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Can you do one where you like Michael and you're famous and you two go out together and the fans go crazy?


You were shocked with how well the night was going. Besides the little girl that asked you both for a picture in the restaurant, there had been no mishaps yet that would cause any of this to leak to the press. And it’s not that you would care too much if it did, besides the fact that it was only your third date, and that you didn’t know what was going to happen between you two. Yes, you really liked him, and it seems like he felt the same, but you were never one to rush things, or automatically assume anything. You slid your phone back into your purse as Michael walked over after going to the bathroom. “You ready to go?” he asked with a smile, offering out his hand for you to take. You blushed a little, taking his hand and standing up as the two of you began to walk out of the restaurant together. “So, I was thinking now we could maybe go to the boardwalk and do like a ferris wheel ride or something? It’s a really nice night so I thought it might be fun. Or maybe even go-carts, if you’re feeling really adventurous.” he asked, wiggling his eyebrow as he looked down at you. You let out a laugh, squeezing his hand a little. “Oh I’m plenty adventu—-” you began, but were cut off by the squeals of around a dozen girls as the two of you walked outside.
“Oh my god, see Sarah! I told you I saw them through the window!” one of the little blondes yelled, hitting her friend excitedly in the arm.
“Y/N! You are sooo lucky! You’re gorgeous AND you’re on a date with Michael Clifford!” one of them gushed. 
Mikey chuckled, shaking his head. “You guys are too much, you know that?” he asked, looking over at you with a wink. You had always admired how nice 5SOS were to their fans. There weren’t many people in the industry today who were. You always knew that taking the few seconds to take a photo or sign an autograph could mean the world to someone, so you always obliged when your security would let you. Luckily, you had no security tonight. 
“Can we take a photo with you, Y/N?” two of the girls asked, holding out an iPhone. “Sure!” you said with a grin, posing for a photo with them.

A few photos and promises to follow them on twitter later, the two of you set off for the rest of your night. It ended up being one of the best dates you had ever been on, and also ended with a passionate kiss at your front door when he dropped you off, as he promised to text you in the morning.

The next day, you were awoken by the bright sunlight streaming through your windows, despite your best effort to keep it out with your blinds. Blinking rapidly, you sat up and grabbed your phone, checking to see if there was any messages from Michael. There wasn’t, but you did have about 10 new Google alerts. You opened the first one, and it was an article on Sugarscape, dubbing you and Michael the newest, cutest couple with a photo of you two walking out of the restaurant from last night holding hands that one of the fans had taken. The next article, by JustJared had the same photo and a photo of you and one of the fans from outside the restaurant. You felt your stomach drop. Did everyone know? But, you weren’t exactly dating.. But still, how would Mikey’s fans react? Did you have a million death threats?
You quickly opened Twitter, opening your mentions. You had tons spilling in, and a couple hundred DMS. You looked at some of your mentions, and were shocked at what you say.

@y/t/n and @Michael5SOS are the cutest thing ever!! i really hope they are actually dating :)

SOOOO jealous of @y/t/n, but also so happy. She’s one of the few people I would love to see Mikey date.

STILL CAN’T BELIEVE I MET @y/t/n LAST NIGHT! she’s the nicest omfg i just… so happy for her and michael <3

@y/t/n yoooo ur getting michael’s dick? i salute u, my homegurl

You couldn’t help but giggle at the last one. For the most part, everything that was being said about you and Michael’s date was really positive. You were surprised there weren’t more death threats. Your phone screen lit up, and a call from Michael was coming through. You answered.
“You checked your Google alerts then, I’m assuming?” you asked with a giggle.
He let out a laugh. “Oh yes. Just been reading through my twitter mentions as well.”
“And what’s the general consensus?” you ask with a smirk, looking out the window into your backyard.
“Well, everyone is yelling at me that I haven’t officially asked you out yet.” he replied.
Your stomach did flips.
“Oh really?”
“Yes really.” Michael said with a laugh. “One girl even told me to grow some balls and just ask you out already.”
You laughed loudly, causing you to snort a little. Oh god. That was one thing Michael had not seen of you yet. 
“Did you just snort?!” he asked. You could practically feel his smirk through the phone.
“Yes..” you said, giggling softly, knowing he wouldn’t think anything of it.
“God, the boys are right. You really are cute. I think I do need to grow some balls and ask you out.”
Your heart was now beating a million miles a minute, but you stayed silent.
“But I’m not going to ask you to be my girlfriend over the phone. So be ready by 8pm tonight. I’ll pick you up, take you somewhere romantic and gushy, and then ask you the proper way.”
You felt like jumping in the air and screaming your lungs out, but you just did a weird happy thrashing motion in your bed and kept your voice calm. 
“Just don’t forget the roses.” you said jokingly. 
This made him laugh. “Oh, I won’t. See you tonight, beautiful.”

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