girl meets world

After reading through Girl Meets Ski lodge episode scripts
  • Peyton:Sab...
  • Sabrina:I know.
  • Rowan runs in
  • Rowan:GUYS!
  • Peybrina:we know...
  • Corey runs in
  • Corey:Guys!
  • Rowan:They know...
  • Peyton:okay all I have to do is look at you or even glance at you and people will still see that Lucaya still exist.
  • Sabrina:okay me too. Every now and then we'll catch each other's eye.
  • Rowan:okay okay and I'll look at Corey every now and then too. Because I can't believe Riarkle isn't real yet.
  • Corey:Same, like I go on tumblr, even they convinced me that Riley and Farkle have this undeniable connection.
  • Peyton:sounds like we have a master plan at works.
  • Sabrina:we do.