girl meets world


“Of course I know your name. I like you very much.”


But why I don’t see anybody talking about this scene? Farkle and Zay, or you might just say Lucas’ best friends, were affected by school cutting out art classes, but he stood up for Maya, and he only cared about Maya there. He looks so pissed off, you can see he actually means what he says.

What GMW has covered so far

People who say that GMW is for just kids are ridiculous bc the show’s talked about so many things such as…

  • Fighting for your friend
  • Not needing technology to connect with your friends
  • Not growing up so fast
  • Traditions that do change
  • The truth comes out but should be let out gently
  • Culture appropriation
  • Accepting that sometimes you only get half
  • Beauty is skin deep but not as powerful as personality
  • Not letting missed opportunities get away
  • Money isn’t everything in the world
  • Not everything is scary as it seems
  • Appreciating those who work hard for us
  • Everyone having flaws and that we should embrace them
  • Home being where your heart is
  • Taking care of those close to us; don’t let them drop
  • Unexpected and newfound relationships
  • Keeping both family and friends involved in the long game
  • People that can be out there for us 
  • Not taking good friends for granted
  • Making moments worth remembering
  • Holding on to your good influences
  • Not letting loved ones float away before it’s too late
  • The wrong kind of peer pressure turns you to dust
  • People that can change people
  • Hoping for the impossible
  • Everyone goes through the same kind of struggle
  • Listening to your conscience to do the right thing
  • Rules are here for a reason
  • Learning from the past to make a better future
  • Everyone can have a voice in politics
  • Sometimes Batman has to fight Superman
  • Keeping an eye out for each other
  • It’s necessary for people to grow and change
  • Keeping your friends close for as long as possible
  • Creativity is necessary in education

And it’s only in the middle of its second season so far.

The bolded ones are my personal fav episodes/lessons.