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oc & ooc  + spreading love

i feel like this selections has been pretty stressful for a lot of us, so maybe this will help! I tried to at least find something to say about all of you even if i don’t know you or your ocs that much… i’ve been busy and haven’t been able to keep up with all, but i tried! 

~bye★゚’:*.::‘゚☆。    is for the girls [possibly] leaving soon for their own health. we will miss you even if we didn’t know you well! sending all the hugs.

Theia Nina Huntley  ↠  i wanna read your fics, they look promising! i’m sorry i haven’t had time, but i still think you’re nice. wish we could see more of you on the gc

ღ Melody Aurelia Nolan ↠ great separation of oc rudeness and ooc friendlyness. from what i’ve seen, also open to talk out ideas for plot-lines with others! has given thought to her backstory. 

 ღ Annette Victoria Rose Martel ↠ have you seen her fc? gorgeous. also crazy but beautiful pasta queen we all love. supportive, funny and GR92894839282. amazing fics cause she’s poetic af (i will fight you on this Net).

 ღ Emmalyn Atwood ↠ cutest bean. super sweet in & out of character. oc family is also cute. conclusion is emmalyn = cute.

 ღ Isabella Faulkner ↠ pretty reblogs of dresses, space and nature. i’ve been told you’re super nice and sweet ooc!

 ღ Charlotte Elara Bane ↠ i’m also in love with her fc. adorable fics. cute oc that just wants to know the world. whoop whoop bts is rocking. adorable bean. (char-low ajshdfjgkhl i get it right sometimes)

 ღ Calista Persephone Ledger ↠ sweetest bean. spreads all the love too. so positive. has a disabled oc which no one has done before! newsletters are cute and pretty. 

 ღ Aiko Rosette Ellis ↠ fc is so cute. pretty edits. aesthetic blog. nice ooc too.

 ღ Seraphine Regina Chamberlaine ↠ fc is so pretty. we didn’t get to see much of you but still. watch out with that poison of yours ;)  ~bye★゚’:*.::'゚☆。

 ღ Nina Ivanenko ↠ crazy bean. always nice ooc. pretty edits. aesthetic blog MOUSE SPARKLES WHEN I MOVE ASDFGHJKL. (i will always be your hot taquito)  ~bye★゚’:*.::'゚☆。

 ღ  Ruby Stones ↠ do i even have to mention how asdfghjk your fc looks? so much effort into your fics! i love your descriptions that make everything sound so pretty. just wow. also pretty edits. 

Jyn Song ↠ me. the basic hoe. fc is amazing because arden cho. i’m okayish. but i’m nice ooc i think. tries to love everyone. what is anon hate, leave me. i like being aesthetic too much because i have issues. too stubborn to drop out. 

 ღ Madalena Cruz ↠ fun while it lasted. pretty fc. best 2nd practice challenge tbh. 42/10 for sure. go back to being a power ranger now. sending love, Alex. ~bye★゚’:*.::'゚☆。

Stacey Marie Barret ↠ always nice ooc in the gc the few times i’ve seen you there!

Cameron Muirgen Nicholls ↠ nice bean. i wanna hug your oc. your oc’s family is also so nice. except her mom. we don’t talk about her. really liked your first fic i read. real good. don’t drop out just yet!!

Margarita Camilla Acosta-Cruz ↠ friendly! active with edits that have nice quotes. fc’s eyebrows on point. ~bye★゚’:*.::'゚☆。

Evadne Regine Leventhorpe ↠ you seem so nice ooc i swear i wanna be friends. i will give your oc all the HONOR. can’t wait to catch up with your fics once i’m done with tests. so much effort into your fics too! all the edits! just your commitment.

Madelyn Jean Knight ↠ friendly & nice as oc and ooc. also commitment and so active! your fc looks so cute.

Finley Reagan Gansey ↠ i’ve noticed a lot of girls think you’re friendly so hurray for friendly-ness! nice fc too.

Aricia East ↠ you’re laughing all the time in your posts/reblogs! so enthusiastic. also, always nice & friendly, be it as oc or ooc. 

Maria Fernanda Rivera ↠ haven’t seen much of you, but you seem really nice and approachable both in & out of character. your oc’s background is interesting!

Fiona Aliya Rossi  probably one of the sweetest oc. lots of commitment. i know you’ve planned out your character a lot too! blog theme is so pink and fluffy i love it THE MOUSE ALSO THROWS BUBBLES WHEN I MOVE AJSDJG 

ღ Katherine Geraldine Dempsey ↠ the cat to my gin. pretty edits. very active! super nice and friendly ooc. funny in & out of character. love her writing style too. good at trying to keep oc rudeness away from ooc!

Deborah Varker ↠ sweet and enthusiastic in & out of character. cute blog. very active and approachable! super nice in general. 

Annelise Catherina Newstone ↠ don’t see much of you, but i’m sure you’re nice ooc ;) 

Berklee Boyer ↠ so, so, so nice. it’s actually surprising how nice. sweet as honey. like bees. very active. super friendly. funny and adorable in & out of character. amazing all around. shares love with everyone.

Devon Lea Muerner ↠ fc is so pretty and cute. nice ooc. haven’t seen much of her lately but hopefully we will again!

Même Tanneur Antoineen ↠ pfft, must i mention the fc? amazing. i love your ostriches and their language! thanks for all the jokes and nicknames. you always hoped to bring some levity to this selection and i think we all appreciate you for that. ~bye★゚’:*.::'゚☆。

Ingrid Liljedahl ↠ sweet / friendly in & out of character, even if i didn’t get to know you well. (thanks for giving jyn that present. she loved it) ~bye★゚’:*.::'゚☆。

Olivia Christina Palacio ↠ pretty edits from what i could see once! friendly with everyone both as oc and ooc. ~bye★゚’:*.::'゚☆。 

also some girls that left before they got to be really active:

~Felicity Jessica Broussard 
~Giselle Clara Langford 
~Crystal Tomlinson 
~Thea Philippa Silver 

And also Alex  for being so organized and active with all of the princes and royals! and rping with a lot of people now and in the future.
that goes for you too Livi ↠ aka Alina. you were the first prince we got after all! glad to see you still involved :)

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