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Fading (Part 6)

Summary: Bucky doesn’t know if he’ll ever get to tell you what really happened.

Word Count: 2015

Warnings: angst, swearing, implied death, panic attack, implied violence

A/N: Here it is guys! Let me know what you think :) (if you’d like to be tagged, send me an ask)

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Bucky can’t help the whimper that escapes his lips, petrified at the idea of losing you. Your unconscious self looks pale, pulse slowing as you lose more blood.

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*inspired by the Justice League I watched last night*

It was almost the end of the world…. Weird creatures attacking our planet again … Nothing else to do, besides unite!

You weren’t allowed to go to battle with your husband, definitely not because you were pregnant. But simply because you don’t quite have superpowers besides sneaking and knowing secrets, oh boy the secrets you knew … That was what you were trading with.

It has been 52 hours since they left. No internet, no news. You and another girl stood in the huge living room. You were peacefully reading a book and she was nervously pouting around.

-        Can you please stop! - she looked shocked at you. - Your first rodeo?

She really looked worried.

-        They will be fine. – you turn the other page.
-        My boy … finance, already died once …
-        Lucky you … - that came up completely wrong, well not that much, sometimes you wish yours was dead too, but only sometimes - I meant… You know, they will at least go back for him. - there was bitterness in your voice. Will they go back for yours too…

Another hour passed by.

-        Why aren’t you worried?
-        I live with the thought my King may die any second, so we live like there will be no tomorrow. And instead of us doing it so now, I pursway him to go and help … - your eyes hot tearly.
-        Oh, it’s ok … - she rushed to you - Don’t cry, it’s bad for the baby.

You brust in laughing.

-        It’s my 6-th one darling, I know how to handle babies.

Her eyes widened.

-        6?
-        Yep, he said we will never have sex again after the twins, which was like 2 and half years ago, but he lasted only 3 days… - you both laughed - And I got him drunk 5 months ago, we had unprotected sex, and voala! - you pointed at your big belly.
-        Wow…
-        What about you, any kids, plans, something … Or you are waiting after the wedding.
-        Well he was… - she paused for a second.
-        Oh dear … - you rubbed her back - I didn’t mention to strike a nerve here.
-        No, he was in … coma, we weren’t sure if he was going to wake up. So we are keeping it slow, for now.

You smiled. An old man came in, holding a baby boy.

-        Simeone’s clingy.
-        Come here. - you took your son. - Say “hello” Brandon. - the boy stopped crying as he saw you and waved at the girl. After he hugged you for a while. He took off and went to the old man.
-        Looks like uncle Al got himself busy! - you joked after you saw the others creeping him from behind.
-        Yes. - he answered calmly. But you could tell he was at the pick of his happiness.
-        So… - she looked questioning.
-        God, no! - you laughed.

Another hour went by.

You were dying on the inside, but didn’t let your kids see it. They had dinner and went to bed. You and the girl were yet again left alone; “uncle Al” was on duty to help the team United. As you could understand from your oldest daughter it wasn’t sunshine and rainbows there. It was very possible they may die wile saving the world. She just texted you this.

-        How old are they?
-        The oldest girl is 12, the other is 6, the boy is 4 and the twins are 2 and a half. - you simply smiled and suddenly burst into tears.
She came and hug you again.
-        Please don’t cry, if it wasn’t for you, I’d be dead by worry right now.
-        I am dead already … - you manage to sob, hugging your belly - this will be my last memory if him.
-        Don’t talk like this. They will…
-        No one will care, not to mention come back for the Clown Prince Of Crime! - you yelled.
She froze, moving away at the couch.
-        Yeah, Ms. Lane, they will come back for your alien, but no one will do for my King. - you wiped your tears and got up. - Now if you excuse me, I need to pee.

It was around 3 in the morning. She hasn’t spoke to you since you told her who you are. Alfred didn’t call either with news.

-        So why are you here, as you are the bad guy? - she asked with visible hate in her tone.
-        Who do you think made all the “ bad guys” - you made air quotes with you fingers - go and join the quest? I trade with secrets, and I am also very good at convincing people … As they had the guts, and found it their duty to rob a bank, it is their duty to save the world they live in, as there will be no banks to rob otherwise… - she stayed silent, she knew you were right, but refused to admit it.
-        They are back! - Alfred informed on the com.

* At the Jet Plane*

-        Someone wake him up!
-        Are you serious?
-        Arthur, do as I say!
-        Is he dead?
-        No, Barry, he is not dead, but we will be, if he is not awake when we land.
-        He is alive!
-        You have that kind of system too, awesome. – Barry fangirled.
-        Can you wake him up, Victor?
-        I think yes, Barry will have to sting him a little, and he will be fine.
-        No way man, that’s the Joker, I am not gonna touch him!
-        Are you scared of him to?
-        It’s not funny mermaid.
-        Don’t call me mermaid, Tin man.
-        Boys, calm down!
-        Thank you, Diana. Why are you so quiet, Clark?
-        I want to rest, that’s it.
-        Guys, he is waking up, he is waking up … - Barry stepped away, next to Victor. Arthur was sitting between Clark and Diana. And all were staring at J, lying across them.
-        Fuck… - he yelled, putting his hand on his head.
-        You will live, it’s just a scratch, Victor said it won’t even leave a scar.
-        But my hair is ruined, B! She is soo gonna kill you!
-        We just won a …
-        You haven’t met his Queen! - Bruce was fast enough to answer.

Mr. J just smiled and sit.

-        Do you want a pain killer? - Victor asked.
-        I live for the pain! - he growled - Are you scared child?
-        Nope, I am not, completely not …
-        You should be. Btw who is keeping my wife company?
-        Louis.
-        You left my fiance with the maniac’s wife? - Clark stood up, and Diana follows, worried they will get in a fight again.
-        Chill, the only think your chatty reporter can learn from my maniac wife is how to get you drunk and get herself pregnant.

And then it happened … Bruce brust into laughter. A thing no one had seen or heard before. He was laughing loudly. And it was a pure heart laughter.

-        Don’t laugh man. Just don’t … Not that I don’t love them, just … I am not sure if I am physically able to love them all ant not broke into pieces.

They were all again shattered by this simple and yet unexpected confession. And how close these two “arch enemies” seem to be.

-        It’s the 6-th one right?
-        Yeah … I think she is planning on collection or something. - J said, fixing what’s left of his hair. He was having a big scratch on his right, and half of his hair was gone.
-        Wait … - Diana started - you are enemies.
-        Yes we are … - Bruce said.
-        We kinda created each other … So … Why not go friends as well?
-        You are friends?
-        Jealous much, Superman? - J blinked at him. - I named one of my kids after him. - J lied back - Me and my wifey were on a romantic date, breakibg into Gotham First Bank, and the old rat, over there, took forever to come and catch us, that we manage to even had sex. It was awkward…
-        Having sex in the vault? - Barry asked.
-        It was awkward for me catching them…
-        Doing it in the vault … - J started laughing.
-        Because of people like this I live in the ocean.
-        So your son is named after him? - Clark asked.
-        No, Bruce is an ugly name, we picked Brandon instead.
-        I am gonna finally see him.
-        Well you would’ve done it earlier when they were born, my Queen send you an invitation.
-        I was busy.
-        Yeah, go and lie someone else… - J played it offended.

The plane landed.

-        How’s my hair? - J asked Diana. She stared at him, with no answer.
-        You are fine. - Bruce tapped his shoulder.
-        You know you are getting it, right.
-        Yeah I know.

The plane door opened, Arthur was first followed by Diana and Clark, and Barry and Victor, J was fixing his hair in desperate attempt to hide the half that was missing.

You and Lois were standing there waiting. Clark come and hug her. You on the other hand were not that patient and went through, as you walk, Victor stood at your way.

-        Go away, overgrown toaster! – you yelled and he stepped away in surprise.
-        Oh, boy! – Barry whispered, certain you will be in his “I am afraid of” list.
As you saw J you screamed loudly, causing everyone to turn at you.
-        Your eyes are red. A few tears for your long-lost boss?
-        Tears of joy, I hate job hunting.
-        Vacations over! – he said grinning. Quoting movie lines was indeed your thing.

You rushed and hug him. He was dirty and smelly, but it didn’t matter to you. You cover him in kissed while crying loudly. He just pet your hair, the long looks he so much love. As you stopped to take a breath you noticed his wound. You gasped and covered your mouth; tears were coming all over again.

-        Chill, Doll, it won’t even leave a scar, and … the hair will grow back again. – he started.

You looked at Batman.

-        Ma’am.

You smiled. And kissed your King’s lips gently.

-        Ugh … you stink…
-        Like s superhero, I know! – he hugged you and started walking to the inside of the cave.
-        It’s disgrosting! You can’t hug our kids like this.
-        I know … Why are you shaking, are you cold?
-        I forgot to pee. – you whined and he laughed, slapping your butt, and you rush inside.
-        Run, Forrest, Run! – he yelled after you laughing.
-        Do you know they have 5 kids? – Louis whispered to Clark.
-        Did she told you how to get me drunk and get yourself pregnant?
-        Yes, she insisted on me doing this, saying you are prefect gene material.
-        Please don’t do this to me, I’ll volunteer. – they both laughed and walked in.

Only Barry, Victor, Bruce and Diana were left.

-        They are odd. – Barry started – but they are indeed couple goals … - the others stared at him – What, you know it’s true, just look at them. Like the Addams family but … in a homicide manic way …
-        Yes, they are! – Bruce agreed.
-        You may take some notes. – Diana teased.
Alfred walked in.
-        Master Wayne, your nephews are waiting.
-        Are they all look like him?

Alfred chuckled.

-        Oh, man… - Bruce took his mask off. – And I thought the worst part was over.

They all got a shower and get prepared for dinner, or very early breakfast.

-        Why does the other kids have such big age difference from the first one? – Alfred asked as he was fixing Bruce’s shirt, who was still in huge pain to do it himself.
-        The first one was Jack’s, before he turned into The Joker, they are a couple since kids, she was 14 when the girl was born.
-        And he told you this, when you were …
-        Yes. His father killed my parents and I pushed him into the chemicals … I guess we are even now. Why do you think they keep sending me invitations of baby showers and sonogram photos.
-        So you check them? – Alfred smiled.
-        Well … you can tell he is the only friend I have … in a way.
-        You have more now. It’s not a bad thing.
-        As long as they don’t turn into psychopaths, I guess it is.

In your room the kids were hugging and kissing their father.

-        So you are e hero now? – the oldest asked.
-        Yep! Right in Batsy’s face.

They all laughed and cheered.

-        Come on, time for food.
-        But you just ate mom. – the other girl said.
-        Dunno, if it was for me or for him, so I have to eat again.
-        Doll … - J grabbed your hand, letting you alone in the room, after the girls ran to meet uncle B. – You could’ve said you wanted another kid. It was a dick move!
You laughed.
-        I knew this will happen, and I suspect you will want to help, because if the children, and I … I was afraid, you won’t come back, so I wanted to have as much memories of you as I could.

He looked at his feet smiling.

-        Liar! You want a full collection don’t you!
-        Fuck you, J! Can’t a girl dream.
-        Anything my Queen wants!
-        Baby wants, baby gets! – you smiled and kissed him gently. – I hope this hair will be fine soon, or I will be the end of the world.
-        Yes, Ma’am!


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will byers is gay: a thorough character analysis

disclaimer: this is not me “forcing sexuality” on will. if you think him being gay is inappropriate but have no problem with mileven and/or lumax (who are all the same age as will), i’ve got some news for you.

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  • The Supergirl promo team: but can you trust a luthor 👀👀👀😉😉😉
  • Everyone in national City: she's just like her brother
  • Lena Luthor: *gives Ted talks, organizes charity events in which she also stops bad guys, worked out of a basement trying to cure cancer, saw teleportation tech and immediately went to how it could help people*
  • Everyone: we just can't tell if she can be trusted

okay full offense and i know this wont make complete sense but im honestly disgusted that episode 7 has the lowest rating of season 2 and the scathing article GQ wrote about Kali and her “murder teen crew” as they called it. 

they literally said that the episode offered nothing towards eleven’s development like??????? its a standalone episode where for once Eleven isn’t focusing all of her energy on Mike or following Hopper’s rules like she gets guilty and ultimately comes home we KNOW that but there has been such little information about who Eleven TRULY is and what exactly happened to her and what everything represents like ??? hell fuckin yeah episode 7 was necessary for her character development.

like im so sorry that the little girl isnt thinking about her puppy love but is instead actually learning to “grow up” as Hopper said and take matters into her own hands and figure out just who she is (because a hero’s journey cant exactly be complete or consistent if they don’t eventually find their sense of self!!!)

ALSO Kali’s character is fucking necessary for eleven because she stands as her foil, a parallel character who reflects the anger and raw energy that eleven is afraid to tap into (ringing any bells about a certain scene in ep 7????) and the murder “teen” crew wasn’t even a teen crew to begin with like these were grown ass adults who were misfits, people used and chewed up and spit out by society that ultimately chose to fight back. Everything about Kali’s character and her group symbolizes an untamed resistance that most CERTAINLY existed in the 80′s, and isn’t anything that shouldn’t be touched on in the show. 

Eleven is never going to be the cute little girl carrying around a box of eggos with her torn pink dress forever. she has to shed that image and grow into the adult and hero she was destined to become, and if it means the “””””””””rebellious””””””””” teen phase with smudged eyeliner and slicked back hair and a band of misfits beside her then all right i’ll take it, but don’t suggest that episode 7 wasn’t important to her development 

there is SO MUCH MORE to eleven that we need to discover and the fact that they treated episode 7 like it was trash is so fucking insulting (and don’t think for a second that i’m not gonna pull the race card too! if kali had been a feisty doe-eyed white brunette with the SAME exact hair and outfit yall would be MUCH MORE VOCAL about episode 7) 

anonymous asked:

why are you so sure keith is gay?

alright, i’ve said all of this shit before but LET’S GO!

this is what happened when allura fell into keith’s arms BRIDAL STYLE. he full on cradled her in his arms (we know how important cradling LANCE in his arms was to him so heh). i mean, do i really need to explain? just look at his face:

this was lance’s reaction when she fell into his arms:

and this was matt’s reaction when he saw her for the first time:

which goes on with a very ridiculous scene of him calling her beautiful and whatnot. even hunk has blushed because of her at one point, albeit it wasn’t because he thought she was beautiful or because he’s interested in her or anything (i mean, i’m sure he does think she’s beautiful because she is but the context of the scene had nothing to do with that) but keith has never, not once, blushed because of allura for any reason. he even held onto her in space and didn’t emote. i’m sure keith also thinks allura is beautiful but he’s gay, so he’s not attracted to her. you could argue that maybe keith just isn’t interested in /allura/ but still likes girls in general but i argue against that. i have a comparison to make, it was pointed out to me by @klanceys a little bit ago. zuko’s reaction to toph clinging to his arm VS. keith’s reaction to allura falling into his arms:

this is what klanceys said (paraphrased) when they pointed this out:

“even if he was interested in girls—not Allura herself, but girls—he’d get flustered a bit and we’d see some blushing… but we didn’t, not even a tiny reaction and i’d like to compare it to Zuko from ATLA. there’s an ep where Toph clings to his arm and he gets flustered, not because he’s romantically interested in her (he’s not) but it’s just that he’s not used to having a girl so close to him and clinging, even if it’s a close friend like Toph. Allura literally fell into Keith’s arms and he gave a total of 0 fucks lmao.”

it’s a damn good point. they’ve made it a point to show lance’s and matt’s reactions to allura so the fact that keith is so devoid of emotion in scenes where he’s literally holding her in his arms is very telling. they have NEVER made keith express any romantic interest in/attraction to a female character, not once. not nyma, not allura, no girl whatsoever. there has been plenty of opportunities for it, but they don’t take any of them. keith is 100% a gay-coded character, my gay ass could tell right away. they give lance and keith’s rivalry a big focus in s1 so something you’d expect them to do with that would make keith fight for allura or nyma’s affections when lance expressed interest in them, ya know because they’re rivals… but he doesn’t. EVER. he only starts getting jealous/upset by lance’s flirting AFTER they had their bonding moment together. i’ve already discussed the way keith starts acting after that moment in depth so i’m not going to do it again in this response but trust me, i know what i’m talking about here.

this was keith’s face when faced with an attractive, masculine alien:

they did not need to include this whatsoever, it’s honestly pretty pointless to the episode, but i mean, not really… because this shows us that keith is attracted to rolo, a GUY. i’m assuming you saw the photoset showing all the rainbows (and bi flag colors) from this same episode and like, that’s not a coincidence. i put this next image in that same photoset but the way keith is standing almost directly parallels with lance’s stance when he was with nyma prior in the episode:

we obviously know that lance was attracted/interested in nyma so what other damn conclusion am i supposed to come to when they show us keith doing the same thing with a guy? it’s so fucking funny because i literally have the same stance when i’m around someone i find attractive and i’m trying to look cool.

another reason i’m sure keith is gay? because i’m gay and i said so.

Every Song on Taylor Swift’s reputation

As analyzed by Time Magazine

1. “…Ready For It?”: Starting things off with a thumping bass line and rallying cry, “…Ready For It?” also offers one of Swift’s prettiest melodies. “In the middle of the night, in my dreams, you should see the things we do,” she sings sweetly before switching into her new-era rap-singing. “He can be my jailer, Burton to this Taylor,” she insists, name-checking a famous — and drama-filled — pairing, and setting the scene for the rest of the album’s investigation of the perils of stardom.

2. “End Game” (featuring Ed Sheeran and Future): Swift tapped her good friend Sheeran for this slow-jam-style track, a self-reflective — and self-aware — plea to both the listener and a lover. “I wanna be your end game,” Swift sings off the top, allowing in a little vulnerability — before jumping into a rap-sung chorus. “Big reputation, you and me we got big reputations,” she chants, recognizing the baggage that her stardom brings (and name-checking the album’s title, of course). Of-the-moment rapper Future of “Mask Off” success adds in a slick verse, sticking to the love-against-the-odds theme. Swift goes on to sing she doesn’t want to be an “ex-love” and that she isn’t into the drama; it’s just her burden to bear. This is peak Swift: emotionally open, but ready and willing to have some fun with the hype around her own persona. Sheeran’s contribution comes in the form of another rap-sung verse in the same vein, seeming to reference his own relationship and the pitfalls that fame has placed in his path to love. His advice? Ignore the rumors.

3. “I Did Something Bad”: Swift knows that her critics have strong opinions about her; after all, the album is called Reputation. And in the bombastic “I Did Something Bad,” she appears to address some of the narratives that have surrounded her. “I never trust a narcissist, but they love me / So I play them like a violin, and I make it look oh so easy,” she opens this one over a sharp string pluck. “If a man talks s–t then I owe him nothing.” Here is new-era Swift: holding her head high, unapologetic and fiercely protective of her own success. Then, a funky dubstep drop brings shades of her mega-hit “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” into the mix. Heavily electronically manipulated, and punctuated with a strong beat, it’s a banger of a track — and her defiant response to her detractors. “I never trust a playboy, but they love me,” she insists, stating matter of-factly that it’s best to “leave before you get left,” and hinting that maybe her splashy former relationships weren’t all they might have seemed. And then there’s the kicker: “They’re burning all the witches, even if you aren’t one,” she croons on an auto-tuned bridge. “Go ahead and light me up.” Of all the quotable lines in Swift’s oeuvre, this one is right up there at the top for its blazing imagery.

4. “Don’t Blame Me”: If you’re a fan of Avicii or Kygo’s brand of un-rushed atmospheric electro-pop, you might like the rich, vibey notes Swift brings together in “Don’t Blame Me,” a moody, dark song that starts out swinging and pretty, and builds into a gospel-backed EDM anthem. “Don’t blame me, love made me crazy / if it doesn’t you ain’t doin’ it right,” she sings emphatically. “Lord save me, my drug is my baby, I be using for the rest of my life.” Swift has endured criticism for her relationships: the fact that she’s in them, the fact that she sings about them. “Don’t Blame Me” could be a clapback to that criticism, reminding listeners that the heart simply wants what it wants, as her friend Selena Gomez once said.

5. “Delicate”: Swift is, appropriately enough, at her most fragile on “Delicate.” Refreshingly honest, it’s a melodic electro-ballad with a resonant refrain. “My reputation’s never been worse so, you must like me for me,” she muses, her voice a light wisp, in a wry nod to her year in the spotlight before breaking down her insecurities: “Is it cool that I said all that? Is it too soon to do this yet?” Like pretty much anyone dealing with a new crush, Swift sings of moments of doubt. Perhaps even superstars have their sore spots. She couches this sweetly uncertain song in snippets of dates — at a dive bar, in her apartment — but keeps it about her circular internal monologue, always questioning just how much her feelings are being reciprocated.

6. “Look What You Made Me Do”: Swift’s lead single — and immediate chart-topper following its release — “LWYMMD” was a shocking reintroduction to the Swift of Reputation: hard, unapologetic, focused on retribution. Step aside, “Bad Blood,” this song is much more cutting. “I’ve got a list of names, and yours is in red, underlined,” she reminded her haters over a Right Said Fred sample. The propulsive beat and insistence that the old Taylor was “dead” only sharpened her point.

7. “So It Goes…”: Here, she switches things back to romance, reflecting on just how a new love interest might help her out of her fixations: “you make everyone disappear,” she explains in the moody, murky opening segment, which opens into a trap-lite chorus about getting caught up in the moment (and, of course, leaving some signature lipstick “on your face”). But for life with Swift, that’s just how it goes. “I’m yours to keep, and yours to lose. You know I’m not a bad girl, but I’ll do bad things with you,” she adds with a wink; this version of Swift has made a marked departure from her squeaky-clean roots as America’s Nashville sweetheart.

8. “Gorgeous”: Yes, that’s Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s baby daughter James opening up “Gorgeous” with a gurgle. But the rest of the song deals with adult topics. Over a bubbling, chime-like beat, Swift sings about the irresistible power of attraction — even when it’s not the best idea. “You’re so gorgeous, it actually hurts,” she sings with frustration. “There’s nothing I hate more than what I can’t have.” Despondent, she talks of heading home to hang out with her cats — and then, with a wink, invites her object of attention to join her.

9. “Getaway Car”: Told as a dramatic story of a heist and an ill-fated love adventure over shimmering 80s-style production, “Getaway Car” is one of Swift’s most metaphor-driven tracks on the album. “We never had a shotgun shot in the dark,” she sings with a rebellious twang. “Nothing good starts in a getaway car.” Swift’s has often had its fair share of melodrama; remember “Into the Woods”? In “Getaway Car,” though, she calls herself a “traitor” who turns in her erstwhile partner in crime. Looks like Swift might be willing to flirt with the dark side, but she’s no good at following through with crimes — of the legal kind, or of the heart. Instead, she says, she takes the keys and leaves the guy stranded at a motel. It’s no happy ending, but it’s a reminder that Swift isn’t afraid to assert her independence.

10. “King of My Heart”: Taylor Swift has always been good at love songs. In “King of My Heart” she hits her sweet spot, over a synth-heavy track and strategic auto-tune assist. “I’m perfectly fine, I live on my own, I made up my mind I’m better off bein’ alone,” she starts off. But it doesn’t stay that way for long; after meeting a (evidently non-American) paramour who pursues her, the story (and the song) go straight into the romance. “You’re the one I have been waiting for,” she gushes, dissing some other guys with “their fancy cars” who didn’t quite measure up to this new interest. And yes, the character in the title is indeed the king of her heart — and body, and soul.

11. “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”: Although it starts off as a down-tempo, melancholy kind of tune, “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” adds in Swift’s now-rote trap-lite drop to amp up the drama on this will-we-won’t-we tale of star-crossed lovers separated by an unkind fate. “I had a bad feeling,” she suggests about the romantic interest, but she goes on to dance with him anyway; some chemistry just can’t be denied.

12. “Dress”: “I only bought this dress so you could take it off,” Swift sings slyly on “Dress,” her most overtly sexual work yet. She wants her lover to carve his name into her bedpost; her hands shake in anticipation. A breathy, synth-y track with lots of whispery vocals, Swift is unequivocal about her interest in this person as much more than a friend. “Made your mark on me; a golden tattoo,” she sings cryptically. It’s a departure from her usually PG approach to love songs, emblematic of a Swift who’s claiming her maturity more than ever.

13. “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”: Kicking things off with a siren sound, Swift strips it back to a stomping call-out of the haters, a giddy sister of sorts to dark lead single “Look What You Made Me Do.” “Why’d you have to rain on my parade?” she asks, her voice petulant, sneering with humor and attitude. “This is why we can’t have nice things, darling: because you break them, I have to take them away.” When she tries to go diplomatic — “forgiveness is a nice thing to do” goes one line, sung in an angelic lilt — she breaks the fourth wall with a burst of sharp laughter. Swift is no longer willing to “Shake It Off,” as she once tried to do.

14. “Call It What You Want”: Maybe the most by-the-book Swift song on Reputation, “Call It What You Want” is a slow-burning meditation on the transformative power of relationships, filled with lyrical puns: “All the liars are calling me one,” she sighs at one point. “All my flowers grew back as thorns.” But this is still a love letter, and a reminder that Swift has moved on from the fray around her so-called “reputation.” “My baby’s fly like a jetstream, high above the whole scene,” she sings proudly, making it clear that the baby in question has taken her along for the ride.

15. “New Year’s Day”: Her one acoustic piano ballad on the album, “New Year’s Day” is a tender and intimate love song. The snapshots are sweet and evocative: glitter on the floor after a party, candle wax and polaroids on the hardwood floor, holding hands in the backseat of a taxi. “Hold on to the memories,” she repeats in the chorus, “and I will hold on to you.” Nostalgic for the moment even as it’s happening, it’s a lovely, effecting closer, letting Swift’s voice and earnest message shine without the complications of over-production. She may get her kicks with big pop anthems, but vulnerable ballads like this one are just as much a part of her musical DNA.

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Ro-Buds 6.0


I’m sure they have other sensors to see.

[I don’t usually go back to asks that I’ve set aside, but I’ve got something now and I also wanna try drawing 2B.]

A voice told him where to go, and he went.

Maybe there was a time when the word of a disembodied voice would not have been enough. He doesn’t remember it. He doesn’t remember a lot of things. He remembers a lot of things. He remembers the wrong things.

He is slow. Maybe he wasn’t always slow, but he is slow now. There is no straight line between points. He considers every tree and every flower. He picks apples and catches lizards. He stares at the sky, and chases the stars.

He doesn’t speak much. He’s told he never did. He wonders if it was then what it is now, the way the words taste wrong and never fit on his tongue. Hylian and Hylian and Hylian but it never sounds right to the points of his ears. His first language is foreign and his accent is nowhere. He doesn’t sound like a hero. He doesn’t know what he sounds like, but he knows he doesn’t like it. It grates the way any wrong thing grates. He says nothing, and no one seems to mind.

He catches beetles, and stops to take pictures of fish.

In the burnt husk of a home, he finds a rusted shield. It didn’t do them much good, whoever they had been. He finds them all over, these floors without ceilings, these roofs without walls. He wonders, always: have I been here before? Did I know them, once? This house on the mountain, this cabin in the woods, would they have recognized me? Was this a name that fit on my tongue?

He learns to bake a cake, breaks rock salt and rubies from veins of ore in the earth.

He moves the sails of a raft with a Korok leaf, and he thinks: this should be easier. He wills the wind to move, but there is nothing. He looks out at the ocean and thinks: what might we find there? His raft is dead wood. He is alone.

He catches fairies in his hands, pink light and warmth and a faint ringing in his skin. They never complain. They never speak. He opens his hands to let them go, and they are the wrong color. The Great Fairy laughs, and it’s so much prettier than it used to be. Than it never was. He rolls glass bottles in his hands, but he doesn’t take them with him.

There is something restful in this. He can’t explain it, even if he had words to try. In his long slumber something inside him came unmoored, and he knows things he must not. He is tired. He knows this most of all. There is work to be done. There has always been work to be done.

He lights a fire, roasts a fish, picks at the flaky meat while it’s still hot enough to burn his fingertips.

He thinks of a sister he never had. He thinks of a grandmother he never had. Did he know his grandmother? In the Lost Woods he stares at the Deku Tree, and knows this is not home. There is a green-haired girl on the backs of his eyelids, and she sounds like three notes repeating.

He finds an ocarina made of wood, and runs his fingers over the holes. Three notes, repeating. He plays them, and nothing happens. He checks the shape of the moon and his reflection in the water. He plays three notes, different this time. There is nothing but an ache.

It sounds more like his voice than his voice ever did, and that hurts worse than silence.

He tries to remember Mipha. He wants to remember her most of all. They were friends, he is told. Close, he is told. He has nothing but fragments and a shirt that fits too well. When he tries to remember, he sees blue scales instead of red.

Zelda is Zelda is Zelda. She is the reference point around which the world turns. She is always Zelda, even when she isn’t. Her face is always her face. He is grateful and resentful in turns. There are so many people he would remember, if he could. Instead there is Zelda.

Ganon is not Ganon is not Ganon. He doesn’t know if Ganon has a face. He’s had so many faces. Was this ever a man, this manifestation of malice? He remembers eyes of gold, he remembers snouts. He recognizes the smell of him in burnt cloves and blood.

Fear is red lights and a blue glow. He knows these things were hope, once. He can’t remember it. He can’t remember seeing six metal legs and believing they would save him. Did he always know that it was helpless? It feels like he should have known.

The words are different, but the meaning is the same. He is procrastinating. If he needed an excuse, he would call it training. He would say they need every advantage. He would say they will only have one chance. No one asks for excuses. He says nothing.

Zelda has waited a hundred years. She waits, still.

She remembers a boy who never rushed her. She remembers, the way he does not, his silent patience while she found herself. While she took too long to find herself. She will wait for him to find himself, even if he takes too long. They may doom the world with their patience, but does the world not owe them this? There are so many worlds, and so few of them are kind. What could this world have been, if it had been kind? What might she have saved if it had not demanded saving?

She did not save the world. She will not save the world. She saved a single point of kindness who did not ask it from her. She will not ask it from him, but he may save her all the same. He is courageous. He is kind. Please, be careful.

He catches Koroks in durian trees, and chases dragons through canyons.

He jumps off a cliff to land in a stable, and no one there sees the hero he should be. He is no one, he is nothing. He is halfway to a beast, but they’re grateful for his help, when he offers it. He always offers it. He doesn’t know how not to.

His hands are calloused. Sometimes they bleed. He ties up his hair every morning, and does not stop. Swords fit so neatly in his hand. Sometimes he uses them to light fires or carve birds. It’s just easier. A sword is all he knows. He’s trying to be more. This might be beyond him.

Sometimes he growls when he’s angry. Sometimes he rips things apart with his teeth. Sometimes dogs follow him, but sometimes they whine. The shadows aren’t always unfriendly, and he feels them like fingers in his hair. There are eyes like fire in the mirrors at night, but he can only see them in the corners of his eyes.

The first time the Gerudo catch him, it was because he tried to scale their walls. Why did he think that would work? Urbosa would laugh if she knew.

He catches horses, but they’re never the right one. The hooves are wrong, the gait is wrong. They are never a part of him, an extension of his own legs. He rides across fields and they hesitate the way she never did. He whistles three notes, sometimes, but it never works.

He finds it, eventually. The place the voice told him about. Walls without a roof. Has he been here before? Surely he has. It’s night when he arrives. His footsteps make no sound. This is how he navigates the world, now, quiet as the sky. It’s easier this way. He kneels down to catch the latch on the chest, and when it opens, he cannot breathe.

He stares at it for a long time.

The moon is only the moon. His skin is still his own. Eventually, he breathes again.

He almost laughs.

He slides the mask onto his face.

I did this doodle for @kindahornyart and uploaded this earlier than I was going to because some of Herny’s fans are being dicks to him.

Like people chill, he’s doing this for free and for fun and for a like a billion years. Dude needs rest from the waifus.

Be nice.

MIKE WHEELER: Before Senior Year

Pairing: mike wheeler x reader (female)

Premise: (y/n) is a year older than Mike wheeler, and she’s friends with Nancy Wheeler. The younger boy has a huge crush on the girl, and one night she is sleeping over at Nancy’s.

Warnings: mentions of playboy (rip Hugh)


“Hey nerd boy, what are you and your friends up to?” (Y/n) says with a joyful smile as she leans against the doorframe of the entrance to the basement of the Wheeler household.

“N-nothing.” Mike snaps the magazine that he and his friends had been looking at closed, and snaps his head and eyes up to look at the girl.

“Yeah, nothing (y/n)!” Lucas and Dustin chime in, with wide eyes looking up at (y/n) at the top of the staircase.

She pauses and cocks an eyebrow at the group of four boys and puts a hand on her hip.

“Are you sure…” she says and begins to look suspicious of them.

She’d just come downstairs from Nancy’s room to grab snacks from their pantry, but couldn’t find any, so she decided to ask the boys (who she knew would be in the basement) for some. She honestly didn’t care what they were doing, they were teenage boys for god sakes, and could do what they wanted. But, she loved teasing the younger boys.

She walked down the stairs and smiled innocently, “what’s that?” She asked cheerfully.

“It’s uh-” Lucas starts

“A DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS MAGAZINE!” Mike interupts him and tucks the magazine behind his back.

They other three boys just nod their head at him in agreement.

“Cool… anyways, I came to ask you guys if you had any snacks I could borrow?” She asks

“Oh… yeah sure-” Mike starts to turn around and relax to hand her a bag of pretzels, and she reaches down and snatches the magazine out of his grip.

She smiled wickedly, and dashes up the stairs to the first floor as fast as she can. Behind her, she can hear the boys panicking and yelling.

“Get the mag! Get the mag!” Dustin yells at the others.

(Y/n) giggles and locks herself in the bathroom, and she can hear the boys yelling, running around, and banging on the door.

“What is going on?” Nancy says, and (y/n) can hear her footsteps as she walks downstairs.

“(Y/n)? Where are you? What’s happening?” She asks

“I’m in here!” (Y/n) yells from inside the bathroom.

The boys freeze as Nancy approaches the bathroom and whisper to eachother frantically with wild hand gestures. She raises her eyebrow and lightly knocks on the wall near the bathroom.

“Why are you in the bathroom? What’s with all of this screaming?” She says towards the wall.

“I went to get food, but there wasn’t any so I went to get some from Mike and his friends!” She explains, “but when I went into the basement, the boys all acted suspicious and tried to hide a magazine from me.” (Y/n) says with another fit of giggles.

“What’s the magazine of (y/n)?” Nancy says with a smirk, knowing whatever it is could be used as blackmail against Mike.

Mike interrupts his older sister, “(y/n)! Don’t look in the magazine! Please? I’ll give you all of the candy I’ve been stockpiling for months!”

“And I’ll give you my monthly allowance!” Will chimes in

“Dang… whatever is in this magazine must be super important.” (Y/n) says to herself with her brows knotted together. Throughout the entire endeavor, she has yet to look at what it actaully is.

She glances at the cover, and giggles immediately. “You guys are a bunch of perverts!” She yells

“What?” Asks Nancy, and she glances over at the boys who are still whispering and exchanging frantic looks.

“It’s a fucking PlayBoy magazine!” She yells at Nancy. “What a bunch of little dweebs.” She laughs again.

“HaHa… yep you caught us! Now can we please have the magazine back? Or you can throw it out if you want even!” Says Mike

It’s pretty obvious in his voice, that he’s faking relief. “What else are you hiding?” She mumbles to herself, and begins to flip through the magazine. She laughs and cringes at the nude women, and for a minute she thinks that maybe an innopropraite magazine is all it is. Her breath hitches when she turns to page 15, and five pieces of lose paper flutter out of the magazine.

“What’s this?” She asks herself.

“What’s what?” Asks Nancy

“(Y/n) for the love of god please just don’t look in the magazine!” Lucas and Dustin yell at her.

(Y/n) turns red as she reads the note to herself. The messy handwritting is matched with a couple of random doodles of people punching and dungeons and dragons characters.

On the first page, it says

“Things that we want to accomplish before senior year:”

Second page:


-have a girlfriend

-first kiss

-beat the high score on Dig Dug at the arcade ”

Third page:


-buy and fix up my own car

-beat the hell out of Troy and James”



-join the boxing tea

-beat up Troy and James

-bang a chick”

The fifth and final page, was Mike’s

“ Mike:

-build my own radio from scratch

-figure out where eleven went

-get (y/n) to date me”

She looks at the page, and to make sure that her brain isn’t playing tricks on herself, she re-reads the sentence at least 5 times. Then, it sets in and (y/n) realizes.

She opens the door to the bathroom, and hand the magazine and pages over to the boys. No words are spoken for a second until Mike starts to apologize.

“Listen (y/n) I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to tell you- or you to find out like that- or for you to even find out- or to-” She cuts him off.

“Hey Mike, look at the page.” She says with a smile. At the bottom of the page below Mike’s list, (y/n) had scribbled her own list.


-save up money enough to go to college

-fix up my car

-date the nerdy wheeler boy”

He glances down at the list, and blinks multiple time before looking at the girl with wide eyes and a blank tongue.

“Tomorrow, 7, the roller rink?” She asks the boy.

He nods and smiles so big she’s afraid his lip might split.

“Did I miss something?” Nancy asks in the background.

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Bruises On Another (part two)

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Prompt: Steve doesn’t know where they come from, and he isn’t exactly sure why they’re there. All he knows is that his body is littered in bruises, and there’s something different about them. They aren’t just bruises, and they certainly didn’t come from a trip in a step or clumsiness. No, Steve knows there’s more behind the marks that litter his body.

THIS IS A SERIES: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - finale

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: marks, bruises, pain, physical abuse, etc. I mean no disrespect to anyone or to upset anyone, this story starts off rough but I can say that things will get better.

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

P.S. This a soulmate AU.

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You left you last class of the day as quickly as you could. It wasn’t that it was per-say a bad class, or that the entire day had been bad, but the people in the room itself made you uncomfortable and you’ve never been one for socializing. Not to mention you couldn’t shake the sight of that boy, who you’d learned was Steve when Mr. Jones had called on him, had the exact same bruise on the exact same eye as you.

It must of be coincidence. That was the only logical explanation but you’ve see the bruise on your eyes enough times to know that the bruise on that boys face was identical to yours. Not just in the same place, but where the bruise faded and where it begun was exactly the same. You’d never seen anything like it, and you just knew that avoiding Steve was your best case scenario. It wouldn’t be good to get involved with a boy and you knew your father wouldn’t like it.

Once you made your way outside of the classroom, your fingers found the same sheet of paper before and with delicate fingers you searched for your locker number. You soon enough found it and once you did, your eyes begun to glance around the halls for the matching locker. Surprisingly it seemed this time it didn’t take you as long to find what you were looking for and you mentally sighed in relief, the sooner you were able to put your books away the sooner you could get home and you knew that’s what your father liked best.

Dialling the code into the lock, it soon enough popped open and you swung open your locker. You didn’t dwell long at the sight of your very old and very ruined locker, opting instead for shoving your books inside and shutting it the minute you were done. Once the books were out of your hand, you glanced around the busy hallway for a moment and paused in thought. This was to be the rest of your year, spending half of it in this hellhole and the other half at home where it was hell.

Your hand found its way to your neck where you found a necklace, the necklace that never seemed to leave your neck no matter what. To bite down the sickness that welled within you, you gripped the necklace pendant; a gold bird with it’s wings spread and felt some of your anxiety lessen. 

Though as you stood there, your eyes met a familiar brown pair and you paused. There was a second that you just stared into his eyes before you shook your head and turned the other way. You were meant to stay away from him, not literally gaze into his eyes from afar like some romantic drama. So that’s what you did, and soon enough you found yourself on the path towards home, clutching your backpack strap nervously.

Your arm ached but you ignored the pain and instead focused on the peaceful walk home. This new path home seemed to be your only solace now as it gave you time to truly be alone and by yourself. And as you walked you let your mind wander over just exactly how your life had turned this way. You thought about your old life, in Florida and realized how much you truly missed it. Your father and you had moved to Hawkin’s so abruptly and quickly it’d never really given you the time to think about everything. And now that you were here, you realized you’d give anything to go back to the way the things were.

Though, as always, the peace never did quite last long and soon enough you found yourself in front of your front door, just staring at it. You couldn’t quite describe the feeling that welled within you, knowing what waited behind the door but you knew you couldn’t avoid it anymore.

It was inevitable.

So slowly you slid your house key into the deadbolt and unlocked the door. You’d done this for so many days, you’d expected to grow use to the feeling by now but still you couldn’t seem to get ride of the weighing feeling that fell upon your shoulders or the way your hands began to shake in dread. You swung the door open and were relieved to see no one else around, and taking a step in you slipped off your shoes.

“Father?” You called softly, your voice barely above a whisper; just like it had been for so long.

You thought for a moment that you were in luck and you made your way to the staircase in relief but then footsteps echoed and a hand caught your arm. You closed your eyes for a moment, before turning around and meeting the gaze of your father. “Father.” You repeated, this time as a statement and respectively smiled his way. 

“You’re home late.” Was all your father said in a gruff voice.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and laughed lightly; “only a few minutes. And besides, it was the first day-” You stopped speaking the moment you felt his grip tighten, considerably, and bit your lip. “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

“How many times have I told you-” Your father began and you felt the sinking feeling within you grow as you knew that he wasn’t going to just let this pass. “I want you home before four thirty, no later. And I expect dinner to be ready by five.” 

“Yes,” was all you said.

Your father tugged you forward harshly, making you nearly trip over your own two feet as you narrowly missed falling down the stairs. Once your feet met solid ground, you straightened yourself out, trying to ignore the way your breath grew heavy and glanced back at your father nervously. You hated the way he glared at you, as if you’d actually done something wrong. Something more than arrive home a few minutes late.

“Dinner.” Your father ordered, letting go of your hand and you sighed in relief, the pain lessening considerably. “I expect it to be ready by five.” You nodded, knowing better than to speak and your father shoved in you in the direction of the kitchen harshly. This time you weren’t so lucky, and you tripped over your own feet and fell to the ground.

You let out a soft groan as your knees smacked against the hardwood and as you glanced behind you, you found your father already gone. Taking a deep breath, you ignored the pain in your knee and crawled up. With shame you made your way into the kitchen and leaned against the kitchen counter with a heavy sigh. You clenched your fists tightly, ignoring the way your nails dug into your palm and felt your body shake.

This was nothing new but yet every time it happened, it seemed to upset you more.

How was this fair?

Steve stood next to Nancy, leaning against the lockers with a distant look as he heard the chatter from the girls beside him. Normally, despite the sometimes girly talk, he was much more involved but ever since yesterday he couldn’t seem to get the image of you out of his head. The same day you appeared, bruises begun to appear on his arm and there was something about you yesterday; something that seemed off.

Mind you, he’d only seen you in one class and the only thing Steve knew about you was that you were a new student… but there was a feeling within Steve. He couldn’t describe it- but there was just something.

“Steve?” Nancy called, glancing over at her boyfriend in wonder. Furrowing her brows when the boy didn’t answer, she waved her hand in front of his face; “Steve?” That seemed to snap him out of whatever stupor he’d been in and blinking, he shifted his body to glance at Nancy with curiosity.

“Uh- what?”

Nancy laughed and a smile slipped over her friends face; “I asked you a question.”

Steve blinked again, feeling guilt well within him at the fact that he hadn’t been listening. Shaking his head lightly, he shifted his body so he was leaning towards Nancy and crossed his arms over his chest, letting a smile fall across his lips. “Sorry. What was it?”

Nancy shook her head in response, “it’s nothing.” She replied, waving it off and Steve nodded in response. Before he knew it he found himself glancing around the hallway in distant thought and Nancy pursed her lips, glancing over at her friend in question who only shrugged in response. “Hey.” Nancy called, setting a hand on Steve’s arm as his gaze fell to hers once again. “What’s wrong? You’ve seem odd ever since yesterday.”

Steve paused; “it’s nothing.” He shrugged, not wanting to worry Nancy. Pausing a moment, he decided to ask the question that had been plaguing his mind. “Hey, have you guys seen the new girl?”

“The one with the H/C hair?” Nancy’s friend questioned and Steve nodded in response.

“Yeah, I helped her find her class yesterday. I think she has english with you.” Nancy answered and Steve nodded in response, his eyes looking around in thought. 

“Yeah-” He nodded, “yeah she does.”


“Oh nothing.” Steve waved off, “she just seemed a bit off.”

“Well she was wearing that thick sweater in this heat, which I have no idea how she wasn’t dying.” Nancy commented, narrowing her eyes in what seemed like concern for a moment before looking over at her friend. “And she almost seemed jumpy. When I went to hand her back this piece of paper, she jumped as if i’d hurt her or something.”

“I heard some girls saw her covering up a bruise yesterday in the bathroom.”

Steve paused, his face falling with realization and he glanced over at Nancy’s friend, who he’d never bothered to learn the name of and asked; “what?”

Nancy’s friend raised an eyebrow and blew a bubble with her bubblegum. “Yeah,” she shrugged, like it was no big deal which it really wasn’t. Wasn’t to everyone except Steve. “Apparently a huge bruise over her left eye, all purple and shit.” The girl explained, taking her hand to demonstrate further. Steve slumped against the locker in confusion- it must- it has be a coincidence.

“Much like your’s Steve.” Nancy commented off-handedly.

“Yeah…” He mumbled, not really thinking. He’d known something was off with you yesterday, especially when he’d met your eyes and you almost looked like you’d seen a ghost. A bruise… exactly on your left eye just like his and his own had appeared the same day you did. Steve shook his head, this was crazy. There was no possible way that you had something to do with the bruises appearing on his body…


“There she is now.” Nancy spoke up, pulling Steve from his thoughts as he peered up and found you. Though his face fell when he saw exactly who you were with.

“With Billy?”

Part 3?

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  • You: Arya didn't end up trying to hurt Sansa, so she finally proved she's not some mindless sociopath. “̮
  • Me, an Intellectual: Arya managed to feel empathy and forgiveness for the Hound, someone she once hated enough to kill.
  • Arya couldn't kill Lady Crane, even though sparing her was virtually a death sentence and she *had* been watching Lady Crane portray Cersei on stage... It would have only been too easy to channel all of that rage and hatred Lady Crane's way.
  • Arya kept those Frey girls from drinking poison, because they had nothing to do with what happened to her mom, brother, and sister-in-law.
  • Arya was ready to leave those Lannister soldiers alone, because they had never hurt her. But they were nice to her and she was able to be friendly with them.
  • Arya picked her family over getting revenge.
  • Arya has consistently proven she's "not some mindless sociopath." “̮
Sansa Stark does not deserve your hatred

In my last year of school we had to write a character analysis and I decided to write about Sansa Stark. My teacher (who was only a couple of years older than me) was a huge asoiaf fan and he got really excited about it, but I remember him frowning and saying in a perplexed voice, “How can Sansa Stark be your favourite character?”

I looked at him with the same confusion mirrored in my own eyes and replied: “Because she is strong.” That was the first time I realised how hated Sansa was and it really infuriated me and so I decided to show him in my essay why she is my favourite character and honestly I think he got it because I did end up getting a good grade.

The analyse focused on book Sansa but this will focus on show Sansa,and it will probably be a bit of a read.

This here is the very moment I began to like Sansa. This is where she looses her innocence and where her character growth begins. This is when she goes from being a child to a young woman. This is where she wants to kill her Prince Charming and she would have if the Hound had not stopped her. This is also a part many viewers seem to overlook, deciding to still view Sansa as a stupid little girl and that is the problem with those who dislike Sansa, they refuse to acknowledge her growth.

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soulmate AU where they share dreams

  • ever since eddie can remember a beautiful boy has been in his dreams
  • sometimes he dreams simple things like going to the park with him or going swimming
  • sometimes it’s battling wizards and going on adventures
  • eddie has yet to hear his soulmates name but over the years of seeing him he has fallen head over heels in love
  • eddie naps during the day so he can see richie when he falls into a pit of depression
  • eddie comes out to his mother after years of her begging to hear about his soulmate
  • she tells him to keep sleeping until he gets a real soulmate
  • eddie sleeps for as long as he can each night because being with richie is the only time he’s happy
  • around the age of 20 eddie stops seeing richie in his dreams
  • he panics that his mums words have finally drilled in and gotten rid of the only person who really cared about him
  • he meets a girl who doesn’t have richie’s eyes but she has similar hair and he will take what he can get
  • he introduces her to his mum and they move out at 22
  • eddie is starting to forget richie’s face and voice and it’s the worst feeling
  • he wonders constantly what happened to his soulmate, whether richie still saw eddie
  • he constantly researches to try to find a case where this has happened and he finds nothing but happy stories
  • eddie’s girlfriend admits to him that her soulmate is a beautiful girl with dashing blue eyes and auburn hair
  • they both decide to stay together because although they aren’t in love they don’t have anyone else
  • eddie finally admits to his girlfriend that he hasn’t seen his soulmate in years
  • his girlfriend tells him more about her soulmate, how she dreams of them being mermaids and swims for hours with her
  • she tells him her name is beverly and eddie almost chokes on his drink
  • he calls up his old school friend who he hasn’t seen in five years and introduces them
  • beverly cries and kisses her and eddie finds it hard to smile because he really believes he will never find his love
  • when eddie goes to sleep that night he finally dreams of richie again and they kiss for hours
  • he wakes up with tears on his cheeks and calls beverly to tell her
  • he’s glad he has a friend now and his soulmate is back
  • he sleeps for most of the day again, sitting around a fire with blankets and marshmallows as richie tells him scary stories
  • he tries to figure out if dying is like a constant dream
  • eddie decides that chancing an entire life of dreaming with richie is worth it
  • he wakes up in a white room, looks around and then down at his bandaged arms stained red
  • he realises he’s in a hospital and cries because his plan didn’t work
  • he is nice to the nurses and tries to explain he just wants to be with his soulmate
  • then he hears a familiar voice saying his name and he turns
  • “so this is why you weren’t in my dream last night, what were you thinking, eds?”
  • eddie cries and is sure he did succeed in dying because this couldn’t be real
  • richie tells eddie that he got in a car crash five years ago and only just woke from his coma
  • richie tells eddie he dreamt of him the whole time, what, didn’t he?
  • eddie cries again and they go through the recovery process together
  • richie sneaks into eddies bed every night so they can sleep in each others arms
  • eddie dreams of richie and and when he wakes up richie is still there
  • eddie doesn’t want to die anymore
paint heaven and anger the gods

so the trailer for miss hokusai advertised one type of movie, and then the actual movie was …. something else entirely. but the trailer gave me ideas, so here they are:

there is girl –


there is woman –


there is a young woman, an old girl, and she has the eyes of youth but the weight upon her shoulders is that of age. or perhaps it is the other way around. perhaps she has the eyes of age, but upon her shoulder is the weightlessness of youth, of ignorance.

there she is, whatever she is.

her name is kana.

she is the daughter of a famous painter, known as juro. he is a man larger than life, and he paints wonderful things. he takes what is ugly, and makes it beautiful. he paints an unhandsome woman as a goddess, a sneering merchant as a king, a dirty city as a glowing capitol. he leaves all he touches brighter than it was found.

kana is not like her father.

she is a painter, but she is not famous. she has a mother she doesn’t speak to, and younger sister she visits as much as she can. she has pushed them both aside to follow her father, to sit with him in dirty shacks putting ink to paper as she does her best to make beautiful things. she throws off the expectations of her gender, of her station, of anything and everything in her pursuit to be a master painter.

technique is easy. she completes half of her father’s painting while he drinks, while he whores, while he seduces lords and ladies, while he paints empty things for empty people, while he leaves her alone in their dirty shacks. she can do the detail work, has a steady hand and a sharp eye, but when it comes to the whole picture – it is left lacking.

“her work lacks your beauty,” an old man says, talking to her old father while she kneels in the corner, ink staining her hands, the floor, ink just – staining.

“of course it does,” her father says, offhand. “how can she paint what she does not know?”

kana never expected lack of knowledge to be her downfall.

so that night when her father is gone, she does not stay in to work. instead kana paints her face, wears a kimono that’s too small on her, and goes to the worst part of the city, to where the alleyways and walls are stained red by the glow of the lanterns.

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My friend is reading TWoK for the first time. She sent me this text, while reading the chapter just before Sas Nahn:

I was feeling like a very bad friend…

A few minutes later:

And now she understands.

broken rings & queens and kings | kth

summary: to make a long, long story very, very short, you and kim taehyung have been sworn enemies ever since childhood, that is, until you find out that you’re betrothed to each other for the good of your kingdoms, and everything comes crumbling down.

{a long (and quite frankly, unnecessary) mixture of enemies to lovers!au, royalty!au, and arranged marriage!au}

pairing: taehyung x female reader
word count: 24k (ahhhhhhhhH!!!!!!!!)
genre: fluff, light angst, light smut
warnings: hate sex and strong language (when will i ever stop w/ the hate sex)
a/n: u guys don’t know how much this took out of me. dedicated to the one and only @guktwt, without whom i wouldn’t have even written this. this one’s for u, lara!! 

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I wanna give a shout out to Lottie Tomlinson for being amazing. I am so proud of her… She’s just a little bit younger than me; a year or so, and since being a fan of 1D I’ve like watched her grow from the sidelines and just. I admire her drive and tenacity and courage so much. I mean she not only stepped up to be there for her family in the wake of her mother’s illness and sudden passing, but she’s seizing all these opportunities and making moves with her career, and!!! She’s doing so well, like. I know absolutely nothing about make up or the make up industry but I /do/ know she’s a very special girl, with a very special heart, and a good head on her shoulders, and she has taken life (the good and the bad) and run with it and that’s so fucking rad. Congrats Lottie on your book, and congrats on whatever else you’re planning/going to do. I’m so excited for you!! Your mom would be so proud of you, love