girl longboard lovee



Is it wrong to not crave a simple dinner date and a movie with someone anymore!? I want someone who is down for adventures. Let’s jump out of a fucking plane even if it’s perfectly functional. Let’s go hiking even if it means getting lost in the woods, or come long boarding on the beach and let’s carve between the people enjoying the view. The views the world has to offer are so plentiful, and I want to drive by them, walk through them, and fly over them with you. I don’t know who you are yet, but if you can appreciate and be grateful for the beauty of the world, I sure could learn to do the same for you.

 My sister loves to skate. She was always my inspiration. I’ve always wanted to skate too, but I sucked. I couldn’t even ollie for fuck’s sake. Then she was all it’s aight. She was basically the one who put a longboard in my hand. It wasn’t skateboarding, but it was damn near close to feeling the accomplishment of a hardflip and bombing a hill.

 That’s what I do. I bomb hills, slide, switch, eat dirt and get the gnarliest bruises/road rashes. I love my sister for that. Longboarding and skateboarding aren’t the same, but as long as we’re on four wheels cruisin’ downtown together, I wouldn’t ask for anything else. I love that fucker.