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I love all the members of the losers club; bill denbrough, beverly marsh, ben hanscom, richie tozier, eddie kaspbrak, *looks at smudged writing on hand* stamping urine, and mime hammerhead
—  it (2017)
hopelessly devoted (to you)

(I am so so sorry for the long wait for this chapter! Life just got in the way and i’ve only just had the opportunity to sit and write it! As you’ll notice I have diverged from the canon movie just a little in regards to Eddie and Richie’s reunion as the whole scene in the movie when Danny shuns Sandy in front of his friends doesn’t really fit. I hope you guys don’t mind! Anyway…this chapter is a little shorter but on we go! This chapter is unbeta’d so I apologise for any spelling mistakes. Once again I’d like to thank @stannleyuriss for the moodboard!)

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chapter three: eddie, my love

word count: 1.5k

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Warnings: some swearing and slurs from Henry Bowers and his goons! Reference to smoking and sex! All characters are 17-18 in this fic!

Since Eddie had never attended public school before, the pep rally he was about to watch would be classified as his first. The whole school had gathered on the bleachers as the coach of Derry High’s football team gave what the others would claim was the most inspiring speech he’d ever delivered. Eddie would never admit it to any of his friends, but he found it a little boring.

The cheerleaders were on the grass, doing their multiple routines and throwing pom-poms in the air. Beverly was sitting next to him, as usual with a cigarette between her lips, her eyes glancing from side to side as though she was looking for someone. They had yet to be joined by Stan, Mike and Audra but they couldn’t be who Bev was looking out for. Eddie glanced back and forth also, wondering if he had missed something vital to do with the pep rally but he couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, so he voiced his thoughts.

“What’s wrong Bev?” Eddie yelled over the yelling of the crowds and Beverly turned her head to him, eyebrows raised. Eddie returned her look, waiting for an answer.

Finally she sighed and ran a hand through her short curls, pushing her bangs out of her eyes, “Eddie, there is something I need to tell you, and I’m sorry for not telling you before but-”

“Beverly Marsh, don’t spoil a good surprise now,” the voice of Stan broke through the crowd and he plopped himself down between Beverly and Eddie, separating them. A smirk was present on Stan’s lips and it was giving Eddie an uneasy feeling. Mike and Audra were still standing on the steps, their expressions unreadable. Eddie opened his mouth, intending on asking Stan what he meant by surprise, when the mic screeched and the principals voice echoed throughout the bleachers.

“I am very happy to announce that Derry High has been chosen to participate in this years live Dance Off Live!” As the words left her lips the whole school erupted into screams and cheers of excitement. Eddie covered his ears with his hands to block out the noise he looked to Beverly for some sort of explanation. Instead of his cousin answering him, Mike piped up.

“It’s a live television competition that happens every year. Each year they pick a different high school senior class to participate. You have to pick a partner, and well, you dance and it’s all broadcast live on national television!” Eddie felt his stomach twist at the fact that it was live, which meant his mother would probably see it. “You don’t have to dance though. The live dance off only lasts about ten minutes, if you don’t want to take part you can sit on the bench and watch.”

To Eddie, that sounded like a much better option, after all, he wanted to attend the dance. Nodding at Mike’s words, Eddie sighed in relief as the screaming subsided and turned into a mere murmur. All he wanted to do now was go home, but it seemed that Stan had other plans as he wrapped his fingers around Eddie’s wrist, pulling him towards the stairs. He turned back to look at his cousin, only to see Bev with a look of apology on her features.

“We’re going to meet some new people Eddie, my boyfriend Bill and his…possey.” Stan added that little part on at the end and Audra snorted.

Sure Stan, it’s Bill’s possey. Don’t lie to Eddie now.” Audra winked as he walked ahead. They had moved away from the bleachers, heading towards the back end of the parking lot where the smokers usually hung out. Eddie had never strayed this far away from the school, mainly because he was concerned his asthma would begin acting up if he were to incidently inhale some of the cigarette smoke. Beverly smoking wasn’t too bad as it was just her, and she was mindful of him, however the smokers wouldn’t be so mindful.

                                                       * * *

Richie rolled his eyes as Bill and Ben shoved at each other playfully, making fun of the coach and his over dramatic speech. Normally, Richie would have joined in, used his impression of the coach and made the boys laugh but he wasn’t feeling it lately. He wasn’t in his usually goofy mood, his mind constantly wandered back to the summer, back to Eddie.

His thoughts were disrupted by the loud roar of a car engine and a familiar black convertible pulled up next to him, Henry Bowers sitting behind the drivers wheel, Greta Keene sitting next to him, a smirk plastered on her make up splattered face, cigarette between her teeth. Richie felt his whole body shake with anger, god how he hated Henry Bowers and his gang of idiots. They were two years older than Richie and his friends, but they still insisted on hanging around the high school, desperate to make Richie’s life a living nightmare.

“Tozier, not seen you in a while, been busy fucking all those Florida boys?” Henry sneered and Richie’s eyes narrowed. “Heard you had a piece of ass in the sunshine state. Could have brought him back for the rest of us to have a go!”

How Henry Bowers found out about Eddie Richie would never know, but he wasn’t going to let him talk about Eddie like that. He took a step forward but both Ben and Bill held him back, “Wow, Richie, don’t rise to the bait, you’ll just make it worse.” Ben spoke firmly and Richie stopped his advance, leaning back.

“Better listen to your fat friend and his stuttering sidekick. Hey Buh-Buh-Billy. Where is your slut of a boyfriend tonight huh? Out smoking with that skank Beverly and her weird new cousin?” Laughter erupted from the gang in the car and Greta pulled the cigarette out from between her teeth and threw it at the boys before Henry revved the engine and sped off, leaving nothing but dust in his wake.

“I hate that guy,” Richie sneered, “I hate him. Fuck,” Richie kicked at the wheel of his shitty truck, letting out a cry of anger.

“Jeez, what’s got you all wound up?” Richie looked up at the new voice and Stan rounded the corner a smirk on his face, “Doesn’t matter, I got a surprise for you Tozier.” He stopped next to Bill, giving him a kiss which involved way more tongue than Richie cared to see, before he pulled back and tilted his head in the direction of voices. Voices that belonged to Beverly Marsh, Mike Hanlon, and Audra Phillips.

Richie’s eyes bugged out of his head, his jaw dropping down almost to the floor as he saw the extra person that was with them. Eddie. He had his eyes covered by Beverly’s hand, her expression soft and apologetic as she met Richie’s shocked brown ones. They stopped just before him and Bev paused for a moment before removing her hand, Stan, “ta dah!’ echoing in the background as Eddie’s eyes focused. As Eddie realised who was standing before him, he gasped and took a step back.

Richie?!” A hand covered Eddie’s mouth as the name escaped his lips in a high pitched squeak. Richie was slowly getting over his shock and a smile was taking over his features instead. Ignoring the stares from both his friends and Stan’s gang he took a step forward, eyes soft and out of character.

“Eds,” he spoke softly. “Eds what are you doing here? I thought you were going back to New York?”

“I was. I was but my mother had a heart attack and I had to come live with my aunt here in Derry. I- I can believe this. Out of all the schools! I- I looked for your address but I must have left it at the hotel in our rush to pack!”

Richie shook his head at how things worked out and instead of replying, he pulled Eddie close around the waist, their bodies pressed flush against each others. Richie buried his nose into Eddie’s hair, revelling in the familiar smell of strawberry shampoo that he had become so acquainted with over the summer.

It was Stan’s cough that broke them out of the intimate moment and Richie forced himself to take a step back, “Yes Stanley?”

Stan raised his eyebrow, “Nothing, I didn’t say a word,” Bill tugged Stan’s arm and pulled him away from the scene. Mike and Audra walked just a little bit away, not going too far as Stan was their ride and they were hanging out at his house tonight. Ben looked up and met Beverly’s eyes, a smile making his way onto his cheeks as he tilted his head. Beverly nodded but turned to her cousin.

“Ten minutes, remember we have a sleepover at Stan’s tonight and you’re not skipping out.” Beverly warned and Eddie nodded his head, his eyes still trained on Richie’s.

Beverly walked away with Ben with a smile on her face, one thought in her mind: that went better than I ever thought it would.

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  • Lucy: Excuse me, girls. Might I take a peek at your gazebo reservation form?
  • Erza: (in drunken state) Beat it!
  • Lucy: (chuckles) Yeah, well. We each have a good case.
  • Cana: What part of “beat it” didn’t you understand?
  • Lucy: Mmm…I guess that would be the “it”. I’m not too sure to what that refers, as the-Ow! (gets smacked by a booze bottle on her forehead)
  • Levy: Oh, it’s hopeless. They’re some she-males in gazebo three, a nasty-looking spider in gazebo six, and the less said about gazebo eight, the better.
  • Lucy: Ah, Master. Thank God you’re here. We reserved gazebo seven and look. (points at the gazebo)
  • Makarov: Jeez, how many gazeboes do you girls need? (walks into the gazebo) Booze me, brats! (Cana tosses him a cold one)
  • Levy: Why do we live in a guild where the smartest have no power and the stupidest run everything? Maybe I should just move back to Blue Pegasus guild.

Fun story, when you are setting up a tripod in a gazebo, people will assume you know things about said gazebo and start asking you questions about it.

The Anatomy of The Fallout 4 Clueless Gamer Cold Open

I’m extremely lucky that I get to work at a such a creative place with such an extremely talented group of hardworking people. Like everything else that goes on TV, the cold open was the work of many people working together - and I thought I’d take a moment to highlight those people by tearing apart the Fallout 4 Cold Open we did and explaining a bit of the process of how it all came together.

To begin, let’s start with the finished product - The Fallout 4 Clueless Gamer Cold Open:

Okay, so now that we know where we ended up… How did we get here? Well, every comedy sketch, no matter how big or how small starts with one thing: 

An idea.

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