girl is nothing if she has an ugly heart

anonymous asked:

Tell me about the girl with ocean eyes?

I have taken a couple days trying to decide how to answer this, and each time I come to the conclusion that nothing I say can fully explain what this girl is to me. But brace yourself, because I am about to try.

My girl with the ocean eyes-

She floated into my life when I was at my weakest. She had the courage to learn my messy heart and to be patient and tender when I was suffering. I’ve trusted her with every ugly flaw and she has loved me all the more for them. She has constantly built me up and given me strength and support from the very first moment she entered my life.

She is intelligent and strong-willed and has no problem standing up for her beliefs. She has stood up to me when I’ve been wrong, and she is willing to do the right thing, even if it isn’t the easy thing.

She doesn’t believe it when I tell her that she’s the sweetest, kindest soul I have met. I don’t think she realizes how the grace and love she carries inside her shines through in those little moments when nobody is looking, but I am constantly seeing it happen.

She says that she’s boring and untalented, both of which are untrue. She is constantly creating the loveliest things with her own hands and capturing breathtaking moments in pictures. She sees beauty in so many things that most people miss, and she takes the time to appreciate the beauty of the world around her.

She loves romantic, sappy books and films (one of her favorites is Pride & Prejudice), and is the most affectionate person I know. She has an enormous love for God and for her huge, fun family. She loves puppies and poetry and the colors of the sky at many times of the day. She has a sharp, sarcastic sense of humor and always keeps me on my toes. She loves thunderstorms just as much as I do, and would sit and watch them with me for hours if I asked her to. Also, she has excellent taste in music. From rocknroll to folk to alternative, she’s always on point.

She usually rolls her eyes and laughs at my terribly corny jokes, and puts up with my ridiculously silly antics by matching them with some of her own. When she laughs really hard, she’ll cover her mouth with her hand and her eyes start to shine. She makes me feel important and adored and loved, all the time, and always makes sure I know how much she cares about me, even if it seems obvious.

And finally, she is beautiful. My God is she beautiful. I call her the girl with ocean eyes because she has the most gorgeous, mesmerizing eyes I’ve ever seen. They remind me of the greens and blues of the sea, and the way they draw me in is like the tide. I could drown in those eyes. She has the prettiest dark wavy hair, and looks great with it short or long. Her head fits perfectly on my shoulder and physically we just fit together in every possible way, like puzzle pieces. I adore her and all the goofy faces and expressions that she makes. She also has an incredible sense of style, and is always the cutest, classiest girl in the room.

Although I could keep going about her, I think this is quite enough of my rambling. I hope this gives you a decent image of the girl I love, and I hope everybody gets to feel as blessed and lucky as I do right now. Loving her and being loved by her is like living in a dream.

Wishing you a lovely evening.

- Z.M.

Her bones were built on a cliff and all she knows is thrill;
baby, she doesn’t want you,
she just wants to feel the wind underneath her skin,
you’re just another temporary storm to
keep her chasing so don’t you get any
ideas that what you’ve got is love
because she only knows how to love herself;
there is nothing in her chest that wants
to settle down because she has already made
her home among the stars, 
baby, that girl has big dreams and nerves of steel
and just wants a good time without all the ugly scars–
don’t think you can tame her because she's got a wild heart.
—  Wild hearts