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Go For It (Jay Park)

Anonymous asked: Hello there love! Can you do a Jay Park oneshot where he’s interested in a girl and he goes to some of the AOMG guys for advice since she hardly acknowledges him and he thinks she doesn’t like him and the guys think that he is messing with them because she doesn’t fit the typical woman he likes?

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    “Ugh,” Jay groaned as he belly-flopped onto the couch.

    “What’s with you?” Kiseok asked. “Girl troubles again?”

    Jay nodded mutely, his face still buried in the cushion.

    “Tell us about her,” Elo said, settling down on the couch across from Jay, a bag of chips in his hand.

    “Well… She’s about my height, wavy hair-“

    “Nah, not stuff like that. What’s her personality like?” Hep said. “It’s gotta be that that’s got you confused. Bodies talk simple.”

    “She’s so cold!” Jay burst out, rolling onto his back and staring up at the ceiling, brow creased. “I mean, sometimes. Sometimes she’s really friendly, like with other people and stuff, but when it’s just us she’s really quiet and won’t really talk, even when I try to start a conversation! But she’s really sweet and nice and stuff and I’m just… Ugh.”

    “Is that even your type?” Kiseok asked, looking up from his phone. “I thought you liked bold, forward girls?”

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You'd be the most badass squad. Imagine Cam just like the photoshoot cooking breakfast half naked, singing. Miles would probably flirt with everyone, make you laugh, probably find your underwear in the laundry and tease you. Borrow your shirts and buy the girl's apartment leopard print cushions. Alex would binge watch shows with you, share late night drunk stories, passing out on the couch. And you'd probably all wind up at a strip club some night haha.

Well. You had me at Cam cooking breakfast half-naked. So. Any and all of them cooking in the kitchen at various meal times would be amazing. Playing music and messing around. Singing along to whatever’s on the stereo into kitchen utensils. “Doin’ a 360 over to the drawer to get a spoon”. The guys would never stock their fridge so they’d always be over raiding the yours. But their’s would always be well-stocked with beer, same with their bar. 

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“Girls night in?” Esther/Emma/Brooke

The Great Indoors Fic Prompt

Rightio. This 100% doesn’t pass the Bechdel Test. 

28. “Girls night in?”

“Thanks for coming over, I feel very pleased with myself. As much as I love Paul, and I enjoy Clark and Mason and Jack, it’s nice to get away from them and have a bit of girls time.” Brooke shimmies where she’s sat on a cushion in the middle of the living room, a proud smile across her face. Esther snorts and throws her head back.

“Ha! Girls Time, that’s what they called the party at the club I went to last night but it turns out it was only for men who w–.” The door bell rings at that precise moment, prompting Emma to interrupt and stand up. 

“Ooh, pizza. Perfect timing.”

“I wouldn’t say perfect…” Esther rolls her eyes and kicks her legs out so her ankles are crossing, her heeled boots still on.

“Oh, Esther, is there any chance you could take your shoes off and leave them by the door? It’s just that Paul gets a bit uppity about that kind of thing.”

“Oh, is he into that kind of thing? Feet?”

Brooke jolts her neck back, bemused, as Esther stands and chucks them into a corner. 

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Save Me - Chapter 101

A collar…. That was not something I expected at all. I didn’t really realize what was even happening until Jared was tightening the stiff, fur-lined leather snugly around my neck.

“This is called a posture collar…” He began to calmly explain, “You’ll still be able to turn your head but you won’t be able to bend it forward or backward very far so don’t strain yourself.”

I took a deep breath trying to keep myself calm. I loved the feeling of his hands around my neck but this felt so completely different. It was a constant pressure. I was still bracing myself so that my upper body was off the seat and as he finished buckling the collar, I felt him bring himself to stand upright again.

All I kept thinking was that maybe this won’t feel so constricting once I get used to it.

“Put your forehead on the seat cushion, baby girl then take a deep breath for me.”

I let the pressure go from my shoulders as I brought my forehead to the cushion, instantly feeling the blood rush to my head. Trying not to panic, I slowly took a deep breath in, filling my lungs with oxygen as I felt his hand at the middle of my back.

“Good girl…now let it out slowly.” He instructed then asking, “What color are we baby?”

I wasn’t quite sure how to answer him.

The collar was thick and heavy and although I could turn my head from side to side, if I bent forward, I would instantly choke. On top of it, the restriction against my adams apple made me feel as though my neck was a vice. Right at this moment, I was completely uncomfortable and a little light-headed. Even a tad bit scared if I’m being totally honest.

“Answer me.” Jared said sternly.

I tried to clear my throat but really couldn’t.

“Yellow, Sir.” I squeaked out as my body began to tremble at the thought of disappointing him.

I didn’t want to do it, I really didn’t. We just had just gotten started and I was already at yellow but in learning from the past, I know he would want to know. I needed to always remember that, he wouldn’t want me to just soldier on.

“Come here, baby..” He said much softer, he was obviously concerned.

Jared bent down and reached across my back. Cupping my body to his, he pulled me to stand against him, my back to his chest. He held me with his arms wrapped tightly around me it felt like a security blanket and as the warmth of his body surrounded me, I closed my eyes trying to relax and just breathe.

“Explain to me why you’re at yellow, baby.”

I gave up trying to clear my throat so I didn’t bother, my voice was raspy and that’s just the way it was.

“I actually feel better now that I’m standing. I just felt a little light-headed and it made me panicky.”

His voice was soft and I appreciated him giving me the care I needed, even when we were in the middle of everything. Jared continued to hold me as his finger tips gently danced over my skin.

“Okay, baby, I want you to take a nice deep breath in and let it out slowly again.”

I did as he asked. I wanted to rest my head back on his shoulder like I had so many times before but I couldn’t, the collar wouldn’t allow it. Instead, I just kept concentrating on righting my body and emotions.

“Still light headed, baby girl?”

“No, Sir….I feel much better.” I replied, turning my head to press my nose against his softly bearded cheek as I inhaled his scent.

“Good.” Jared quietly said, “You’re ready to continue then?”

“Yes, Sir, I am.” I whispered against his skin.

Taking his hand to cup my cheek, he turned my head enough to devour me with a deep kiss. I nearly melted in his arms as I felt his tongue slip past my lips and caress mine with his. His kiss was demanding and all encompassing, just like everything else about him…and I loved it.

Pulling slightly back, he kissed my lips a few more times, rubbing my nose against his.
His blue eyes beamed reassurance as he released my body, placing his hand between my shoulder blades and gently urging me down into position again.

As I laid my forehead against the cushion, I continued to breath and relax. This gave me even more reassurance that if I felt I needed a break or was losing control, I could depend on him to help me through. I came before his pleasure and that showed his true dominance more than anything else.

Even though I felt him move away from me, I continued to relax my mind and body. I couldn’t see where he went but I did hear as he took what sounded like a chain from the table.

Curious, I turned my head just in time to see him step in front of me. His hands were full as he leaned forward and in front of my eyes, he placed a bottle of anal glide and next to it, what looked like an anal plug made of metal but instead of being smooth like the glass one, it was ribbed. I was so fixated on that and what his intentions were that I didn’t notice the chain in his hand until he let one end go and it hit the floor with a loud bang.

I swallowed hard, unsure of what was going to happen next, this was I chartered territory, yet again.

“I’m very proud of how you have handled yourself, baby. You’re learning from your past mistakes and that makes me very happy.” Jared said, as he placed his hand on my ass and began kneading my soft flesh.

“Thank you, Sir.” Happy to have some connection to him again.

“I think a reward is in order. Spread your legs, baby girl.”

I was already on my tip toes but I managed to open my legs a bit wider. Moving behind me, suddenly felt Jared’s hair tickle the backs of my legs as he stood between them. I didn’t even realize he had taken his pants off. Leaning forward against my body, he attached the clip of the chain to one of the rings on my collar then laid the cold chain across my back.

Moving his attention to my core, he used his thumbs to open the outer lips of my pussy, baring my glistening hole to him. I shivered as he placed the tip of his hard cock against my sensitive skin. I was desperate for him to fill me.

“Ahhhh…” I moaned in anticipation as the heat from his tip radiated through my body.

Pushing down on my lower back, he thrusted his entire length into me. Instead of continuing to plow into me, once he pushed himself as far as I could take him he stopped. He was so deep I could feel him against my cervix as his width stretched my walls open.

“My god, baby, I do enjoy your tight little pussy.” He murmured as he gripped the globes of my ass in his hands, pulling my cheeks open more.

Painstakingly slow, he pulled almost all the way out, leaving his tip to cradled between my folds. My hands were still bracing myself next to my head but as Jared thrusted slowly back into me, he leaned slightly forward and took the chain into his hand, pulling it taunt.

My fists gripped the material of the cushion as he pulled the chain and lifted my shoulders off the seat by my neck. I used my hands to take some of the pressure off that sensitive area, I didn’t want to start choking.

Jared initially started slow but gradually built up speed as he quickened his pace to his liking. My body was on fire. In this position, my clit was rubbing on the arm of the chair and with each thrust, he hit deep causing my pussy to quiver.

I was going to cum.

“Please, Sir, may….I …… cum?” I asked between thrusts.

“Yes, baby, you may.”

I wasn’t expecting that either. He never gave permission so quickly.

As he continued to pound into me, I flew over the edge as my pussy convulsed around his shaft. He slowed his pace, allowing me to ride out my orgasm but not allowing me to rest my head and shoulders. He still held tightly to the leather strap of the chain.

I tried to brace myself but my arms were weak as all the blood rushed to my core. As I began to gather myself again, I caught a glimpse of our reflection in the darkened windows. It was quite an erotic sight to behold, if I do say so myself.

My eyes focused on Jared as I saw him standing behind me, I could feel his cock still buried deep inside of me. His gorgeous face held an expression of total control and absolute dominance as the handle of the taunt chain was still tightly in the grasp of his hand with his other a handful of my ass cheek.

Then there’s me. My hair is a mess and make-up has smudged under my eyes. My ass was in the air being held up by the arm of the chair and I could clearly see my collar. My lips were parted and I noticed for the first time as drool dripped from them.

I watched as Jared leaned forward, swiping his fingers across my wet lips, he saw our reflection too.

“Every time I think you can’t look more fucking sexy….” He began, trailing his wet fingertips over my shoulder and down my back as I watched, “you do without even trying.”

Stopping at my ass, he made sure he had my attention then pulled his hand back to smack my ass hard, the sound echoing in the quiet room. I closed my eyes and tightened my jaw as the sting radiated through me.

Suddenly yanking completely me up by the chain, he cradled me against his chest again as our eyes connected in the window.

“I need to be cautious with you, baby girl. If I’m not careful, you could easily become my addiction.”


I’ve been busy all day and I’m finally settling down but I couldn’t go to bed without showing myself some love. Big girls appreciation day means a lot because although I’ve always had confidence, there are some times I look in the mirror and am unhappy with what I see. We all struggle with something and this happens to be one of mine. Most importantly, ain’t nothing wrong with being big–shit, thick thighs make the dick rise and save lives.