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DOn’t ASK ME ABOUT THE FIRST ONE But the second one is, “ Kurahashi and Okajima are good friends and sometimes go out shopping so she help him buying cute clothes (without ppl think he’s a creep)”

i think ppl usually forgot it’s canon that okajimas likes to crossdressing com e on ppl

when you’ve been questioning your gender for 6 years but still dont know what you are other than “not a girl”.


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ahh I don't want to get ahead of myself either but honestly if its revealed that amy's pregnant at the end of this season or next season I would not be surprised!! It could just be charles being charles but it could also be foreshadowing!

i wouldn’t be surprised either! and when i think about the amount of baby jokes this season and now charles’ “i’ll be back in 9 months” i’m like OH MY GOD THIS IS ALL FORESHADOWING?? bc tbh if the writers will follow the “big jake x amy relationship development in the season finale” pattern all we have are these two options: pregnancy or proposal. and i don’t think they would fit proposal in this season finale bc as far as we know there’s a lot going on and imo proposal deserves more attention. but a little scene at the end when we see amy finding out she’s pregnant?? it’s possible

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Is there any girl that dylann had his eye on

Yes, this one is very old, he liked two Mexican girls (two sisters) and had a crush on one of them. It was during freshman year.
He slept with a black girl in Eastover but idk when this happened. And in May 2015 he wanted to talk to a black dancer in a strip club and wanted a dance from her but was too shy to ask. 

also reminder to support autistic girls and chronically ill girls and girls who are wheelchair users and girls with invisible disabilities and girls who are amputees and girls who are deaf or blind and basically just support every disabled girl

if ur feminism doesn’t include disabled girls then ur feminism is shit 👏👏👏