girl love selfies

Another at home sweaty selfie because people were actually using the equipment in front of the gym mirrors today 😒 but ya girl crushed her abs this morning and did 15 mins of cardio 💪 pro tip to getting your sweat on - wear a sweater 😅 I was dying! But I hate leaving the gym without sweating, since sweat is fat crying 😏
Hope you all crush it today, whether you’re going hard or it’s your rest day. Self love comes in many different forms 💕

Okay mini rant time…

I’m sure I cannot be the only one who is sick of seeing fitness stuff with girls of a similar body type. Occasionally I’m seeing more of the curvy strong women…
I see all this body positive support for women with all different body types … Yet I never see anything promoted close to what my body is like.
So I’m gonna start being my own body positive “fit girl”

I honestly love seeing the mix of sizes coming into media… However I’d still like to see people repping us shorter curvy and musclar girls.