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My Personal Favorite Gay And Lesbian Movies

I know it can be a struggle and a half looking for quality gay and lesbian movies, especially if you’ve seen all the ones on netflix. I will make a separate list for LGBTQIA films. Also, I didn’t include descriptions just my thoughts. I guess I thought that’d be obvious that those weren’t descriptions after reading them, but a porn blog got upset about it.

                                   IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER 

1. Mysterious Skin (2004) - NC-17

This movie definitely has some triggering content but it will forever hold a place in my heart. I don’t want to give out any spoilers but it’s quite intense but worth watching. 

2. Jongens (2014) - not rated

I feel like this is a movie that so many people could relate to at various points. Personally, I thought it had a quality story and seemed relatively more realistic than some films. 

It was on netflix at one point but I think they took it off. 

3. But, I’m A Cheerleader (1999) - R

The nineties were quite the time to be alive, weren’t they? Yes, they were. This cult classic happens to be my favorite wlw movie of all time. And they occasionally show it at the theatre for the midnight movie. 

4. The Way He Looks (2014) - Not Rated 

So, for the longest time, I thought this was a short film? Didn’t realize that it was a full movie till I watched it on netflix. It’s an amazing movie, that will always hold a place in my heart. 

Update - I AM NOT STUPID THIS WAS ORIGNALLY A SHORT FILM. It was called “I don’t want to go back home” and I guess I just watched that and never realized there was a movie. 

5. North Sea Texas (2011) - Not Rated

Honestly it might just me but I still occasionally get a little-lost watching this movie, however, it’s really good and worth watching. 

6. Prayers For Bobby (2009) - TV-14

My heart hurts at the thought of this movie, and I still feel a little shattered because of this. It contains some triggering content but I still recommend many people watch it. For anyone with parents that don’t accept them, there’s a good chance this movie will hit you deep. 

7. Dream Boy (2008) - R

This is a movie I have nearly watched a million times. However, I can’t say much because of spoilers. There are some potentially triggering moments towards the end.

8. Edge Of Seventeen (1998) - Not Rated

By far the characters in this movie give me a life an a half. It’s such a worthwhile film. 

9. The Mudge Boy (2003) - R 

So, no lying whatsoever. I haven’t seen this movie in ages and can’t for the life of me remember what happened. I’m pretty sure there’s potentially triggering content but I can’t remember I’m so sorry. 

10. Lilies (1996) - R

Trying to remember the title of this movie raised some of the weirdest google searches. BUT I AM SO HAPPY I REMEMBERED. I really did love this movie but I had forgotten the title, but here it is. IT’S SO GOOD. 

                                              Movies Not Included

   This list was going to get to long if I included pictures of every movie.

For The Bible Told Me So (2007) - Unrated ; the mix between homosexuality and religion is pretty major in this story. 

My Own Private Idaho (1991) - R ; I feel like people have at least heard of this one, maybe not. Anyway, a quality story of self discovery. 

Geography Club (2013) - PG-13 ; Ya’ll know this one I know you do, but if you don’t go give it a watch and you’ll understand everyones refereses to it. 

Were The World Mine (2008) - Not Rated ; Sometimes I wonder if this was based off a tumblr shit post but still it’s funny. 

Private Romeo (2011) - Not Rated ; Shakespear, the military and a whole lot of gay. But still sad. 

Seashore (2015) - Unrated ; quality-quality film right here. I don’t know if it’s still on netflix but I saw it before that. 

                                            Short Films



I don’t want to go back home

Silver Road




Prora ; i love this short to the moon and back. 



So I will eventually add to the list but here are the ones that came to mind first. 


I’d say this costume was a success, all things considered. The wigs are heavy as hell and the petticoat needs to be repaired so it kept slipping, but hey. I look perfect.

Shout out to the girl who lent me a bobby pin out of her own hair when I forgot all of mine at home. It was instrumental in keeping that top piece from falling off.


Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 1,119
Request: @smoothdogsgirl reader finds out she’s pregnant after Dean’s run in with the Hellhounds, She stays with Bobby and is there when he comes back 4 months later, both getting a nice surprise.

Dean had been up front with you after he made his deal. You’d been seeing him for six months at the time, and he wanted to give you an out. You fought all weekend about it. He wanted you to go and live your life. You wanted to spend his last year with him.

You’d won.

As the clock ticked closer and closer to the deadline, your stomach sank. You knew this was coming, but how did you prepare for something like that? The answer was simple. You didn’t.

Having been sick, you stayed back while the boys went on a last ditch effort to save Dean’s soul. You argued that you needed to be there, you had to be there. He’d kissed you deeply, tears in his eyes, and told you he loved you. Then, he’d walked out the front door. The second you heard the roar of the Impala, you fell to the ground, sobbing.

When you’d heard the door open, you had no idea how much time had passed since he’d left. You had been in a trance. Sam walked in, bloody, and crying. You lost it all over again, clinging to him. He’d lost a brother, and you felt as if you’d lost your soul mate.

At first, neither of you spoke all that much. It was hard on both of you. Finally, it was you who broke. You’d realized you’d missed a couple periods, and went to get a pregnancy test. Figuring it was all the stress the three of you had been under. Which would also explain you not even noticing.

Two weeks to the day of Dean’s soul being dragged off by hellhounds, you took the pregnancy test. You took it as soon as you woke up, still sleepy. You didn’t have to wait the three minutes. The positive came right away. You were pregnant. With Dean’s baby. Dean, who’s soul now belonged to hell. Who would be tortured, and would never know of his unborn child.

Covering your mouth, you sobbed, your other hand going to your stomach. It felt like you lost him all over again, only now you would have a reminder for the rest of your life. You’d look into a child’s eyes, and think of that heartbreaking good bye. How would you explain that to your child? That their father wasn’t there, because of a deal he made.

You walked out of the bathroom looking pale, wet streaks down your face. If Sam hadn’t known better, he would have thought you were a ghost. “I’m pregnant, Sammy.” You breathed, not looking up. Saying them out loud brought on another bought of tears.

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Rap Daddy (Part 9)

Episode 9: Rap Mommy

Bobby, Namjoon, Yongguk, and their kids had all arrived at the station and were waiting for the last of their cast to arrive.

“Why are we outside?” Bobby asked still confused on why they were instructed to stay outside when they arrived to shoot.

Remembering that the previous time they were asked to stay outside was when they were blindfolded led Ji-Young to believe they might be playing something against their parents again. “Are we going to be blindfolded again?”

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IKON Reaction To Their First Time Seeing You(GF) In A Bikini

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I thought the idea was cute!



 At first, he would blush and compliment you but then become very smug and protective. He would give ANYONE who looked at you the stink eye because no one that isn’t him gets to look at you like that.

“Wow Jagi you look so beautiful ”

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This cutie would blush nonstop. Every time he would look at you, he would think of how lucky he was to have someone like you.

“You look very nice Jagi”

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This boy would just smile like a dumbo and stare or really he would compliment you while smiling like a dumbo and then stare like a dumbo. You would have to kiss him to snap him out of it or just hide his lip balms.

Cause we know he brings them EVERYWHERE

“That bathing suit looks so nice on you babe”

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Like B.I but instead of blushing he would check you out. Now while being smug and protective he would show you off but not too much.

(who am I kidding he would never stop)

But really on the inside, Bobby would be dying.

“Damn Girl you look good”

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DK would be a mix of both Song and Jay. He would just be a smiling blushing mess on the outside but all damn girl you look fine and dang DK you did real good.

“Jagi, You look so pretty!”

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 June would just check you out and be quite similar to Bobby, but on the inside, he would be trying so hard not to blush or giggle.

(we all know June can be such a cutie pie though)

“Babe, You look so nice”, but not nicer than me

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GIGGLING, BLUSHING, SMILING MESS!That is exactly what Chan would be doing. Though he is definitely checking you out on the inside. But his blush is over powering his smugness.

“Very Pretty Jagi”

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~Admin A

Who’s Coming?

Pairing: Bobby x daughter! reader 

Characters: Bobby, Dean, Sam 

“What’s going on Bobby” Sam questioned uneasily. “It’s my daughter, she’s coming home.” 

“That’s great” Dean cheerd. Sam just smiled. They were both happy. Everyone loved Y/N. She was sweet. 

She was Deans best friend growing up. She went off on her own for a while. It made Bobby nervous, but he finally agreed and now she was coming back. “I know boys but thing have been rough and everything needs to be perfect.”

“She wont care as long as you’re okay Bobby. She won’t care about anything else.” “Whatever” Bobby huffed and rolled around continuing to clean up before his daughter came back home. 

He was worried it wouldn’t be good enough. That she would be worried about him and the boys. Hell he didn’t know what she would think. 

“You going to help or just stand there like the ugly girls at the prom?” Bobby grunted. Sam and Dean look at each other and started helping Bobby clean and straighten up. “When is she going to be here” Dean inquired.

“Tomorrow morning” Bobby told him with a sigh. “I can’t get this done in time.” “We’re helping you Bobby, it’ll be good, she’ll like it” Sam assured him. 

Bobby scratched his head and sighed. “I don’t know.” “Come on it’s Y/N” Dean stated. Bobby thought about it as Sam and Dean continued to clean.

Then there was a knock at the door, all three men turned and looked. Bobby rolled in his wheel chair, and went to the door and opened it. He looked back at the boys.

“Who is it Bobby?” They stepped through, and it was Y/N. “I didn’t expect you until tomorrow.” “I know I wanted to surprise you” you told Bobby.

“Who’s here?” you questioned. “Go take a look” he told you. You went into the other room, and saw Sam and Dean standing there. “Sam, Dean” you questioned excitedly.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you boys last, how have you been?” “We’ve been good, still saving people, and the world.” 

“How long are you staying” Dean questioned. “Just a few days, then I’ll head back out” you told him. “It’s good to see you.” “Yea Y/N” Sam interjected.

Bobby came into the room again “I’m glad we’re all caught up,let me catch up with my daughter.” “Okay Bobby.” They agreed. Bobby and you left and you went and sat on the couch. Bobby sat with his wheel chair in front of you.

You talked about how he got in the wheel chair, and about Sam and Dean. Everything. “It’s nice to be back Dad” you told him. “It’s nice to have you back Y/N” he smiled. You stood up and hugged him.

“You should come by more” Bobby told you. “I will Dad.” “Yeah we miss we” Sam told you. “I miss you guys too. 

“The house looks nice dad” you told him. “Thanks Y/N.” “I found a case nearby if you want to check it out” you smiled. 

“Y/N you came here to take a break and now you want to go on a hunt, let the boys do it” Bobby scolded. 

“I know, but I figured maybe we could go on one together, just like the old times” you argued. “I can’t tell you what to do, if you want to go ahead, but just be careful, but after that, no more, for the rest of the time here just relax, okay?”

“Okay” you agreed.” “So, we going boys.” “We’re going.” “Dean, Sam, come here” Bobby told them. “What do you need?” “You take care of my girl okay?” 

“Of course” Sam told him. “You know we will Bobby” Dean assured him. “We going or what” you questioned. “Let’s go.” 

You all three walked out the door. Dean lead you to the impala. “You still have this thing” you questioned surprised. “What you don’t like it?” “No of course I do, just surprised. 

You all got into the car and headed down the road. “So what is this case” Dean questioned. There isn’t one. “What?”

“I know your confused. I wanted to surprise my dad and get him something.” “Like what?” Dean inquired. “It’s been a while since I saw him last, I thought we could look around in a few shops” you mentioned. 

“Let’s go” you all three agreed. You told them the directions, and headed to a nearby town. Dean eventually pulled up to the shop, and you got out and walked in.

You were browsing, “what are we looking for Y/N?” Sam wondered. “Anything my dad would like you told him. ‘So Y/N” Dean started. “What” you questioned him as he stepped closer.

“You and I were always best friends, and I-” He was cut off by a big crash. You all turned your attention to the broken display. 

“Dean” you shouted as you were suddenly being dragged away, one of the abductors looked at you and smiled “hey Y/N.” 

“Y/N” Dean chased after you, Sam following close behind. “We’ll get you Y/N” Dean yelled running. “Who are they.” They flashed their eyes. “Demons, ugly bitch” Dean huffed.

Dean stabbed him. Then ran after the one that had her arm around you. She flung them against the wall. The last two walked out with you

My Girl

Kim Jiwon (Bobby)           x            You (Reader)


You looked into your boyfriend eyes,

“We’re on the same class and he’s my friend. You know that I love you and only you, right?!”

“But the way he looked at you didn’t seem that way.” He glared at you

“Then it’s his problem not mine!!  Stop yelling at me like it’s my fault!”

“You are too friendly with him. Why can’t you just speak to him? Only speaking. No smiling. No laughing. YOUR SMILE IS SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL CAN YOU JUST STOP SMILING HE MIGHT FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU.” He yelled, again.

You’re so tired from your college tasks, your apprentice application, and all. PLUS your overly-jealous boyfriend yelled at you when you need his support the most.

“Can you just, go?” You asked him with tears on your eyes



“AND I’M HURT” He cut you out.

“Let’s stop and leave my house.” You glared at him and locked yourself up in your room.

Bobby is always jealous, he always care about you, he always want to protect you and he don’t want to see you get hurt or being happy with someone else. But he never yelled at you like this. This is the first time for you and for him.

He left your house feeling guilty but he can’t lie that he’s hurting too. Watching you talked and laughed with a boy, watching you being so busy with him and you centered your focus to him and your project. When he had a hard time writing lyrics but you weren’t there for him. You spent your time making your project with a boy.

It’s been 2 weeks since your fight. You secretly wait for him to text you first. He used text you a bunch of cute texts with thousands of emoji and you just laughed because of your silliness. After 15 days you held yourself to talk to him, you reached out your phone. When you try to press his number, he called you first. His voice sounds so cold and hurting,

“Have you eat?”

You were shocked of his sudden phone call, “He..He.. Hey Bobby. I. I… I have.”

“Good.” And he cut off the phone call.

Deep down inside your heart, you want to call him but you don’t have any courage to do so. You’re afraid of him. The next phone call appeared on your phone,


“Hello. Yes this is Y/N.”

Congratulations you can start your apprentice a day after tomorrow. I’ll give you the detail of it via e-mail. Congratulations!”

You almost threw yourself from your bed because you’re too happy about it. You almost called Bobby but— no. He won’t care about you. Who the hell are you to him?

You called your best friend to share your happiness that day.

It’s your first day at work. It was never been easy for you to get ordered from this side, and you have to ran to the other side, and you have to make a coffee in 3 minutes, and you have to collect the presentation. It was hard.

Someone called you from his space.

“Hey, Y/N. You’re new, right?”

It’s your boss.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Let me teach you how to make my coffee.” He took you to the pantry and you feel so many eyes were looking at you at that time.

You started to pour the coffee as he told, and you brew the coffee with the boiling water. You handed him the cup a—

“IT’S HOTTT!!!!!!!” You screamed as you feel the hot coffee pour down your hands and your shirt, turned it into a see-through shirt.

You suddenly feel your boss hands on your thigh trying to reach your bottom,

“HEEEEEEEEL—“ You screamed for help after realize what was he trying to do, before someone punch his back.

Someone held his neck and started to punch his face,





He looked at you and held your cheeks, “Baby are you okay?”

“Bo…Bob…Bobby…” Trying to recover from your shock. He hugged you tight as he stepped his feet on your boss legs.

“I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry I’m not here sooner.”

“Baby I’m sorry.” He wrapped you on his arms and kissed your forehead

“It’s okay now, I’m here. I’m here.” He held you tight and try to escape from that awful workplace.

As soon as you’re home, he threw himself in the sofa and took a sleep when you spend your time calming yourself down after the assault.

You took a sleep about one hour and when you woke up, you went to the kitchen to grab some chocolates to keep you calm. But here he is, sitting on your dining table.

“You’re awake?”  He asked with his raspy voice but can’t look at your eyes.


You can’t stand that awkward atmosphere, you sat beside him.

“Thank you… for that.” You smiled beautifully but he can’t see it.

“No.” He started to look at your lips

“I’m sorry for being such a trash. I’m sorry I can’t protect you, I’m sorry for yelling at you and overly-jealous about something. I should’ve trust you and keep it cool.” He licked his own lips, nervous.

“Okay, then.” You got up and grab a chocolates, went back to your bedroom.

Suddenly, Bobby’s head popped out from the door. He looked at you with his guilty feelings but you smiled at him,

“Baby boy, come here.”

He walked towards your bed and stayed beside you,

“You have to know..” You finger played with his nose, his mouth, and his face.

“I love you. I love only you. Nothing in this world can compare to my great boyfriend, because you’re the best boyfriend in this universe and no one can ever compare to you.”

“So, chill out babe. I’m all yours.” You kissed his lips and smiled between your kiss.

“I’m sorry I got jealous because you’re too damn perfect and I think I’m not good enough for you so any boys could take my girl from me.”

“Um, um.” You shook your head as a no.

“I miss you so much.” He wrapped his body around you.

“Me too.” You hugged him tight when you let his lips exploring your face.

iKON Scenario #3

A/N: Hi guys! Heres another scenario! :)) If you want something specific, feel free to request! My ask is always open :))

P.S. Sorry that Jinhwan’s came out so short :c 

You’re Cold


  • You felt his arms wrap around you under the blankets and you instantly took in his warm embrace. His fingers intertwined with yours and you heard his voice whisper in your ear. ‘‘You’re freezing.’’ He stated, while covering your hands with his big ones. It felt so nice to feel his warm touch. You couldn’t help but smirk in the darkness. ‘‘Lucky you’re here to warm me up then…’’ You smiled, scooping yourself a little bit closer to his chest. And in answer to your move, he tightened his grip on you just before he answered. ‘‘Yes. Lucky you are, baby girl… Just like me.’’ 


  • “Cold?” he asks, looking over and tilting his head to the side. You shake your head but you can’t hold back the slight shiver from the icy breeze. “Liar,” he says simply with a small smile. He slides off his black coat and slips it over your shoulders. “Then you’ll be cold,” you protest, going to give the jacket back. “I’m a man, I can take the cold,” he teases, flexing his biceps and making a manly expression. “All right then, manly man,” you laugh, leaning on his shoulder. 


  •  You rolled over in bed, the sheets cold underneath you. Even under the heavy blanket you were practically ice. Junhoe on the other hand, is warm. He lay next to you on his back, one arm tucked behind his disheveled bed head, the other near yours. You could tell he was sleeping by the way his chest rose, and fell slowly and evenly. “Junhoe,” You whisper. “Jun,” You say a bit louder this time. His sleepy eyes fluttered open and landed on you. “Y/N,” he breathed out sleepily. “I’m cold,” you explained through chattering teeth. His gaze was constant, when he let his head roll in your direction, and turned onto his side. He closed is eyes and reached out for you. “C’mere.” He whispers tiredly. Pulling you into his arms, pressing your frosty hands onto his bare chest, entertwining you legs with his. “Christ,” he hisses flinching under you fingers. “You’re freezing.” He pulls you tighter against him, your body quickly warming up next to his. “Thank you Jun,” You say quietly, before you realized that he’d already fallen back asleep.


  • Cuddled in a blanket which carries his scent, wrapped in a sweater of his own, he finds you when he gets home late at night. Without hesitation, his shoes are taken off, all of his previous clothes adorning his body as he crawly under the sheets, an arm sneaking around your cold body. “C'mere”, he encourages you, “I’ll keep you warm.” 


  • “I’m cold,” you grumble, trying to pull the blanket over your feet. Your boyfriend gives you an odd look.  “It’s warm out, though.”  When you don’t reply, he strides over to where you were lying miserably.  Before you could protest with what little strength you had left, he places a hand on your forehead.  Yunhyeong’s dark eyes grow wide with worry, like you knew they would.  “You’re burning up!” he frowns, gently scooping you into his arms.  “Yunhyeong,” you sigh.  “It’s just a slight fever, ok?”  But his jaw was already set.  “You’re still not getting out of bed today.” 


  • ‘‘You’re cold.’’ Donghyuk said, while he looked at you with his serious frown. He was already undoing himself from his jacket but you touched his arm to tell him not to. ‘‘No. It’s fine! I’m good.’’ But your voice betrayed yourself, because it was slightly shaking and of course he noticed. You always felt guilty when he had to give you his jacket. You felt stupid for not bringing your own. Suddenly you felt the warm touch of his jacket covering your shoulders and back. And you had to admit to yourself that it instantly felt better. The scent of his perfume was a definite plus. ‘‘Donghyuk…’’ You tried to protest for the last time, but he placed his finger on your lips before he spoke himself. ‘‘Stop… I love you. So let me take care of you.’’ 


  • You and Chanwoo were out grocery shopping. You were walking in the frozen food section and felt really cold. You had left your hoodie in the car, so you were in a tank top and shorts. You had goosebumps trailing up your arm. Chanwoo noticed and stood behind you as you walked the cart, rubbing your arms. “You’re so cold, Y/N” he says as he kisses the back of your neck. You finally get out of the frozen food section and you turn around, giving him a kiss. “Thanks for warming me up, babe” you smile as he kisses you again, more passionately. 
Bobby’s Angel - Part 6

A/N: Book 1 of The Reaper’s Angel is halfway done! Please check out @MrsTellerWinston’s Little One Prologue! It connects to this chapter and help make more sense.

Warnings: Mention of death

Word count: 1206

Part 1   Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Pt 5

Bobby and JT sat on the couch in Bobby’s house as the children ran around without a care in the world. Bobby envied them at this moment. It had been too good of a year for the members of SAMCRO and it was bound to come to an end. Jax and opie were running after each other, Angel was lying on her stomach teaching little Thomas’s how to color with crayons. Bobby moved from the couch and sat on the floor next to the kids, pulling Angel into his lap and hugging her tightly. “Daddy? What’s wrong?” Angel turned in his lap and held his face between her little hands.Bobby took in a shuddering breath, gripping his daughter harder.

JT called the boys over, having them sit near Bobby and Angel. “Guys, we have some news to tell you and it’s not good,” JT took a pause and pulled Thomas onto his own lap. Opie and Jax sat between Bobby and JT, unsure of what was going on. They had saw and heard Gemma on the phone earlier and saw her running out in tears. “Daddy, is Mommy ok?” Jax spoke quietly. Jt smiled at his boy and nodded, “Yea, this isn’t about Mommy. It’s about Tig and Auntie Gen. They were in an accident today.”

Angel looked between her dad and JT. She loved her Aunt Gen as much as she loved Gemma and Luanne. The three women were more of mothers to her than her actual mother. Being the only girl meant the three women often pampered her and took her along to their girl’s day out. “Are they ok Daddy?” Angel stared into her father’s watering eyes. Bobby wiped his face and shook his head. “No Angel, they were both hurt. Uncle Tig is ok though.”

Opie scrunched his face up, like Angel, Opie loved his Aunt Gen. She took care of him when his mom and dad fought, which was happening more often. She had made sure that when Mary and Piney were fighting and throwing things at each other, that Opie was away for the night; she let him stay up later to watch cartoons with her and eat ice cream past bedtime. “W-what about Aunt Genie?” Opie finally spoke up, but dared not to look at either of the men. His gut told him that something else had happened and he was not sure he really wanted to hear what happened.

JT and Bobby exchanged glances, neither was sure how to tell them about this. It was Bobby who finally spoke up. “Aunt Gen didn’t make it. She was hurt really bad. And, apparently, she was pregnant. They saved the baby but,” Bobby looked at the three children staring at him with mouths open and tears ready to burst, “I’m so sorry guys. They couldn’t save Aunt Gen, she’s gone.”

It wasn’t until much later that night, after JT and Bobby had let the children cry their tears and ask all their questions that Gemma had finally called to give an update on Tig and his new daughter. Bobby sat on the couch, Angel lying on his chest and gripping his shirt, just like when she was a baby. Bobby refused to loosen his grip on her. He let his mind wander and his thoughts went to how he would have been if he’d been in Tig’s place. Opie and Jax had passed out on the floor and Thomas had fallen asleep on JT. Bobby glanced at all the kids and sighed. They were outlaw bikers. How would they manage having all these children around while they were out running guns and having targets on their backs? Yes, Gemma would watch over them gladly but she was only just one woman. Luanne would step in and help with the children too but her and Otto were still in the honeymoon phase and spent every moment they could alone. Bobby couldn’t blame either of them. If he had the choice, he’d be spending all his free time in bed with a beautiful woman too. Instead he found himself waiting around to see when Gemma would be home to take the boys home.

Angel stirred in her sleep, gripping at Bobby’s shirt tighter. It unnerved Bobby to see that the longer he went between seeing his daughter, the more she stirred and cried in her sleep. He rubbed small circles along her back and singly softly to her “I wonder if you’re lonesome tonight,
You know someone said that the world’s a stage, And each must play a part.” Angel let out a soft sigh and finally loosened her grip on Bobby’s shirt. “I got you baby girl,” he whispered softly against her hair. JT looked over to see Bobby rocking and singing to Angel. His boys were all happily passed out and he knew that they would remain passed out long after he and Gemma got them home.

The three had been pulled from school for a week to deal with the loss of Gen. Susan gladly let Bobby keep Angel for the entire week, almost pushing them both of George’s house. Bobby sat in the recliner, attempting to brush Angel’s hair into something manageable. “Damn little girl, doesn’t anyone brush your hair at home?” Angel just shrugged and looked to the floor, “I try to myself but it hurts Daddy.”

Bobby sighed and shook his head, the earlier conversation with Susan about Angel’s hair nagging at the back of his mind. “It’s ok baby. We’re just going to put it in a ponytail and hope for the best. We don’t want to be late. Now go get your shoes on, Uncle Clay was nice enough to shine them up for you. And don’t forget your jacket!” Angel got up and ran to finish getting ready. Bobby ran his hands down his face. It was the day to bury Geneviere and he wasn’t sure how Angel was going to react. She had been quiet the last few days and anyone anyone asked how she was doing, she’d shrug and walk away. Bobby made a mental note to talk to the club about pulling back on his duties for a while. He loved the club and it was his life but Angel was more important and he missed his happy little girl.

As they stood around the lowering coffin, Angel stared down the dark hole. She wasn’t sure how to feel. Her aunt was gone and she had never said goodbye. All the adults around her were trying their best to keep their composure. Some men sniffled, others let the tears flow, and there were those who refused to show any emotion. Angel saw her Uncle Tig sitting on the other side of the grave, staring blankly at the ground. Letting go of her father’s hand, Angel made her way over to him. She wasn’t used to seeing the empty look in his eyes. Leaning her head on his arm, Angel started to softly sing one of the only songs she knew by heart, “Someday I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me, Where troubles melt like lemon drops, away above the chimney tops…”

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Something about you - Bobby scenario

Originally posted by ikon-pls

Genre: fluffy, slight angst
Members: Bobby x You

A/N: HELLO everyone, this is my first scenario I will be writing for all of you! Hope you like it and enjoy it ^^ 
If you want a scenario, go check out the rules to see who I write for and feel free to request one :) 

Bobby. Fuckboy. Well not actually, but he is. Known by flirting with girls. So many of them.
You are friends with Hanbin. Bobby’s best friend.
Whenever you come to their house to hang out, Bobby couldn’t stand you at all. You felt like he hates you, but you don’t even know why is he acting that way. Before it wasn’t that way.

Three of you were sitting down at the table, eating. Bobby finished first and puts his plate into the sink.
“Bobby can you pass me salt?” you asked looking at him
“Why don’t you stand up and get it yourself?” he said coldly

Hanbin looks at you then at Bobby, taking a breath.
“Yah! Will you pass her the salt or I will” Hanbin raised his voice a little, with his serious face staring at Bobby

Bobby was surprised by his acting, but so were you.
“I’ll pass it.” Bobby takes the salt and puts it on the table giving you one look before walking outside of the kitchen

You look at Hanbin, who was just looking at him plate and food.
“You are not gonna eat anymore?” you asked taking a bite of yours
“Nah, can’t eat anymore” he shaked his head

Hanbin stood up and took both of the plates after little while and put them into the sink.
You stood up taking your stuff, going home.
Hanbin walked you to the front door, gave you a hug.
“Can I.. Ask you something?” you look at Hanbin’s face
“Of course” he had a small smile on his face
“Why.. Does Bobby hate me?” you said
“No, Y/N. He doesn’t hate you, honestly I don’t know why is acting this way towards you. He’s an dumbass to be honest” Hanbin said and both of laugh
“Okay, I’ll see you soon” You smiled
“See you, byee!” he shouts as you walk away

Seeing Bobby around the city at night or at any place you go. Him, his acting, his everything just makes him attractive more and more. You can’t help yourself but keep looking at him, watch him while he flirts with girls, or randomly just kisses them at a party.

—- Flashback—-

You were at Hanbin’s and you were sitting down in the living room, watching TV.
“I am going to take a quick shower, so then we can go somewhere. Okay?” Hanbin smiles at you
“Yup, sure. I’ll wait” you smiled back at him
Hanbin stood up and walked around the couch and puts his hand on your head and messes up your hair.
“HANBIN” you shout and he laughs running away

Hanbin was in the shower, Bobby camed out before Hanbin walked inside.
He needed his boxers.
“Y/N please go tell Bobby to find my black boxers, they are in my room” Hanbin shouts and you nod your head nervously walking over to Bobby’s room.

How nervous you were, you forget to knock and just enter the room.
“Bobby- OH MY GOD!” you shout as you see him only in boxers, quickly you close your eyes
“What the hell! WHY don’t you knock?!” Bobby shouts, being little bit embarrassed, but he was fine
“I..I.. Just give me Hanbin’s some black boxers” you kept your eyes shut, even thought you wanted to open them

Bobby rolls his eyes and puts on his shorts.
“Y/N” he said
“What?” you didn’t know what’s going on

Bobby looks up and down at you. This is first time he noticed how good looking you actually are. Even hotter than he thought.
“Ummm… Bobby?” you couldn’t help but laugh

Bobby’s smile grew on his face.
“Open your eyes” he said

You do as he says, he had boxers on. You felt kind of a relief, you thought because he is a fuckboy, he’ll be naked.
“Come with me” he said and you follow him to Hanbin’s room
“You seriously don’t know where Hanbin holds his boxers?” he said while walking inside of the room
“No” you said
“How’s that? You guys aree friends” he chuckles and goes to the Hanbin’s closet

You just roll your eyes and wait for Bobby. Yeah Hanbin and you most of the time spend in his room, but just laugh and have a nice conversation. Hanbin and you were close.

“WILL YOU ALREADY?!” both of you hear Hanbin shouting
“Here” Bobby gave you the boxers and you just look at him, taking the boxers, walking away

Three of you went to a party. You didn’t drink that much, Hanbin did, but Bobby got over the edge after some time. He was dancing with a girl, smiling softly at her, his hands wondering around her body.
Your heartbeat got faster, as you kept looking. You were so jealous. Hanbin kept looking at you then at Bobby.
“Are you seriously going to keep looking at him?” he shouts to your ear
You look at Hanbin’s eyes
“What?” you shout
“Bobby, you keep looking at him, like he’s drugs” he looks at your eyes, lips
“Why him?!” he added and points at Bobby
“He doesn’t care about you Y/N” he cuts you off

You kept staring at his eyes.
“He got you wrapped around his little finger”
“What do you want to say with that?” you put your hands on his chest and push him a little

Hanbin rolls his eyes and takes your hands in his.
“I am just saying, don’t look just at him, look around and find someone else” he stepped closer towards you, you stood still, watching Hanbin.

Bobby puts his hand in the air while dancing with a girl. He smiled, he was happy. He looked to the side seeing Hanbin and you being close. Girl kept putting her hands around Bobby, he would smile then look again at Hanbin and you.

Hanbin had a half smile on his face, while he leans in towards you. You look up and down at Hanbin, before your lips crash against each other.
Your lips moved in sync. You never thought you’ll be kissing Hanbin at all, but he was too good to resist.

Bobby licks his lips as he kept a straight face, clenching his jaw, watching you two kiss.
Hanbin pulled away and knows exactly that Bobby is watching you two. Hanbin puts his hands on your cheeks, looks up at Bobby and gives him a smile before kissing you again.

Bobby sighs and walks through the crowd. He needed another drink, so he went to the table and pour himself more shots. Just kept drinking.
Hanbin and you smiled at each other as you pulled away. His eyes wonder around to find Bobby, he couldn’t find him in the crowd.
“Hanbin, look at Bobby” you point

Bobby was drinking, barely standing.
“Let’s go” Hanbin said and took your hand in his as you two walked towards the table Bobby was at.

“Oh, you holding hands too?” Bobby looks at you
“Stop drinking Bobby, It is enough” Hanbin takes the glass away from him

Bobby didn’t take his eyes off you.
“Did you have fun kissing him?”
Your eyes go wide open and you felt like your heart is going to explode. You only could think about and imagine is Bobby watching you two.
“Bobby-“ Hanbin said
“I want to go home” you said

Bobby drinks alcohol from the bottle, but Hanbin takes it away from him.
Bobby laughs, he was so drunk. He falls on the ground.
Hanbin and you had to carry him to the taxi.
While driving home, it was bit of tension. Bobby kept his head back with his eyes closed, while his hands rested on his thigs. Hanbin just kept looking through the window and you were in the middle.
“Wow Hanbin-ah… You proved something tonight” Bobby spoke and you quickly turn your head towards him
“You’re such a good friend…” Bobby kept talking

Hanbin just kept quiet, just listening to him.
“Who knows what you kept saying to her, to get into her head.”

You kept looking at Bobby, at that moment he lifts his head up and looks at you.
“What are you talking about?” you laugh at him, being confused
Bobby smiled
“He’ll tell you. Right Hanbin-ah?” Bobby puts his hand on the back seat

Hanbin just licked his lips.
“You’re drunk Bobby, you are talking stupid” he said
“Thanks for being a good friend, who I trusted” Bobby said and Hanbin just looks at him

After a minute you guys arrived at Hanbin’s place. Hanbin was pissed at Bobby, so he just walked out of the taxi.
“Hanbin! What about Bobby?!” you shout
“I don’t care, let him find his way into the house alone” Hanbin unlocks the front door and walks inside
“I’ll be fine babe” Bobby smiled and got out the taxi. You smiled at him.

You were still in the taxi, just waiting if Bobby can walk by himself.
He walked two steps and falls to the ground
“Ouch” he laughs

You roll your eyes and give money to the taxi driver and walk over to Bobby.
“Okay, get up” you said as you grabbed him by the arm, lifting him up
“I don’t need help babe” Bobby smiled again

You just laugh and roll your eyes, walking slowly with him.
“One more step” you said as you two stood in front of his room
“Just hang in there. Stay still” you look at him and he nodded his head

You manage to open the door and get inside. He layes on the bed.
“Can you stay with me?” he mumbles
Even thought you wanted to, you just couldn’t.
“I can’t Bobby, go to sleep” you said
“Oh come on babe” he smiles
“Don’t call me that” you laugh
“Why? I know you like it” he looks at you then closes his eyes again

You roll your eyes and smile.
“I can’t, just go sleep”

Bobby just nodded his head and falls asleep.
Finally you got out of their house and walked home…

Bobby and Hanbin in the morning didn’t talk that much. Hanbin knows that he done something wrong.
“Look I am sorry” he spoke and Bobby just looked up at him
“Are you?”
“Yes, I am Bobby. Seriously, like don’t be pissed at me just because of that”
“Don’t worry” Bobby smiled
“You’re not mad? And are we fine now?” Hanbin raised his eyebrows
“No I am not, yeah we’re fine. I mean I would get over it sooner or later.” Bobby smiled

Bobby knows you have a thing for him. He just didn’t believe you would kiss Hanbin.
It little bit crushed him. He wasn’t disgusted, but he didn’t want to talk to you, because you did it.

Since that day, everything changed.

—- End of flashback —-

“Yeah, we gonna go to the club and have fun” Hanbin smiled as he talked to you over the phone
“When you going to pick me up?” you said sitting on your bed
“I’ll text you when we are in front of your house” he said
“Hanbin” you said
“Can I ask you one more question about Bobby?”
“Yes” he simply said
“But why, since that night at the club, everything changed… Bobby changed”
“I don’t know Y/N. Bobby is a fuckboy who doesn’t care”
“But he did before-“
“Y/N just leave it. Problem is him” he said
“Okay… I’ll see you tonight” you sigh and hang up

After few hours, you guys arrived to the club. Bobby didn’t even say hi to you in the car, not spoke with you at all. It started to annoy you.
He right away started to dance and drink.
You were leaning on the table, with you leaning you head against your fist under your chin.
“Why aren’t you dancing?” Hanbin asked you
“I need few more drinks” you smiled and took a sip of your drink and look at Bobby

You had enough. You needed to solve things with him.
You walk to the other side of the table, and grab him by his arm. He stops dancing and just looks at you in confusion.
“I want to talk to you”
“I can’t” he said and turns around, with you now facing his back
“YAH! I want to talk to you!” you put your hand on his shoulder and turn him around

Bobby kept a straight face and looks at you.
“Fine” he said and took your hand and leads you through the crowd to exit door.

You two walk little bit further from the club.
He stops and turns around towards you.

“What do you want?” he said coldly
“Why are you acting this way?” you said
“What way?” he laughs
“Don’t be stupid Bobby. Since that night in the club. You changed. You don’t talk to me anymore, you are cold towards me” you sigh

Bobby licks his lips and stares at your eyes.
“Why Bobby.” You said
He looks away then back at you
“I told Hanbin that day that I have feelings for you” he said and you were in shock, but kept your cool
“I knew you had them for me too. But I didn’t want to rush stuff, even thought I went and been with other girls, and you thought I am a fuckboy, which I wanted.”
“Because I didn’t want to have feelings for you. And when Hanbin did that, when he kissed you, I knew I was jealous and I knew that those feelings I felt were actually real.”
“But you didn’t have to act that way towards me”
“It is so hard to do that, but I wanted you to stop having those feelings, and I hoped I will too if I act that way, but they didn’t go away” Bobby looks at your eyes

You just smiled looking at him.
“There was always.. Something about you that couldn’t make me stop having feelings” you said

Bobby nodded his head and puts his hand on your cheek, leaning in. His lips touch yours.
Never you have been happier.
“I’m sorry for acting that way” Bobby pulls away, caressing your cheek with his thumb
“It’s okay” you look at his eyes

He half smiled and pressed his lips against yours again.

Don’t Go Without Me

Bobby x you

super slight!angst; fluff

Originally posted by its--jane

Here you were, in the most awaited moment in your life, your college party. It’s held at a really famous bar in town and your friends are all here. What could be better than this?

You stood under that blinding yet colorful light while holding a glass of cocktail. You always wanted to do this kind of night life, party at midnight. But there was something bothering you right now. It was Bobby, your lovely boyfriend. He never liked the idea of you being out at night clubbing with some of your friends without him. 

You thought he’s being over protective to you that you decide to leave without telling him. Indeed, Bobby was the one who works most of his time. 

He wouldn’t know, you said to yourself. I’ll be home before he is.

It was ten and you know Bobby would be home at eleven. But you still wanted to stay a bit more and finished your drinks. You’re a person who barely drink alcohol, so the fact that you’re consuming one now make you feel dizzy but still remain sober.


A guy called you out and make you turn to him. It was Ji. He was one of the best looking guy in your class and you’ve known each other since highschool. So yeah, you guys are pretty close.

He leaned his head towards your ear and said, “You come alone? Where the hell is your man?”

“He’s at work, always busy!”

Ji stared at you and notices that you’re drunk already. He always knew that you’re almost never drink so being a nice guy he is, Ji offered you to let him drives you home.

“You look horrible! Let’s get you home already!”

“I still want to stay! I’ll get us more drink, okay?”

“No!” Ji held you by your wrist, hard enough to make you flinched your eyes. “A glass is enough for you and now I’m taking you home whether you like it or not, y/n!”

You guys made it out of the bar and Ji was leading you to his car when suddenly your other hand tat wasn’t held tightly by Ji was being pulled. You turned and found Bobby’s figure standing tall with his arms wrapped around your body in no time.

“Where the fuck do you think you’ll take my girl to?” Bobby didn’t look happy at all that time. His eyes were burning with anger and disappointment. 

“Whoa easy there, tiger. I was gonna take her home to you before she loses more consciousness.” Ji said as he let go your wrist. “Now please leave your work for a few hours and accompany her to a party if you don’t want her to go alone.”

That was all you remember about that night at the parking lots. Because in the next day, you found yourself lying in the bed with a wet towel laid on your burning forehead.

You groaned after you took the towel off your head. You didn’t notice Bobby was there watching you the whole night until he made his way to your shared bed.

“Feel better?”

You took a deep breath before you let your first word in the day, “look, Bobby, I’m so sorry for what happened last night. I, I thought I would be alright to go by myself.”

Bobby didn’t say anything and it scared you to death. He was never like this before. Bobby is the kind of guy who will light up the world with his grin instead of glaring at you like this.

“There are some reason why I never let you to go alone, y/n.” He finally sat by the edges of your bed. “I know you can’t even drink a sip of soju. And that guy last night, he obviously like you even when you’re too blunt to understand that.”

“So, you’re jealous?” you said looking down to your curled hand.

Bobby sighed and pulled you into his warm embrace. “Yes, babe. I hate it when you hang out a lot with him. But I still let you since he’s kind to you.”

You felt your heart warm out of the blue. And it was because of Bobby again. You never felt this way towards another boy in your life. Maybe it was why you fell in love with him.

“Wait, Bobby! It’s nine!”

“So what?”

“Shouldn’t you off to the studio already?”He chuckled and said, “Well, last night a guy told me that I have to spend more time with my baby so that she wont find any other way to waste her time.” 


You Are My Sunshine

This is for @roxy-davenport‘s SPN Halloween Writing Challenge. I picked Dean and Prompt 67 -“Yes, I suppose you would see it that way”

Quick Info - Reader is investigating a case and needs Dean and Sam’s help.
Word Count - 4283
Pairing - DeanxReader (Kind of)
Warnings - Language, fluff, angst, self loathing, Character subjected to cruelty by people she loves. Another one that is not roses and rainbows.


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You Are My Sunshine

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