girl i can make your hips stir

Let me in (FIN)

Bucky x shy!reader

Notes: fluff, mentions of nightmares, angsty, smutty.

Last part! It’s a sort of wrap up, so a bit short. Thanks for reading everyone!:)

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“Sam, will you calm down?” Steve rolls his eyes to the man who’s eyes are still wide with shock. He’d been yelling for the last five minutes in the kitchen about how he found Bucky and Y/N in a compromising position as they weren’t even trying to be quiet about it.

“No! I’m scarred for fucking life!” Sam yells throwing up his hands dramatically. “She’s been like a sister to me for as long as I can remember, and this is not how I want to see my siblings!”

Steve can’t hold back a grin, “But she isn’t your sister, Sam. You should be happy for them. We’ve all been waiting for this to happen”

“I surely wasn’t waiting to come busting through her door when she sounds like she’s in trouble and find her fucking Barnes” Sam grumbles.

Steve doubles over with laughter. “Knight in shining armour” he giggles uncontrollably, making Sam all the more agitated.

“Screw this. I’m going to the gym” he mutters under his breath, leaving Steve in his fit of giggles.

Secretly he’s happy for them. They seem made for each other, in a strange way, but still. He exits the building with a smile plastered on his face, thinking of how his shy, timid friend could finally be happy.

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