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Chill With You (Jock or Not Pt.2)

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Reggie Mantle x OC Reader (Jock or Not Pt.2)

Words; 1711

Warnings; fluffy like cotton candy, mentions of Jason blossoms death and disappearance, OC fem!reader pictured as Emmy Rossum, slight swearing, a tiny bit of violence. (sorry this took so long)

Requested; @the-mormon-girl-in-the-books

Part 1; (Jock or Not)

It wasn’t like Nina to be late to school, as she valued her education and needed a good GPA to help her get into University. However, it wasn’t necessarily her fault either, though she was slightly to blame.

Think of it as Reginald Mantle wanting to drop not only her brother Elijah off at school, but Nina as well. His reasoning being that, it was first day back and he didn’t want her walking in the heat. Yet, Nina wasn’t taking a free ride if her brother was walking, alone at that in the Southside of Riverdale. So, being the somewhat gentleman he was, he dropped Elijah off at his school at Southside Junior before bring both him and Nina to Riverdale High.

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James x Reader x Sirius

Request: could you do a James Potter x Reader x Sirius where Sirius likes reader but reader likes James and then reader and james start going out. Then Sirius starts making out with readers best friend so reader punches him in the face. everything gets resolved in the end!! thanks, i know it’s complicated. Love your blog btw <3

@potter-the-marauder i am so sorry this has taken so long to get up!!! my life has been a hectic mess lately and I’m trying to sort everything out. i have a group research paper and a group skit and a group presentation all in different classes. progress reports come out Wednesday and I’m also trying to get into Talented Visual Arts. I’ve also started seeing a physiologist weekly because of my OCD and i’ve been getting a ton of panic attacks lately. I promise I’m trying super hard to update as often as i can, but life’s been a little tough lately.

Also this is really fucking cheesy but i couldn’t help myself.

p.s. not my best writing, this has been a shitty week. lmk if u want me to change it up or whatever or re-write.


“Hey, sweetheart,” Sirius greeted you as you sat down next to him at the Gryffindor table.

“Hey Sirius,” you rolled your eyes at him.

“So,” he took a deep breath, “you wanna go with me to Hogsmeade this weekend?”

“Sirius,” you sighed, “you know I have feelings for someone else.”

As if on cue, James Potter sat down next to you, “You have what for someone else?”

You blushed and Sirius had a hard expression on his face, “Let me just do you both a favor; Y/n has feelings for you, James,” he stood up and walked out the Great Hall, leaving you with your face in your hands.

James chuckled awkwardly, “T-that was weird, right?”

You sighed, “Look, James. He’s r-right. I… do like you.”

You squeezed your eyes shut and prepared yourself for rejection when al of the sudden you felt warm lips on yours. You opened your eyes in surprise. James Potter was kissing you. James Potter was kissing you!! Wait, James Potter was kissing you?

You pulled back, “W-wait, I don’t understand. You don’t like me.”

“What?” James replied, shocked, “Y/n! Are you kidding me! I’ve had a crush on you since second year. I just… never thought you might…. I don’t know, feel the same.”

You blushed and smiled, “W-well, I do.”


It had been about a week since you and James had officially started dating, an you couldn’t have been happier, but something was nipping at the back of your mind. 


He had done his very best to avoid you and James after you began dating. You knew he had liked you for a while and it hurt that your friend wouldn’t talk to you just because you didn’t feel the same. James, being an oblivious twat (in an endearing way), had obviously not noticed his friend’s discomfort. You didn’t want to bring it up, because- while you felt a little selfish -you didn’t want James to break up with you for the sake of Sirius’s hurt feelings. 

You made your way to the Quidditch Pitch, where you were meeting James so you could play a small unorganized game with some of the other Gryffindors, when out of the corner of your eye you saw Sirius with some girl pinned up against a tree, making out furiously. You scoffed in disgust, he was such a player, the poor lass might not even know how she’ll be used and thrown away when he gets bored. As you walked passed you noticed how familiar the girl’s hair looked, how familiar she looked in general. Then, it hit you.

“Y/f/n!?” You shrieked, suddenly enraged. 

Sirius and y/f/n broke apart, your friend looked ashamed while Sirius had a knowing smirk on his lips. 

“What the hell do you think you’re doing???!!” You stomped over to Sirius, you had ever been so angry in your entire life.

“Look, love,” Sirius began, obviously enjoying your furry, “I was just-”


Your fist collided with Sirius’s jaw in one swift move and a harsh pop.

“Bastard!” You shouted. 

Sirius was groaning and holding his jaw.

“Y/n!?” You heard your…. boyfriend.

You turned to face James with wide eyes. How would you explain this?

“What happened?” James looked shocked, confused, and concerned.

Sirius spat on the ground and looked at with an angry sneer as you attempted to stutter out an explanation, “’Guess your girlfriend got a little jealous when she saw her best friend all over lil’ ole’ me.”

“What?” James looked at you, hurt, and your heart broke.

“No, James, I s-swear it wasn’t- he was- I mean-”

“Save it,” James said calmly, but you heard the crack in his voice, “I guess were done.”

James walked off sadly in the direction of the Quidditch Pitch, broom dragging behind him, and you turned to Sirius. 

“You son of a bitch,” you almost laughed through your anger.

“Hey,” Sirius held up his hands in defense, “You’re the one who bloody punched me. Make up your mind, why don’t you.”

Sirius and y/f/n walked away and you sat down on the ground, head in your hands. You had majorly fucked up.


You saw the sharp looks James and Sirius had been shooting at each other, and heard about the fights they’d gotten in. You couldn’t help but feel entirely responsible (bc u were, u btich), after all, none of this wold have happened if you had just stayed friends with them. But, you couldn’t help the little flutter you got when Sirius winked at you, nor the explosive feeling in your heart when James entered the room.  

You had had some time to think, and you realized what you needed to do.


“Sirius,” you began, “We need to talk.”

He turned around and looked at you with an unreadable expression, “What is it?”

“Well, I,” you took a deep breath, “I know I got jealous when I saw you kissing y/f/n, and I know that I always get butterflies in my stomach when you wink at me, and I know that you have- or had- feelings for me,” you paused and he nodded, urging you to continue, “but,” he sighed, “but,” you continued, “I don’t love you. Not like that at least. And I think, I know, I love James.”

Sirius nodded once again and you laughed, “I mean, just the way he makes me feel, like my heart is going to implode and explode at the same time when he’d not even doing anything! When anything happens, at all, he’s the first person I want to tell. The way, the way all those cheesy couples in Muggle movies look at each other, I want him to look at me like that. And I know, I know I may be a hopeless cause, he may never even look my way again, but I just can’t stop my heart from beating for him. The thought of him, feels like music. And whenever I think about him, or see him, I get that feeling. And it’s just that feeling that is so surreal and it feels like everything is right in the world and you feel like the world is ending but at the same time like life has never been better,” you laughed at your ridiculous rambling and took a breath, “and you just want it to stop because you can’t handle it but you also want to bottle it up because it’s so bloody amazing. And I know, I am not falling in love with James Potter, I’m flying in love with him. My heart will never hit the ground. There will be no fall, no end. I just want to be with him.”

Sirius looked as though he was about to cry, “That’s what I want. What you feel for James Potter; that’s what I want.”

You looked at Sirius expectantly and he continued, “I don’t love you either, I guess,” he sounded like he had an epiphany, “I guess I just love the idea of love.”

“Is all that true?” You heard James’s voice from behind you. 

You and Sirius whipped around, both embarrassed about being overheard. 

“H-how much did you hear?” You stuttered out.

“Enough,” James began, “to know I’m fucking in love with you too.”

You stopped breathing for a moment and looked into his eyes, searching for a sign that he was joking, playing a prank. There was none.

You laughed and smiled, “I’m so sorry about everything that’s been happening the past few weeks I-”

James interrupted you by literally sweeping you off your feet and kissing you passionately. 

After a few moments you broke apart and smiled at each other.

“So,” Sirius chuckled, “I’m assuming we’re good?” he asked James.

“Yeah,” he smiled and tackled his best friend in a hug.”

“Sirius,” you got his attention, “James and I may be together, but stay away from y/f/n. Don’t ruin her.”

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Summary: “It was murder. Your words, Betty. Murder.”

(loosely based on the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer”.)

{ Note: This is my first fic for this fandom, so please bear with me. I would really appreciate it if you tell me your opinions! Also, I already posted this on Ao3 under my username @/southside_jones }


Chapter One

July 04, 2016

“And this year’s Miss Riverdale is…..

Veronica Lodge!”

Betty Cooper stood up and clapped, proud of her best friend. Archie Andrews, Veronica’s boyfriend and the town’s golden boy, whistled. Jughead Jones, though not really close with the winner, clapped.

The three were situated at the second floor of the town’s auditorium. No one’s really allowed to go up there since it serves as a stock room, but it has the best view. It overlooks the whole auditorium without anyone noticing you, which is why Jughead discovered the place way back, bringing Betty or Archie sometimes. Veronica tags along too. It became their spot of some sort.

Veronica waved to the crowd as she accepted her crown. Once she spotted the three, she blew a kiss towards her boyfriend, who dramatically took the kiss by his hand and pushed it to his heart. The other two rolled their eyes at each other and smirked.

Archie put his arms around each of the two. “C'mon guys, time to celebrate!”

Jughead groaned. “Dude, school’s about to start. Shouldn’t we be laying low on the drinks?”

Archie laughed, dragging the two down the stairs to get Veronica.

Betty nodded. “Yeah, Arch. I’m leaving tomorrow to get my dorm, remember?”

“Guys, it’s our last summer as kids. All of us are going our separate ways. Let’s make the most out of it!” Archie persuaded, pulling his arms away from the two then kissing Veronica.

“Come on, guys. Sweetwater River tonight. It’s going to be epic!”

The river was packed with teenagers; either drunk, high, making out, or having sex. This is a typical scene in Veronica’s parties.

Archie’s with his fellow jocks, playing football by the water. Veronica’s chatting with Cheryl and the other vixens, congratulating her on the win. Jughead went back to the ‘bar’ to get another drink for him and Betty. The said girl was left alone by a tree, watching people sloppily make out as they try to go to the silent parts of the forest. This made her cringe. Sure, she wasn’t that stuck-up and obedient girl anymore, but some people really need to know some manners. You think that being the most popular girl’s best friend makes her used to this kind of scene, but she’s not.

Suddenly Reggie Mantle, Archie’s fellow football player, approached Betty. This made her uncomfortable, since she already knows what he’ll do, and she’s sure that anyone who sees the scenario happening knows too. Everybody knows that Reggie likes Betty.

“Hey, Betts.”

This made Betty cringe again. Either it’s because of the strong stench of alcohol on his breath, or the way he says her nickname. Only one person can call her that and make it sound right.

“Hi Reggie.”

“I see you’re lonely tonight. Mind if I join you? Or we could go to my car, it’s more quiet there.” He says, slowly leaning.

Betty scoffed and pushed him lightly. “Reg, I have a boyfriend.”

Reggie retreated, rolling his eyes. “You call Jones a boyfriend? That scrawny kid? He can’t even play football for crying ou-”

“What’s going on in here?”

Betty snapped her head up at the voice behind Reggie. Jughead appeared, walking over to her and giving her her cup, then he turned to face Reggie.

Reggie scoffed. “Really, Jones?”

“You want a round two? I’m sure your left eye would want to match the right.” Jughead threatened, his fists clenching. This earned snickers in the background, causing Reggie to glare at Jughead.

Betty knew what was about to unravel, so she squeezed in between the two. “Just stop, okay?” She pulled Jughead with her, leaving a fuming Reggie behind.

They stopped walking once they reached Jughead’s car, both of them going inside.

“You know, the last time you did that, you went home with a cut on your cheek.” Betty scolded. She didn’t want people fighting her battles. She doesn’t even fight them, because it’s not worth it.

“Well at least he went to school the next day with a black eye.” Jughead chuckled, but once he turned to Betty, he stopped. The girl was still upset.

Jughead sighed, pulling Betty’s hands to his. “I’m sorry, okay? It just really angers me that Reggie doesn’t know how to back off.”

“I know. I totally get it.” Betty replies, pulling her hands and resting it on Jughead’s cheeks. “But you don’t need to worry, okay? I’m yours.”

Jughead smirked, kissing Betty passionately. She moaned, angling her face to make the kiss deeper. Jughead put his hands on her lower back and squeezed, making her squeal and straddle Jughead on the driver’s seat. Thank God for tinted windows.

“C'mon babe, show me you’re mine.”

“We’re all going to college tomorrow.” Betty sighed, squeezing Jughead’s hand which she holds.

The four of them left the party and went on a road trip, just talking about the future and nonsense. They shared a couple of bottles, not phased by the fact that they just left a party, and were still drinking their asses off. It’s the last day of summer, anyway. Jughead decided to stop drinking, since he’s the one driving all of them home. They were already on their way home, driving down a slope.

“I know right? I won Miss Riverdale today, can’t believe that I’m leaving this place tomorrow.” Veronica agreed, touching her crown, which she wears until now.

Archie scoffed. “What’s with the gloomy mood? We still have tonight!” He stood up and opened the sunroof of his car, poking his head out and screaming.

Veronica laughed at her boyfriend. Betty, though amused, was pulling on Archie’s pants, telling him to come down. Jughead was chuckling and shaking his head. Archie truly is drunk off his ass.

Suddenly, Archie started spilling beer on his pants and the car’s floor.

“Ugh my hair!”
“Archie, get down!”

Jughead turned to Archie, rolling his eyes at his friend’s clumsiness. “Dude, c'mon just go do-”


Jughead turned back on the road, but it was too late. The car shot straight into the guy, sending him flying. Jughead hit the brakes quickly, making the tires screech, turning the car around. Archie’s head went forward, hitting his nose. He groans, holding his nose before going back inside the car.

“Is everyone okay?”

“My god you’re bleeding!”

“Must’ve been a dog or something.”

The four got out, inspecting the car. Archie started cursing. “My dad’s going to kill me.”

“Where’s the man?” Betty asked, shaking.

“Maybe he ran off or something. C'mon let’s g-”

“Oh my god.”

Betty stood up, turning to the three, holding a boot on her hand. Veronica gasped. Archie ran back to the car, getting flashlights.

The four slowly walked down the slope, praying for a miracle. Praying that what they saw isn’t true.

Until Betty screamed.

The stranger’s back was turned to them. They approached it slowly, Jughead checking for a pulse. The other three followed.

“Oh my god.”

“I think he’s dead.” Jughead tells the three, turning to them, scared.

“Shit! We need to go.” Archie says, starting to run back to the car.

“No way! Are you crazy?!”

“There’s traces!”

“Let’s just clean it up and go.”

“There’s blood on the car and there’s traces of the car on him. They’ll trace it back to you. You’re looking at a hit-and-run!”

Archie looked around helplessly. An idea popped in his head. “Let’s dump the body.”

“What?! No-” “Betty, let’s just pretend we were never here.” Veronica cut off, comforting Betty.

Archie walked to the “We throw the body in the water. Tomorrow, it will be washed away.”

Betty shook her head. “We need to talk to the police. I don’t want any part of thi-”

“Betts, please.” Jughead pleaded, shaking her girlfriend’s shoulders. “I’m not like the rest of you! I don’t have a family, I don’t have money. They’re all gonna think that I’m just like my father!”

“It’s your future Betty, think about it. Your college, your scholarship. The guy’s already dead, we don’t need to be dead too.”

A sound of an engine startled the four. They turned around to see a car approaching.

“Shit!” Veronica cursed.

The boys started carrying the body to the cliff.

“Faster! The car’s slowing down!”

“Distract them!”

Betty squinted to see who the driver was. Her eyes widened.


The car slowed to a stop. Betty quickly approached the car. Reggie’s head poked out of the window.

“Betty, are you okay? Car trouble?” He asked, looking at the other three a few meters away.

Betty turned to her friends, who started acting as if they were throwing up. Perfect.

“Actually, Archie got quite a lot of drinks, so we needed to stop before he throws up in the car.”

Reggie turned to face their car. The front was broken. Jughead approached the two.

“What’ can I do for you, Reggie?”

Reggie turned to the boy with a sneer. “You can wipe that fucking grin on your face, man.” He replied, cracking his knuckles. Oh, he was ready for round two now.

Jughead was silent for a few moments, before nodding, catching Reggie off guard.

“Will do, Reggie. Have a good night.”

Reggie was confused for a few moments, before he got ready to leave, turning to the girl. “Take care, Betty.” and left.

They took the body and put it inside the trunk, driving back to Sweetwater River. Luckily, the party ended a few hours ago. The boys carried the body again, the girls trailing behind.

Upon Betty’s request, and to stop another argument arising, Veronica took the stranger’s wallet. When the time comes, they might want to know who this person is. While taking the wallet, the stranger woke up.

They all screamed. Archie kicked the body into the water. Once the body disappeared, they all hurriedly walked back to the car.

“Never ever, under any circumstances, talk about this again. We take this to our grave.” Archie declared, turning to his three friends.

They all agreed.

 this catastrophe, dance with me

we go out like every night, making out and picking fights
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Made with Vine

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“it’s just a cut, really.” girl meets world... please try xx

I realize I haven’t posted in weeks… I’ve had really bad writers block. Here goes nothing! I hope you like this. 

Title: One Sleeping Bag, Two Love Struck Idiots

“We’re actually doing this? A camping trip?”

“Yep. Just the six of us. Don’t worry; it’ll be fun.”

Maya knew something was off with Riley. She sensed it the day after their twelfth grade graduation. Maya would observe Riley staring at Farkle a little longer than usual, or she would catch her sneaking glances his way when she thought no one was watching, but Maya always noticed.  

The fire is already started courtesy to Izzy, who claps her hands together in triumph.

“Riley, do you want to come with me to find some sticks for the marshmallows? I forgot to bring the ones we bought last week,” Maya asks. Of course, she didn’t forget; she just needed to get Riley alone so they could talk.

“You didn’t f-” Lucas starts, but Maya kicks him in the shin, causing him to wallow in pain.

“Riles, you coming?” Maya taps her foot impatiently, sending another warning look Lucas’ way.

Riley nods suspiciously, before following Maya into the woods, the sun already setting on the lake, and all Riley can think is how beautiful it is, and how lucky she is to have such wonderful friends by her side all weekend.

Maya has the flashlight with her, just in case, and is searching the ground for longer sticks, even though they don’t need any at all. Finally, she looks up at Riley, watching her stare at the lake. “I know.”

Riley looks behind her to give her best friend a questioning look, “What do you mean ‘you know’?”

“I know about Farkle. I know that you love him.”

Riley laughs, leaning against the tree beside Maya, “of course I love him. He’s my best friend. He’s your best friend.”

“No. I know, Riley. Don’t try and fool me. I see the way you look at him when he’s not looking. it’s the exact same look Farkle gives you when you’re not looking.”

What?” Riley whips her head around to look at Maya, her throat going dry. Pretending was easy when nothing seemed real, but when you both had feelings for each other, that was when it became terrifying.

“You two aren’t subtle at all. I can see it. And so can everyone else.”

Riley slumps her shoulders, before stomping in the other direction, “you can’t make me feel something I don’t feel, Maya -” she protests, not paying attention, and ends up tripping on a dead branch, and falling flat on her face.

Maya rushes over to Riley, pulling her up from the dirt. Riley touches her upper thigh where a semi-deep gash is in the middle of her leg, bleeding.

“Dammit!” Riley hisses, the blood from her cut now coating her fingers. She feels suddenly dizzy and puts her arm around Maya for support, and they make their way through the forest. Maybe it’s the dizziness or her exhaustion of keeping secrets, but she says, “you’re right.”

“I know,” Maya nods worriedly and looks forward to where their friends are coming into view.

Farkle’s face drops when he sees the gash on Riley’s leg. He rushes towards her and his hands instinctively finding her face and tilt it upwards and Riley has no choice but to really look at him.

“Maya, go get the first aid kit,” he instructs, lightly touching the cut on Riley’s leg.

Riley winces at the pain and Farkle quickly grabs the first aid kit from Maya and opens up the rubbing alcohol bottle. “What were you thinking? Why weren’t you being more careful?” He yells, still forcing her chin upwards to look at him.

She’s never seen him this intense before, and Riley accidentally looks over at Maya to find her pointed face which seems to say, ‘he cares about you because he loves you. I told you so.’

Riley avoids her stare and instead looks up at Farkle’s blue eyes which collide with her brown ones.

“It’s just a cut, really,” she whispers, but even as the words come out, she feels slightly dizzy from the blood, and she grabs onto the inside of Farkle’s elbow for support.

“I don’t care if it’s just a cut!” He shouts again, “you could have gotten seriously hurt, and I don’t know -” he clears his, throat, restraining himself from the next words that are about to come out of his mouth.

He looks away from her and focuses his gaze on the cut, applying the cloth with rubbing alcohol onto it, and Riley takes a sharp breath. Her hand itches to find his, to reassure him that she’s alright, and she’s right here, right next to him, but she doesn’t, and instead, clasps her shaky hands together.

The sound of Farkle ripping open the bandage package tells Riley he’s finally done. She looks up at him and he places his hand against her forehead slightly, his worried expression still evident on his face.

“I only worry because I care. Because I’ve always wanted to take care of you.”

Riley’s facial feature soften, “I know.”

The moment between them quickly breaks when the gang comes back into view, causing Riley and Farkle to practically spring apart.

Maya looks over at Riley, who has a large bandage on her leg, and then towards Farkle who is still staring at Riley with concern. A small, mischievous smile makes it way onto Maya’s face. Riley catches the look and questions her with her own eyes.

“Riley, we might also have another slight problem.”

Riley groans while Zay, Lucas, Smackle, and Farkle look at the two girls curiously, “what?”

“We only have five sleeping bags, so one of us will have to share…”

Riley gives Maya a puzzled look, “okay? So you and I will share. We share everything, anyways.”

Maya folds her hands over her mouth to cover her smile, “I think I’m getting sick,” she coughs into her hand dramatically, and Riley clenches her teeth. She knows what she’s doing, and she’s not buying it.

“So I’ll share with Izzy.”

“No!” Izzy yells a little too quickly, and somehow Riley thinks Maya got her involved in her little games as well.

“So,” Maya starts again, “Farkle is the next in line. Maybe you should just share the sleeping bag with him.”

“Maya, I’ll share with you. It’s. Fine.“ She huffs, causing Maya to give Riley a knowing look, before getting up from her seat and pulling her to the nearest tree, where the two girls can barely make out anything except for the dim light from the flashlight.

“You are a terrible best friend!” Riley grumbles quietly and lightly smacks Maya on the shoulder.

“No, I’m not. And you’ll thank me later.” She insists, before guiding Riley towards the left-hand tent, and then joining the group once again.

“Alright, well,” Maya claps her hands together dramatically, “it’s getting late, and we still have a full day of camping tomorrow, so I’m going to head to bed. Are you guys coming?”

The group nods in agreement and starts to shuffle to pick up their leftover garbage, before walking towards their tents.

Maya grabs Farkle by the shirt before he can enter the tent, and pulls him out of view from the others. “Don’t mess this up, Farkle,” she whispers, dusting off his shoulder, “I know how you two feel about each other, and I know that if you just admit your feelings, you’ll both be happier.” She gives him one last glance and a thumbs up before heading into the farther tent, leaving Farkle standing outside, in the darkness, left with nothing but his thoughts.

Farkle paces around the dirty ground, his feet crunching on the branches. He thinks about Maya’s words - I know how you two feel about each other, and I know that if you just admit your feelings, you’ll both be happier.

He never really thought anyone noticed how he felt about Riley. Was it that obvious? He thought maybe he just looked like a good best friend - at least, that’s what he told himself.

Farkle takes a deep breath, before heading into the tent. Riley is already settled into the sleeping bag, looking up at the stars, from what she can make out. She glances over at him; her face halfway tucked into the material.

“Are you going to come over here or are you just going to stand there staring at me all night?” She mumbles, raising her eyebrows. Riley’s face turns red as soon as the words leave her lips, so she pulls the sleeping bag closer against her, thinking that somehow it will hide all her feelings and emotions.

Farkle hesitantly takes a step forward and decides to pull off his shoes, and squish into the sleeping bag, next to Riley. Their arms slightly touch each other, a tingling feeling on repeat over and over and over. Riley tries to shift so there is space between the two of them, but the sleeping bag is too small, she is practically on top of him.

“This damn sleeping bag!” She huffs, and accidentally hits her hurt leg.

Farkle’s eyes widen as he watches Riley’s expression turn from annoyance to pain. “Here,” he pulls her waist so she’s lying against him. Farkle takes a deep breath, and cold air blows on the back of Riley’s neck, causing her to shiver.

“I’m sorry you have to share your sleeping bag with me,” Riley whispers against him. She shifts her leg against Farkle’s, and Farkle takes another sharp intake of breath, a tingling feeling reminiscent all over his body.

Riley tries to think of anything other than Farkle’s hands against her waist, something to distract her from the butterflies twisting in her stomach. She looks up out of the netted tent, and towards the stars shining through.

“I like this tent,” she coos, “I can gaze at the stars.” She turns over, so she and Farkle are facing each other.

Farkle’s breath gets caught in his throat as he watches her in the dark, the moon dances along her face, and he knows he’s in trouble.

Don’t mess this up. But how could he not when every time he tried to speak all that came out were a mess of words that made no sense?

Don’t mess this up!

“I could care less about the stars,” Farkle responds, sneaking a glance at Riley.

“But you love astronomy,” she knits her eyebrows together, still focusing on the sky.

“Not as much as I love you,” Farkle blurts out. The words are the finally out. The words that have been stuck on the tip of his tongue since last year when he saw Riley in that gorgeous purple dress at semi-formal, and he knew. He knew he would never be able to love anyone else that much because it would be impossible. Because his love for Riley Matthews was infinite, as it always had been.

“I-” Riley chokes, unable to speak, “Farkle -”

Farkle frowns, clearly hurt by her response, “It’s okay,” he pulls away from her to turn around so she can no longer see the outlines of his face in the dark, “I’m used to rejection. I can handle it.”

Riley sighs while tugging his arm to get him to turn over. He flips over, looking down at her in annoyance.

“You didn’t let me finish.”

“I didn’t have to. I already know what you were going to say,” Farkle tries to turn over again in the cramped sleeping bag, but Riley tugs at his arm, before climbing on top of him, careful not hit her leg.

“You don’t understand. I wasn’t going to say anything.”

“What -”

But it’s too late for questions. Riley is done trying to explain it to him. She presses her lips onto his. Riley’s hands find Farkle’s hair, and then she’s kissing him like it’s the last night on earth, and she’s never going to see him again. She’s kissing him like she’s the ocean and he’s the sand against the shoreline, and she keeps coming back for more and more and more.

Farkle’s eyes widen before his arms instinctively wrap around her waist and then he pulls her down gently, as close as he can get her. Like if he lets go he’ll wake up from some sort of perfect dream.

“I love you, too,” she whispers between kisses, a smile reaching across her lips. Farkle pulls back, his hands clutching her face shakily.

“You’re going to have to repeat that because I don’t think I quite heard you,” he gulps, still glancing down at her lips. She can’t be real, he thinks.

“Farkle, you’re the genius. I’m sure you can figure it out,” she teases, kissing him lightly on the lips again, before biting down on her own.

“No, I-” he clears his throat, “when it comes to science and feelings, I’m a mess, Riley. I’ve always been able to explain and understand the human emotions through science, but I don’t think I can do that anymore. Because of you. Because I’ve never had feelings like this until I realized you were standing in front of me the whole time. And no scientific discovery is ever going to be more important to me than the discovery of realizing that you’re in love with me too.”

“Well, I am,” she nods, tilting her head, “in love with you. I love you so much.”

Farkle pulls her down on top of him, leaving another bittersweet kiss on her lips before pulling back, leaving them both wanting more.

“Now will you please snuggle with me?” Riley gives him her best puppy dog eyes.

Farkle’s eyes sparkle as he pulls Riley against his side and leans his chin on top of her head.

“You know they planned this, right?” Farkle chuckles, wrapping his arms around her waist to pull her closer.

“Yeah. And I’m kind of glad they did.”

“Me too, darling.”