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There, have some nb peeps & trans & queer ladies of color with their loved ones. ♥


And as if Tom had another personality, he immediately welcomed a threesome between you guys. “Come on sweetie, show my buddy Haz the things that your dirty mouth could do.” Tom instructed, shifting your position making both your ass and your head on the edges of the bed.

warnings: threesome!!!, smut!!, grinding, unprotected sex, oral, rim jobs, anal

You swayed your hips while your back pressed against Tom, practically grinding on him, as both of you were dancing and goofing around at Haz’s party while finding the other cast members of Spider-man: Homecoming scattered all over the house. The neon lights discoed around the room as the music was on maximum, blaring around the living room walls. “Are you having a great time?!” Tom questioned yet screaming between the clamors.

“Definitely!” You cried back as your right hand gripped tightly on a bottle of Budweiser beer you were consuming earlier. As you felt Tom stiffened his grasp onto your hips, your slightly intoxicated mind made you bend and began rubbing your ass onto his prominent bulge. “Fuck yes, Y/N. You’re so sexy.” He groaned acknowledging himself getting turned on at your actions.

For some they never considered your relationship with Tom as what you stated, was ‘just friends’ and maybe with a few benefits, though other than that you and Tom affirmed that both of you were unlikely to be together. Even if deep down you acknowledged a small interest with him, it dissolves whenever you realize being friends with benefits with him is what’s best (just to stay away from paparazzi drama) especially now that he’s became increasingly famous after landing the role of Spider-man.

Zendaya then got in front of the crowd alongside Jacob who was holding a birthday cake on his hands, which immediately distracted the intimate scene between you and Tom. “Where’s the birthday boy, anybody seen him?” Zendaya searched over the crowd trying to find Haz, who has just emerged out of nowhere. “There he is! Come on here and blow out your candle.” as you glimpsed on Haz who walked past the crowd.

The crowd, including you, sang a cheerful birthday song for Haz before he grinningly gusted on the flame that was ignited on a blue candle stick which radiated across the room. “Did you make a wish? Was it something related Y/N?” Zendaya joked, as everyone laughed along, further making Haz flustered and turn into the shade of bright pink. He looked over his shoes, trying to hide his flushed face as he seemed to feel sheepish about the awkward situation he was in now.

Everyone knew about Haz’s small crush on you, but thankfully it was honestly never awkward to either the both of you, but there were also some who did not like the idea of it especially Tom. And there were situations where people would assume you both had something which always seemed to be cute, but you both knew it was far from true, especially because you had your eyes on another person which was not Haz.

Your intimate session with Tom halted as everyone, including yourself, migrated over the dining room as Haz handed out slices of his cake. A felt of guilt washed over you as you held a slice of cake on your hand, completely forgetting that you left Tom behind in the living room all by himself. So you went back and picked up another slice just for the both of you, and as you were about to proceed onto the living room, Haz surfaced promptly out of nowhere. “Hey Y/N.”

Haz smiled directly at you as he rested his arm on the door frame, completely blocking the way and making you unable to pass through the room and to catch a glimpse of Tom. “Hey, Haz. Happy birthday!” You cheered placing the cake alongside on the counter and leaning your back against the edge of the table. “Thanks, it’s nice to see you here. Honestly you were the only person I waited for to arrive.” He chuckled making you blush at his cute remark.

“You’re such a sweetheart, aren’t you?” You beamed and looked behind searching for a stool. As you pulled out a wooden stool, you sat on it and leaned over on the counter signaling an interest in the conversation you and Haz were having. “But a bit flirtatious too, huh?” further making Haz plaster a devious smile on his face that emphasized his structured jawline and blue marbled orbs.

You could tell that he was somewhat intoxicated, like you, already. His face was flustered due to the burning alcohol consumption, his hair was perfectly disheveled as if he was in a Hollywood actor in action, and his movements as if he was signaling the both of you to find a room and make out. “Well, surely anyone can’t help themselves from a girl as lovely as you.” He admired followed by a wink directed at you, making you blush onto a shade of red.

Even if you badly wanted to continue your conversation with Haz, you saw Tom staring at the room enraged as he walked past the crowd trying to immediately escape to nowhere. Making you leave Haz alone in the room, along with the cake that you intentionally planned to bring for both you and Tom. “Tom!” You called out, pushing against the bodies and shoulders in the crowd, but Tom did not take a second to look back.

He carried himself upstairs and randomly picked a vacant room in which you followed behind. You entered the room, pushing the door behind you, and having to face an infuriated Tom who seemed as if he wanted to rip someone’s limbs off, “Why did you even follow me upstairs, you already have Mr. Steal-your-girl eye fuck you in the room.” Tom scoffed and crossed his arms showing an unpleased look.

“We were not eye fucking,” You responded, “We were just talking about his party and I greeted him a happy birthday. That’s it.” But only leaving Tom more unsatisfied with the answer you gave. “Yeah fucking right. He was probably undressing you in his thoughts already.” And within seconds you observed Tom slightly progress near your, making you step back until your back was pressing against the walls.

Tom lowered his face against yours, making sure you felt his hot breathe brushing past against your cheeks which most definitely made you aroused. “Sucks to be him because you’re mine.” He growled, as his fingers gently made way underneath your dress and onto the fabric that covered your wet core. He softly rubbed his fingers, against your lace panties, making you easily moan out of delight. “You’re already wet for me and I barely did anything, love.”

He pulled down your panties which dropped down onto your ankles and immediately crashing his soft pink lips with your luscious plump ones. With one hand he restrained both of your frail wrists and with the other hand, he gently teased your drenched core and drew figures on your clit. “Fuck, who owns this naughty pussy, huh?” Tom’s breathing intensifies as your heartbeat began pumping rapidly. “You do, Tom.” You answered.

You felt Tom unzip the back of your dress before continuing to tease your clit. “Fuck yes I do own this.” He groaned as your dress loosened from its original skimpy state. Tom slowly teased his finger on the entrance of your core and made sure you were all drenched from between, furthermore as he made out with you, he slowly was acquiring dominance by accessing into your mouth, which caused a slight gag reflex as he was already shoving his mouth to your throat.

Both of you then danced your way onto the soft bed, Tom roughly forcing you to lay down on it as he stayed on top of you. By now your back was against the mattress and Tom slowly pulled your dress down, discarding the clothing somewhere in the room and leaving you naked beneath him. “You’re body is so perfect.” He moaned and took his time gradually viewing your perky boobs that complimented your curves nicely. “I just want to make you come so bad.”

Then Tom pulled the hem of his shirt over his head revealing the toned abs and biceps you always had fantasized of. He unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down and tossing them on the carpet and leaving him only in his brief and boxers which revealed his prominent bulge. Tom teased his shielded erection onto your core by pressing his bulge against it and roughly grinding himself at it. “I’m so fucking hard for you, love.”

“Fuck, please stop teasing me.” You whimpered trying to reach your clit to add a more pleasurable sensation but Tom smacked your hand away immediately. “You deserve to be punished because you have been a bad girl tonight, love.” He stated and slowly cupped one of your breasts and delightfully kneaded it making you moan out his name and lightly arch your back. 

Since you were blinded at what Tom was going to do next but you felt Tom’s breath brush past against your drenched core, sensing he has descended his face against it. You felt his tongue lick a strip of your core and made its way onto your anus, the slick warm muscle heating you up as Tom lapped it over on the opening. And Tom gradually penetrated a finger into your tight hole, making you shut your eyes cry at the painful yet pleasurable sensation. “You like that don’t you?”

As Tom stopped, he gave a stern look directly at your powerless body. “Bend over. Face down and ass up.” He stated in which you obeyed and slowly turned over and shoving your face onto the mountain of pillows meanwhile ascending your ass to face against Tom. Then he gave a swift spank on it, observing it bounce (which he always had enjoyed) and whispered, “That’s a good girl.”

“Fuck ye-” You whimpered but being cut off immediately as both you and Tom heard the door swing open. There emerged Haz who was left shocked on what scenery he has walked into,”Oh god I’m sorry. S-should I leave?” He stuttered leaving in an utter disturbance. “No. You can stay.” Tom directed, “Watch me fuck this naughty little slut until she comes for me.” He snickered as Haz pushed the door behind him.

And as if Tom had another personality, he immediately welcomed a threesome between you guys. “Come on sweetie, show my buddy Haz the things that your dirty mouth could do.” Tom instructed, shifting your position making both your ass and your head on the edges of the bed. At one edge Tom was entertaining your lower region meanwhile the other edge, you faced Haz. He began unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants along with his boxers, dropping them onto his ankles.

You saw Haz’s dick sprung out already erect and hard in which you began lightly stroking. Then you dipped your lips onto his tip, spitting onto it as you continued stroking, “That’s so fucking hot.” Haz groaned feeling his hips mellowly thrust into your mouth. You began bobbing your head up and down onto his hard length, gagging and creating a sound every time his tip reached the back of your throat.

Meanwhile Tom became jealous of the fact that Haz was basically mouth fucking you already. So he pulled his boxes and briefs down, and began teasing the tip of his dick onto the pulsing entrance of your core. He teased your by rubbing his tip gradually on your clit and circling it all around your drenched pussy. “Do you want my cock in you?” Tom questioned, making you whimper and nod as a response, “I fucking want it in me, please.”

Tom kept teasing his tip this time slowly inserting an inch and pulling it right back, filling up his pride because he saw you begging for more, “How bad do you want it?” He smirked, again, smacking your ass whilst you continued to gag onto Haz’s dick. “Please I badly want you inside me, Tom.” You whimpered, looking up to see Haz already throwing his head back at the pleasure he was intaking. “As you wish.” 

Then slowly penetrated inside you and immediately commenced on thrusting. He bucked his hips forward and backward, him making sure your ass was slapping against his skin. He grasped on your hips securely as his thrusts kept getting harder which made you lose focus on what you were doing Haz. “God you’re so fucking tight, Y/N.”

Meanwhile Haz brushed your hair onto one side of your face, clumping it and made sure it was not bothering you from blowing him. “You’re so fucking good.” Haz moaned followed by another faint moan, “So good to me.” As he gripped tighter at your hair and harshly pulling it as you continued bobbing your head and stroking at his length. “She’s a dirty little slut isn’t she, Haz?”. Tom gave another smack on your left ass whilst Haz firmly placed his hands on the side of your face.

Now you barely did anything to Haz as was thrusting himself in your mouth, hitting the back of your throat several times as your jaw began to hurt already. “I-i’m gonna come.” Haz whimpered as your head was immediately pulled from the back making your mouth disconnect from Haz’s throbbing dick. “No one is allow to come yet.” Tom commanded as he harshly was pulling your hair, “No one will come unless I say so.”

“Why don’t we switch positions, buddy?” Tom questioned, pulling out his length out of your cunt as he harshly rubbed your clit through the use of his thumb. “You can fuck Y/N other hole for a change.” He instructed as Haz just nodded, his face flustered and out of breath. 

“Lay down and spread your legs widely for us, love.” Tom commanded in which you submissively obeyed, spreading your legs in front of Haz while he swore under his breath after seeing the magnificent view. “Her cunt is exquisite, isn’t it?” Tom snickered as he forced his dick on your mouth whilst sucking him upside down. He moaned out your name as he gradually commenced thrusting into your mouth, purposely hitting every areas there was. “You’re so mouth is so warm and dirty, just the way I like it.”

Meanwhile Haz warmed up his cock and positioned it on the rear end of your anus, slowly penetrating his tip into you as you clenched around his dick tightly as a response. “Yes, that’s so fucking hot. Do it again.” Haz breathed and placed his hands firmly on the inside of your thighs as he thrusts more into you, being in sync with Tom’s thrusts in your mouth. “You’re such a doll, aren’t you?”

You choked at Tom’s immense cock as he kept hitting the back of your throat, gagging ever thrust he gave and at the same time clenching around Haz’s hard dick. By now you were ultimately fatigued already as the two boys who were forcefully using you, but you could feel Tom practically on the verge of his climax as his dick was twitching in your mouth. “Fuck I’m going to come.” Tom moaned out, throwing his head back in delight as he bucked his hips rapidly as his body was dripping sweat already.

As Haz was sloppily thrusting into you, admiring the way your perky boobs bounced and your nipples harden, he was also near his climax. “Argh, I’m so fucking close.” He groaned, planting his hand on one of your breasts and delightfully squeezing it and pinching the nipple rigidly. “God your boobs are so fucking perfect, you’re a fucking goddess.”

Tom then pulled his erection out of your worn out jaw as he pumped himself and positioned it onto your face, he targeted your mouth as he continued jacked himself off. You saw his white fluids spurting out of his tip as you widely opened your mouth trying to catch the white warm substance. His cum eventually filled your mouth, though you did not catch all of it as few droplets of his cum streamed down from your neck and cheek. Then you delightfully swallowed it all as Tom breathed out, “Such a good girl.”

However Haz was also at the verge of his orgasm. You looked down at him as he sloppily thrusting into your asshole whilst whimpering out swear words under his breath. “Cum on Y/N’s body now.” Tom directed as Haz pulled his dick out, your hole clenching around once more. And as Haz followed Tom’s orders, he too jacked himself off as he positioned himself trying to target your body.

Within a few pumps Haz was already oozing out his come. He pumped himself more as white fluids began spurting out from his tip and dropping onto your boobs, this happened for a long minute as he finally emptied himself. By now your whole boy was covered with fluids, the cum that was on your breasts were now dripping down to your stomach. “You are so fucking hot.” Haz stated, trying to regain his normal breathing back. “She’s still mine, Harrison.” Tom articulated, crossing his arms and looking sternly at his best friend.

You were so fatigued that all you wanted to do was lay down but of course you were a mess. So you decided to stand up and head towards the bathroom that was inside the room already, “Go fight all you want all night, I’m going to take a shower.” You breathed, as you unlocked the door and proceeded to go in. “Can I go too?!” Both Haz and Tom perked in a unison. “Come on! Round two in the shower, please?” Haz pleaded.

“I’m up for that!” Tom agreed and high-five Haz as both looked back onto you. “You guys seriously aren’t tired? I’m already exhausted.” You retorted, trying to resist the two naked men that were pleading in front of you.

“Please Y/N? For my birthday?” Haz pouted as you began having a harder time on deciding. But finally you gave in, “Fine.” You sighed in defeat, “But if I slip or bump my head on the walls you guys are paying for my insurance.”

Don’t ask questions, Holly.

Holly:Well-.. you know…. first you dated Black… and now you’re… you’re dating Meadows and….

Holly: “If you’re like-… you know, into-..

Holly: “... oh…

*Music still playing*

*One musical number later*

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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon

Words: 1436

Warnings: none

Tags: none

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Notes: none

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When you woke up that Wednesday morning you knew something was off. You weren’t feeling quite yourself. Yet, you decided to go to work at STAR Labs. On your way there you were coughing from time to time and shivering but you were in the middle of the winter so you guessed you were just cold.

“Morning guys” you greeted everyone as you walked into the cortex.

“Wow, what happened?” Cisco asked the moment he saw you.

“Nothing, why?” You replied sitting on a chair.

“You look awful” he pointed out.

“Thank you?” You chuckled. “I think I might be catching a cold, but don’t worry, it will be over in a couple of days” you shrugged it off as you turned on the laptops.

Your work at the labs was your passion. You were a robotic engineer hired by Harrison Wells. Of course, that was before the particle accelerator exploded and created all those metahumans, before you al found out Wells wasn’t exactly Wells and…basically, before life turned complicated for everyone.

When the accelerator exploded those who didn’t die just left the place. All except Cisco, Caitlin and you. They were like a family to you, they took you in the moment you put a feet into the facility just a few days after arriving all alone to Central City. You were from San Francisco but working for Harrison Wells was something you couldn’t say no to, so there you were. Four years later.

“Sorry I’m late, I got caught in traffic” Caitlin said walking into the cortex with a cup of coffee from Jitters on her hand. “Wow, (Y/N), are you ok?” She asked when she saw your face, causing Cisco’s laugh.

“C’mon! Do I look that bad?” You asked frowning.

“I think you should go home and rest” was Caitlin reply.

“It’s just a cold, I’m sure” you sighed.

But it wasn’t. By the middle of the day you have been told to go home by everyone who came to the labs: Wells, Jesse, Cisco, Caitlin…everyone. It was frustrating. Even Barry sent you a text from Star City telling you to go home. Of course you didn’t listen to them since you didn’t feel that bad, but when it was already dark outside you forced yourself to go home after Caitlin told you had fever.

When you woke up the next day, you had to call Caitlin to tell her you wouldn’t be going to work today. You felt even worse than the day before.

“Don’t worry, we have everything covered here, I promise” she assured you before hanging up.

Still you felt bad for staying at home. Not just because you wouldn’t be able to help if something came up, but also because today Barry would be coming back from Star City after five days and you wouldn’t see him after how much you had missed him. That wasn’t strange since you had spent every single day with him since the moment he came in still in a coma. But it wasn’t until a few months ago that you had the courage to tell how you felt about him, just to find out he felt the same way all along.

Ever since, you were dating, which had turned out to be the biggest adventure of your life. He was fun, smart, sweet and loving, but he was also so protective and stubborn that it got to your nerves. You understood he was The Flash, a hero, but he didn’t understand you could make your own choices. Still, you loved him like you never loved anyone before and you couldn’t wait to see him again.

By noon you finally got a text from him saying he was back at STAR labs:

Back at the labs, how are you feeling? – Barry

You smiled a little at the text and sighing, wishing you had been there to hug him and kiss him, ignoring Cisco’s complains.

Feverish and missing you L - (Y/N)

I missed you too. I’ll go visit asap. Love you, xx – Barry

You smiled even more when you read he would visit. You imagined he would go eventually but sometimes he was too busy to do it, so you were so happy to know you would be seeing him that day after all. Putting your phone down, you covered yourself up and sighed looking up at the ceiling. You coughed a little and closed your eyes, falling asleep almost immediately.

A couple of hours later you were woken up by the sound of your door closing. You rolled around in bed trying to get your phone but it was too far so you just gave up and hide your head under the covers.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you” a very familiar voice said.

Immediately, you popped your head out and there he was. Barry Allen was standing at the end of your bed with a bag on his hand and a smile on his face. A smile that you returned but soon you were back under the covers.

“Go away! I look awful!” You exclaimed remembering how you must be looking like at the moment.

His laugh echoed the room and soon you felt the bed sinking by your side, letting you know he was just there, so you stuck your head back out.

“I haven’t seen my girlfriend in five days, I think she looks gorgeous no matter what” he said.

“You really know what a girl wants to hear, Allen” you smiled.

He chuckled while you sat up on the bed and pulled your hair into a bun. Despite what he said, you knew your aspect wasn’t the best. When you were done, you looked at him just to see that he had been staring the whole time which made you blush.

“I missed you” you said, making him smile.

“I missed you too” he replied before leaning in and wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug.

“I’m all sweaty” you chuckled.            

“I don’t care” he smiled into your neck as he squeezed you. “How many times have you hug me and kiss me after being running around the city for hours?” He added.

“True” you smiled before closing your eyes.

You had missed him so much, his hugs, his smell, his embrace. All of him. He pulled away and placed a strand of hair behind your ear before leaning towards your lips but you placed a hand over his mouth, earning a confused look from him.

“I’m sick!” You explained. He took your hand off his mouth and kissed it softly.

“Then it’s a good thing I can’t get sick, right?” He smirked. You narrowed your eyes at him but didn’t have time for a comeback before he kissed you.

If you thought you missed him was because you hadn’t kissed him yet. Finally you felt like home again, like you were complete when his lips met yours.

“It’s a really good thing” you smiled when you pulled away. “How was Star City?” You asked with a frown.

“Complicated” he sighed. “They were all devastated after…Laurel” he said as he played with your hand. “She was amazing” he added.

“I know…I’m sorry” you whispered.

You never had the chance to meet Laurel Lance, aka the Black Canary, but you had heard Cisco and Barry talk about her and you had an idea about the amazing woman she was and how much she had done to protect Star City along with Oliver and the Team Arrow.

“Anyway, I brought something” Barry said looking up at you, smiling again. “But you can’t tell Caitlin or she would kill me”

“What is it?” You asked narrowing your eyes.

He smiled and took the plastic bag he had placed down on the floor. First, he took out some water and chicken soup. You raised an eyebrow: why would Caitlin kill him for that? Then he took out a chocolate ice-cream pack.

“Oh god…is it with cookies?” You asked with your eyes wide opened.

“My girl deserves the best” he winked.

“Oh my, I love you so much!” You exclaimed taking the ice-cream from his hands. “Oh, I need a sp-“ before you could finish the sentence, Barry was back from the kitchen with a spoon. “I’ll never get used to that” you laughed. Immediately you started eating it. “You want some?” You finally asked.

“I thought you’d never ask” he said taking a spoon out of his pocket and laying down next to you, sinking the spoon into the ice-cream.

Being sick wasn’t so bad if it was like this.

expectowolfstar  asked:

Do you think in a mortal AU Conner and Mitchell would have worked if Conner had tried to pickpocket Mitchell, but Mitchell catching him- then, from that point onwards, Conner'd purposefully try to pickpocket him just to spend time with him. (JUST IGNORE ME IF YOU DON'T THINK SO, SORRY IF I WASTE YOUR TIME WITH MY AWFUL AU QUESTIONS- SO SORRY, AGAIN)



The stranger tightened his hold on Connor’s wrist, and kept a pleasant look on his face. “Hey,” his voice was kind, neutral with emotion. His eyes flickered down to Connor’s wrist, and his other hand deep in his jean jacket. “I believe you have something of mine. My wallet?”

Travis would be coming in soon, he thought, run interference so Connor could make an escape.

The guy didn’t seem…upset. Not like the other very few times he’d been caught - once where he ended up with a black eye. He seemed almost…amused.

Usually, Connor would blab on about something until Travis could arrive, maybe about how Connor had no idea what you were talking about and how im so insulted you could accuse me of such a thing and he’d go on like that until Travis would rush by with a full coffee cup and spill it on the stranger, or trip directly onto the grip that the boy had around Connor’s wrist, or numerous other things.

But Connor only blinked at other boy - with his soft, amused smile, blue hair, twinkling eyes - and dropped the leather wallet into the other boys awaiting hand.

He could almost hear Travis’s exclamation of question at that action.

“Thank you,” The boy told him, more genuine then it should have been for a pickpocketer. Connor swallowed, and tried to ignore the boy’s easy grin. He hadn’t said a single word yet.

Dammit. Connor should know better then to try and pickpocket the hot ones. He was so weak in the face of a cute boy.

The stranger finally released Connor’s wrist - although Connor hadn’t made any real attempt to escape - and took a step back.

“Thanks again,” he said, smiling sweetly, “have a nice day. Hope you have better success with someone else.”

Connor could only nod dumbly - an agreement, he guessed - before the stranger pocketed his own wallet and went to continue down the street.

“Oh,” The stranger gave him a half-turn, looking over his shoulder. He tossed something - heavy and shiny and metal - over to Connor with a confident, teasing grin.

Connor caught it with ease, barely fumbling with the catch.

It…was his watch.

“Be careful,” the stranger advised, already walking away. “I hear there’s pickpockers around here.”

Connor blinked after him, clenching at the metal piece in his hands, and was in that position when Travis rushed up to his side, panting.

“Sorry,” he was already getting out through his heavy pants, leaning on his brother. “There was this girl, and a bunch of pigeons, and I tripped and -” he steadied his breath, “sorry. You alright?”

Connor was still blinking at where the boy had disappeared into the crowd. Around them, New Yorkers went about their business.

Travis was tightening his hold on his brother’s shoulder, “Con, you good?”

Connor finally ripped his gaze away from the space, his watch now being held tightly to his chest. His eyes were wide, and his voice in awe. “Travis, I’m in love.”

Roll The Dice

Requested: can you do one where you play love dice with one of them?

Authors Note: Contains smut, swearing, and hella bad thigh writing because I know nothing, I don’t even know why you’re reading my shit anymore like why haven’t you given up yet. 

Summary: Y/N goes over to the twins house with her friend and they play a game of love dice. 

6 sides. 2 dice. 12 possibilities.
“I don’t think I’m drunk enough for this just yet” you giggled nervously as your eyes darted between the two boys and your best friend.
“Oh common, it’s just a bit of fun” she nudged you as she winked cheekily. You disappear into your mind for a second as you replay the events that occurred earlier tonight.

“Common, it will be fun. You never have fun” she dismissed as she roamed through your wardrobe, throwing various shirts onto your bed. You know that she didn’t mean anything by the comment, but you couldn’t help but feel a pang of hurt when she described you in that manner. You were always the ‘safe’ one out of the two of you, but there was nothing wrong with being safe. Was there?
“I do have fun” you defend, crossing your arms across your chest.
“No you don’t. Your idea of fun is binge watching some terrible television show and then having a two-hour long conversation about the character development of the ‘bad guy’. That’s not fun, that’s just sad” she laughs. Now, you were starting to get mad.
“Just because my idea of fun doesn’t involve getting drunk out of my mind and blowing some random guy in the bar’s bathroom stall doesn’t mean it’s inferior” you snap, your chesting heaving as you tried to calm down your breathing.
“Okay, calm down there tiger, I wasn’t saying that. I’m just saying I think it would be good for you to get out of the house and try ‘my fun’” she turned, placing her hands in the air and doing those annoying hand signs.
“Fine” you huffed.
“And if you hate it and you regret every single thing you do, then we’ll never speak of it again and I will never bug you to come out with me. I promise” she smiled, holding out her hand with her pinky finger extended.

So, that’s why you were here. At the twin’s place, in some uncomfortably tight jeans and a plain white tee that was low cut enough to show off your black lace bra. She talked you into having a drink or two to calm down your already exploding nerves, and the next thing you know you were all playing drinking games and sitting on the ground with an empty bottle and a pair of love dice ready to sell your soul to Satan for an escape route out of here. It’s not like you didn’t think the boys were attractive, it’s just this isn’t how you imagined ‘getting to know them’.
“What happens here, stays here” Ethan murmured as he picked up the dice and started to observe the words carved into them.
“Where did you find these anyway?” Grayson chuckled, raising his eyebrow at your friend.
“The adult shop” she shrugged, like this was the normal for her.
“Okay, who’s going first” she chirped, taking a long sip from her glass of gin and tonic.
“I vote Y/N” Ethan smirked from beneath his long eye-lashes, his eyes becoming dark and lustful. Your breath hitched in your throat as you downed the rest of whatever was in your cup, and spun the empty bottle. After what felt like a century as your heart pounded against your chest, it landed on your best friend, a sigh of relief escaping your lips.
“Everyone loves a little girl on girl action” she winked at you as she handed you the dice. You shook them in your hand and threw them onto the ground.
“Suck, neck” Grayson read aloud. You swallowed the lump in your throat, as you crawled over to your friend as she leaned back against the couch, preparing herself for you. You climbed onto her lap and pushed her hair to the side swiftly as you attached your lips to her neck and started to suck. You bit down carefully on the tender skin as a fresh bruise formed underneath your touch. You heard her moan in pleasure as she gripped your waist, her nails digging into the exposed skin as she lifted the edge of your shirt slightly. You blew cold air onto the tender skin, getting out of her lap and going back to your spot as if you didn’t just give your best friend of four years a hickey. 

“That was so hot” Ethan choked as he shifted his position, tugging on his pants to make room for what you could only assume was his member hardening at the sight.
“My turn” she giggled, as she spun the bottle which landed on Ethan. She picked up the dice swiftly and threw them on the ground, not breaking the contact that her and Ethan shared.
“Lips, kiss. Simple enough” she tilted her head cockily as she stood up and walked over to Ethan as he followed her every move. She slowly lowered herself onto his lap just like you had done not only seconds ago. She grabbed a fist full of his hair and tugged him towards her lips as she crashed them against his forcefully.

 A part of you wanted to look away as they both fought for dominance, but you were intrigued by the whole thing. You desperately wanted to be as confident and as sure in yourself as she was, and you decided tonight was not the night for holding back. Tonight, you were going to be the fun and the reckless one. You were lost in your own thought that you hadn’t realised that Ethan had already spun the bottle and it landed on you. Your eyes widened in shock as he threw the dice, landing on suck and breast. You took a deep breath as you gripped the hem of your shirt and lifted it over your head, placing it on the ground beside you. Your friend and both the boys looked at you in shock as you sat there in your black, lace bra, ready for Ethan to do whatever he needed to do to win this game. He paused for a second, looking at you almost as if he was asking permission as you nodded. He moved closer to you, as he gripped your waist, lifting you onto his lap as you straddled his waist, immediately feeling his already growing bulge between your thighs. You gasped at the feeling, as Ethan smirked at you devilishly, knowing exactly what he was doing to you. His fingers traced circles on your back, as they made their way up your waist and to the lining of your bra, as he pulled one side down a little bit, extremely close to your nipple as he attached his lips and started to suck. You titled your head back as a soft and delicate moan escaped your lips, your cheeks flushed red in embarrassment. Ethan looked up at you in awe at the sound, his eyes lighting up with a slight glint to them, as he bit leant back down lightly, licking on the reddened skin. He cupped the other breast and started to squeeze it slightly which drove you over the edge, as he switched sides and started to bite lightly on the exposed skin.
“Do you guys want a room” you heard your friend chuckle as you jumped off of his lap. You shifted back to your spot, spinning the bottle as it landed on Grayson. You took a deep breath, nervous as hell as you rolled the dice and refused to look at what it landed on.
“What does the question mark mean?” Grayson furrowed his eyebrows and he looked at your friend confused.
“It means that you get to choose what she does, or I do, or anyone does actually. This is normally how you win the game because you pick something that people refuse to do” she challenged, expecting me to chicken out immediately.
“Oh” you stuttered.
“Well then” Grayson laughed timidly. He met your burning gaze with uncertainty, as you smiled comfortingly in his direction.
“I have an idea. How about you ride him” she taunted at you. You felt your chest tighten as you glared at her in anger. What is she trying to do to you!
“You want her to ride my thigh?” Grayson raised his eyebrow.
“Yup. There’s a room over there isn’t there?” she continued. She looked down at you, and you know that she meant the best but you couldn’t help but feel she was being condescending. She always did things like this to separate you from her. She would always challenge you to do things she knew you wouldn’t do to almost put you down a bit, to resume her position as ‘alpha’ amongst the two of you. But not tonight.
“Okay” you said confidently, as you stood up and tapped Grayson on the shoulder, beckoning him to follow you. You heard him jump to his feet as his heavy footsteps followed you into the darkly lit bedroom. You looked around the room, as the surging confidence within you started to fade as your mind wondered off to the darkest corners of your thoughts.  
“You don’t have to do this you know” he smiled kindly as he placed his hands on the side of your face, searching your eyes to make sure you were okay. Why is everyone always wondering if you’re okay like some scared little girl?
“I wouldn’t do something I don’t want to do” you stood taller as you placed a hand on his chest and pushed him lightly onto the bed. You hadn’t done this before and you felt yourself start to tremble in fear. You stood there like an idiot, as you looked at every corner of the room to avoid looking at him.
“It’s okay Y/N” Grayson stood up, placing one hand on your shoulder and the other on the side of your face, cupping it softly. He slowly leaned in and kissed you so softly as if he was afraid to break you. You felt safe in his kiss, as you laced your fingers around his neck and pulled him closer to you. He responded by tracing his tongue across your bottom lip, asking you for permission for him to enter as you tasted his tongue in your mouth. You took his bottom lip between your teeth as a deep moan vibrated through the kiss. You grabbed a fist-full of Grayson’s shirt and pulled him towards you as his chest collided with yours. He broke the kiss to remove his shirt, pulling you by your waist, starting to kiss along your jawline as you tilted your head back to give him more access. Grayson pulled the both of you towards the bed, as he sat down and held you up as he fiddled with the button to your jeans. You helped him and pulled them off, leaving you still in your bra and matching lace underwear.
“Oh fuck me” Grayson gasped at the sight of you, as he mentally groaned at the torture of seeing you standing in front of him and not acting on it. You slowly lowered yourself onto his thick thigh as he ran his hands through your hair, kissing you as you started to grind against the rough fabric of his denim jeans. You didn’t think it would have an effect, but once your clit rubbed against the harsh material, you knew you’d be cumming in no time. Grayson’s hand wondered to your back as he unclasped your bra and threw it to the ground abruptly. He stared at your chest with pure joy like a kid at Christmas time as he took one of your nipples in-between his teeth and carefully sucked. You moaned so loudly, that you were terrified Ethan and your friend would hear you, but you didn’t care as Grayson’s other hand slipped into your underwear and started to rub up and down your heat. 

“God you’re so wet for me” he stuttered as he kissed you again, the harder you rode his thigh, the closer you came to climaxing. You started to palm Grayson with one hand through his jeans as the other gripped his shoulder for support as you grinded against him so hard you knew you’d be walking funny tomorrow. Finally, you felt your stomach tighten with a knot, as it released immediately as you climaxed all over Grayson’s thigh. He kissed you as you were cumming, and gripped your hips tightly, as you were sure you’d have bruises there tomorrow.
“That was so fucking hot” he choked, inserting his finger into your already sensitive core and withdrawing them immediately, sucking on his fingers to taste you.
“Do you want to go back out and keep playing” you panted, as you tried to stand up, but your knees were weak and you fell right back into Grayson.
“I have a better idea” he winked as he threw you onto the bed and climbed onto you.
This was going to be a night you’ll never forget


I took a nap during rotation 4, but woke up to the very last routine of the meet and was not disappointed.

Not Entirely Make-Believe

Request: “Could you please write a reader x Cedric where the Reader needs a fake boyfriend to present to her parents and Cedric volunteers (but she is actually in love with him). Then soon afterwards someone asks the Reader on a real date and she says yes because she was convinced that everything with Cedric was fake but when he finds out he gets extremely protective and jealous? Thanks ^^ Love your stuff! 💙”

Pairing: Cedric Diggory x Reader

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: this is short n shitty lol enjoy

Originally posted by cedricdiggoryfans

Before anyone could voice their own reactions to the letter you had just read out, you pulled your wand out, casting a quick inferno spell and watching it burn to a crisp. Your head fell into your hands as the embers drifted to the floor, the ashes blowing away without a trace. Cedric popped his head down beside you, pulling your hair away from your face as you massaged your temples.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine.” He cooed, placing a comforting hand on your back. You had to fight the urge to hum in content as he rubbed.

“Yeah,” your other friend chimed in, “I’m sure the wedding won’t be that bad. You’re overreacting.”

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Butterflies - Archie Andrews x Reader

Certainly a longer one for you guys. It’s a little crappy and a little pointless but I thought of this while in music class the other day and thought it was a cute idea to distract us all from the turmoil of episode 13…


Originally posted by riverdalesource

He had admired her from across the music room for months. (y/n) (l/n). With the voice of an angel and the face of one too. She was truly talented in every way, singing, piano, guitar and just her sheer ability to charm anyone. She was sweet in everyway and he couldn’t help but wonder if her lips were that sweet too; they certainly looked it.

He had completely fallen for her. Everything she did, every word she sang, everything she was. She was beginning to become his first thought in the morning and his last at night before he went to sleep and almost every thought in between. Yet, he had still never had a full conversation with you. You were alone once in the classroom when everyone had left as he helped her find her sheet music but that was it. That was enough for him to memorize her eyes and the way she did her hair in a messy bun so she could play without it getting in the way and it was adorable. Everything about her was adorable. Miniature compared to him and her smile was the cutest thing he had ever seen in his life. Yet, he still hadn’t spoken to her.

“You need to say something, bud.” Jughead slid onto the bench next to him, stuffing some cafeteria burrito into his mouth.

“He’s right you know,” Betty chimed in from behind him with Veronica and Kevin as they sat around,

“Are you still pining over piano girl?” Ronnie mocked in a baby voice, “God, Arch. I didn’t know that you could ever be so useless around a girl.” He glared at her,

“I have no idea what you are on about.” He tried to play it cool but the tiniest voice crack at the wrong moment gave him away. Not that there was much to give away.

“Oh yeah, and I have no idea that, that song is about her.” Kevin observed stealing the sheet from in front of Archie and pulling it away from reach so he and the girls could see it,

“Oh Archie you have to say something! This is all too sweet.” Betty cooed but Jugheads laughter overpowered her, “Oh Juggie, just because some guys are romantic.” Betty sighed mockingly,

“I am mysterious and girls love that more.” He smirked before winking at her.

“This is all well and good guys but I am not talk to her. Now or anytime soon.”

“you could ask her to the dance!” V piped up getting all excited,

“Great idea!” Archie mocked, “When you find any reason for her to like me, let me know and I’ll go for it.” He sighed in defeat. If he was true to himself that was the real reason he had never gone up to her, they had never spoken and normally it was girls who came up to him and her? well she was not that kind of girl. She hung around with Ethel, not the vixens. She wore oversized cardigans, not mini skirts and her top knot was haphazard, not 3 hours worth of styling but all this just made her so much better than any of them. She was who she wanted to be, not who someone like Cheryl wanted her to be or how people said she should be, she was just herself and that’s how he wanted her.

One thing he never understood was that she spoke to everyone, except him. She was one of them people who didn’t have a ‘group’ she kind of floated between people with everyone liking her. One day she could talk to the geeks and the next be tutoring Reggie Mantle in science only to be back with musical theatre kids by lunch helping with rehearsals but she never spoke to this group. Ever. He had never understood why she had avoided them, he was sure that they had never done any wrong to her but she would almost always leave class quickly to avoid him.

As far as Archie knew, she was single but he couldn’t understand why. Half the boys in the football team adored her and not in some demeaning way. If they didn’t think of you as a sister to protect, they wanted to take you out for dinner. She managed to bring out the soft side of even the biggest guys in the school ad he could never figure out how, bur she certainly did it to him.

She found solitude in music and she would only practice in the theatre without anyone listening. 

Little did she know that Archie had found this out, he had been working to keep up with the rest of the music class that he had managed to join late. He had come across your secret practice sessions after looking for Valerie. 

She was too into her music to notice Archie staring from the back, and too focused to notice when Archie came in, even taking a seat and listening to the end of her piece. 

She played her last note, her eyes still closed…that is until he started to clap. When her eyes flew open she made eye contact instantly with Archie and paled dramatically,

“Sorry, I’ll be going I didn’t know you were in here…”
“No, no it’s fine.” He panicked a little, this was his only chance to talk to her, “please stay, for once?” she looked like a rabbit in the headlights but he had never seen her that way. She was normally confident, loud and cheery but this was so much different - as if she was scared of him but she nodded anyway still standing in the same spot clutching her sheet music, “look, I don’t know if you know me I'm…”
“Archie. Archie Andrews.” The fact she knew who he was made him smile stupidly, “I’ve seen you in music class.” she said quietly, “I'm…”
“(y/n). I know.” Archie looked down sheepishly at his feet as he said it, kind of glad she never brought up his football, when he was around her all he cared about was music, “I have been wondering if maybe…” he trailed off not really knowing where he was going with this.

“Maybe what?” she asked kindly, making her way down the stages stairs and to the auditorium where he stood,

“You would help me study. Music I mean, I was late starting.” He mentally kicked himself for chickening out but he now knew the real reason all the big guys went soft on her, her eyes were like molten pools that seemed to shine. She smiled innocently, everything about her was innocent she didn’t seem to be corrupted like most of the people in this town,

“Of course,” she said softly and with what he thought (and hoped) was a hint of disappointment. Turning, she went back up onto the stage to the piano and took her seat once again beckoning him to follow. He stood awkwardly behind her until she sifted over ever so slightly allowing him to sit beside her, “What do you need help with?” she pulled out her sheet music once again and placed it on the stand before tucking a pencil behind her ear,

“have you ever considered teaching someone piano?” he asked skeptically,

“I can try my best” she smiled before she started talking again but he zoned out watching the way her lips moved or how her long, delicate fingers would move across the keys with no visible effort. It wasn’t until she took his hand in hers placing it on the keys beneath hers did he snap out of it. His heartbeat elevating like never before as he turned to look at her his hand still under hers, playing keys he had never used before and playing music they were making together as she finally turned too look at him, their faces astonishingly close to one another,


“I would very much like to admit that I think you’re beautiful.” He didn’t fully know where the confidence came from, perhaps it was the feeling of her hand on his but he moved, reaching his hand up to remove the pencil from behind her ear and admired how her hair fell with it. Pushing it back he glanced at her lips, “I would also very much like to kiss you.” She didn’t say anything. She simply leaned into him, pushing her lips against his softly as if she was once again scared so he pressed himself further into her, wrapping his hand into her hair as he had dreamed of doing for the months he had admired her before she pulled away but stayed close to him, “Why did you stay away from me?” he asked timidly, so not to upset her after their moment,

“because it would have been hard to sit there and be close to you and not kiss you.” she murmured in reply, shocking him,

“Wait, what?” he moved a little further away to look at her, his hand still playing with her hair,

“maybe it was your laugh, or your eyes, or your smile. It could have been your hair, or your voice, or your personality. Whatever it was, it made me fall pretty damn hard.” she confessed looking into his eyes intently making him kiss her again, making her gasp a little in shock but returning the chaste kiss,

“Why didn’t you tell me all of this, instead of running away?” he looked confused like a lost puppy and tilted his head a little, “Why did you avoid me?”

“Because, for the first time, I didn’t want to make a fool of myself.” she admitted, turning back to look at the keys, Archie placing his hand on hers once again but this time on his lap, “so I listened to you singing from afar, in the common room, in class, when you were with your friends. And I would come to your football games, I would watch from the side of the bleachers where I couldn’t be seen by the other players for once. I mean, I love them guys, they were good to me but they weren’t you.”

“Wait, what?”

“Archie, I’m a pretty loud outgoing person but around you? You reminded me what butterflies felt like and I could never stop loosing my breath when I saw you looking back at me. That day when you helped me in music? Nothing could beat the butterflies I felt when I was around you. You made me feel a kind of happiness I’ve never experienced before.” He looked at her falling more in love with her by the second, by every word she said,

“Butterflies, eh?” he smirked a little making her laugh quietly, “So I guess what I felt wasn’t just a crush?”
“Never just a crush” she looked up at him, her eyes shinning in a completely different way, in a better way, “anyway, music” he smiled like an idiot,

“Right, music.”

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BTS members on your birthday.

Imagine your boyfriend surprising you with love and gifts for your birthday. <3

Originally posted by jiminahhh


·He would wake you up to breakfast in bed.

·Sweet kisses on the forehead and lips.

·Sings happy birthday to you.

·Has your clothes laid out for you, “Get ready birthday girl, we have a full day planned.”

·He would be the one to tell every stranger, “YAH, It’s her birthday.”

·He would take you shopping, “Buy a whole outfit for our dinner tonight.”

-Full day of pampering.

·Does all the spa stuff with you,: skincare, massages, mani,  pedi, hair, and makeup.

·Once you walk out and reveal yourself to him he would say, “You are Ms. Worldwide beautiful.”

·He would buy special gifts for you and give them to you at the restaurant.

·When you get home he would make you stand in the living room as he lights candles and turns on music.

·He would plan out the best night of sex, whip cream, chocolate syrup, and strawberries.

-Plenty of cuddles after.

Originally posted by meanyoongis


·He would have planned this all out way before your birthday.

·He would have wrote you a song and put it on a cd for you, the lyrics explaining his feelings to you.

·He would have your bags packed since he planned a trip somewhere for the both of you.

·He would have so many gifts waiting for you in the room, flowers everywhere.

·He would probably not act like it’s a big deal on the outside, just smirking at you as you freaked out.

·He would be the type to propose to you on your birthday.

-Would call you Mrs. Genius. 

-Show you his aegyo side for your special day.

-Wild and passionate birthday sex.

-Hair pulling.

- Leaves you sore the next day.

Originally posted by trash-for-bangtan

Rap Monster:

-Would wake you up by eating you out. 

-Takes you somewhere for breakfast.

-Gives you gifts at home.

-Invites your friends over for your birthday. 

-Tells the world your his. Bragging.

-Makes you cry from his sweet words, telling you how he feels for you while holding your hand. 

-Tells you to put on the new lingerie he bought for you.

-Worships your body. 

-Very passionate sex that leads to him being dominate. 

- Daddy’s little kitten.

-Birthday spankings.

Originally posted by boo-t-s


-Would wake you up screaming “Happy birthday jagi”

-Does about 30 minutes worth of aegyo to start your day off right. 

-Endless amounts of kisses and hugs. 

-Body praising.

-Brings your gifts into the bedroom and gives them to you, watching you closely. 

-Waits until your done opening the last one and says I got one last gift. Opens the box and it has a necklace and a ring in it, 

-Holds your hands and tells you that you are the most important person in his life.

- “I love you so much my princess. “

-Does skincare with you, does a personal spa day with you. 

-You and him spend the whole day in bed with each other. 

-Movies, snacks, cuddles, and plenty of silly moments.

-Long night of love making.

-Cum play.

Originally posted by jimiyoong


-Wakes you up holding a big teddy bear almost the size of him.

-”Happy Birthday Princess.” *shows you his big smile*

-Morning cuddles.

-Many social media posts wishing his girl happy birthday.

-Buys you matching outfits.

-”Everyone will be jealous of how cute we are.”

-Takes you out dancing.

-Peppering kisses all over you in public.

-”Tonight is all about you babygirl.”

-Lip bites.

- Kinky sex.

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty


-Wakes you up by singing to you in a soft deep voice while cuddling you.

-Tickles you.

“Baby, i have a surprise.”

-Comes back to bed with a cute little puppy in his hands. 

-Spoils you and your new child (the pup).

-”I think he loves his daddy more than his mommy.” *teases you*

-Cooks you dinner.

- Stays in to play games with the puppy.

-After dark and the puppy is sleeping, he reminds you who daddy is.

-Mind blowing oral sex.

-Over stimulation.

-”You’re my world babe.”

Originally posted by nochujungkookie


-Wakes you up by playing pranks (like squirting you with a water gun)

-Takes you to a cafe for breakfast.

-Amusement park date.

- Wins you many prizes from playing games.

-Spends the whole day riding rides and having fun.

-Gets on the park stage to sing you happy birthday in front of everyone.

-When back home, he brings out so many gifts.

-”I might be the Golden Maknae, but you’re my Golden Girl.” *winks*

-Slow and intense sex.

-Showering you in love marks. 


-noona and foxy

(This is our first actual “imagine”. We worked on it together and hope you like it.)