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little mommy with a big heart

Name- amelia for now

Age- 17

Gender- female 

Where do you live- USA, west coast

Where would you want your little to live- I am more then open to an LDR relationship but close to me would be wonderful!

Caregiver Name- mommy, momma, bubba, anything else you can think of.

Little gender- male or female

Little Age- any age is fine!

About yourself- I am a 17 year old female who adores reading and listening to music. I also enjoy watching movies aimlessly on lazy summer days and drinking large mugs of coffee. I am not athletically inclined, but I am flexible so aha! I also tend to make punny jokes and corny pickup lines, so I am sorry ahead of time. 

What are you looking for in a little- I would like a little girl or boy I can care for and most importantly support. Someone I can talk to for hours and maybe on FaceTime or Skype if they’re open to it. I would also love to read to my little and listen to them ramble about whatever they’d like! I am open to absolutely anything! I would also love to send intentionally funny photos with snapchat filters if my little is into that sorta thing, haha. 

What are you like as a caregiver- I am very caring, but also stern. Bad littles do not go without punishments, I have rules as well. On the other hand, I am open with my little and happy to hear about their day or thoughts or anything. I love to play and have tea parties and such with my little! I have had two littles in the past so I have some experience, however I am always open to suggestions or desires from my little. 

How to contact you- for now, on my tumblr: @crybabyamelia

Important information- I do not mind having a non-sexual relationship. I also suffer from a mental illness that sometimes enables me from being completely present, but I am trying my hardest to get a handle on it!

Do you have any disabilitys (for instance being mute)- None

Romantic or platonic- Romantic

Mono or poly- Monogamous 

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If your still doing request and stuff for fandomstuck, could you draw homestuck as a girl and maybe everybody's reaction

On it owo

okay i am sorry if this looks bad i am still practicing with this program but i might just give up on it aha :’)

But woop i drew a comic for your ask but das okie

here ya go ;v;

Bad Reputation [BTS X GOT7]

a/n: okie, i’m actually very very excited for this series cause i for once have it planned out pretty well so hope you’re as excited for this as i am!!

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Genre: Angst

Part One //

Word Count: 2,631

Summary: One of them had a bad reputation, while the other was your best friend.

You started to curse silently as you continued your search for something good to wear. Wanting to wear something cuter than just jeans and a t-shirt had caused you to spend longer than necessary on completing what was supposed to be a simple task. 

Your phone started to vibrate, creating a rough grinding noise as it rubbed against your desk. Glancing at the caller ID, you immediately swiped green and turned on the speaker phone. 

“Y/N? Are you still getting ready? You said you would message me when you were done so we could pick you up but it’s been like over half an hour,” the deep voice complained and you scoffed at your older brother.

“Listen Joonie, I’m almost done,” you grumbled, finally deciding on a simple, neat top and a black skirt. 

“Good, cause we’re actually downstairs waiting.” You whirled around to look at your phone, marching over to snatch it off of your desk.

“Oh my god, once I get downstairs, I’m going to strangle you,” you growled, earning a laugh from him. Ending the call, you quickly slipped on the clothing, silently praising yourself for thinking ahead and already finishing your makeup and hair beforehand. Once you grabbed your purse, double checking that you had everything, you were off.

‘Thank god my apartment is only on the second floor,’ you thought as you carefully bolted down the stairs, being very mindful of the heels you were wearing, ‘Would’ve taken forever to wait for the elevator.’

As soon as you exited the lobby, you spotted the black van parked to the side. Pulling the door open, you were greeted by seven handsome boys. 

“God, you take forever,” Namjoon teased, which you returned with a swift smack on the back of his head. 

“You aren’t even ready,” you retorted, pointing at his casual clothing and no makeup face. “You really are in no position to question how long I take when all those stylists spend almost two hours on you.”

Some of the boys started to snicker at their leader as you clambered into the back seats. You managed to find an open seat beside Yoongi and Jungkook. Greeting both of them with a warm smile, you snapped the seat belt into place just as the car pulled away and headed to the music bank show they had scheduled for today. 

BTS was practically your second family since you had known all of them as long as Namjoon has and was in the same school and grade as Jungkook. They were all very welcoming and it didn’t take long for you to fit in. 

You spent most of the time at their dorm whenever they had days off since you often missed them, despite how close you lived to their dorm. Namjoon had been sure to snag you an apartment in walking distance of their dorms since he complained about how you would be defenseless without him.You knew that at the end of the day that Namjoon was just trying to protect you, the both of you always relying on each other. 

When your parents had been hesitant of Namjoon’s choice to pursue music and join Big Hit Entertainment, you had fully backed his decision. When he started rapping, you were always the first to hear the tracks. The two of you were so close that your relatives always teased you two about how you would never find one without the other. The both of you had been attached at the hip ever since you were young.

Due to the long ride, Yoongi had fallen asleep, leaving you to talk to Jungkook. 

“Ah, I’m nervous. I keep messing up in Save ME and I don’t want to disappoint the fans,” Jungkook confessed, turning to you for encouragement. It wasn’t uncommon- most of the boys came to you for this stuff due to how good of a listener you were- and Jungkook was your best friend so you dealt with this on a daily basis. 

“Aish, you’ve practiced so hard that I know you’ll nail it for sure. Just relax and get some sleep. I heard from Jin that you stayed up last night to practice. You know how bad that is for you,” you scolded. Jungkook always overworked himself and you wish he would care for himself better.

“Fine, you’re right. I’ll sleep,” Jungkook relented, nestling his head in the crook of your neck. “Goodnight~”

Thank god Jungkook’s eyes were closed because you weren’t sure how you would explain why your face turned bright red. It was just an effect Jungkook had on you.

Hoseok noticed the action and turned to waggle his eyebrows at you. You returned it with a frown, lightly shaking your head at him. 

You knew Jungkook wasn’t into you that way. He was your best friend after all, and if had any feelings for you surely they would’ve led to something else by now, right? The two of you had been best friends since before they had debuted, always confiding in each other for everything. If Jungkook had developed feelings for you, he would’ve said something.

A small part of you couldn’t help but be disappointed. It was the same part that would often entertain the thought of what it would be like to date your best friend and only made your life more confusing. 

Finally, the car arrived at the correct building, leaving you to the tedious task of awakening both Jungkook and Yoongi. 

Jungkook was no problem, a shove was enough to get him up, Yoongi was the real problem. 

You timidly approached Yoongi after tasering Jungkook awake. Jungkook had shot you a glare before leaving you to deal with Yoongi by yourself.

“Yoongi,” you called out, gently shaking him back and forth. No reaction. You helplessly look around to see if there was a kind soul that had stayed behind. No one was left, the whole van was empty besides the two of you. ‘Those bastards.’

Checking the time, you knew you had to be quick. Continuing with the shaking, you tried to convince him to wake up, “Come on, you can sleep while the stylists deal with your hair and makeup.”

After another few failed attempts at waking Yoongi up, you decided it was time for desperate measures. You were hoping that your awkward aegyo would be able to sooth the situation later. 

“Sorry, Yoongi,” you whispered before launching an attack on his sensitive sides. Almost immediately, Yoongi reacted to your tickling as his eyes flew open. 

“Y-Y/N!” he stuttered between his laughs, trying to swat your hands away. Once you had the confirmation that he wouldn’t try to fall asleep again, you sprinted from your spot and headed towards the buildings with Yoongi at your heels. 

Despite the slight lead you had on him, the heels were seriously dragging you down. The threats coming from Yoongi were enough to keep you from slowing your pace, even increasing it as you heard him approaching. “I swear, once I catch you, you’re dead!”

You let out a squeal, scanning around for where BTS’ dressing room was supposed to be. The manager had already guided the rest of BTS so you weren’t sure where to head. 

Just as you were about to slow down and ask an employee, Yoongi let out another threat and you continued to pump your legs to go faster and further. You took a sharp right turn, hoping to lose him first and then relocate when Yoongi was calm enough to not take advantage of your own sensitive sides.

After taking a few more random turns, you glanced behind you to see if Yoongi was still pursuing you. While you were distracted, you didn’t notice the guy in front of you, smashing straight into him. Luckily, he managed to hold onto you so you didn’t trip over him and land on your face.

“Oh god, I am so sorry,” you apologized, quickly stepping out of his hold and taking a bow. 

“Aha, no problem. It’s not everyday that a pretty girl runs into me,” he smiled, flashing you a bright smile. You returned the smile, scanning the boy to try and place who he was. 

“Well, it’s definitely the first time that I’ve run into an idol like that,” you replied, watching Bambam carefully. It was the first time that you’d met any of the GOT7 members, only catching Namjoon chatting to Jackson sometimes on the phone. Other then that, you had never gotten a chance to meet any of them.

“Oh, are you a fan of GOT7? What’s your name?” he asked. 

“Hm, not really. I’m BTS all the way. I’m Y/N, nice to meet you, Bambam,” you introduced yourself and Bambam smirked.

“Not a fan? Well, at least you know my name. I’m practically your bias from GOT7 then.” You laughed before remembering where you were supposed to be.

“Ah, sorry, but I need to head to where BTS’ dressing room is.” You paused, looking around. “Wherever that is…”

“Oh, I know where it is, if you need someone to guide you?” Bambam suggested, holding out his arm. You raised an eyebrow, but took his arm anyways. After all, you had no idea where you were.

Along the way to the dressing room, Bambam and you chatted and you were pleasantly surprised by how funny and charming he was. Maybe it was an idol thing, but his confidence intrigued you. He was interesting, to say the least. 

Once you reached the proper room, you opened it to see the seven dorks you had been looking for. 

“Looks like that’s my cue to head back to my own dressing room,” Bambam chuckled, ignoring the stares he was getting from the boys. “You better watch me while I’m on stage. I’m sure my performance will make you fall for me and then you’ll be an IGOT7.”

“Whatever. No promises,” you laughed, brushing off the wink he shot you before he sauntered away. You let out a giggle as you watched him purposely sway his hips before turning back to the other boys.

The boys were giving each other unreadable glances, eventually turning to Namjoon who stepped forward. “Y/N, I didn’t know you knew Bambam.”

“Oh, I just met him actually,” you smiled, taking a seat beside Seokjin. “I gotta admit though, he’s a pretty chill guy.”

“I don’t know. Just be careful with who you hang out with,” Namjoon warned, slipping into overprotective brother mode. You rolled your eyes before abandoning your chair to pull him into a crushing hug. 

“I know, mom,” you teased, happy that your brother still looked out for you. “I won’t do anything stupid. I’m just making friends.”

While you and Namjoon were embracing, you failed to notice the look Jungkook gave you after Bambam had left. It didn’t sit well with him, he didn’t want you to hang around Bambam. He wanted you to stay by his side.

“Anyways, you guys have to get ready so I’m just gonna take a nap. Wake me when it’s time for you guys to go!” Finding an open spot on the couch, you settled down and gave the boys one last grin before closing your eyes. All of the boys arranged their coats so that you had a makeshift blanket. With the warmth from their coats, it didn’t take long to drift off.

The music bank show finally came to a close and you waited patiently for the boys in the back stage area. 

You had been rudely awakened by Yoongi with the same technique you had used on him. Though it was fair, you still plotted out ways to get back at him. 

“Y/N!” You lifted your gaze from your shoes, locating who had called for you. Bambam came rushing out from one of the rooms, still slightly sweaty from his performance. “So, how’d I do? Have I turned you into an IGOT7 yet?”

You snickered at him, lightly pushing him, before replying with, “I’m not really convinced yet. You’re gonna have to try a lot harder than that, pretty boy.”

The rest of GOT7 appeared, obviously in search for Bambam. Once they spotted the both of you, they approached with warm smiles.

“Bambam, you didn’t tell us that you were going to invite a friend,” Jaebum chided after all of the boys had introduced themselves to you. 

“Oh, it’s cause I actually met her today,” Bambam explained.

“Aren’t you Namjoon-hyung’s little sister?” Jackson asked after recognizing you as the girl Namjoon had as his phone background. He had originally thought you were his secret girlfriend until Namjoon had cleared it up. With how much he talked about you- and the abundance of photos- Jackson had thought it was just a cover up story.

“Yup, that’s my bro,” you chuckled. 

“Well, it was nice meeting you, Y/N. I definitely hope we can meet again,” Mark winked, as most of the boys exited and headed for the van, leaving Bambam and you. 

“Here, let me give you my number,” Bambam suddenly suggested, already reaching for the phone in your hands. 

You pulled back, giving him a smirk, “Who said I wanted it?”

“Come on, we both know you’ll be missing all of this,” he gestured to his whole body, “So let’s just prepare for another meeting.”

Letting him take your phone, Bambam quickly filled in his contact details- even adding a photo of him before sending himself a text. “Alright, see you soon, Y/N.”

Something about his flirtatious attitude drew you in. You had always gone after shy guys and it never worked out. It had been a while since a guy had hit on you and it left butterflies in your stomach.

“What are you blushing over?” You whirled around to come face to face with Jungkook. His eyebrows were scrunched together, obviously upset over something that you couldn’t place. Maybe he had messed up? You thought he did perfectly on stage though.

“Nothing,” you grinned, your bright cheeks easily showing that it was more than just ‘nothing’. Jungkook lifted an eyebrow at the blatant lie. “Alright fine, Bambam gave me his number and I think he might be interested in me.”

“Listen, Y/N,” Jungkook started, his expression softening. “You might not know this, but Bambam doesn’t exactly have the best reputation around here. Rumors say that he’s not exactly the committing type,” he explained, trying to put it in the kindest way without outright saying that Bambam was an asshole. 

You frowned, crossing your arms. “Jungkook, you know I’m not one to listen to rumors. Look at all the cruel rumors that have been said about BTS and I’ve always stuck around to find out for myself.”

“I know, but Bambam is seriously bad news! I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” Your hard glare softened at your best friend. 

“Thanks for looking out for me, Kookie, but I’m going to trust in my instinct and get to know him. He seems like a nice guy that I would like,” you mumbled, placing a hand onto his shoulder. You heard the distant call of BTS’ manager and started towards the van while Jungkook lagged behind.

Jungkook wanted to convince you not to go for Bambam, but he knew whatever he said would only add fuel to the flame. He just wish you would turn around and see him as a possibility. It seemed like you only thought of him as a friend while Jungkook was always agonizing over whether he should confess. He didn’t want to make things awkward and lose a beautiful friendship. 

‘Why can’t you see that I’m in love with you?’ Jungkook thought, watching as your figure grew further and further away. ‘Why can’t you love me instead?’

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How would the 2ps react to if there shy s/o yelling that she was a gangster and they where her bitch

2p Italy: Would literally pick up his phone call some connections that will be at his location is 10 seconds and would say,“ ha you thought.”
2p Japan: He just wanted a nice cup of coffee and to chill. Is so confused
2p Germany: Will give the ugliest snort before picking them up. That’s it they’re never coming down.
2p Prussia: “oh um okay?” You gave this boy a frighten. He’s lost for words
2p Romano: Would just be taken back and just blinks an eyelash off.

2p America: “I didn’t know you could tell jokes.” Is starting a fire because you’re about to get roasted
2p Canada: Would just say,“just sit down your gonna bust a hip”
2p France: “Aha funny” and continues to flip through the newspaper
2p England: First of all, not now. Second of all, please you know I don’t like cursing.
2p Russia: Can’t even comprehend the situation. He’ll just say an “ok?”, before thinking about what just happened.
2p China: “Who are you? That’s not my little girl.” Too confused for a comeback
2p Austria: “I get bitches, people don’t find me to be their bitch.”
2p Spain: “Nope, stop right now.” End of conversation
I accidentally turned this into a shitpost I am so sorry