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I was seventeen and my mom was on hold with AOL; it was like over an hour into her hold session when I walked out, and was like, "hey ma, remember that girl you met yesterday? kinda short, with long dark curly hair? yeah? sweet. we've been dating for six months." she couldn't make chase when i walked away because she was on a land line and she didn't want to lose her spot in the cue. priorities, right?

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Pensive…. (which is my poetic way of saying ‘over thinking’!) 

bi!hermione isnt talked about enough so let’s!!!

  • hermione not even thinking about anyone in a romantic way until well into her third year because she’s got more important things to focus on
  • (like her best friends not dying)
  • (and studying)
  • so it throws her for a loop when she’s studying with the other gryffindor girls and notices how parvarti has a nice smile and her laugh is so sweet like honey that it makes hermione’s heart clench
  • she pushes it away and is quite flattered when krum takes an interest in her
  • she mistakenly thinks that if she is attracted to a boy then surely she isn’t gay
  • but she cant stop thinking about the beuxbatons girls and their long legs and soft hair
  • she (of course) overthinks it but eventually decides that it’s envy and not attraction and she settles with that
  • (envy doesn’t explain why her dreams all fourth year involve silky french accents and falling from soft, pink lips)
  • in fifth year, she’s comforting a hufflepuff in the year below who has the words “i will not hold another girls hand in the halls” scratch on the back of her hand and when the other girl presses her mouth tenderly on to hermione’s cheek in thankfulness, hermione thinks about it for weeks
  • (just after she runs into the bathroom to see if it left a mark because it feels as though the kiss is lingering in her skin and it’s burning)
  • shortly after she starts noticing the way that alicia spinnet, a seventh year, is flirting with her in the library and hermione starts to flirt back
  • she loves the way her cheeks flush when she tells her she has nice eyes and the way her lips quirk when she compliment’s hermione back
  • then dumbledore dies and her life becomes a hurricane of hiding and surviving
  • so, at first, the sexuality crisis is put on old while the trio seaches for horcruxes
  • then, on one of the trips for food, hermione stops in a small book store and finds books on sexuality
  • when it’s her turn on watch (which are few and far between bc harry refuses to leave until he is nearly passing out), she discretely reads the book she bought and stumbles across bisexuality
  • sure, she knew that there were people who liked more than one gender, but she didnt know there was such a simple term for it. 
  • let alone that she might be one of those people
  • (after the war, when she comes out to her friends and her boyfriend, harry tells her how he caught her staring at romilda vane’s butt in the common room once or twice)