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hii 👋 How can I prove to my friend (who's not in the One Direction Fandom), that Larry is real and that Lounielle fake is?

Hi I’m late for a century, my apologies. 

I’m going to divide this answer into 2 parts 



part 1: DOUIS

They aren’t romantic, regardless of the attempts by her. They aren’t friendly. They just exist. Next to each other. Or after each other because Louis refuses to walk next to her.

They’re always papped, never leaving through the back entrance, always the front door. Fans and stalkers are called so there’s pictures afterwards.

A couple of fails:

This gem.

Ep number 2 (surrounded by stalkers) (let me know if this is romantic)

series back from hiatus: (couple goals!!)

Finale of the murder series:


Because it’s like this when no one’s watching.

Because it’s awkward af, with no chemistry.

hellloo you’re supposed to date for almost a year and you hold her like this? And what’s with the never smiling? You’re in a beautiful place with a beautiful girl. Why no smile?

They just never lean in the same direction, there’s zero vibes.

Brother and sister AT BEST.

I take it back. He’s closer to his sister than to his gf.

Or even strangers.

Their hips never touch.

This one is even worse:

2 Oscars statues would sit between them in perfect peace.

I’d even risk saying they hate each other.

LOUIS’ PALMS IN FISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her face!!!

In this gifset she pinches HIM!! Because he didn’t even look at her.

Read this as well:

Also Louis has a fiance who’s much taller than him and he literally has no idea what to do with this size of person like D.

And even when there’s cameras Louis makes sure everyone knows it’s a stunt.

Shout out to:


They don’t give a fuck about each other.

And everyone knows.

when he’s willing to hold her hand he drags her uncaring if she steps into a lamp post or anything.

WE KNOW HE NEVER DRAGS HARRY. HE GUIDES HIM. Protects him from behind.

He fucking pats her here to get in that goddamned car so I can finally be with my man.

She’s just miss ignored. We can call her that. This is her on the left and the Tomlinson sisters on the right.

Wow can you feel the love?

Can you?


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nobody speaks indian

maybe you meant

I don’t know how to love without using my whole heart. I don’t know what its like to love someone ‘half way’. I practice giving love in the same way i’d like to receive it.
—  Reyna Biddy

4-year-old Russian polyglot!

4-year-old Angelina Bella Devyatkina from Moscow, speaks seven languages: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. After auditioning for the talent show “Amazing people”, the girl became famous.

The performance was fascinating. Bella Devyatkina demonstrated the fluency in six foreign languages. She was asked different questions in different languages and the girl responded effortlessly. While most of the viewers were captivated by the little girls ability, others remained skeptical.

The questions every Kpopper has faced

“Are they Chinese?”

“Is that a girl or boy?”

“What language is this?”

“What does the K stand for?”

“How do you know what they’re saying?”

“You listen to this everyday??”

yet another struggle of being a kpop stan
  • *after someone figures out you like kpop*
  • person: *sees asian writing*
  • person: what does this say?
  • me: uh I don't know, why?
  • person: well you listen to kpop so you should know
  • me: ....please exit

I have started learning Korean recently and I wanted to practice writing Hangul so I made some simple layouts to jot down Vocabulary, Characters and a Sentence structure page. I know language printables are pretty common in the studyblr community and there are already many good options out there but I thought mine would be useful to you as well. In any case I wanted to share them with you guys so here they are!

 Link to pdf

What is included:

1. Sentence structure page: A simple way to understand how a language is structured. You can write down the original sentence and its translation in English/you first language and compare the sentence structure of the two.

2. Vocabulary page: to remember and revise important/widely used words and their translation/meaning plus some additional info.

3. Grid: to practice writing the alphabet. 

Download link

A snapshot of my practice session today:

♬ Japanese Music Recommendations ♬

こんにちは! So I was asked to make another one of these - but for Japanese this time! Like I said it won’t be as long because I don’t really listen to Japanese music (because I’m kpop trash) but these are the Japanese songs I listen to on a daily basis!

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Flower 『熱帯魚の涙』 3/4発売 2ndアルバム『花時計』

Flower 『太陽と向日葵』

Flower 『Dreamin’ Together feat. Little Mix』3/4発売 2ndアルバム「花時計」

Flower 『白雪姫』 3/4発売 2ndアルバム『花時計』

BRIGHT / Flower Full ver.

FAKY / Girl Digger

FAKY / You

FAKY / Afterglow

FAKY / Candy

Dream / こんなにも

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少女時代 / DIVINE (Story ver.)

Ailee – SAKURA (Full Ver.) [Lyric Video]

(this song is mostly in english but it has a bit of japanese in it. the original version is in japanese but i prefer this one!)

Melody (Miyuki Ishikawa) - Love Story

Crystal Kay feat. 今市隆二(三代目J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE)「Very Special」スペシャル・ム

BoA / 「FLY」( Short ver.)

BoA / 「Kiss My Lips」(日本語Ver.)MUSIC VIDEOショートVer.

RUN -Japanese Ver.- / 防弾少年団 (Official MV)

Happiness / Sexy Young Beautiful



And last but not least:


(because i think the opening theme of sailor moon crystal is bomb lol )


That’s it! Tbh, I’m surprised I listen to this much Japanese music. I would have put a few Disney dubs, until I realised that I’ve never listened to one… Again, I advise you guys to listen to music in every language, especially Japanese! I find the language so beautiful especially when it’s sung!  

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~ さようなら ~

P.S. - I don’t speak Japanese and I’m not learning it (but I hope to in the future) so I have no idea if what I wrote is right!

P.P.S - If you haven’t already, go check out my French Music Recommendations !!!