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i loved how you included tommy in the last fanart and i'd like to see your headcanons for the character

wow I was actually doodling Tommy when I got your ask.

Here’s what I got with little to no recollection of Tommy Oliver from the original series:

  • Definitely native american.
  • she makes contact with Trini first because she finds her cute and is like “nice hair, you do it yourself?” and Trini is a blubbering gay mess. Kim is mentally assassinating her. Tommy notices.
  • Zack immediately texts Trini like “if you don’t ask her her number, I will” because he DEFINITELY finds her beautiful
  • Tommy enjoys flustering Trini but mostly annoying Kimberly who is very obviously jealous (obviously = except to Trini who’s an oblivious mess). She doesn’t like Kim’s attitude in general, and the feeling is mutual.
  • She ends up actually bonding with Zack over teasing Trini and Kim and eventually reciprocates his attraction
  • She definitely befriends all of them (it’s still a bit complicated with Kim because damn that girl can hold a grudge and be a stubborn ass) and often plays basketball or football with Jason.. she is TALL and likes sports, ok
  • SHE DEF HAS A MOTORCYCLE and Billy helps her out with it once in a while. She doesn’t let anyone else ride it tho, they can sit behind her but THAT’S IT.
  • Kim: What kind of high schooler has a motorcycle that big… and bright green.. like *mocking voice* I’m Tommy Oliver everyone look at me I need everyone’s attention at all time
  • Jason: Kimberly stop, she is nice
  • Kim: KiMbErLy StOp ShE iS NiCe
  • Jason: Oh my god
  • They take Tommy getting the green coin pretty okay, a little awkwardly maybe but overall it goes well. However Trini gets very uncomfortable, still having bad memories of Rita. 
  • Kim and her definitely fist fight at some point, because Tommy was too reckless during a fight against a big villain and almost got Billy injured and Trini killed and that was The Last Straw that made Kim snap
  • Once they finally got all that tension out, they have a heart-to-heart and become inseparable and Zack and Trini love it as much as they hate it because they are INSUFFERABLE 

imma stop there

the gang on a cruise - hcs

requested by anon - these take place in a modern au!!

  • who comes up with this wild idea???? 
    • “so…….guys…. we got u all together here today because” (soda looks at two)
    • “how bout we go….”
    • “on A CRUISE”
    • two and soda said that and nearly everyone erupted in a collective “NOOOOOOOO”
    • steve and johnny were the only two to say “yEAH”
    • lil steve has never been more excited for anything in his damn LIFE 
  • the curtis household is an actual MESS between booking it, packing and just the whole thing in general
    • there’s literally never a dull/quiet moment (as always) (but now it’s 10x worse)
  • they literally dont pack until last minute
    • like it’s 5 hours before they’re supposed to be leaving 
    • and nO ONE
    • NO ONE
    • bc we know darry probably drilled down on pony to make sure he was packed on time
    • darry is losing his fuckin mind when everyone is at the Curtis house asking for shit
  • they have to catch a flight to miami bc their cruise is to the bahamas
    • darry saw the groupon and he hasn’t looked back since
    • darry is def on the plane asking if someone has aspirin or excedrin
      • “sometHING I NEED SOMETHING” 
      • dar thought he was getting a vacation asap but this whole process of preparing and getting there has never made the times so stressful
  • steve keeps asking for food??
    • yknow how they give out pretzels or peanuts?
  • johnny is softly sleepin
  • dally is kicking the chair of the lady in front of him
  • and two is snoring at mAX volume
  • before they board the ship
    • they have all their luggages and shit and their hair is all messy and fucked up w/out grease!! (but in a sloppy-cute way)
    • but darry turns around and he’s like
    • “when we’re here, i don’t know any of you. i don’t know your names, u don’t know mine. if you bother me or make trouble, i swear on our parents that i WILL RING YOUR DAMN NECKS”
  • steve ends up yelling
    • “AWWWW FUCK”
  • soda’s all
    • “can we drink it”
    • “it’s water isn’t it?” (steve)
    • “ITS BLUE WATER” (soda)
    • and then u can hear darry speedwalk w his squeaking flipflops 
    • “god, you guys r just embaras-”
    • *already drinking it*
    • “you guys it’s saLTWATer”
    • *already spitting it out*
  • dally’s reaction to the water is ike
    • guys it’s just water
    • it’s just saltwater
  • stevepop takes another swing at drinkin the water to see maybe if it tastes different a second time (spoiler alert….it doesn’t)
  • but pony and johnny r still so struck by it
    • “wow. it’s just so beautiful. you see how the sun glistens off the water johnny? it’s awfully gorgeous”
    • and johnny’s like
    • “i aint never seen somethin so big in my life. well, except for the sky of course. it just looks neverendin”
    • steve overhears and says passingly
    • “calm down u two, the water aint nothing special it just tastes like ass”
  • two foR once in his LIFE
    • isn’t putting his two-bit into somethin
    • he’s actually speechless about the water
  • on the cruise itself tho,
    • darry is deadass in the saunas
      • he’s gettin massages and facials and shit
    • steve and soda are chasing each other around one of the decks
    • pony is getting seasick as FUCK
    • johnny is eating icecream
    • dally is smoking his life away
      • and getting yelled at by staff for it
      • and then continuing to do so anyways
    • two is having margaritas and sangrias at 3 in the afternoon bc he promised not to drink heavy
      • even tho by like midnight
      • he drinks a six pack of beer and he’s havin a grand ol time
  • steve and soda are horseplaying
    • on the deck
    • in the saunas
    • in the pool
    • in the meditation room
    • all im picturing is that in each room darry is somewhere w a grump face
    • while steve and soda are messin around with the playfighting and chasing and backflips??
    • LMFaO just change the backdrop of the location and stevepop are still fuckin around while darry is just “omgfdsfkh”
  • im tellin u rn that the playfighting becomes real after some time
    • like someone’s startin a fight
    • steve gets his tooth knocked out again
    • “cmon soda really??? the doc just replaced it”
    • “don’t be stupid it’s the tooth doctor u fuckin airhead”
    • “it’s the deNTIST U DROPOUT”
  • dally & two are always checkin out girls w soda
    • but soda only comes along when steve sleeps in
    • bc he loves hangin w his bro :’))
    • “soda what are you doing”
    • “move, ya michelin man. ur blocking my sun”
    • “you’re sunbathing?”
    • “well darry whAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE”
    • “well u need sunscreen, that’s what it looks like”
    • “go and get a massage or somethin jeez”
  • pony is 1000% gonna yank johnny down where they can see the sky real well at 7:02pm exACTLY
    • in order to see the sunset and stargaze afterwards
    • johnny will probably appreciate it but knock the fuck out
  • dally is definitely burning holes in towels with his cigarettes on purpose after he gets yelled at for smoking
    • they have to drag two away from the mic
    • buT before he leaves, he gives the microphone a drunk peck of a kiss??
  • okay well johnny is just THE happiest lil boy
    • he’s just so happy to be there with everyone in a place so far away from home
    • he’s just chillin with that ice creams and makin sure pony isn’t dead
    • and fkjshfk he’s just a lil ball of sunshine on the cruise, this kid
dating mark

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  • ok to start off ((thought of this looking at the gif hehehe)) facetime/skype sessions when he has a busy schedule or his day is packed
  • that means all members videochat with you bc they are always around him
  • and other members sometimes interrupt alL THE TIME
  • “hey y/n, guess wh-” “you’re chatting with y/n again, omg hi girl your hair looks amazing”
  • he would def randomly grab a guitar and serenade you tbh
  • the day before he asked you out; he anonymously got you flowers, your favorite ofc
  • so he came over to your house the next day bc he had a day off and ok ok this is how it went
  • you: “ok ok sit down story time, so someone sent my flowers yesterday”
  • mark *just trying to hide everything*: “so do you know who?”
  • you: “no ofc not they sent it anonymously”
  • he grabbed one of the flowers you got yesterday from behind his back, that’s when you pointed at him
  • “you?”
  • he nodded, “yes i” - “y/n let’s go on a date”
  • “you mean right now?”
  • “yeah why not? let’s go”
  • so you guys went to get ice cream :))
  • lots of back hugs from you because whenever he wear a hoodie or sweater he looks so cuddly 
  • and whenever you would sleep on the couch or on your bed he would lay down next to you and pull you onto his body
  • many ily’s ofc
  • random calls
  • random raps about you and how beautiful you are
  • whenever you were stressed about school, he’d hold you
  • you were shaking and couldn’t even think, so when Mark embraced you, you started breathing again
  • and instead of studying you two would cuddle on the couch and he would keep kissing your cheeks and ears
  • long night talking with Mark would be so amazing
  • like he would tell you so many stories about the others
  • and you wouldn’t even care tbh
  • because you loved to listen to his voice and the happy pitch included

There are soooooo many people out there who ask “Why do you like Loki so much? He’s a villain.” And while I don’t have the time to list everything, (because let’s be honest who does?) I am now writing down the points of why people need to love this dude. Also known as,

Why You Should Love The Psychotic But Still Hot Space Prince.
By Debbie.

Point Number One: His Eyes.

Now, I think we can all agree that girls are suckers for a guy with pretty eyes. I mean who doesn’t like looking at a guy with beautiful eyes? 

Its just in our nature. 

I mean, I could probably like Loki just because of his eyes.  Have you seen them?! Its like you’re just sitting there the whole time having a debate with yourself on what color they are. I’m pretty sure I’ve this conversation with myself like twice.

“Blue or green? Green our blue? Okay I think they’re blue.  No wait, they’re green. Yup. One hundred percent sure they’re green. Actually they’re blue. Okay I’m defs for sure that they are blue. Well…….maybe they’re grey? ”

Yeah. Its like the sweetest torture known to man. But also kind of a weird thing to do, but if you’re a fan girl, there’s weirder things you’ve done.

So, my conclusion for his eye color, (for now) is that they are a mixture of blue, green and sliver/grey. And honestly that is a very attractive color for eyes. At least to me. 

I know there are some people out there who prefer dark eyes, and that’s totally cool. But if you don’t think that Loki has beautiful, stunning, amazing, etc. eyes, then I will question whether you’re human or not.

Point Number Two: His Hair.

I love guys with dark hair. I don’t what it is, but there’s just something about dark haired guys that I love. And let me tell you, Loki has amazing dark hair.

Now, while its kind of long, and I prefer short haired guys, I still love his hair. (Especially in the first Thor movie. I mean whew! *fans self*)

The thing that I really want to do with his hair is run my hands through it. Oh my goodness I can only imagine how soft it would be. *shivers* And he has shiny hair too, so yeah, there’s that too.

And really, I just don’t know what else to say about it. I like the dude’s hair, its a really cool shade (?) of black and I really wanna run my hands through it.

Point Number Three: His Clothing Style.


Needless to say, I like his clothing choice. 

We all know (I hope) that his signature colors are green, gold and black. And I love those colors together. So those colors on Loki does something to me. 

We’ve all seen in the Avengers and in Thor, though briefly, his ‘mortal’ style. 

A suit. 



Seriously, its almost my religion.

Guys in suits are waaaaaaay more attractive than this stupid 'dope style’ or whatever its called. What even is that? 

Okay, so you have a hat on backwards, your pants are falling off and your shoes are horrifyingly red. 

That’s not appealing to me AT ALL.

Now, it would get annoying after a while to have your guy always wearing a suit, so I really would like to know how Loki would dress casually. 

Would he? Or would he just always be wearing a suit? 

Who knows?

But his clothing style definitely fits my criteria.

Point Number Four: He Is Literally Prince Charming.

I’m sure every girl when she was little, dreamed of having a Prince Charming come and marry her or something.

Well, Loki could charm the pants off anyone (they don’t call him 'Silver Tongue’ for nothing I’m sure *wink wink wiggle wiggle*), and he’s a Prince. Of a cool space kingdom.

Thus, I give you Prince Charming.

Now, as much as I hate to say it, Loki is a fictional character.

Yes I just committed the number one fangirl sin. But hear me out.

Even though he’s not real, I’m sure if he was and you were lucky enough to be his significant other, he would treat with the utmost respect.

There are SO many fanfictions out there where he treats his girlfriend or whatever like crap. 

I’m sorry but no.

Loki would be the most respectful partner in the world. Even surpassing Captain America. (Forgive me Steve for I have sinned.)

He would treat you like a freaking queen. Am I right? (Yes, yes I am)

Point Number Five: The Tragic Back Story.

 Lots of girls like a guy with a tragic back story or something like that. 

Well let me tell you that Loki is like the Prince of all tragicness.

I mean, his father is like the worst, he was always second to Thor and he found out that he is not in fact Asgardian, but an Andorian with Elsa’s powers.  (If you didn’t get the reference I will be upset with you.)

How sad is that? 

(Which I don’t know about you, but I would totally cry if I found out that I wasn’t Asgardian.*sniff sniff*)

Point Number Six: His Height.

As a member of the short girl club, I can tell that most of us love it when someone really tall hugs us. It feels super comforting and you always feel really safe.

Well, Loki is tall. And while I’ve never hugged him, I’ve hugged my brother, who is the same height as him,(Or rather the same height as Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki so…..) and let me tell you, he gives like the best hugs ever. (When he’s not squeezing the life out of you)

If you’re a tall girl and want a guy that isn’t shorter than you, then I give you Loki. I highly doubt that you’re gonna be taller than him. (Unless you’re 6" 3 which if you are, I’m so sorry.)

So that concludes my points on why people should love Loki as much as I do.

Just saw Beauty & the Beast, & I can confirm:

Lefou is super fucking gay.

If you watch the film, watch his face when he looks at gaston: you’ll see it before the end. 

I’m not gonna spoil anything, but when asked “Why can’t you get any girls, Lefou?”, he has the face of “Jesus fucking christ I'm gay asshole”.

Sort how the Finn and Dameron interaction went, it’s subtle, so make sure you look for it.

Anyways, the film was great, animations were fucking fantastic, though I didn't really like Emma’s singing, it was very enjoyable (and gay).

Heaven Help The Fool Who Falls In Love Pt. 1 (James Madison x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7Part 8

Word Count: 1,197

Warnings: Language. Implications of sex.

A/N: I know I’m in the middle of a few things right now and I have a few requests in my ask box, but this has been rattling around in my head for days now so I just had to get it out there. Also, there is not enough stuff with James Madison out there.

…..Think this is def gonna be a series.

Tags: @avengershavethetardis @bjwrites


James Madison slowly came to with the feeling of warm sunlight on his face. The dull ache in his head served as a reminder of the alcohol he’d consumed the night before. He wasn’t drunk necessarily, but he definitely wouldn’t say no to some aspirin and a glass of water. He moved to slide out of bed when he fully realized the weight on his chest. He looked down and saw the girl laying against him.

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) was asleep with her arm draped over his upper body. Her hair was in shambles, but she looked peaceful with the sun on her skin and her chest rising and falling gently. The blanket rested down on both her and his hips. James stared down at you and thought back to the night before.

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The flyers

We got some quality frog interaction in that update! Here’s a little thing about that scene w the flyers. Dex is low key emotional. Idk. 

“All right, guys. I printed up these fliers letting people know the Samwell Men’s Hockey team needs a new manager. Lord knows poor Lardo can’t ask around with graduation a few months away. Y’all can use Frog Hour to get the word out.”

Dex looked down at the stack of flyers in his arms. At the top of the page was a black and white picture of the team, all of them in their uniforms, looking at the camera seriously. Not very representative, he thought. Under the picture, huge letters proclaimed, “Position available: Samwell Men’s Hockey team manager.” There was a section titled, “Responsibilities,” with only one bullet point, “Manage the hockey team.” Dex rolled his eyes. It was kind of misleading. This person would have to deal with a lot more bullshit than that. Thankfully, at the bottom was a number to call for more details.

“Anywhere in particular?” Dex asked.

“I don’t know. Wherever you think is best. Probably spread them out some.”

“Alright.” He, Nursey, and Chowder turned to go. Chowder pouted a little on the way out. Frog Hour was the break the three of them shared. It wasn’t really an hour; closer to two and a half hours. They usually used the time to get burritos at the place just off campus.

“What’s the plan?” Nursey muttered when they were out on the sidewalk. He shuffled the pages in his hands.

“We can still hang! We can start up by Faber and end down past the pond, and burritos are right there!” Chowder said. Frog Hour was one of the few opportunities they all had to hang out. Their schedules didn’t really line up this semester.

“It would probably be faster for us to split up,” Dex observed.

“Yeah! I’ll get the athletic places and North Quad.”

“Alright. I’ll do Lake and South quad.”

Dex turned to Nursey.

“I don’t know, man. I’ll hit up the science buildings? Maybe. I guess. East Quad?”

Dex raised an eyebrow.

“Brah, chill. I’ll find places.”

At the street corner, Chowder and Dex went one way, and Nursey went the other. Chowder and Dex were halfway down the block when Chowder spun around.

“Nursey! Meet at the South Quad Bridge! Burritos! Best friend time!”

Dex looked over his shoulder to see Nursey hold a thumbs up over his head.

Chowder spun back around. “He’ll be there. He doesn’t want to be a square,” he told Dex.

“The worst shape,” Dex said.

Chowder punched him in the shoulder in agreement.

Dex visited every building on his two quads. He posted a flyer to every bulletin board, taped them to phone poles. He asked cafes and coffee shops to post them in the windows. With every flyer he put up, he felt like another piece of his heart was chipped away.

Each time he posted a paper and walked away, another wave of nostalgia washed over him, memories of things that wouldn’t happen again after this year. Dance parties in the locker rooms to Ransom’s playlists. Waking up on the green couch after a kegster to the sound of Holster yelling upstairs. Sunny, cool evenings in the reading room with Lardo, sometimes passing a joint back and forth, sometimes not, sometimes talking, sometimes silent.

Dex knew that the Samwell Men’s Hockey team was not its players. Or its managers. The team had existed for decades, and players came and went every year. The team would exist long after the seniors –  and Bitty, and Dex, Chowder, and Nursey – graduated. But Dex couldn’t help but mourn this iteration of the team. The team would exist, but it would never be the same again.

Naturally, Dex’s sadness translated to frustration. 40 minutes passed, and Dex still had a quarter of his flyers left. It was still February, and the wind was cold on his ears and nose. His knuckles felt like ice cubes. Irritation simmered warm in his chest.

Dex stopped at another bulletin board, and Chowder walked toward him down the sidewalk.

“Okay! Founder’s has a flyer on every floor! In ever carrel! In every bathroom stall!” He told Dex over his shoulder.

“Great.” Dex tried not to snap. Chowder hadn’t done anything wrong. In fact, Chowder probably didn’t even need to be here. He already had dibs. “I put flyers up at high-traffic areas in Koetter Café, on bulletin boards on Lake Quad and…” He turned to see Nursey standing beside Chowder. He couldn’t keep the aggravation out of his voice anymore. “… why. Why do you still have all of your flyers?” he asked with a frown.

Nursey raised an eyebrow. “Oh. The spam thing seemed O.D. uneconomical. I’ve been handing ‘em out to managerial types.” He turned to a short girl with thick glasses and a red ribbon in her hair. “… Hey. Flyer.” he said simply.

“Neat!” she said, and walked away, reading the flyer as she went.

Fucking ridiculous. Dex’s face went blank, and he threw his stack of flyers over his shoulder.

“At least people are seeing them!” Chowder said. Yeah. More people had definitely read the three flyers Nursey handed out in the last minute than had read the 60 Dex and Chowder had put up in half an hour.

“Sup,” Nursey said to the next person he deemed ‘managerial.’ “Flyer?”

“Do you need help picking those up?” Chowder asked Dex.

“No,” Dex sighed, bending down. “I know you’d just pull some bullshit.”

Chowder smirked. “I was going to say ‘too bad,’ then help you anyway. But you said no, so…”

“See? I knew it.” Dex stood and straightened the stack in his hands. Chowder was grinning at him, and Dex managed to smile back. He turned to Nursey. “Yo, Nurse. How many of those have you given out?”

“Not sure. Probs approx 20.”

Dex’s mouth stretched into a thin line as he thought. They would probably get at least 10 applicants from all the flyers they’d posted and given away. Definitely more than the two they’d gotten so far from word of mouth.

Nursey came over and slung an arm over Dex’s shoulders. “It’s def enough. We’ll find someone. I liked the looks of that girl with the ribbon.”


Nursey rubbed his hand over Dex’s bicep and kissed his temple. “We’ll find someone. It’ll be alright.”

“You guys are gross,” Chowder said.

“Can we get burritos now?” Dex asked.

“Yeah,” Nursey grabbed his hand.

“Best bro burritos!” Chowder crowed. He bounced over and put an arm around Dex’s shoulder from the other side.

Dex smiled, the frustration draining out of him. Things would change. Things always changed. But for now, he was going to get burritos and hang with his best friends.

Nursey, Chowder, the entire team had his back, and he had theirs, whether they all were still a hockey team or not. Lardo may not be their manager next year, but the trust she and Dex had built would long outlast her title.

Some things were forever. Dex’s connection with his teammates was one of them. He just needed to remember that.

A Harry account is claiming the two people in the pics with Harry are Jeff Bhasker (who is said to be producing his album) and Jeff’s significant other, Lykke Li, though I’m not 100% convinced because I feel like Jeff is older looking than that guy (with a much more pronounced nose) and the girl resembles Lykke but also not 100% so. It defs could be, but it could also be two other random people lol

i have a big thing for redhead anime girls and white haired anime boys ok

francesdot  asked:

Cheerleader Thomas cheering for his bf Burr


thomas joining the girls cheering one day, ya know like boys do they think it’s funny to do girl stuff or whatever, and he’s waving his hips, basically trying to distract aaron (it works)

but after the game the girls are like damn thomas you’re actually really flexible (thomas looks at aaron “oh i know”) and you’ve got great thighs?? you should seriously consider cheer

so he does and thomas decides to take up cheer (along with dance classes later on). he can’t cheer at first, but once he’s had enough practice, he’s right out there with the other girls and he’s often used as a centerpiece (being the only boy)

thomas is offered shorts to wear instead of the skirt, which he takes, but there’s a 90% chance he’ll be on the field with a skirt anyway and he def loves using the length of the skirt to his advantage

after winning games it’s p funny to watch thomas rush over to aaron and pick him up as if he weighs nothing and aarons a lil embarrassed but he’s also super proud of his bby boy

and the best part is thomas is now an honorary girl in the cheer girl gang cause let’s be real cheer/dance girls are lowkey in a gang together. the girls always have thomas’ back, especially when pricks like alex get on his nerves (suddenly, none of the girls want to go out with alex??? :0 who :0 would’ve :0 seen :0 this? :000)

Opposites Attract - A.I.

Lacy sat in her fourth period AP biology class watching a presentation given by one of the school’s biggest nerds: Ashton Irwin. Not that he was just a nerd, but he and his three friends were just socially awkward, and she thought it was the cutest thing in the world. She watched as he tried to explain how plants reproduce with a constant blush shown on his cheeks as he constantly bit down on his bottom lip or ran his hand through his hair causing her to cross her legs under the desk she was sitting at trying to relieve some of the stress taking place between her legs. The way his muscles flexed in the muscle tee he wore, or the way his glasses made him look even more attractive drove her up a wall. She couldn’t understand how people didn’t think he was attractive, especially when he flashed those delicious dimples.

“Any questions?” Mr. Baldwin, their teacher asked watching the uninterested group of students before him just grateful that the midterm presentations were getting out of the way. Lacy’s hand flew up as she flipped her dark hair over her shoulder, her bright blue eyes piercing into the hazel ones that belonged to Ashton Irwin only causing the blush on his face to darken, as if the boy wasn’t nervous enough. “Lacy?”

“So, I’m just a little confused. You mentioned that plants become pollinated which causes them to essentially reproduce. Does that mean they have sperm?” She asked as innocently as she could trying to seem genuinely interested in the presentation, which she was. She wasn’t great at bio, but she did enjoy the subject enough to pay attention. She just wished that this was about the human reproductive system instead…but human systems were topics for their final project to be done in pairs.

“W-well, y-yes,” he stuttered nervously as some of the other classmates snickered at his reaction to a female’s attention, something that he never received unless from his mother or sister. And, not just any female, but Lacy: captain of the cheer squad and gymnastics team. Guys like him could only dream of interacting with a girl like her, yet, here they were. “T-the sperm is…uhh…it’s i-in the p-pollen so w-w-when the p-pollen enters the stigma, it…it f-fertilizes the e-egg,” he stuttered refusing to look her in the eye the entire sentence causing Lacy to pout slightly. The bell rang seconds later dismissing the class full of seniors for lunch as Ashton quickly made his way to pack up his things as Lacy thanked the gods that he hadn’t packed up yet. She made her way to him, bag over her shoulder resting a hand on his own grabbing his attention. He turned to face her slightly, a shocked expression on his face as he blushed once again.

“I really enjoyed your presentation,” she said sweetly, snapping her gum softly before blowing a bubble just as she decided to walk out of the door. He watched her leave dumbfounded just for the simple fact that she acknowledged his presence without attempting to shove him into a locker or steal his clothes from the men’s locker room after gym.

“Lace, there you are,” one her friends from the team, Tina, said as she exited the science lab. “Ready to go to Lammy’s?” She was referring to the sub shop, Lambert’s, just down the street that most of the seniors went to off campus. Lacy watched Ashton walk by them subtly, his head down to the floor making his way to the lunchroom unnoticed to meet up with his two junior friends, Calum and Michael, as well as the sophomore Luke he hung out with.

“I was thinking we could stay in today. I’m not really feeling the walk over and I didn’t put gas in my car this morning,” she said coming up with an excuse. The food at their school wasn’t crappy either. It was decent enough to enjoy, considering she’d probably just make a salad at the salad bar.

“But…I already told the guys we’d meet them there,” Tina said confused. It was Friday, they always went to Lambert’s on a Friday and met up with Chris, Ryan, and Jake, who also just happened to be the captains of the football team. She knew Tina had a thing for Ryan and that Jake had a thing for Lacy, but she was never into dating jocks, considering they were usually assholes to people ‘below them’. People like Ashton and his friends.

“Then you go. I just really don’t want to be spending the money right now,” she said smiling softly at her friend who nodded understanding her family’s current financial issues. They weren’t poor, but they were currently paying for her parents unnecessary trip to Aruba. She watched Tina leave before quickly making her way to her locker to throw her cheer jacket in there exposing a little more skin and cleavage to get the job done. She sauntered into the lunch room alone not really worried about the fact she was alone. She didn’t care either. Being alone just gave her an excuse to interrupt the four boys who sat in the table at the back of the cafe discussing whatever they did on days like this. She made her way to the salad bar making a quick concoction finishing it with a sparkling water before making her way to the table in back. She met eyes with the blonde sophomore first, who looked genuinely frightened as his mouth hung open, oblivious to the other three that were lost in conversation. She watched Michael, who’s hair was a wonderful shade of green this month, take a sip of his soda just as she started to speak. “Can I join you?” They all stopped what they were doing, now joining in with Luke staring with their mouths open in shock, as well as confusion on their faces. “If not, I totally understand. I don’t want to interrupt.”

“N-no, it’s f-fine,” Ashton stuttered moving his bag from the seat next to him as she placed the salad bowl down as well as the water before sitting next to him. It was silent at the table as they all looked at each other before looking towards the girl as she poured caesar dressing over her salad.

“You all can go back to talking. I don’t want to interrupt,” she said smiling softly causing them to hesitate before Calum opened his mouth.

“I just don’t agree. AC/DC is one of the better bands,” he said taking a bite of his sandwich, Lacy being thankful this was a topic she could participate in.

“No, mate, Def Leppard. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy their music, but Brian Johnson’s voice gets annoying after awhile,” Michael said still slightly nervous about the pretty girl sitting only three feet away from him.

“I agree with Michael,” she chimed in not meeting their gaze as they all looked towards her shocked once again, this time causing Calum to choke on his sandwich.

“Y-you listen to them?” Ashton asked finally speaking up.

“Yeah. I’m into their more recent music, but Pour Some Sugar on Me is a classic,” she said back smiling causing him to smile slightly.

“Lacy,” Calum got out when he could finally breathe once again. “Please don’t take this the wrong way because…well, you’re amazing…, but why are you here?” he asked genuinely confused. She understood why he was asking the question noting that others were staring at the group of four that was accompanied one of the most popular girls in the school, and she couldn’t give two fucks about it. It shouldn’t be an issue that she’s talking to a fellow classmate.

“It’s a valid question,” she said back flicking her hair to one side just as she had the class before before looking at Ashton biting down on her bottom lip. “Actually, I kinda just wanted to see if you were free tonight and wanted to come over. Well, I should really phrase that in the form of a question. Are you free tonight after the football game?” she asked smiling sweetly at him as he blushed hard once again.

“I…I…me?” he asked pointing to himself causing her to giggle slightly. It was music to all of their ears.

“Well, yes, unless you want me to ask Luke over there instead,” she responded nodding her head to the blonde that seemed as if he was going to shit himself by being mentioned not realising she knew his name, or that he even existed. Quite frankly, the group had interested her for quite some time, but she was just getting the balls to talk to them…she was just getting all sorts of balls today. “I mean, if you’re free of course. Please don’t cancel your plans on my account. This is totally last minute.”

“I…no…I-I mean yes…I-I mean no I-I’m not…busy,” he stuttered nervously tripping over his words as he bit his bottom lip and ran his hand through his hair from nerves for the billionth time in the past hour or so.

“So, yes you’d like to come over after the football game?” she asked cocking her head to the side wanting him to say something in response as a verbal confirmation. She just hoped she wasn’t scaring the poor boy to death. He nodded his head slowly causing her smile to grow. “Great. Do you want to meet me after the game? Or at my place? Or do you want me to pick you up on my way home?” she asked too quickly for the poor boy that was ready to have a heart attack at any second.

“I…um…I g-guess I can m-meet you at yours,” he muttered pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose refusing to meet her eyes from embarrassment.

“Cool,” she said quickly pulling a sharpie from her bag and grabbing his arm that was tensing up from the touch. “This is my address. I’d say stop by around nine forty-five. The game should be done way before then. We can order a pizza or something,” she said writing down her address on his arm before standing up. “I’ll see you later, Irwin.” As she left the table, she saw Tina standing at the opening of the cafeteria with Ryan, Jake, and Chris who seemed to look annoyed with her. “What happened to Lammy’s?” she asked ignoring the glare coming from the boys.

“We felt bad you couldn’t join us. Were you just talking to those losers?” Ryan asked frowning at her causing her to roll her eyes.

“Yeah. I was seeing if Ashton wanted to hang out later,” she said back crossing her own arms. She wasn’t really a fan of them. She mostly dealt with them for Tina and the sake of football. If she had it her way, she’d probably be sitting with Ashton talking about rock music all day.

“You aren’t serious? Cassie’s party’s tonight,” Chris said back causing her to roll her eyes. Parties weren’t her thing. She didn’t enjoy getting wasted only to wake up and not remember anything the next day.

“Okay? So you all have fun,” she said before pushing past them out of the lunch room to her locker to grab her things before the last two classes. The bell rang as students quickly flooded the school just trying to make it through their last two classes before the weekend.

“Lacy,” she heard from behind her seeing Michael standing there with his hands in his pockets.

“Hey Michael…what’s up?” She asked closing her locker turning to face the green haired boy. They had their next class together, so she just figured she’d walk with him.

“I…why’d you ask Ashton over?” He asked bluntly looking away from her as they stood in the hallway. “If you’re just going to embarrass him like everyone else does in the school, then just stop the act now.” She frowned at his statement, but knew it was just because he was looking out for his friend.

“Come on, let’s walk to class,” she said motioning for him to walk with her to their art class. “I want to get to know him. I’ve actually been wanting to ask for awhile. I was just chicken shit,” she giggled looking over at him. He looked confused furrowing his brows. “I think he’s attractive.”

“You do?” She nodded her head just as they walked into the classroom leading Michael to the table she usually sits at alone wanting him to sit with her. “And random people won’t come beat him up?”

“No. Everyone’s supposed to be going to a party tonight. Just make sure he stays away from the football team…they weren’t too happy I was talking to him earlier.” The class went by quickly, Michael and Lacy having little side conversations as they did their portrait project. The bell rang dismissing the class as Michael got up ready to run out of the room to make it to his class unscathed. “Hey, Mikey. Don’t mention anything I said, alright?” She asked him referring to her thinking he’s attractive.

“I won’t,” he said flashing her a small smile as he left the class rather quickly after hearing a locker slam. She followed behind him swing Ashton pushed up against a locker with Jake’s hand across his neck.

“Fucking stay away from her, understand me, faggot,” Jake said pushing in harder, only to be pulled back by Lacy harshly.

“What the fuck are you doing?” She asked standing in front of Ashton.

“I’m looking out for your best interest,” he said back glaring at the guy behind her on the floor. “Making sure he stays in his lane.”

“Why don’t you stay in yours and make sure you don’t get suspended from the game tonight,” she said back before turning to Ashton and crouching down beside him to push his hair out of his face as he gasped for air. “Are you okay?” He nodded his head slowly hearing Jake curse from behind them, but did as she said continuing his way to his class. “Come on. Let’s go get you to a nurse.”

“Y-you don’t n-need to d-do t-that,” he stuttered blushing.

“I want to,” she muttered back helping him up. “You still coming over later? I don’t want them to scare you.”

“Y-yea,” he responded walking with her to the nurse. She could see the outline of a bruise on his neck most likely caused by Jake stopping him to run her fingers along it softly. She frowned noting it looked like a handprint.

“Did he hit you?” He hesitated to answer making her take that as a yes as she grabbed his hand leading him once again

“Lacy, honey, how are you?” The nurse asked as she walked in, Ashton Irwin behind her.

“Can you make sure he’s okay? Jake hit him,” she said causing the nurse to frown. She sighed standing up from her chair making her way to the boy.

“I’ll have a conversation with him when we get home. He’s not playing tonight. Let me sign you a pass to get to class, okay?” She said writing a pass for Lacy before examining the boy in front of her.

“I’ll see you tonight, Ash,” she said smiling softly pushing the hair out of his face once again before leaving the room quickly to her math class. The class passed by quicker than she expected and she was soon finding herself at her locker putting her books away, grabbing her jacket to head to her car.

“You told my mom?” She heard from behind her, turning to see Jake there with a red face. “You’re kidding, right? She told my coach. I’m not suiting up tonight. ”

“You hit him, Jake. Nothing about that was okay so, yes, I told your mom. You act as if you have some type of entitlement to everything, including me just because you’re a football captain. Captains lead by example and you set an awful one. Have fun on the bench tonight,” she said before walking away to her car catching a glimpse of Ashton jumping into his sedan with Luke to head home.


The game passed by quickly. They were destroying the opposing team, even with Jake on the bench. “I can’t believe you’re hanging out with Irwin tonight. Are you crazy?” another girl on the team, Britt, asked as the last thirty seconds slowly ran off the clock. People stopped paying attention simply because their team was winning 28-7.

“I don’t understand what the big deal is. You’re all acting as if I’m about to shave my head and pierce my entire face. I’m hanging out with another human being,” she responded as the horn went off. She lifted her jacket from the fence in front of her pulling it on and grabbing her keys. “Have fun at Cassie’s. I’ll see you Monday.” She made her way to her house constantly checking the dash which read 8:55. Plenty of time to order a pizza and shower before he got there. She was slightly nervous and giddy inside, something she hasn’t felt for a guy since the sixth grade. She quickly ordered a large half cheese, half pepperoni waiting for it to arrive before jumping in the shower.

Ashton left early from nerves. This was the he wasn’t used to hanging out with people that weren’t Calum, Michael, or Luke. He had checked his outfit ten times before leaving which consisted of black skinny jeans, a grey muscle tee, and a red bandana with black vans on his feet. It was a quick walk over considering it just so happened she lived one block away from him. He knocked on the door around nine thirty, knowing he was early, but his anxiety took over. The door opened quickly revealing Lacy in a short, fluffy blue robe with a towel around her hair. Ashton’s face grew dark looking away from her embarrassed.

“I…s-sorry…I-I c-can come b-b-back,” he stuttered turning to walk away as she quickly grabbed his arm.

“Ashton, it’s fine. I was just about to get dressed. Come on, there’s pizza,” she said pulling him in and shutting the door behind her. “The pizza’s in the kitchen with two plates, a bottle of soda and two cups. Just grab those and meet me in my room, yea? And then pick out some movies from the shelf near my tv. I’m just going to get dressed and dry my hair a bit.” He nodded his head watching her disappear up the stairs before grabbing what she asked from him in the kitchen. He made his way upstairs into her room admiring it. It was a baby blue color with band posters along the walls, as well as a few broadway plays. She had a huge bookshelf in the corner of the room filled with books ranging from Shakespeare to Harry Potter as well as another one in the opposite corner filled with movies, mostly Disney types. “Make yourself comfortable,” she said walking out of her bathroom in a tight plain tee with cheer shorts on. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun. “Did you pick a movie?”

“I…umm…n-no,” he stuttered getting nervous again. He scanned the movies landing on Pirates of the Caribbean pulling it out of the shelf.

“Good choice. Come on,” she said patting the bed going to grab a cup. “Here yo-,” she started accidentally spilling it all over him. “Fuck. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine…really,” he muttered embarrassed, but happy he didn’t stutter this time.

“No it’s not. Take this off,” she said pulling at his shirt as he lifted his arms letting her take control. She admired his torso and the definition of his abs knowing damn well he wasn’t just some nerd everyone liked to tease. She noticed some had gotten on his jeans as well “Let me…umm…wash this for you. And your jeans…I’ll grab you a pair of my brothers sweatpants.” He slipped them off as well handing them to her as she quickly made her way to the washer throwing them in before turning the corner to her brother’s old room grabbing a pair of his pants. She walked back into her room to see him standing in front of the tv in just his boxers watching intently. He had muscles, but not a huge amount that would be uncomfortable. They suited him well. She wanted nothing more than to run her fingers…or even her tongue against his skin. That was her challenge for tonight. “Here you go.”

“Y-your brother doesn’t m-mind?” He asked slipping them on letting them rest against his hips causing her to bite down on her bottom lip. She should’ve grabbed a tee as well.

“He’s in London for uni. He won’t be back until Christmas so I don’t really think he cares babe,” she said letting the word roll of her tongue causing him to blush once again. “Alright. Now, come on. I want to cuddle.” She pulled him with her to the bed crawling up it patting the space next to her. They laid in silence for most of the movie, Lacy had her leg in between both of ashton’s, as well as her head resting in his chest running her fingers up and down his body softly and slowly.


“Yes Ash?” She responded not moving her head. She enjoyed the sound of his heartbeat.

“Why’d….why am I here?” She frowned at the question and sat up looking at him confused. “I j-just…i d-don’t get it.” She swung her leg over straddling his hips catching him off guard.

“Believe it or not, I like you and I want to get to know you,” she said continuing to run her fingers up and down his torso, his muscles flexing under her touch. “So, Irwin, I think the real question here is can I kiss you?” He nodded his head not trusting himself to speak. “You sure?” She asked leaning forward just close enough to feel her breath on his face.

“Y-yes,” he breathed out just before she placed her lips on his. She moved her lips against his before biting down on his bottom lip as she pulled away dragging it with her.

“You can touch me, Ash. I only bite sometimes,” she muttered leaning in once again, this time going in for his neck. She nipped and sucked at it looking for his sweet spot wanting a moan from him. She felt him place his hands on her hips hesitantly his as she found his spot by his collarbone biting down hard and sucking wanting to leave a mark as he let out a soft groan encouraging her further. She slowly started grinding her hips against his

“F-fuck,” he groaned digging his fingertips into her skin. She pulled back slightly stopping her hips to look at him.

“Ash…how far have you ever gone with a girl?” She asked pulling her shirt off leaving her in her bra and shorts on top of him.

“I…I’ve kissed someone before,” he muttered looking away embarrassed causing Lacy to giggle. “What?”

“Nothing. Just, if I’m going too fast, don’t hesitate to tell me to stop. Okay?” She asked before kissing him again not letting him respond. She trailed her lips down his jaw licking at the mark she had made previously before continuing down his body kissing and licking at his skin leaving small marks along the way. He was hers and those marks would prove it. She made her way to the hem of his sweats pulling back slightly to Palm him over the fabric earning a strangled moan from Ashton’s lips. “Is this okay?”

“More than okay,” he muttered watching her peel back the fabric of the sweats leaving him in his boxers once again with a very prominent hard on trying to pierce through the fabric. She did the same with the boxers watching his dick slap against his stomach moaning at the sight. He was bigger than she thought he’d be. She started rubbing him earning another loud moan from the boy. “W-wait,” he stuttered grabbing her hand, concern washing over her face. “Y-you don’t have to.”

“I want to. Do you want this?” She asked removing her hand from him, hearing a small whimper escape his lips from loss of contact.

“Yea,” he whispered watching her smile before taking him in her hand again before going down and taking his tip in her mouth. “Oh fuck.” She giggled at his reaction sucking harder at the tip  before taking him completely, gagging when he hit the back of her throat. She pulled him out completely running her hand along his length pumping him a few times before taking him again bobbing her head quickly and sucking hard. His hand found its way to her hair tugging slightly earning a moan from Lacy that almost drove him over the edge. “I-I…fuck….I’m close.” She continued what she was doing, using her hand where her mouth couldn’t go feeling him pulse inside her before releasing, making sure she swallowed it all. She pulled back from him using her index finger to wipe up the excess cum and stick it in her mouth.

“Good?” She asked climbing up his body placing a kiss on his jaw before being flipped over. He kissed her with more confidence licking at her bottom lip wanting access. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she giggled against his lips. She sat up slightly to unhook her bra throwing it to the side pressing her lips to his again. He looked down at her chest with his bottom lip non existent in his teeth only to look back at her as if asking for permission. “Irwin, if you keep asking for permission to touch me I’m going to get myself off.”

“I just…I don’t know what to do,” he muttered frowning.

“Whatever you do, don’t bite too hard. Kay?” He nodded his head dipping his head down kissing her skin softly skipping her chest and moving right down to her pants. He pulled them off slowly along with her underwear. He looked up at her slightly before looking back down pressing his mouth just above where she needed him most earning a small whimper. “Please don’t tease me.” He smirked slightly pressing his lips against her clit licking it slightly satisfied with the noises coming out of her mouth diving in completely sucking on it wrapping an arm around one of her legs and taking his other hand sticking a finger inside of her earning another loud moan. “Oh, fuck me.” This time it was her turn to tug on his hair grinding her hips into his mouth as he pumped his finger in and out of her soon adding a second finger to the mix. “Jesus…just like that, Ash.” His nerves were gone all together as he sucked and softly bit at her clit while moving his fingers in and out of her at a quick pace. He felt her tense up assuming what he was doing was good, sucking harder. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned loudly, her climax washing over her as she released on his fingers. “God…you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“I’m sure,” he said back sticking his fingers in his mouth tasting her. He moved back up kissing her roughly slipping his tongue in her mouth letting her taste herself. She pushed him back slightly to reach into her bedside table for a condom ripping it open quickly.

“You can still say no at any point in time, Ash,” she whispered before even daring to slip the condom on.

“I want this,” he whispered back, Lacy nodding in response as she slipped the condom on him.

“Just…take it slow. It’s been awhile and you aren’t exactly small,” she said back kissing him again before lying back completely. He lined himself up with her and slowly entered her earning moans from both parties at the feeling. When he was fully inside her, he started to slowly thrust into her earning moans from both of them. “Faster, Ash,” she whimpered out lifting her legs wrapping them around his waist for a new angle. He did as he was told gaining more confidence about what was happening moving harder and faster until they were both moaning messes tangled together. “Fuck…r-right there.”

“I…I’m close,” he moaned against her neck moving even harder and faster. She could barely get out a response from the feeling of him inside of her knowing she was close as well. Her walls tightened around him as she released, him right behind her. They both rode out their highs before Ashton pulled out slowly, discarding the condom in the trash can on the other side of the room. He made his way back to her being pulled on top of her again as she kissed him softly. “So…w-was this a uhh…o-one time t-thing?” He asked going back to being shy.

“I don’t want it to be. But we can talk about that tomorrow over breakfast if you spend the night.”

“What about your parents?”

“They’re in Aruba until next week. I don’t think they’ll mind,” she muttered pressing her lips to his once more.


(So….not my first smut, but my first on tumblr…it’s also kind of long so enjoy!)

How They React To you Looking Cold & Edgy But You’re Really Sweet & Shy (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3

*Don’t own the gifs*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: He’d be totally into your look already so he’d come at ya all cold and ‘cool’ like yo sup girl yea i’m just hangin and you’d literally just blush as if a million suns had shined down on you all at once, and he would immediately revert back into his dorky self

YOONGI: He’d def be interested in you but would be kinda worried that you won’t recognize his sweg™. So, like Namjoon, he’d prob try and lay it on a little thicker, trying to impress you, but would pretty much deflate with how relieved he was when he found out you were actually not cold at all

HOSEOK: I bet he’d be a little intimidated at first, but only the other members would be able to tell. They start hyping him and goading him into going to talk to you man (’you gotta go talk to her dude’-‘but no why i’m scared’- ‘you gotta’) So he’d come up to you, all shaky-kneed and nervous and would stutter out something that sounded like a ‘hi’. It would make you giggle and you’d give a warm ‘hello’ and a friendly wave and his ass would nearly faint

SEOKJIN: He’d be intimidated low-key, so he’d act pretty casual when trying to hit you up, when he noticed how timid you were being. He’d laugh out of nowhere (scaring tf outta you at the same time) and he’d gush about how he so nervous to talk to you and here he finds out you’re as shy as he is

JIMIN: As we move into the youngins, the level of intimidation will rise. He’d see you and immediately want to talk to you but his body would prob freeze up and it would take a minute for him to actually make any kind of move. He’d walk over but would prob puss out of talking to you and you’d have to be the one to actually strike up a conversation 

TAEHYUNG: Tae would be more awkward than intimidated, I feel. He’d wanna talk to you but wouldn’t know what to talk abput, so he’d make a stupid little complement on, like, your shoelaces or something dumb but it would actually be kinda cute. You’d start giggling and he’d relax a little, finding out that weren’t as cold as he thought you’d be

JUNGKOOK: And here, my brothers and sisters, we find the highest level of intimidation. He’d be so damn scared that he actually wouldn’t even be able to approach you, instead being a pussy and sending a hyung to scout you out (prob rap mon, cause jungkook would think he’s cool or something) and once he saw said-hyung chatting you up, his confidence would return and he’d slide in to take over the convo (but I mean, look at the gif)


stormy: okay guys, we’ll be out back tending to the garden, clean up after yourselves when you’re done please!!

indigo: kay, mom

zia: so indi, how am i doing?? am i convincing?

indigo: i dunno sis, i’m too busy worrying about you two becoming best friends

zia: oh shut up indi, i like her now get over yourself

indigo: okay well, looks like mom fell for it but dad def knows something is up

zia: oh well, i tried… anyways the girls, deon and i are going to the cafe by the bowling alley later, you in?

indigo: oh my god and you’re hanging out with my only friend without me???

zia: shut up you big baby!!!!!!

raven: [laughs] i agree, shut up you big baby! and thanks z, we’ll go with you guys

Pour Some Sugar on Me

Damn, this might be close to rated X. You wanted a smutty good time, anon? Hopefully this is enough for you. I personally love this song, it’s on my playlist on my phone that is titled “Stripper Songs”. Like I believe this is my stripper song number 6. Which was the inspiration to this one. Hope you like it anon.

Song: Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard
Wrestler: Jon Moxley 
Requested by Anon

I’m no longer doing submissions right now so I can focus on the requests I have in my inbox AND my Smitten by the Lunatic series (link is to the most recent chapter that has links to the others)

“Wait, wait, wait.”
Angie turned around and looked at me, “What?”
“I thought you said we were going to a friend’s house?” I said putting my hands on my hips.
“(Y/N), we are! It just so happens that we are going to a friend’s house that I just met last night at that wrestling show.” She said trying to be casual.
“Oh please. And just who, might I ask, did you make friends with? Some weirdo fan that’s probably half crazy?”

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eghfeithrean  asked:

Family au when the kids are older Pidge is declared "absolute favorite" by Keith simply because she's the only one shorter than him.

But IMAGINE KEITH BEING ONE OF THOSE PARENTS THAT ARE REALLY FIRED UP AT THEIR KIDS SPORTS GAMES. Poor Shiro having to monitor him and Lance from being overly critical of referee calls. (2)

OMG Keith would be that kind of parent! You see, they really weren’t expecting their kids to be into sports. Maybe Lance, yes. But Hunk and Pidge? They seemed more fit for science and literature clubs. BUT. They were all part of their high school teams. [The Voltron Family] (there are newly added fics in that post!! Go read them!)

Hunk = Football
Lance = Baseball
Pidge = Soccer

And honestly, Shiro and Keith sometimes cannot keep up with their games but they all try their best to be in each and every game of their kids. There are times wherein the schedule for the day is like baseball for Lance in the morning and soccer for Pidge in the afternoon and then football for Hunk in the evening. It was intense but damn are they so good at what they do.

Keith: RUN LANCE RUNNNN!!!!! *standing up while cheering*
Shiro: Keith, sit down. You’re—
Keith: Shiro, I don’t care if I’m causing a scene. MY SON IS OUT THERE DOING HIS BEST AND I’M NOT GONNA BE ONE OF THOSE PASSIVE PARENTS WHO DON’T—*looks back at the field and sees Lance doing a homerun* OH MY GOD! *whistles* THAT’S MY BOY!!!!! WAY TO GO LANCE!!!!! 
Lance: *sees his Daddy Keith* *fist in the air* *smiles so wide despite all the sweat on his face* *dances like an idiot on the field* 
Keith: *points at Lance while looking at Shiro* *frowns* Okay, he NEEDS to stop doing that. THAT is just embarrassing. 
Shiro: *laughs* You’re so proud of him.
Keith: Of course, I am. *smiles* He was so lanky and now look at him, running like a fricking cheetah like no big deal. *looks at his watch* Will we make it to Pidge’s game in an hour? *looks at Shiro*
Shiro: *checks his phone* Yeah, I can drive us there in 15 minutes.
Keith: Okay, now let’s go and congratulate our son. He showers the longest. I’ll call Pidge and Hunk to let them know about the result of Lance’s game.

So Shiro drives Keith and Lance to Pidge’s game in a different stadium.

Shiro: *sees Pidge walking out with her team* PIDGE!!!!! OVER HERE!
Pidge: *looks at the bleachers and sees her family* *waves* *shouts* CONGRATULATIONS, LANCE!!! *thumbs up* Knew you could do it!
Lance: *grins* Obviously, DUH! Now go kick some butt!
Keith: Honestly, where does she even get that cackle from?
~The game starts and the crowd was going wild~
All three: *standing up* *watching intensely*
Keith: *chants to himself* You can do it, baby. You can do it.
Pidge: *kicks the ball and scores a goal*
Keith: *jumps* OH MY GOD!!! THAT’S MY DAUGHTER!!! *looks around the bleachers* THAT’S MY DAUGHTER WHO JUST SCORED A GOAL!!!! *looks at Shiro and Lance* DID YOU SEE THAT? DID YOU SEE WHAT THAT LIL GIRL JUST DID????!!!
Shiro: We did, Keith. We did. 
Pidge: *gets called by the referee*
Lance: *groans* WHAAAAAT WHAT NOW?? THAT WAS DEF A GOAL! THAT WAS NOT A FOUL!! *rolls up his sleeves* I’M GONNA—
Shiro: *stops Lance* No, you are not going down there. Stay.
Keith: Well I’m going to give them a piece of my mind.

Pidge’s team wins and now they’re all driving down to watch Hunk’s game in yet another stadium.

Pidge: Whose got kids who are fricking BORN WINNERS??!!! *looks at Shiro and Keith* YOU DOOOOOOOOOOO~ *finger guns* *winks*
Lance: *laughs* Hunk better not cry when he loses. Losers are not accepted in this family of awesome.

Hunk DID cry. But he cried because he scored the final touchdown and he was a sobbing mess. Lance cried. Pidge cried. Keith cried. Heck, Shiro cried.

Keith: Oh my god. I knew you could do it, Hunk. But oh my god. *hugs* My lil baby just—
Hunk: *laughs while sniffing* I can’t believe I did that, too!
Pidge: *glomps Hunk at the back* Now we’re all winners! How great is that? You know what this means, Daddy Shiro? *eyes him*
Shiro: We’re all happy and proud of you three?? *smiles innocently*
Pidge: Nooo!!!! You and Daddy Keith are going to treat us to that pizza parlor and we get to have one each!!!
Keith: *gasps* Pidge, can you even finish 4 slices? What more 8 slices?
Lance: *places arm around Keith* Please, Daddy Keith. Do not under estimate your children and their capacity to consume food after winning their games.
Pidge: I’m way too hungry I could probably even eat Hunk’s share!
Hunk: HEY!!! NO STEALING OF PIZZAS, PIDGE. We’ve talked about this!

In the end, Hunk still shared his pizza with Pidge. ;)

Keith: This is so tiring but I’m way too happy to even think about it.
Shiro: Three games in one day.
Keith: They should’ve just joined normal clubs! Wasn’t there an art club in that school? But nooooooo. They just have to join the sporty ones.
Shiro: *laughs* They’re having fun and you seem to be enjoying it.
Keith: *laughs* I am. I guess you could say I’m glad they didn’t join the going-home club like I did back in high school.


HELLO FELLOW SHIPPERS DO YOU HAVE A MINUTE TO SPARE FOR OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, THE FRIENDS-TO-LOVERS TROPE? (Actually, technically, it’s friend-of-friends to lovers back to friends to lovers? Maybe?)

I’VE GOT A DOOZE FOR YA. It’s a channel 4-turned Netflix series called Lovesick, but it used to be called Scrotal Recall, which was, imho, a far more memorable title, though I don’t think it conveyed the sentiment of the show.

So basically,

This is Dylan (Johnny Flynn). He has chlamydia. 

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It’s not great. 

So now he has to go around and meet with every girl he’s slept with, to tell them to get tested too. He takes this as kind of a personal challenge, a way to look back at the relationships he’s had and what went wrong (each episode is named after one girl and plays half in present day and half in flashbacks to the relationship).

As it turns out, what often goes wrong in Dylan’s relationships has to do with his best friend, Evie (the fucking fabulous Antonia Thomas, who was in Misfits). 

These two are def in love with each other, but cannot get their shit together to be in the right place at the same time. It’s a great ship, because thanks to flashbacks, and these dummies’ inability to get on the same page, there is ALWAYS UNREQUITED PINING.

Also in the crew? Dylan and Evie’s other best friend, Luke (Daniels Ings), who is basically British Barney Stinson, in the best way. Dude seems like a cad, but really is just a super loyal softie who wants to be loved. Plus, he’s pretty hot.

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Anyway, WATCH THIS SHOW. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s sweet and funny and angsty and heartsick all at the same time. The supporting cast is a delight as well. WATCH.

favorite fics: all this learning here is by you, by buchanan, nighimpossible

hockey rpf - university au, 46k

“How not to ask for an extension, 101,” Sharpy grins, reading the email conversation aloud. “Dear Dr. Sharp, you’re a motherfucking gansta and I’m sorry that you’re kind of the poor man’s Patrick Dempsey.” Sharpy takes a moment to look out at the audience with a hurt expression on his face before continuing. “If you want I can definitely hook you up with a girl who thinks you’re the real McDreamy. Also, I need an extension on my paper because I’m going hard tonight and I’m def gonna be sick ‘AF’ tomorrow. Keep on killin’ it, boi.

Love you and see you soon.

Good fuckin yard,

Tyler Seguin

Sent from my iPhone.”

The entire class roars with laughter, but Sharpy just holds out a hand, like the conductor of some bizarre orchestra, and he switches the image on the monitor to his response. The class quiets, eager for his reply.

“Dear Tyler,

The extension is yours if you get me a bottle of whatever you were drinking when you wrote this email. And although it is one of my utmost dreams to be misrecognized as one of the stars of Grey’s Anatomy, I am going to have to politely decline your offer.

Good yard,

Dr. Sharp.”

Sharpy smiles to himself like he always does when he’s embarrassing Tyler: self-satisfied and amused. “So don’t do that.”

It’s not that Tyler minds Sharpy using his email as a demonstration of what not to do: it’s effective as hell and objectively hilarious. It makes Tyler relatable to the students, and hopefully they’ll be a little less nervous to approach him for help throughout the semester. It’s just that Tyler tries not to think about that time in his life very often.

“But Professor Sharp,” one of the kids from the third row calls out. He’s got curly hair and a bad attitude: Tyler can sense that kind of thing from a mile away, mostly because that’s the kind of student he used to be.

“Introduce yourself,” Sharpy encourages with a hand wave while setting up his first lecture on the projector.

“Jack, Jack Eichel.” He says his name like he thinks he’s the next James Bond, and Tyler snorts under his breath a quiet laugh. “So like: he did get the extension.”

Sharpy grins a little to himself. “I think you’ll find, as you get to know Tyler, that he is the exception, not the rule. So don’t press your luck, Jack.”

Spring Awakening kids at a sleepover

inspired by x

melchior: it’s at his house and he organized it, wants to watch nature documentaries but no one is down with that, ends up in the corner reading angst poetry, provides the snacks and maybe they’re all organic but they are delicious

moritz: didn’t want to come, was coaxed into it by melchior, gets made of fun for his thomas the tank engine pajamas (even though he’s in high school), trying to do homework half the time, freaks out anytime anyone mentions seven minutes in heaven/never have i ever

wendla: begged her mama to let her go by lying and saying it wasn’t at a boy’s house, ate so much popcorn oh my god, does everyone’s hair whether they like it or not, makes sure that anyone who looks lonely has someone to talk to, confesses something really deep at one am when everyone is about to fall asleep

ilse: brings the booze and everything else, arrives late and just crawls in through the window, is the one to get moritz to stop doing his hw and join the party, picks the music and makes sure it’s hella loud (metal usually) so the deaf kids can feel it

hanschen: doesn’t wear pajamas; he sleeps in lingerie and everyone HATES him, always asks to play spin the bottle/seven minutes in heaven, is always vetoed, doesn’t ever bring a sleeping bag cause he’s always positive ernst will let him share, he wasn’t invited and no one really knows why he is there

ernst: gets really scandalized when he realizes ilse’s brownies have pot in them, says his prayers before bed and everyone makes fun of him for it, lets hanschen share his sleeping bag, they usually end up in the bathroom hooking up, always wants to watch harry potter 

martha: usually on wendla’s sleeping bag having her hair done by her, really good at never have i ever not cause she hasn’t done anything but is really good at reading people to know what they have or haven’t done, also usually doesn’t sleep in her own sleeping bag cause someone is holding her

anna: makes sure everyone washes and brushes their teeth, stays in her chair while everyone is in their sleeping bags so she feels like a queen, tries to talk to everyone about hamilton and no one will listen to her, falls asleep with her headphones in, un-ironically wants to watch high school musical 

thea: she picks the movie and ignores everyone’s suggestions cause she’s the boss, coaxes everyone to say their crushes and after a few drinks has propositioned half the room an revealed all of her secrets, is the first person to ask “who invited him” when hanschen enters, the night always ends with her giving him a black eye

melitta: she and thea have matching pajamas and probably pull their sleeping bags hella close so that they can hold hands as much as possible, paints her nails and it smells and everyone is mad, always wants to play twister, peed herself one playing twister, is a really good kisser so it’s always great to get her in seven minutes in heaven

georg: talks about all his sexual experiences constantly but is essentially rehashing the same events over and over until someone throws a pillow at him, will go up to the piano/keyboard and begin playing the chords for “all of me” and all the girls (plus ernst) have to join in whether they can hear or not, eats too many chips and gets a major stomach ache, wins every pillow fight

otto: arrives late because he spent too much time debating leaving his mother for one night, once he’s there he spends the whole movie complaining about why they couldn’t watch jaws or some other nautical based film, def jumps on the bed/sofa until something breaks, calls his mom to say goodnight and everyone yells dirty things and he blushes a lot, always forgets his toothbrush

greta: spends at least half the time texting with her boyfriend, if not she’s telling the girls about her boyfriend and everything he ever did for her, wakes up looking perfect to everyone’s irritation, makes smoothies for everyone the next morning, brushes her hair for hours

bobby: always hooks up with someone before the night is out, says he would hit that about every character that walks on to the screen, brings his oboe and his double bass, wants to watch the bee movie, sleeps in his khakis what the fuck bobby?

nct shook gossip girl tbh

okay ya’ll NCT look so rich, scandalous and PETTY here so I gotta go off:

This literally looks like a promotional photo for the second season of Gossip Girl but better: NCT Academy… lemme introduce y'all to everyone.

First of all, YUTA: Legs crossed, you already know he had the Lipton heating in the kettle since the season one finale and he’s waiting for the right moment 2 ruin everyone’s lives.

Doyoung: Yuta’s bestie, they’ve def sent most of the gossip girl blasts themselves to stir the pot, the shadiest bitches on the show but the fan faves bc it aint a show without their evil asses. 

Winwin: As you can see his hand is resting on Yuta’s thigh, bc they’ve started dating this season after a CERTAIN. SOMEONE. disappeared to boarding school in America to get away from their drama. 

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