sly innuendos.

Except Mr. Harris. But Derek was pretty sure he didn’t have a soul so he didn’t really count.

Stiles was like a ray of sunshine, ushering forth light and warmth to brighten up even the gloomiest day when he strolled into class fashionably late and took a seat in the front row. He never failed to make Derek’s day just a little bit better, whether it be with an offhand joke or a conspiratorial wink in his direction, or even just a smile or wave in greeting when they passed each other in the hallway.

And he was just so genuinely nice, it almost hurt.

He always asked people about how their day was going and actually listened when they answered, sometimes just sitting with someone he barely knew and letting them rant about school or their family or their favorite TV show. When someone was upset, he would just wrap them up in a tight hug or squeeze their shoulder, tell them that he was there if they ever needed someone to talk to.

He never let any bullying go unnoticed, sometimes charging right up to the perpetrator just to divert attention away from whoever was being bullied. He had ended up with his own fair share of black eyes and bloody noses for his troubles, serving weeks worth of time in detention, but it never stopped him.

A few years ago, he had actually smashed Matt Daehler’s phone when the little creep had recorded a video of Erica having an epileptic seizure. Stiles had wrenched the phone out of Matt’s hand and slammed it onto the ground before stomping on it a few times for good measure as he directed his friend Scott to call the nurse.

He was caring and considerate, alway carrying an extra inhaler in case Scott had an asthma attack, keeping an Epipen on hand should anyone have an allergic reaction, his backpack stocked with pads and tampons for people who unexpectedly had their period. He even carried different sized condoms around so no one had unprotected sex if they were too embarrassed to go out and buy their own, giving them away without charging anyone.

Stiles was amazing. And Derek really, really wanted to kiss him.

So, when he saw Stiles sitting down in the circle of people gathering in the living room to play spin the bottle, he threw caution to the wind and took a seat directly across from him. He could feel his ears burn at the curious looks he received from the rest of the people in the makeshift circle, Stiles cocking his head to the side as he scanned his eyes over Derek in blatant curiosity.

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Jughead Jones x Reader: The Happy Homeless Couple


Hi love ur writing can you do a jughead imagine were him and the reader are dating she the reader is homeless like jughead and she lives with him and he asks the reader to marry him. 👑👑👑


A/N: Okay this one was cute to write so I hope you guys enjoy it and I lived up to the requestor’s vision. I honestly changed the title like 10 times until I came up with this one. Sorry for being a bit slow on the requests I just want to make sure I am proud of them and hopefully you guys are too. My request are open so go ahead and submit imagines you guys want me to add to my list (Riverdale Characters, my most famous ones are Reggie & Jughead; Currently working one of Archie).

Words: 1641

Summary: Things weren’t good at home for Reader she has no choice but to leave. Jughead being your boyfriend lets you move in with him (He’s homeless too)

Spoilers: You get engaged to Jughead.

Warnings: A bit of a sad beginning = An asshole dude trying to make a move on you.

Your family had taken a rough turn after your father died in a car accident coming home from a business trip. Your mother couldn’t handle the burden of a funeral and you had to plan and organize it, the good outcome is that you weren’t alone and your boyfriend Jughead and your friends helped you through it all.

Your mother started with wine and the wine escalated to binge drinking beers. That escalated to toxic guys from the bar.

Now you had to lock the door in your room and that “safety” was soon ripped away by one of your mothers Neanderthals.

You were fast asleep when you felt a new weight on your bed.

GET OFF ME!” you yelled at the tall drunk man trying to take advance on you while your mom was black out drunk in her room. You pushed him to the floor and grabbed the closest thing to you which was a vase and smashed in his head as he escaped your fury.

You ran to close and lock the door once you saw that he picked it which made you feel so violated.

You packed your school supplies and left your home in the middle of the night.

You would try to tell your mom, but at the moment that was worthless.

You made your way to Jughead at the Twilight Drive-In.

“Babe” Jughead said in a sleepy voice after you blew up his phone and knocked on the door.

His face quickly grew worried as he saw you with your bag and your puffy eyes because of the crying that took place after the incident.

You told Jughead the whole story in between sobs. You didn’t even realize when you both fell asleep as the alarm rang to get ready for school.

“You don’t have to go” Jughead spoke putting on a t-shirt “To school, just take the day off if you need to”

“I can’t, it’s our senior year Juggie” you reassured your boyfriend “I am going to see her to tell her about that asshole.”

“I’m not letting you go alone, what if that asshole is there?” Jughead spoke protectively.

“You can come, we’re just going to be late for class” you added getting out of the drive-in hoping your mom would believe you and try to fix her ways.

You went to your mom that morning, she was getting over a hangover and told her what happened hoping this would open her eyes. She would get better and you both would report the guy.

She didn’t, she blamed you because that asshole “loved her, and you were just asking for it.”

You couldn’t believe how low she’d fallen, in tears Jughead in shock of your mothers venomous words comforted you.

Jughead helped you pack the rest of your things and leave the place once called home and it was once safe with a person who you once you as your mother.

You walked out the door of the hollow, heartless place hoping maybe she would stop you, she didn’t.

You didn’t want to be a burden to Jughead but he refused to let you go unless you stayed with Betty or Veronica. Your friends didn’t even know about Jughead’s situation and you knew going with them would involve too many questions and that was something you couldn’t do. You couldn’t repeat what you told Jughead about that night, you would never hear the end with the whispers of this town.


Graduation day came as you and Jughead got accepted to the same colleges and leaving Riverdale just like all of your friends.

You poked fun at Jug about the fact that he couldn’t wear the crown beanie which was part of his signature look, but he decided to wear it under his graduation cap which made him looked ridiculous.

You finally met the infamous Jellybean as Jughead’s mom greeted you both before the ceremony began.

You hoped maybe your mom would show up since the school sent her an invitation about the ceremony, that maybe just maybe like in the movies she would support you and you two would make up and all would be well in the world, but she didn’t show up. You scanned the crowd while you received your fake diploma that only had a notice as to when you’re actual diploma would arrive and there was no sign of her. It was as if she never existed, no texts, no calls, nothing. It finally hit you that the only family you had was your friends and your boyfriend. Maybe that would be enough because at least they cared.

You and your friends were beyond excited about the new chapter in your life that was about to commence right after they handed you your diplomas.

After the ceremony you still saw a bit of nerves flowing in your boyfriends Jughead and decided to confront him about them as you all made your way to Veronica’s house for a graduation party for you all.

You were all going to different universities so you decided to have a graduation party together as all the parents agreed. It was a great idea at the beginning, but it turned a bit cathartic once the planning commenced so you all let Betty and Veronica take care of it.

“Hey is everything fine? You’ve been quite jittery” you asked Jughead linked in hands as he places a kiss on your forehead.

“What? No yeah, I’m good” he answered distractedly as he opened the knocked on Veronica’s pent house door.

Soon inside you met with plenty of familiar faces you would soon start to miss as you would move away and start your new lives.

You walked to the dessert table to grab a small chocolate to ease your appetite before the dinner when you over heard what sounded like Jughead and Archie.

“So todays the day Jug, how do you feel?” Archie claimed

“Good, Nervous, would be better if you stopped bringing it up every second Arch” your boyfriend whispered back.

“Hey (Y/N)” Betty spoke extra cheery which made you wonder if she knew what was going on, but as you were about to ask the blond they had announced dinner and you all made your way to the table and enjoyed the food accompanied with plenty of stories and laughs.

“Attention everyone” Veronica proclaimed as Kevin rang his fork against a glass cup.

“I have a couple of friends who would like to make an announcement” the raven haired girl beamed with happiness as Archie stood up.

At first you thought you guys were going around the table to say some heartfelt things about each other and your time here at Riverdale until the ginger began to speak.

“As you all may know, Jughead and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember” Archie began.

“Well with that memory of yours” Reggie mocked as you chuckled.

“Shut it Reggie” Josie smacked him in the shoulder.

“As I was saying, I am very happy to let Jughead continue but before he does, I just wanted to point out how head over heels (Y/N) has him and I have never seen him as happy as he is with you” Archie motions to you and you blushed still a bit oblivious as to what was going on and Jughead rose from his seat.

“Um, As you all may know (Y/N) and I have been together since I finally had the guts to ask her out in our sophomore year after knowing her all my life. We both have been through plenty of ups and downs in our lives, and believe it or not she is the only person that has ever worn my beanie” the whole room chuckled and you sat there smiling like a dork still not catching a drift as to where Jughead was going with this heartfelt speech.

“She has been my rock through plenty of my problems even before we started dating, and I hope she can say the same about me” he continued and you nodded “but what you all don’t know is that family wise there is not much besides my mom and jellybean and they had to move away, and my girl here lost her father in a terrible way and her mom as well along the way” Jughead revealed as you grabbed his hand and Jughead turned to face you.

“(Y/N) you and I, that’s pretty much all we have. We are going to start a new life away from all of these people, we’ve both have been broken, but we glue each other back as much as we can. We have been living together for the last year or so” and you heard a bit of whispers around the table but you kept your eyes on your boyfriend “I don’t see my life without you babe, I remember you left for an internship the summer after our freshmen year. I couldn’t stop thinking how much I missed you and that’s what drove me to ask you out. It was the best decision I took until now” Jughead kneeled down on one leg as the table erupted with gasps and you covered your mouth with your right hand as he kept hold of your left hand.

“(Y/N), I know we are moving together, but I love you and yes were young and I don’t care. I want to know if you would like to spend the rest of your life with me, be my family and I’ll be yours” he came to a conclusion and you nodded yes with some tears escaping your eyes as he placed the ring on your finger and the room filled with clapping and cheers and you pulled your now fiancé into a hug and a passionate kiss.

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Another Arc V ending

I mean, we could explore the ramifications of a horrific reality where Yuya and Yuzu have to live with three other people in their heads, Shun Kurosaki has his best friend and sister gone, and Reira Akaba is still a baby and we can go into depth about how Leo gets a family back and suffers minimal to no consequences.

Or we can write an actual happy ending.

Because this is Yugioh and I demand everyone gets a good end. Everyone.


The silhouette reached out to him.

Yuya’s heart momentarily stopped in his chest.

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