girl ima have to call you back

Eyes on Me, baby girl.

Kim Jiwon/Bobby iKON       x        You (reader)

Fluff / lil bit of angst / lil bit of smut (????!?!?!)

You just finished cleaning your house and baking cookies until 7 boys barge in. One of them was your boyfriend, Bobby.

“Heeeyy.” You greeted them with your tired face

“Did we bother you? I mean, we can go back..” Donghyuk shook his head

“No, no. Come in boys, I just finished baking cookies.” You smiled, let them in one by one.

You hugged your ex-crush, Kim Hanbin,

“How are you?”

“I’m good, as good as you.” You smiled and laughed. You liked Hanbin and Hanbin liked you too but the timing wasn’t right, until you found your Mr. Right named Kim Jiwon aka Bobby.

“Well,” Bobby showed up between your hug with Hanbin. He looks awkward.

You let go of Hanbin’s hands, face Bobby and you smiled.

“How’s the hug?”

“Your hug is the best.” You walked towards him and rested your body on his chest, “I miss you so much.”

“Me too, what’s my girl doing this afternoon?” He pinched your nose

“Mmmm I just finished baking.” You two went inside your house and looking at the boys.

Donghyuk approached you, “Have you read this?” he handed you a poem book.

“Yeaaah, it’s really good.” And you two fell to the conversation about the books.

Suddenly, Bobby sat beside you and rested his head on your shoulder,

“Hmmmmm” he groan.

“What’s the matter baby boy?” You rubbed his jawline almost got cut by it.

“Talk to meeeee” You’re aware that he’s jealous of Dongdongie.

“Wait, wait,” You continue to talk with Donghyuk about the poems and author.

You finally get up and joined Hanbin and Jinhwan playing cards. You laughed at Hanbin’s facial expression and Jinhwan aegyo that annoys Hanbin. And soon Junhoe made a sexy expression that makes Hanbin cringe.

“You even laughed with another boy?” Bobby whispered into your ears almost succeed in turning you on.

Bobby took your body and hug you from behind, the flying butterflies never die on your stomach everytime he touched you. His scent– that you’ve been missing all this time.

“Hey Y/N! Come hereee.” Yunhyeong and Chanwoo screamed your name.

“What’s wrongg??”

“Try this lipbalms!!!” Yunhyeong smear the new lipbalm on her lips.

Bobby can’t stand it anymore. He took the lipbalm and threw it at the floor, “Don’t touch her lips.” Bobby said coldly and went to the kitchen.

Now you’re fully aware that he’s really angry and jealous. You hugged him from behind,

“Baby boy..” You draw on his sixpacks.

“Go. I’m going to spend my time alone.” He said, enjoying your touch but keep lying because of his pride.

“No, I’m done with them…” You feed him a marshmallow one by one, at first he rejected it, and finally your finger successfully in to his mouth.

“I’m going to spend the rest of my day with my boyfriend. I’m done with my friends…” You circled on his sixpacks.

He turned back, stared at you, and went to your bedroom. You followed him with a light step.

He sat on your bed. You stood on the door.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous. You look hotter.”

“I may look cute to you, but I’m afraid.” He stared at you with a serious look and husky voice.

“..Babe.” You sat beside him, stroking his face gently.

“I mean. Look at me. I’m ugly, I’m just an ordinary boy. Ordinary boyfriend. Look at Hanbin’s charisma, Jinhwan’s and Junhoe’s sexiness, Donghyuk’s cleverness, Chanwoo’s cuteness, and Yunghyeong’s face. I’m just nothing compared to them…”

“I don’t want to lose you, I want to be your love. I can’t lose you– I don’t want to, I can’t even ima–”

You kissed his lips.

“Who the hell called this beautiful soul ‘nothing’?? You have it all inside your soul, Bobby. You are perfect in my eyes, you’re the most wonderful creature God ever create. I’m just playing with my friends– your friends. My heart belongs to you– the one and only, you.” You stroked his hair.

“Don’t leave me.” He hugged you tighter than ever.

“Thank you for telling me that.” He smiled and look at you the way you like it.

“Promise me that you’ll keep your eyes on me, baby girl.”He finally stroked your hair, your back, and he turns you on.

“I’m all yours.” You smirked and gave him the naughty look.

“Your lips tasted like heaven.”

“Thanks to Yunhyeong???” You laughed in your kiss.

“Not. the lipbalm. But your lips. Your lips only.”

He pushed you to the bed and tasting you all for himself.