girl mechanics

Natalie O'Donald, service-station attendant at the Atlantic Refining Company garages, 1943. 

  • Shiro: Where is Keith?
  • Coran: He went out.
  • Shiro: He's grounded.
  • Coran: Are they not supposed to go out when they're grounded?

Shoutout to the girls doing ‘dirty jobs.’ The women who can’t wear makeup, nail polish, flattering clothes or have piercings and tattoos when at work. Props to the ladies who come home with dirt under their nails, stains on their uniforms and smells stuck to them that cannot be washed away with a single shower. To the girls who don’t feel pretty in their workplace. To the trans girls who cannot yet pass in the workplace. I see your dirt, smears, scars and dry skin. I see your scrubs, coveralls, aprons and smocks. I see your messy buns and steel-toed boots.

Your hard work is beautiful. Your blood, sweat and tears are worthy of respect. I am so proud of you and all you do. You are just as stunning in your work clothes as you are on a night out.




Sorry, I don’t speak English. But, I try to write in English only a little.
Even if the sentence is wrong, please forgive me.

I love the NPCs of Teraria.
I’ve updated the illustrations of NPCs previously.
It told me that like a lot of people.
Since I was very happy, this time I tried to draw all of the NPCs.
I hope you like it.
But..sorry, I wholly forbid the reproduction and manufacturing of my work without permission.

I’m going to draw a still NPCs.
Look forward to it!

by Taki


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Unexpectedly, the sketches with two of the most controversial ladies in the series… or rather  a small sketch of Eclipse and young miss Heinous. Oddly enough, the back story of the second one is much more interesting for me now.

… and here are some thoughts of mine.

I like the theory that Heinous could be a sister of Queen Moon. Maybe it’s a bit not suitable for the SVTFOE’s universe (and the “mood” of the series), but I can imagine how the story of miss Heinous developed as the story of brothers and sisters of many great monarchs. There could not be two Qweens on throne, that’s why the royal family sent Heinous, just for peace of mind or for some  more complicated/scary reasons, to the local “convent” (St. Olga’s Reform School) and leave her there, so she could not interfere with the reign of her sister.

(One more guess) Also I was haunted by the environment of miss Heinous. Watching how the Royal family and mewmans treat machinery (cause they prefer magic), it is surprising that it’s quite natural for Heinous to use robots, complex devices powered by electricity (or is it magic?.. I’m not clearly sure about that) and even travel by car.

P.S. - By the way, that “friendship” with technology also could be the reason, why she was  exiled to the St. Olga’s Reform School… cause how could it be that magical princess is using the  ordinary mechanisms instead of magic. Or maybe some of her ideas were too innovative for that dimension… + (a bit about the real economical reasons why it(her exilation) could happen) It’s really a big deal, cause imagine how many mewmans could lose their jobs if the army, the farmers and other workers would have been replaced by machines and robots.