girl in vacuum

tracer is the soft butch we needed also why do the heterosexuals think that showing a character is gay is inherently sexualization but putting girls in vacuum sealed cat suits that specifically cup each buttcheek and titty is fine

Here’s a reupload of an old top I released a long time ago. I still feel that there’s a lack of suit tops for female sims. The June 2016 patch gave me more options but masculine tops tend to look very awkward on busty sims like my girl here(her boobs looked vacuumed sealed). 

*Custom Thumbnail

*Updated Color Palette

*For T-E Elder Females

*Available in the Formal,Everyday,and Party

*Disabled for Random

*I included the PSD for recolorers

Credits: KiaraZurk(She separated the mesh from the Base Game outfit), @synthsims(He helped me create this mesh)



When a nice girl saw the vacuum cleaner 😾#cat

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your girl: she vacuums regularly, she launders clothes according to their care instructions, she tries to eat the recommended amounts of vegetables per dday, she doesn’t really buy into the vitamins thing but takes them just the same.

me: doesn’t own an iron, drinks soy milk from the carton, hasn’t done laundry since the massacre de la saint barthelemy

A Perfect Vacuum - Painting by Jeremy Geddess - prints have been sold out, but will be reprinted.

“ increasing the edition to 250 and limiting orders to one print per person. Email us at jez(at) if you’d like to be added to our contact list.”

HH:  Something about this painting is very engaging - you can imagine the girl sleeping in the upstairs bedroom of a quiet farm house or rural area and suddenly the vacuum power bursts open the window and all serenity is smashed in an instant and nothing will ever be the same. That’s how life can be sometimes, powerful unheavel of what we have known.  It was powerful to me (The painted image and real life).

External image
“What do you need, Harry?” Billy asked.
“Dark. Quiet. Explain it later.”
He put a hand on my shoulder and said, “Right.” Then he padded out of the room and shut the door.
It left me in the dark with my thoughts—which is where I needed to be.
“Come on, Harry,” I muttered to myself. “Get used to the idea.”
And I thought about the thing I’d Seen.
It hurt. But when I came back to myself, I did it again. And again. And
Yes, I’d Seen something horrible. Yes, it was a hideous terror. But I’d
Seen other things, too.
I called up those memories, too, all of them just as sharp and fresh as the horror pressing upon me. I’d Seen good people screaming in madness under the influence of black magic. I’d Seen the true selves of men and women, good and bad, Seen people kill—and die. I’d Seen the Queens of Faerie as they prepared for battle, drawing all their awful power around them.
And I’d be damned if I was going to roll over for one more horrible thing doing nothing but jumping from one rooftop to another.
“Come on, punk,” I snarled at the memory. “Next to those others, you’re a bad yearbook picture.”
And I hit myself with it, again and again, filling my mind with every horrible and beautiful thing I had ever Seen—and as I did, I focused on what I had bloody well done about it. I remembered the things I’d battled and destroyed.
I remembered the strongholds of nightmares and terrors that I had invaded, the dark gates I’d kicked down. I remembered the faces of prisoners I’d freed, and the funerals of those I’d been too late to save. I remembered the sounds of voices and laughter, the joy of loved ones reunited, the tears of the lost and bereaved.
There are bad things in the world. There’s no getting away from that. But that doesn’t mean nothing can be done about them. You can’t abandon life just because it’s scary, and just because sometimes you get hurt.

Harry Dresden (Turn Coat by Jim Butcher)

I love that Harry has ways of coping with psychic trauma and that he knows himself well enough to know exactly what he needs to do in situations like this to calm himself down enough to function again.

Harry knows the best way to conquer fear is knowledge, and by making himself See the Naagloshi over and over again, it forces him to learn what it is and not leave anything to his paranoid imagination. And this part is (I think) the first time we see him counting with prime numbers, which is obviously essential later on.

I just love love love love love that Harry suffers huge amounts of trauma and doesn’t just hand-wave it away because he’s the Stoic Manly Protagonist. He has to deal with it, and it is hard to do, and the horrific things he sees in the Sight literally never go away. But he doesn’t let it control him, either.

I just really wish I had the kind of self-control/ability to get myself together the way Harry does in times of stress/panic/anxiety/pain.