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The show is literally canceled. it wouldn't make much sense to continue posting on the twitter for a show that isn't on the air anymore.

You’re right the show is literally cancelled. Disney cancelled it.

That being said, in today’s world of revivals and streaming services, all hope is not lost. Jacobs has been in talks with various other platforms and he also has stated that if no revival pans out, that he’ll reveal to us (my guess is on Twitter) how he wanted the rest of the story to go. Right now I’m 50/50 on things. GMW’s cancellation got a lot of media coverage and Disney received a crazy amount of backlash. Plus the fan campaigns like the airplanes and post cards are a huge boost. So the fan campaign is totally there.

Given the fact that he has been suspiciously silent since the series finale, it’s most likely that talks are still going on. So while it’s mostly now a waiting game to see if things pan out vs falling through, it certainly can’t hurt to promote and tweet the show.

It’s been 51 days since cancellation and 35 days since the series finale aired. I know that seems like a lot but keep in mind that not all shows are like The Mindy Project (which got picked up by Hulu in less than two week). Longmire, for instance, which was cancelled by A&E after its third season, didn’t get picked up by Netflix until three months (aka like 90 days) after it aired its s3 finale.

Anyway, I think right now silence from Jacobs is a good sign, not a bad one.

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Rilaya "you keep asking me to stay but you always choose him over me. I'm tired"

“You keep asking me to stay, but you always choose him over me,” Riley’s frowning, “I’m tired.”

Maya turns around, holding her cup, the one that says ‘art goddess’ on it, and sighs, “I asked you to stay because I’m making your cup next, so you’re less tired, and also you’re pointing at the coffee machine.”

Riley has her arms crossed now, very petulantly, as she taps her foot on the linoleum, though the effect is mostly waylaid by the fact that she’s trying, and failing, to hide a smile, “You told me I come first!” She huffs.

Maya rolls her eyes, reaching for the coffee pot and (finally) pouring Riley her cup, handing it over, “You always come first, honey,” she says exasperatedly, gently checking her girlfriend on the hip before padding into the living room.

“Thanks for the coffee!”  

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