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What Have the Characters of Gilmore Girls Been Up To Since We Last Saw Them?

Jared Padalecki has really bulked up since his time as Dean Forester on Gilmore Girls. What have Dean and the others been up to? VF has some ideas …

My entire family is going to hate me on Thanksgiving this year. Here is why...

Grandma: So how is school?

Me: Good, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life comes out tomorrow!

Aunt: Have a boyfriend?

Me: I don’t need a boyfriend when I am going to see Luke Danes on my computer screen tomorrow.

Uncle: What are your plans after graduation?

Me: Watch the Gilmore Girls Revival so many times that I can recite it from memory.

Mom: *to all of my extended family* Guys you aren’t going to get any useful answers from her. She’s gone, I’m honestly surprised she even came today. I figured she would be at home preparing herself for the release. 

Me: *singing the Gilmore Girls theme song at the top of my lungs*

I think WarnerBros should organise special tours for a short period of time. When you attend their tours you get to see the studio where Gilmore Girls took place in but not the real Stars Hollow. I wish that they organised tours specifically for Stars Hollow where everything is the same and you can see Luke’s Diner with the sign and the same decoration and gazebo and Lorelai’s house where it does not look like it belongs to someone else and Kim’s antique shop with all the stuff outside etc. I would pay to see that and i believe every Gilmore Girls fan want to see our Stars Hollow.


‘Gilmore Girls’ Reunion: Stars Hollow Hits the ATX Television Festival Red Carpet

Jared on the set of Gilmore Girls

Just the fact that it says “Dean Forester” under his name HAPPY TEARS ARE FLOODING MY HOME RiGHt NoW