girl on a ball

I’m asked for an interview and this is the topic, I personally don’t think Snapchat is a popular source for us dragon ball ladies, there’s a lot of us here, twitter, Deviantart, Facebook etc. and I also think Super is giving us stuff we want (as far as I know) as well so if anyone wants to add to this I’ll make a list and talk about it with him, comment on your opinion!

Another gender-bending Civil War ball account, from a Massachusetts soldier in Virginia:

“Some of the real women went, but the boy girls were so much better looking that they left…. We had some little Drummer Boys dressed up and I’ll bet you could not tell them from girls if you did not know them…. Some of them looked almost good enough to lay with and I guess some of them did get laid with…. I know I slept with mine.” 

Source: Thomas Lowry, The Story the Soldiers Wouldn’t Tell


I had a dream where Snape teleported me into the midst of an oceanic feud between mermaids, kelpies and frogs, all coz i was being a greedy lil shit