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Scott is 30 years old. He’s been Tessa’s partner for 20 years. Let that sink in <3

More big news out of the NWHL today:

“The defending Isobel Cup champion Buffalo Beauts will face the New York Riveters on Saturday, Nov. 4 at 7:30 pm at the 2,500-seat Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex. The NWHL was invited to Rochester by the directors of the Bauer Fire on Ice Tournament, which will be held that weekend. Bauer Fire on Ice is produced by LEGACY Global Sports and is one of the largest girls’ ice hockey tournaments in the world.”

Source: @NWHL on Twitter

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PEOPLE Never take me seriously when I say Phoebus stole a dog, but he deadass stole a dog. He got arrested for it, ofc. And Ben totally showed up and bailed him out. 
Why did you steal a freaking dog, Ben would ask him, And Phoebus would go on a long tirade on how the dog’s owner was never taking proper care of her anyway, and he didn’t think anyone would care. 

Also, Phoebus would have Bad Leg Days, and it’ll always have to be up to Ben and Ari (but mostly Ben) to lug his ass home. Sometimes Phoebus gets jealous that  Ben Seems To Like Malek More so he’ll always bother Ben about stuff.

One time Ben dated this girl who was into ice hockey, and when they broke up, He dated another girl who was into lacrosse and Phoebus had a Field Day. He’d go up to Ben and be all, gee Ben, if you were into Canadians, you shoulda just told me, I’m right here. 

He goes fishing with Phoebus. He catches Fish, Phoebus catches cryptids. 

I remember I mentioned Phoebus wants to start a band with Malek, and Ben is like, 100% up for it, he’s been bothering Malek to start a band with them for god knows how long. Also, him and Phoebus do a lot of volunteer work at shelters! The rest of the baseball team comes with him, even though most of them try to stop Malek from tagging along ‘cause the poor guy’s overworked like 100% of the time (Malek “110% effort” Solh)

I’M GONNA TALK SOME MORE ABOUT TATER’S LESBIAN MOMS. I had the original idea back in October, and then I decided I was going to do it for my Swawesome Santa, which I thought was super secret like Yuletide, so I clammed up about it since then. So I actually put a fair amount of work into researching the idea, but the fic turned into this monstrously huge unwieldy outline with 14 separate plot-important scenes at its smallest, and like five different emotional arcs, and I couldn’t do it, so I wrote Leave Your Lovers Like Campfires instead.

So now I’ll just cut it down to one aspect, which is Tater’s moms Sasha and Galina. Even just cut down to one aspect, in bullet points, without weaving in the other plot threads, this post is three thousand words long. /o\

I read what I could find in my libraries on social and LGBT history in Russia, but resources in English are honestly pretty limited and I know I’m making shit up here. MY APOLOGIES TO ACTUAL RUSSIANS. But for what it’s worth, the books I found most useful were Lesbian Lives in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia by Francesca Stella, Cracks in the Iron Closet: Travels in Gay and Lesbian Russia by David Tuller, and Putin Country: A Journey Into the Real Russia by Anne Garrels.

Content notes: Homophobia, being closeted, coming out, mental illness, and suicide.

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Jon x Sansa | Winter Olympics AU 

Jon Snow expects the usual from his fourth and – maybe – final Olympics: the thrill of playing on the world stage; a medal for his team, hopefully gold; and endless sex- and booze-filled parties that culminate in him waking up in bed with nameless foreign women. Jon expects victory, glory, casual hook-ups, maybe even an orgy or two – whatever happens in the Olympic Village stays in the Olympic Village, as the saying goes. But Sochi turns out to be different. A chance encounter with Sansa Stark – first-time Olympian, talented figure skater and, more importantly, sister of his Penguins teammate Robb – leads to a one-night stand in his room. And then another one. And another. Nights spent together bleed into days and days turn into weeks and Jon realizes that he doesn’t want this to end with the Olympics.