girl i can make your hips stir

Married and Reminiscing

The one where it’s the day after your wedding.

She’s my wife. It’s morning. It’s the first morning of waking up to my wife and it feels god damn amazing. She was beautiful as my girlfriend, striking as my fiancé, and now she’s absolutely breathtaking as my wife. I don’t know how she manages to do it, but she makes my heart skip a beat just from her doing absolutely nothing. I can’t believe she’s my wife.

I traced (Your Name)’s jawline as she slept so peacefully. Last night was her first time, but you would’ve never believed it. God, the way her hips moved drove me crazy. She was literally the girl of my dreams, and now there’s a ring to prove it. (Your Name) stirred, waking up. Her brown eyes looked into my own as she giggled a bit. Jesus Christ, I’d married an angel.

“Everytime I fall asleep you end up tracing my jaw. It’s a strange habit of yours. I think you should get therapy.”

It was my turn to laugh, part of it from her choice of words, the other half from her raspy morning voice. It was much different from her high pitched squeal.

“Good morning, Mrs. Bieber.” I joked, admiring both rings.

“Oh, I forgot I’m married. But I don’t remember marrying such a pig.” (Your Name) joked, rolling her eyes in fake regret.

“This pig is the luckiest one in the whole barn.” I played along.

(Your Name) let out a cackle.

“You did not just say that. I want a divorce with your dorky ass.”

“Stop playing, (Your Name). Give me some love, babygirl.”

(Your Name) leaned in and kissed me, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“By the way, you were on fire last night. Can’t wait to tell the boys.” I winked.

“You do, and it’ll be the last thing you ever tell them.”

I widened my eyes, pretending to be threatened, knowing she was only joking.

“What should we do today, hubby?” (Your Name) asked.

“First we should fuck again cause you were unbelievable.” I winked once more.

“Justin! No!”

Wow. I never thought I’d here that from a girl.


“Okay, we’ll just wait until tonight. It’ll give me something to look forward to.”

I kissed (Your Name) on the lips as she kissed me back. We made out for a good two minutes before I pulled away.

“God, I could kiss you for hours.” (Your Name) moaned.

“I could do the same.”

“Who would’ve thought on August 11th, 2012, at the Santa Monica Pier, that these two whipped dorks would end up married to each other and madly in love?” (Your Name) reminisced.

“I did. I knew it from the start. Everything about that day had me hoping and praying I’d end up with you.”

(Your Name) looked up at me with loving eyes.


“Absolutely. Remember Fredo’s speech?” I thought back to last night.


“Hi everyone. So my name is Fredo and I’ve been a part of Justin and (Your Name)’s lives since the first time they had met. You’re not gonna believe this, but Justin had completely fallen in love with this girl the minute he laid eyes on her.”

Everyone in the room laughed. I looked at (Your Name), and held her dainty hand as she smiled.

“It was August 11th, 2012. Justin and I and our buddy Ryan,” Fredo pointed to Ryan in the back of the room.

“We went down to the Santa Monica Pier. (Your Name) was with her two friends. Now, (Your Name) was the biggest Belieber on the planet.”

(Your Name) giggled from the seat next to mine as she shrugged.

“She loved him so much, that she decided to marry him.”

Our guests burst into a fit of laughter, as did we.

“(Your Name) wore a white romper, and the front part of her hair was pulled back, and I only know this, because Justin took a picture of her and set it as his lock screen.”

My face turned red. (Your Name) didn’t need to know that part. She was gonna hold this against me for years on end.

“(Your Name) noticed Justin and started freaking out. Justin found it amusing, as (Your Name) made her way over towards him. She had about ninety freckles all over her face, from the previous July, and the smile on her face wouldn’t disappear. She was so excited to meet her idol, and Justin was so excited to meet the love of his life.”

The crowd gave an “aw” as I smiled at (Your Name). She was so beautiful.

“The six of us decided to get something to eat. (Your Name) forced us all to get crab fries. Just kidding, she didn’t become a bitch until the first year of their relationship.”

(Your Name) jokingly scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“The moment Justin knew he was in love was when (Your Name) had finished her fries in under three minutes, so she started eating some of his. To this day, she still takes his food.”

(Your Name) threw her head into her hands as I laughed so hard that I was crying and rubbed her back.

“After (Your Name) had eaten something from everyone’s plate…”

Laughter emerged from the entire room.

“Justin decided to show off his made game skills, so he won (Your Name) a giant gorilla. Now, (Your Name)’s favorite animal is a gorilla. Coincidence? I think not. (Your Name) had told us she was moving to LA in three weeks to attend UCLA, so Justin went and bought a house right near the university, with a matching Ferrari.”

I laughed at the completely true memory. I was so obsessed with (Your Name), and I still am. If not, even more obsessed.

“A year later, Justin and (Your Name) became the most well known couple in the universe. With this unbreakable bond, came some hardships. Justin suffered mental health issues, and sometimes it was all too much for (Your Name) to handle. But never once did she ever give up on him. Though some nights consisted of worried thoughts, and tears, she was one of the only people that would always be there for him at the end of the day. He did some stupid ass things, (Your Name), so thanks from all of us for cleaning up his act. When Justin got arrested in 2014, we thought it would be the end for them. He wasn’t doing well, and everyone, including (Your Name), knew it. We sighed to ourselves. We begged that (Your Name) wouldn’t leave him. Not now, not ever. She was the one who paid to get him out of jail. She was the one who constantly reminded him of who he really was. And when she was tired of looking like a fool, she threatened to leave. That’s when Justin knew, he had really screwed up. He called me one night in tears, saying (Your Name) stayed at a friend’s house because she couldn’t stand being walked all over by her own boyfriend. Justin was scared. He didn’t realize until that moment how few people were there for him. When (Your Name) returned home, Justin was a different man. He stopped hanging around the wrong people and doing wrong things. He got back into the studio. In 2015, Justin was back on top. And who was right by his side? (Your Name). A couple that’s been put in the spotlight for four years is getting married tonight. And I couldn’t be happier about it. If there’s two people in the world that are absolutely meant for each other, it’s Justin and (Your Name). Through thick and through thin, you’ll never see them face anything alone. I’m proud to call them both my best friends. I love you guys. Together, you’re unstoppable.”

I turned towards a sobbing (Your Name) and kissed her. We’re The Biebers. We’re unstoppable. We’re absolutely positively crazy about each other.


girl I can make your hips stir