girl in tuxedo

“In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!”

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I am rewatching Sailor Moon with subtitles for the first time ever. I’ve rewatched a few eps but to be honest I don’t think I’ve really sat down and watched it since I was in elementary school and the dub was being aired on TV. I am loving every minute of it. And yesterday the show turned 25 years old! People have asked me if I’ve seen Crystal yet but you cannot beat the original. It’s too good.

Also Sailor Venus has always been my favorite since I was a kid. Her and Usagi are pretty tied. I love them all tho like seriously.

Meanwhile in Wakanda, part ii
  • Steve: Everybody shut up! *picks up phone* Hey Sharon.
  • Wanda: HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!
  • Bucky: come back to bed!
  • Sam: *various sex noises*
  • T'Challa: tell her i said hi
  • Scott: pass the weed!
  • Clint: *blasting out curse words*

DAY 3: screencap redraw/edit

A beautiful mexican gal and her tuxedo gal partner!!! just gals being pals!!!!

week made by @queenmarco <3


I’ve just recently uploaded my first designs to sell online!

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& of course when I say designs, I mean my Miraculous LadyBug meets Sailor Moon fan art because I’m a huge dork. 

Please feel free to check it out! Link to my new shop is below  🐞💖🌙

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