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Polaroids (Spencer Reid Imagine)

Pairing: Spencer Reid x female reader

Summary: You and Reid attend a party which neither of you remember very well until you find a polaroid which neither of you can seem to explain.

Word Count: 1535

Requested: No. Sorry, I will get to the requests eventually, I have just had writers block for a while and this is the first idea that came to my head.

Warnings: some language, a guy being a douchebag idk

9:02 AM

I wake up on the floor, rubbing my head. I can feel a wave of sickness rushing through me and I rush to my feet, scrambling to the nearest bathroom. I wretch up the contents of my stomach, laying down on the bathroom floor once my stomach finished.

10:01 PM

The music blared throughout the house, as I practically inhaled another cup of beer. I stumbled onto the dance floor, only to be greeted by a flash of a camera. When I looked to my left, a girl was holding a polaroid camera. She waited for the picture to develop, and flipped it around to show it to me. There I was, looking drunk and confused. Perfect.

9:15 AM

As I wander through the apartment, I see the remnants of a killer party, most of which I can barely remember. I see a few people still passed out on couches and rugs, yet to wake up and realize they were still at someone else’s house.

11:16 PM

Me and Spencer Reid, my best friend, danced together. Not like, couple dancing. You know, grinding on each other and stuff. We just danced within each other’s proximity, him occasionally straightening me up when I almost fell over. I felt so alive.

“Y/N, your dress!” Spencer screamed over the blaring music.

I looked down and saw the front of my skin-tight dress had slipped down and my bra was showing. Slightly embarrassed, I pulled the material over my bra and continued dancing.

9:21 AM

I notice polaroids littered all over the floor and walls, and I remember the girl who had taken my picture. I scan the picture-covered wall, and sure enough, I find me looking drunk and confused. Perfect. I continue browsing the wall when I nearly pass out. I have to take a double take, several times, and even then I almost cry out loud.

12:01 AM

Me and Reid stand by the drink table, not even trying to talk, knowing we wouldn’t be over the hear each other over the noise. We would just occasionally point out super-drunk people to each other who were dancing like idiots.

“Hey, baby,” I looked over my shoulder to see a guy I didn’t recognize. He wore a devilish smirk on his face that made my stomach flip, in either a good or bad way. I couldn’t decide. “You look gorgeous.”

“Do I know you?” I asked innocently.

“No, but I’d like you to.” He practically had to scream over the music, but I could hear the intent in his voice.

“No thanks. I’m not interested.” I turned back to look at Reid, who wore a frown on his face, carefully watching the guy who had talked to me.

What’s wrong? I mouthed. He just shook his head.

“C’mon, baby. You know you want to. We can head upstairs and get to know each other.” I turned my head to face the guy, a little annoyed at his persistence.

“I said no.”

“C’mon, baby, please just–”

“She said no, man.” I turned my head to see Reid, looking down at his drink, speaking almost inaudibly.

“What did you say to me?” The guy asked, and I could feel the testosterone coming off of him.

“I said leave her alone. She’s obviously not interested.” Reid looked up at the guy now, setting down his drink and crossing his arms over his chest, defiance laced across his face.

“Make me.”

And with that, the guy was out cold. Reid wasn’t a small guy, and I wasn’t surprised he could knock someone out with one punch, but I had no idea he would, especially for me.

9:23 Am

I rip the picture from off the wall, rubbing my eyes over and over to make sure I am seeing correctly. I can’t believe it. It can’t be possible. There is NO WAY.

“Oh, hey Y/N. I see you forgot to leave as well.” Reid approaches me, talking in a low morning voice, making it obvious he just woke up. “Need a ride home?”

“Umm, no, I’m… I’m fine… I was gonna… I’m just gonna… you know… I was just gonna head out… now. Yeah, now.” I shove the picture into my back pocket, and rush towards the door.

“I’ll see you later then, I guess,” I hear a confused Reid mutter from behind me.

12:31 AM

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Reid asks yet again, the cold night air blowing his hair in his face. We stand on the balcony of the house, the muffled sounds of music coming from behind us.

“Yes,” I laugh, “I’ve been hit on by many a douchebag. It’s no big deal really. You didn’t have to knock him out.”

“Yes I did!” He shouted,suddenly looking angry. “Did you see the way he was looking at you? Like you were some piece of meat. It was gross. No one should ever look at you like that. I won’t let anyone look at you like that.”

“I’m not a damsel in need of protecting, Spencer. I didn’t need you to come save the day. I was not in any immediate danger because a guy, a pretty attractive guy I might add, wanted to hook up with me. Maybe I was just saying no because I was hanging out with you, and we were having fun, and I didn’t want to leave you by yourself.” I let out, throwing your hands in the air

“Oh, so you did me a favor. How ever can I thank you enough?” Reid spat at me, sarcasm evident in his tone. “God, I try to do something nice for you, and all you do is tell me how you had it all under control, and you don’t need me. Well why don’t you just go find Mr. Shallow Piece of Shit and spend the rest of the night with him? I’m sure you’ll have more fun with him anyways.”

“Maybe I will. At least he won’t look at me like I’m a damsel in distress.” And with that I stomped back into the party, looking for the guy that was hitting on me earlier.

9:50 AM

I finally make my way home, ignoring all the scolding coming from my roommate as I rush up the stairs. I plop down face-first on my bed. My hand automatically goes to my back pocket and pulls out the picture. I stare at it for what seems like an hour, and I still couldn’t understand. All of sudden, my phone starts buzzing and I see Reid is calling. My hand shakes as I press the green button.

“Hi,” I say, my voice muffled by the pillow I hold over my face.

“Hey, I was talking to Garcia just now and she told me, that umm… well… wait, let me start over. Do you remember anything from last night?” He asks, sounding just as confused as I am.

“Not a damn thing,” I mutter, still staring at the picture.

“Oh. Okay, well. Forget I called. I see you tomorrow.”

“Wait, Spencer, I–” The phone beeps and I look down at the screen. He hung up.

12:54 AM

Turns out Mr. Shallow Piece of Shit left. I was left sitting alone in a chair in the corner of the room, sipping a cup of beer. A few people came and asked me to dance, but I refused. All of the energy that had come from wanting to piss Spencer off was gone, and now I was just numb.

“Hey, mind if I sit here,” Reid said, looking apologetic.

“Sure, go ahead.” I looked down at my cup, avoiding eye contact.

“Listen, I’m sorry if I–”

“No, Reid. You were just trying to be a good friend. I was just being a bitch.”

“Well, yeah, but still. I shouldn’t have stepped in. I was just jealous and for a second it looked like you might have been interested in him and we both know that would–”

“Wait, what,” I cut him off. “You were jealous?”

“Oh, shit, I just said that… umm… do you want a drink,” he mumbled, quickly getting up from his seat, “I’m parched, personally. I’m just gonna go and–”

Once again I cut him off, grabbing his arm before he could run off.

“No you don’t. You don’t just say something like that and pretend it didn’t happen. You were jealous?”

His face fell. “Y/N, I… I…”

“Just say what you want to say. It’s better than hiding your feelings.”

Instead of speaking, openly admitting his feelings verbally like I had expected him to, he grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss, his lips crashing against mine. At first I was shocked, nearly pulling away, but slowly I melted into his touch. His arm wrapped around my waist and my hands pulled on his hair. Suddenly, a flash went off. We both looked in the direction of the light, and saw the girl standing there with her polaroid camera, running off before I could catch her.

“Hey,” I said, chasing after her, Reid close on my tail, “COME BACK HERE!”

Sorry for not posting in awhile, but I hope you liked it! Let me know if you guys want a part 2.

Father!Yoongi’s Birthday

Depending on what time zone you’re in, either today or tomorrow is the amazing Min Yoongi’s birthday (happy birthday to the sweetest bub with the cutest smile) so I’ll be doing a Yoongi post today and probably tomorrow as well just so all the time zones can be covered but on Jimin’s last birthday, I did a father post talking about what his kids would do for his birthday so I figured I’d do the same for Yoongi!! So without further ado, here is the first half of the Daegu line, my lowkey spirit animal who I hope has the most wonderful birthday, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D (also apparently Yoongi’s mom opened up a restaurant so congratulations to the Mins, that’s so cute she has all these BTS stuff on some shelves and it’s just really cute)

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he has one daughter and there’s also another version where he has a younger son, I’ll be using the version where he has a son as well just bc at this point, it feels weird to not include both of them
  • Yoongi absolutely m e l t s around his children like he turns into a big smiley giggly mess we’ve seen glimpses of how he is with Holly so just take that and multiply it by a million and you have father!Yoongi
  • I mean just talking about Holly got Yoongi all :D so can you imagine what he’d be like with his bbys his tiny tots that are so cute and love him so so much
  • There’s this one moment that no one ever lets go of bc it’s so !!!! and he’s doing a Vlive broadcast backstage at a concert and you just see him look off camera as you hear one of the Min bbys giggling at the show they’re watching and he gets this really soft smile and his eyes get all fond
  • The actual appearance of the bbys is rare but treasured bc Yoongi’s protective over them when it comes to being online so there’s one or two face pictures of them (they look like tiny Yoongis) and the rest of the pictures are from the back or with something blocking their face, maybe a emoji added on before he posts it or by something in the actual picture itself
  • But his birthday is the one day of the year that the most bby pictures come out
  • The first birthday he spends with both bby girl and bby boy, bby boy’s too young to really understand what’s going on but bby girl is now starting to get what a birthday is so she’s excited to give him her gift and sing happy birthday to him
  • You wake him up by placing them on his chest and letting them wake him up for you bc they do it quicker and there’s zero chance of him getting grumpy 
  • He lays there with them for a few minutes while you’re getting his birthday breakfast ready bc you two normally make breakfast together or whoever wakes up first makes it but since it’s his birthday, you figure you’ll make it to spoil him a bit
  • He’s talking to the both of them even though bby boy can’t talk back yet (but he does babble back in his bby language) and bby girl is talking in her broken sentences that sometimes don’t make full sense but she’s a smart kid and is getting better and better so quickly
  • She tells him all about her gift for him that she wrapped by herself and how she wrote the card herself with only a lil help from you
  • They look so small in his arms and they’re so so so comfy and warm and they could definitely fall asleep then and there but they aren’t tired enough, they’re too excited about seeing him for the first time that day
  • You eat breakfast with him and bby girl while bby boy has his breakfast of milk and then the four of you are off for the day, after Yoongi takes a million pictures of bby girl in her cute bby jeans and teeny tiny boots that he can’t get over (he spends a good ten minutes just comparing her boot to his and giggles nonstop) and another million of bby boy’s beanie
  • The four of you take a trip to see a waterfall bc the bbys have never seen one in real life and we all know how much Yoongi loves photography so it’s a win win for everyone  
  • There’s a tiny hint of a hike to get to the actual waterfall bc you can’t just drive up to it of course and Yoongi has a bby carrier on to keep bby boy in place and comfy bc the stroller you have for him isn’t exactly made to be going over rocks and dirt plus you want him to be able to see the waterfall from outside the stroller
  • Bby girl h a s to walk between the two of you so she can hold both of your hands and you do have to walk slower so she can keep up bc she has shorter legs of course but neither of you mind
  • Yoongi takes pictures as you’re walking (mainly of her and bby boy) but the real photography session starts when you get to the waterfall
  • He’s in s o much awe by it and he takes so many photos of it but then he gives bby girl his camera (keeping a watchful eye over her of course bc camera + water + toddler = bye bye camera) and lets her take some photos
  • You take bby boy closer to the waterfall while Yoongi’s explaining how the camera works to bby girl, he holds the camera and then she points the camera to wherever she wants and takes the actual picture
  • You all have a picnic near the waterfall, Yoongi showing you all of the pictures bby girl had taken, which actually weren’t that bad, some were out of focus but they were pretty good for a toddler
  • He didn’t care if they were blurry, of nothing but dirt, of him at a weird angle, he loved every single picture she took bc he loved everything she ever did
  • After you explore around the waterfall together, you all go to dinner at Yoongi’s favorite restaurant (his mother’s bc whY NOT)
  • While you’re waiting for the food to arrive, Yoongi’s uploading a bunch of photos of the day onto Twitter, there’s one picture of bby girl with the camera, taking a picture of a flower and a photo of you and the bbys and a photo of bby boy’s hand in his bc it’s so much smaller than his hand
  • You post a picture to Instagram of Yoongi holding bby girl in one arm and bby boy in the other and it’s really cute tbh
  • Yoongi’s mother brings out the cake and you all sing happy birthday to him, bby girl sings the loudest of course and Yoongi gets her to help blow out the candles bc he’s so busy smiling that goofy smile he gets whenever he’s really really happy that he can barely get himself to stop long enough to make a wish
  • Bby girl finally gets to give Yoongi her gift and it’s messily wrapped, there’s some tape sticking up at one side and the paper’s a bit wrinkled but he’s so in love with it bc she did it for him and his heart is ow she’s too cute for him to handle
  • Her gift to him is actually really cute, she gets one of those blank wooden frames that you can paint all over and she paints it for him and does her best at writing “daddy” across the top, the picture in the middle is of her, bby boy and Holly all cuddled up together bc “we’re all your kids!!”
  • If his heart was ow before, his heart is just O W now, he gives her the biggest hug and he wants to cry a bit bc it’s so sweet 
  • She makes him a lil card with a giant heart covered in glitter that is still on his fingers two weeks later and on the inside, she writes “I love you” and it’s in her messy bby handwriting and that’s when the tears start to gather up he barely had that shit under control with the frame but now thiS he’s gone
  • Bby boy’s obviously still too young to give a gift but you do give Yoongi a painting of bby boy’s hand prints as bby boy’s present to him
  • By the end of the night, he’s passed out on the couch with his bbys sprawled across his chest, his cheeks are sore from smiling too much and he’s just s o so happy
Goodbye pt.2

Requested?: I guess?

Words: 1.3k

Group: Idol Producer

Member(s): Ruibin (feat. Jeffery)

A/N: I gotchu @aknzki 😂 Hope this meets your expectations :’)))

Part 1

“Wow, what a coincidence seeing you here.”

A familiar voice suddenly speaks up behind you, making you jump out of your seat a little. Turning around, you see a tall, familiar figure standing behind your chair. A smile makes its way onto your face and you get out of your chair, standing up.

“Oh, Ruibin! I haven’t seen you in so long,” you smile, giving him a side hug since he was holding his drink in his other hand.

“Haha, yeah. We’ve both been so busy. Mind if I sit here?” Ruibin laughs, sitting down in the chair next to you.

You nod and sit back down. It has been two years since you have broken up with him and a year and a half since you’ve really seen him face to face. Sure the both of you work in the same company and have met each other at music awards and such, but both of you were just so busy that you didn’t have time to say hi.

However, throughout the time, the two of you have texted a couple of times and made up. You’re glad that your relationship with Ruibin is getting better. Currently, the two of you are at a small cafe. You had a break and you decided to use that time for yourself. Apparently, Ruibin also had a break and coincidentally came to the same cafe as you.

“So, how have you been?” you ask, taking a small sip of your drink.

“I’ve been doing great. You know Jeffery from the fashion department?” Ruibin takes a sip of his own drink, “We’re going to have a collab soon. Don’t tell anyone.”

“Oh, he was also on Idol Producer, wasn’t he? That’s great!” you laugh at Ruibin’s secretive tone.

The two of you continued to chat for the next couple of hours, completely oblivious to how fast time was passing. You are having the time of your life and you are sure Ruibin is too. You missed his smile after those two years and you are glad to be able to be the source of it again.

“Ah, I’m so glad we got this chance to catch up,” Ruibin grins, swirling what is left of his drink.

“Yeah, same. Do you wanna do something together sometime this week? We’re both on break right?” you suggest.

“Of course, that’d be great–”

Ruibin is cut of by a sharp gasp. The two of you freeze and turn around. It was a high school girl, probably a fan. You sigh a little, motioning her to come over. Her mouth drops and points to herself. You nod and she shyly shuffles over.

Luckily, you and Ruibin are sitting in the inner corner of the cafe so no one, except for this fan, has noticed you yet. Ruibin pulls a chair from the neighboring table and you motion for the girl to sit down. She obediently follows and bows slightly to the two of you.

“Hey, please don’t tell anyone we’re here,” you whisper.

“O-of course,” the girl whispers back.

You watch the girl as she fiddles with her phone, shyly looking up at you and Ruibin once in a while. You look at Ruibin and shrug as he laughs a little causing the fan to squeal a little. Suddenly, she leans in a little more and cups her mouth.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t hold back anymore. I love the two of you so much! I’m such a big fan,” she bites her lips, squealing, “Can I take a picture?”

Ruibin laughs and nods, “Of course. If that’s okay with you, y/n?”

“Sure,” you giggle.

The fan takes out her phone and turns to the side so that all three of you are in the photo. You lean in a little closer to Ruibin and hold up a peace sign. The laugh a little as the girl simply holds down the camera button, taking a burst of about twenty or so pictures.

“Thank you guys so much!” she grins, putting her phone away.

“Ah, no problem,” Ruibin chuckles.

“Oh, I have a question for the both of you…sorry for bothering,” the girl suddenly becomes shy again.

“It’s okay, we told you to come over anyway,” you peek at Ruibin.

“Ask away,” Ruibin looks back at you and nods.

“Um, I was wondering if the two of you are dating? I’ve been such a big shipper since the scandal,” the girl clasps her hands together.

Your mouth drops a little and you look at Ruibin awkwardly. He shies away from your stare and rubs the back of his neck with his hand. He looks down a little, laughing shyly. The both of you are silent for a second as you look back to the girl who has an expectant expression on her face.

“We’re not–” you begin.

“Actually, we are. Don’t tell anyone, okay?” Ruibin winks, cutting you off.

The girl nods eagerly, fist pumping. She lets out a couple of ‘yeses’ before thanking the two of you and leaving the table. You look over to Ruibin, eyes wide. Ruibin stands up, taking your hand and helping you up.

You are still shocked and let Ruibin lead the way. He pulls up your mask for you and pulls his cap a so that it covers more of his face. He drags you back to the company building which is luckily really close.

Once the two of you are inside, he leads you to an empty practice room and closes the door. You back against a wall as he closes in on you. Your back hits the wall and Ruibin’s arm flies past your head, slamming into the wall. He supports himself with that arm and leans a little closer to you.

“R-Ruibin?” you stutter, feeling a little shy from the distance.

“Y/n…I miss you,” Ruibin begins.

You can see the sadness in his eyes and you feel a pang of slight guilt in your heart. Throughout all the years, you really did miss him and being in his embrace. You missed his kisses and missed having to sneak out for dates.

“Ruibin, I miss you too,” you shyly whisper.

“Can we perhaps…try again?” Ruibin asks, leaning even closer.

You look into his eyes. You didn’t want what happened two years ago to happen again, but you also couldn’t resist him. You still love him and you really did miss him in those two years you were apart.

You slightly nod and close the small gap between the two of you. Your lips crash into his and you wrap your arms around him. You feel Ruibin smile into the kiss, making you do the same. You pull Ruibin closer and he snakes both his arms around your waist.

You sigh contentedly as the two of you pull away. Your eyes are locked on Ruibin’s and you break the eye contact by looking down shyly. Ruibin lifts your chin up with his fingers and leans in again for another kiss.

Just as things are getting a little heated, you hear the door slammed open and you shove Ruibin off of you. Both you and Ruibin turn to the door. Standing there is Jeffery, looking like a deer caught in headlights.

“Oh, uh…I’m sorry. I’ll leave?” Jeffery glances at the both of you but refusing to make eye contact.

“No, it’s fine. What do you need?” Ruibin awkwardly coughs.

“Just wanted to talk about our collab,” Jeffery scratches his head, “but if you’re busy, I can wait.”

Ruibin looks over at you, smiling sheepishly. You roll your eyes and tell him to just go. You giggle as Ruibin leads Jeffery out of the room, awkwardly telling him to forget whatever he just saw. You see his ears turning red and you snicker.

“Goodbye, Ruibin! See you later~” you called after them.

“See you later!” Ruibin turns around and waves.

You wave back, smiling. Finally, it wasn’t a goodbye that would last forever. It was a goodbye that would become a hello again.

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Vodka & Cotton Candy(PT3)

Sebastian Stan x Fanfiction

Warnings: Language, Smut

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Was it lust or love that I was feeling for Sebastian? I often found myself stuck asking that question and most days I am just overwhelmed by it all. Though whatever my answer may be sure enough I seem to always come back for more. He was the right kind of wrong. An enigma that I just couldn’t seem to understand, and truthfully I wasn’t sure I wanted to.

I stood out front in the designated area for smoking. It was cornered off to the side and I was under a muted light that made it look like a dark alleyway. I could hear the loud chirps of crickets mixed with the stentorian sound of chattering coming from outback. I was alone but the wafting aroma of cigarette smoke still freshly hung in the air. I wanted to go back to the table to rejoin Sebastian, but the thought of having those girls watching my every move made me feel every bit of self conscious. If I was dining without him I probably would have felt better. Despite who I was linked to no ever noticed me, I was just Peyton when I was alone. I enjoyed being that girl and I held on to that fleeting feeling that eventually always dissipated.

Ending things with Sebastian would essentially be an easier task to do than running off all the fucking time like I was some damsel in distress. There was a side to him that took a toll on me at certain times. His carefree behavior that involuntary made us both become dangerously reckless. His sense to not see the how his status and career effected me as well. Being with Sebastian changed me and it was even more frightening at how much I wanted more.

The thought of Sebastian sitting alone at the table made me push my whirlwind of thoughts to the farthest corner in my mind. I decided to go back to him, but as I was headed from out of the corner area I saw he had the same idea. I whirled around and faced him, startled by his presence. How long had he been standing there?

“For a second I thought you ditched me.” Sebastian said, as he stepped around the wall some more.

“Who the hell would leave Sebastian Stan sitting alone?” I murmured.

He swallowed and tensed before letting out a long drawn out sigh. “Is there something you’d like to get off of your chest?”

I blinked at him deciding whether or not to disclose my true feelings or pretend they didn’t exist all together. “What is your favorite thing about me?” I muttered mulishly.

I walked up closer to him as if I was to stand directly in front of him. Instead I walked up to a mulberry colored low ample wall. I smoothed my skirt underneath me an hopped on top to sit. My feet dangled a few inches above the ground. Sebastian wiped the corners of his mouth with his hand. He initially looked amused, before he started to frown. “What is this about?”

“It’s just a simple question.” I say dragging my gaze from the ground back up at him.

“A simple question?” He repeats, shaking his head. “Well my answer isn’t simple.” He stared at me impassively.

“Do you remember the very first day we met?” He continued.

“Vaguely…….of course I do.” I whispered.

“I was over in Brooklyn when I saw this girl who was holding a camera that was big as hell. She looked like her neck was going to break from leaning it back so far.” He recounted.

I remember that day like it was yesterday, mostly because it was still a fresh memory of mine. I was assigned to observe and write about different locations that once were popular and vivacious, until its untimely closing. Ironically it was a firehouse from the early 1930s that erupted in flames. “It was a big building that I had to fit in my shot.” I told him.

“I’ve seen that old firehouse countless times and not once have I seen someone look at it the way you have.”

“You liked my eye for abandoned architecture?” I asked Sebastian.

“Close.” He said almost sounding hesitant. I heard people coming up the walkway to enter the restaurant, but nothing could tear my eyes off of him. “Something about you enraptured me. Ever since that day you look at me and you see something different in me as well. ” He inclined his head sideways, speculating my slightest of movements.

“Has it ever once occurred to you that you might be wrong about me?” I reached for his arm tugging him a little closer. He gazed down at me which felt like for a lifetime. From where I was I sitting, Sebastian’s height towered over me. He bent down and placed a kiss on the top of my head, nearly missing my forehead. I titled my head up a little so that my face would be closer to his. Sebastian’s lips brushed over mine. I thought about pulling away, but my emotional state was growing numb like my senses were becoming seduced by him.

I inhaled sharply before leaning into him. Sebastian kissed me back firmly pulling me against his chest, causing me to stand. It was a very sloppy and ravenous kind of kiss. Holding me in place with one hand tightly on my hip, and his other hand was on the side of my neck with his fingers tucked underneath my head. “Say you love me before you change your mind.” Sebastian breathed in between each kiss. Our billowing breath was exchanged back and forth as we kept interlocking tongues.

His words were formidable and I just wanted to tear apart every visible article of clothing on him. The realization that we were still in a crowded scene dampened the moment. The next thing I knew he leaned in closer as our foreheads started to touch.

“Oh my god!” I heard someone suddenly yell. I forced my eyes shut embarrassed by the idea of someone watching us.

“Peyton…” I heard my name being stammered. My eyes widened as I looked up at Sebastian. I turned my head to see it was coming from a man. My grip tightened around Sebastian’s arm as I saw who it was.

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First Steps || Oli

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pairing - dad!Oli x reader
word count - 927
warnings - none
A/N -

summaryThe one where your daughter walks

Your 10 month old daughter, Marie, had been showing all the early signs of walking. She would stand up, stumble a bit, then sit back down, she crawled constantly, and she was always on the move. You were waiting for the day she would finally take her first real steps.

One day, you were sitting on the ground with your back leaned up against the couch. Marie was in your lap, playing with some of the toys that were laid out in front of her. Doc McStuffins was playing on the TV and you were singing along to the theme song when you heard your front door open. “Is Dada home?” you said to Marie who was now fidgeting on your lap at the sound of your husband, Oli, walking in.

“Where are my princesses?” Oli asked, the sound of his keys hitting the counter and his shoes being kicked across the room filling the room. Marie surprised you by standing up.

“Oli,” you said slowly.

“Yes babe?” he said, walking into the room. He immediately froze when he saw Marie standing upright. “Do you think she’s going to-”

“Get the camera,” you said quickly. Oli reached in his bag and got out his vlogging camera, turning it on to face himself.

“I think Marie is about to take her first steps!” he said excitedly to the camera. He quickly sat down and turned the camera on your daughter. “Come here Marie!” he said with an animated smile. “Come give Daddy a hug!” A wide smile spread across Marie’s face as Oli opened his arms out to her. Three steps. She’d only need to take three steps to go from Mommy’s lap to Daddy’s arms. You could see the determination in her face. Yes, she would do it.

Her chubby legs took one step forward, causing you to almost gasp. “Good job!” Oli encouraged. “Come on, keep going!” In the blink of an eye, she took two more steps and fell into Oli’s open arms. “Yay!” he cheered loudly. He handed you the camera as he threw a giggling Marie in the air before catching her swiftly in his hands. You continued to film the two of them as Oli pressed multiple kisses to her head. “Let’s put the camera down and see if she’ll walk again.”

You did so, setting the camera up so it could still film the three of you, then opened your arms up to Marie. “Marie, come back to Mommy,” you cooed, smiling brightly at her. Her eyes lit up again as she stood up, that same determined look on her face, and waddled over to you. You captured her in a hug and gave her cheers of encouragement.

“That look,” Oli laughed, “when she’s determined to walk. She gets that from you.”

You laughed and rubbed your nose with Marie’s. “Are you Mommy’s little girl?” you asked her. Marie just laughed.

“Aww, look at my two favorite girls,” Oli said, holding the camera and filming you both. Marie held out her arms to Oli and began kicking to get away from you. “You wanna walk back to Daddy?”

“Dada!” she replied. You laughed and put her back on the ground so she could walk over and fall into Oli’s arms once more. The three of you continued doing this for the rest of the night until Marie collapsed in Oli’s arms and fell asleep. Oli laughed at her gently, placed a kiss to the top of her head, and stood up to bring her to bed. You followed, checking the clock in her bedroom for the time.

“Is it really 8:00 already?” you said surprised.

“What, is that your bedtime too?” Oli teased as he laid Marie in her crib. You laughed lightly as the two of you walked out of her room. “Want to watch a film?” he asked.

“Sure,” you said. “I want popcorn.”

You went into the kitchen to make popcorn and came back a few minutes later. You were confused as to why Oli hadn’t already picked a film, but when you saw him smiling down at his vlogging camera you understood. “Can you believe it?” he said as he felt the couch dip down beside him. “She’s walking.”

“She’s growing up already,” you said.

“Don’t say that,” Oli said immediately, shaking his head with a light laugh. “She barely talks.”

“Dada is a word!” you teased back.

“You know what I mean,” Oli laughed. Once again, he played the clip of Marie walking for the first time. “I’m so bloody proud,” he said. “(Y/N), we made her.”

You laughed, “I remember.” Oli smirked and put the camera down, opening his arms and pulling you closer to him. He took the popcorn from your hands and placed a kiss to your lips.

“I seem to forget how that night went,” he said, his lips brushing against yours. “Can you remind me?”

“I just made popcorn,” you pouted. Oli laughed and pressed his lips to yours again, pulling you onto his lap.

The two of you pulled apart and let out collective sighs when you heard Marie crying in the other room. “How long has it been? Ten minutes?” you asked, resting your forehead on his.

“It’s gotta be a new record,” he laughed. “Hey, maybe she just wants to walk again.” You rolled your eyes and stood up.

“I’ll calm her down,” you said. “Have a film picked when I get back!”

“She ruined the mood!” Oli laughed.

“That’s okay,” you said. “I wanted the popcorn anyway.”

Story-time: Disneyland edition!

Anyways! There’s a few stories about yesterday that I really want to talk about, but I wanted to start with one of my favorite ones.

So I went to DisneyLand with my mom, her sister, and my cousins - one of which brought he wife and kids. I don’t have many Disney shirts, but I still wanted to wear one for the trip. The one I ended up going with is a Nightmare Before Christmas shirt, but with Jack and Sally as ponies (this one).

At some point after we got off the Haunted Mansion ride, we splitted up. They went to get a fast pass for the Indiana Jones Ride, while I went in search of food, and to get in line to take photos with Jack and Sally. After I had gotten a snack and waited in line, it was finally my turn.

I don’t know if there’s some kind of protocol that the talking characters have about how they greet guests, but I’ve noticed a lot of them will usually do things like shake your hand, ask what your name is, ask if you’re having fun (sometimes all three), things like that. Anyways, I walk over to Jack and Sally, and Jack goes to shake my hand and asking what my name is. after he say hello back to me, he stops mid-sentence, and quickly takes a step back away from me. This is because he looked down, saw my shirt, and stared at my shirt for a good long second. 

He then exclaims “What is THAT??” as he points and my shirt. Sally sees it too now, and she’s just staring. She hardly has said a word.

 Jack takes a closer look before going back and pointing at my shirt again, asking “What…what is this? Sally do you see that -what is that?” I’m already grinning like a doofus at this this point, and in between giggles I say “they’re ponies!”. 

Jack looks at me, then back to my shirt before looking back at me and saying something along the lines of “Well yes, a pony looks like me! And it’s like this pony-dragon thing cause of the wings, and look at the horn on his head! I could skewer someone with that!”

 I’m giggling even more at this point, and then Jack calls over one of the staff members that was stationed there (there were two of them - a guy and a girl). He calls over the guy, points at my shirt and says : ”Look at this! Don’t you think that horn would be perfect for skewering someone?”

The guy nods his head, and then says, “Oh definitely.” He then gestures to the Jack O Lantern cutie mark on Pony-Jack and says “I also like the little Jack-O-Lantern tattoo-thing it has”. Jack looks at where the guy was pointing, see the cutie mark, and says “Oh! You’re right! There’s a little Jack-O-Lantern there! I like that! Thank you for pointing that out. It’s so nice to have someone around with eyeballs” (he says even though Sally is right behind him).

Jack still looks kind of flustered about my shirt. I don’t remember what exactly he said, but it was something along the lines of how he was disappointed how he didn’t come up with it first. After that, he then starts to say something about how he doesn’t really know how to feel about the shirt, and then proceeds to telling me that I need to burn it.

 This is the point where I lost it and started laughing pretty hard. Jack continues on to say “Yes. burn it or cover it or something!” The girl staff member that was there - who’s been standing the whole time with my camera, waiting for us to stand still so she can take a picture - makes the suggestion that for the picture, I should cover the shirt with my Zer0 plushie (I bought a Zer0 plushie earlier in the day). Jack agrees to the suggestion (Sally too), and also chimes in to cover the shirt with my Zer0 plushie. 

Before he gets in position for the picture, he asks me where I got the shirt from. I wasn’t exactly sure how much detail I should have revealed about my shirt, so all I said was that I had got the shirt online. Jack then gives a rather annoyed, and slightly accusatory “Oh… Of course! You can find anything there.” after a pause, he asks “do you know if anyone else has this shirt?”. I told him no, and then he said “Oh, good,” following that with “Keep it that way”. I’m holding back laughter (still grinning like an idiot) and nod in agreement, while also making a little “zipping-my-mouth shut” gesture. Jack then says “Good!” rather cheerfully, and we all start to get ready to take a picture.

Jack interrupts the girl holding the camera two times; first time it was to turn to me and say something along the lines of “it’s good that no one else knows about this”. Second time is was so say “it’s just that it’s not scary enough! -sorry- (because he was apologizing to the girl with the camera) it’s not scary enough. If it were scarier, then maybe this could work”.

 So I then turn to look at Jack while saying - smiling the entire time- “What if the pony breathed fire?” Jack nodded and quickly said “that’s good! Breathing fire’s a good start! and not just fire. It has to be like, the giant, explosive, dragon fire kind of fire. And the flames need to be blue. Sally blue. If it breathed fire, then it might be scary enough”.

So we took the picture, hugged the two (Sally still didn’t say much. She just murmured a “you’re welcome” after I thanked them), got my camera from the girl and thanked her, and then went to sit down somewhere.

So, yeah. I don’t think Jack liked my shirt all that much. Still, it was great to see how Jack reacted. XD

Hello New Friend!(closed)

“Yeah! Way to go Digit!” Dodger screamed, watching Digit stick the landing on his new hoverboard trick. “Dakota? Did you get all that?” The snake girl nodded, holding the camera and giving a thumbs up. “That was totally rad, my dudes!” Dante nodded and glanced over at Jewel, only Jewel wasn’t next to him anymore. She was at the edge of the hover park, smoking a cigarette and looking around. Was she looking for that limo again? Probably. She tussled her green hair and blew smoke rings at strangers, giggling at their glares and coughs. What a delinquent!


Refugee life through a child’s eyes: 500 Syrian and Palestinian refugee children in Lebanon were taught photography skills, given disposable cameras and documented their daily lives through photography. The UNICEF-supported project by Zakira - the Image Festival Association intended to give the children a form of psychosocial support - catharsis through artistic expression.

Photo 1: Girls and boys stand together in an informal settlement, in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. They were photographed by Nahed, 10. © UNICEF/NYHQ2015-0366/ZAKIRA, Nahed

Photo 2: A girl takes a photograph of another child while another girl stands nearby in an informal settlement, in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. They were photographed by Fatima, 10, who also lives in the settlement and is a friend of the girl holding the camera. © UNICEF/NYHQ2015-0368/ZAKIRA, Fatima

Photo 3: Children use rocks and a tyre as stepping stones to cross a debris-filled body of water in an informal settlement, in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. Nour, 12, who also lives in the settlement, photographed his friends. © UNICEF/NYHQ2015-0369/ZAKIRA, Nour

Photo 4: A child plays on a swing in an informal settlement, in the village of Delhamiyeh in the Bekaa Valley. The child was photographed by Gharam, 12, who also lives in the settlement. © UNICEF/NYHQ2015-0380/ZAKIRA, Gharam

Photo 5: A girl stands with her hands in the pockets of her coat, outside a makeshift shelter in an informal settlement, in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.  Seven-year-old Qosay, who also lives in the settlement, took the photo. © UNICEF/NYHQ2015-0384/ZAKIRA, Qosay

Photo 6: A boy pushes a cart filled with items for sale in an informal settlement, in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. Another boy walks nearby. The children were photographed by Shadi, 12, who also lives in the settlement. © UNICEF/NYHQ2015-0381/ZAKIRA, Shadi

anonymous asked:

How about cosplay au where at a convention Eren meets fellow cosplayer Mikasa. It seems they chose to cosplay each others favorite charcters, that also happen to make up the least liked couple in the fandom or two dorks fall in love while cosplaying a unpopular ship Au.

This was both an natural prompt and such a hard one for me haha It was natural in the sense that I know exactly what goes into cosplaying at a con, but hard because I never know what characters to pick for other characters to cosplay lol So it took me a while to find a pairing I feel like they both would cosplay. I did have to go with a well-loved (and very canon) pairing but I made it from an older and lesser known series (at least I find, if you haven’t read this series please do. It’s wonderful)I just felt like the both of them would cosplay these characters (and I had to give Eren the Shounen hero character haha)and since the pairing is canon, it adds another cute level to them actually meeting :3 (though I really wanted to do FMA ones for them lol).

It wasn’t too unusual for Mikasa to be the first one up in the hotel room. Annie didn’t cosplay so she tended to just sleep in till she felt like getting up, and Connie and Sasha were cosplayers who never get up till at least noon even on con days. Mikasa didn’t mind too much, it left the bathroom free for her to get dressed in her own costume, do her wig and make up without feeling like she was in the way of anyone else trying to get ready.

She decided to keep it simple today. After all, it was Friday and it was in the middle of August heat; she’d rather be comfortable than have heat stroke. Mikasa flipped at her short, light brown wig in the mirror, getting it to lay where she wanted it to before looking over her whole costume. It was very simple, and even simpler to make; just a form fitting cropped white and red tank top with a short blue skirt and a low hanging belt that also doubled as a holster for her tonfa blaster props when she wasn’t holding them.

It was a simple costume she had for at least a year but Mikasa always liked bring Elie with her in the summer just because it kept her cool and the people who did remember Rave Master were always more than happy when they recognized her. Granted to this day she had never ran into another Rave Master cosplayer but it was a pretty large con so it was always possible. She figured she’d see far more of whatever was cosplay popular at the moment but there were always some gems mixed in there too.

Mikasa grabbed her bag she left on the bed Annie was still sleeping in, double checked to make sure she had her phone, badge, and room key before heading out the door and to the elevators. The nice thing about this particular con was the fact all the hotels were close by, only one actually attached to the con center, so from her hotel just across the street she didn’t have to wait at all for an elevator. She just got in it and headed straight down to the lobby. Of course, it was rather early in the morning as well.

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