girl holding a cigarette

A Bosnian girl, holding an AK-47 rifle smokes a cigarette as she waits for a funeral service at Sarajevo’s Lion’s cemetery in 1992.

Gentle touches, secret hand holding, burnt cigarettes in the girl’s bathroom after lunch, skipping maths and hanging out in the parking lot, notes passed under the desk, not so accidental eye contact.

Just soft elmax slowly falling in love.


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A/N: HELLO! i’m really happy to announce that I finally have the courage to put a fic out there. this is my first fic so go easy on me please! this chapter will be pretty chill so you can get the gist of what’s going on and how the losers (especially Bev) are adapting including a lot of Bev and Richie bff stuff. (but i am already working on the next one which has a lot more action!)

description: The losers are only 15 when Derry changes forever. The scars from It are barely faded when the newest threat hits the small town, Zombies. Most adults start getting infected one-by-one leaving many kids to fend for themselves, including the losers club. When Beverly is attacked and bitten by her father she can’t help but think she’s a danger to the club, there’s no escaping yourself.

mentions!!: Thank you so much to @edsrich (Go follow her! she’s freaking amazing and her fics are legit the best thing ever) for reading the first version of this chapter (I completely rewrote it lolololol) and overall being really supportive and *cough* my idol *cough*, Also thanks to @tobzier who probably doesn’t even know they did this but they really encouraged me by showing interest to this 1$ idea 

Pairings: reddie, stenbrough, benverly

!!!!!!TRIGGER WARNINGS!!!!!!!!: description of gore and lots of it (it’s a zombie apocalypse),lots of swear words, and a lot of angst

This chapter: angst, it’s just all angst tbh:/

And without further ado,

Enjoy :)))))

wind lightly rushed through the bushes in front of what once was the Denbrough household, soothing the red haired girl that sat on the splintering porch, holding a cigarette in her right hand and the other laid in her jacket’s pocket. She had been crying for about ten minutes but no one was counting. She exhaled and looked around her, following the smoke with her eyes. The porch was old and decaying like the corpses that walked the town. There were ripped trash bags acting as a tarp to cover the porch out of sight and there was a circle of broken off limbs, guts and blood circling the house’s fence which was boarded up with two layers of ply wood. Bev laughed at the memories of putting all these things up. Behind these thoughts came the others- others so horrid that she quickly took a long drag on her cigarette.

More tears ran down her cheek as she could feel her body tensing up. She felt sick to her stomach all the time and it scared her. Her bright green eyes drooped as she looked at the bandage wrapped around her leg and felt the gauze on her forehead. She could almost feel it again. The way her father looked at the six boys standing in the doorway. The way he walked towards them with an empty bottle in his right hand. The way he lifted it up, threatening to hit the boy- Bill- Standing tall in front of them all. The way the beer bottle broke against Beverly’s forehead instead of his.

She remembered it all, but the thing that really haunted her was Eddie’s scream as her father, foam filling his mouth and eyes turning all white, had sunk his teeth into Richie’s arm ripping a chunk of skin off the edge. With all of them on floor comforting him and Eddie using the end of his own shirt to soak up some blood while he’s spewing cuss words, her father dragged her away and bit Beverly’s leg as the boys were hitting him and pulling him off of her. She had noticed him acting strange and drinking more the week before and after the announcement that there was a strange illness going around made her weary when going home. She had gotten a call that night from Eddie, he pretended to be a salesman just in case her dad answered, this made her smile but the news he delivered of his classmate following him made her eyes wide and goosebumps rise. He had described it just like his first encounter with It, he was like a walking infection trying to bite poor Eddie. She had to end the call before he could finish, but later she would learn the urgent call was to warn Bev about who she was around. She remembered it all.

“Bev?” The raspy voice made the freckle faced girl to quickly wipe her tears and take another drag. She looked to the door to see none other than Richie “Trashmouth” Tozier, “Uh, are you okay?”

“Yeah- I’m just- I’m fine,” she said shuffling to sit up against the house.

“Damn you are SO bad at lying,” He said almost laughing as he walked over.

“Whatever,” she whispered. There was a feeling of guilt building up.

“So like, what are you doing crying on the porch?” he reached into his pocket.

“Nothing, I said I was fine,”

“Yeah, okay,” He said sarcastically, lighting a cigarette and slumped down next to her.

“Really?” She said irritated again.

“Oh come, on you can smoke and be angsty but I can’t?”

“Rich!” She said obviously annoyed. She adjusted in her spot so they weren’t even grazing arms.

“What? You said you were fine!” he exclaimed.

“You’re a real son of a bitch,” She took a another breath of chemicals.

“I’ll leave you alone if you need some time to yourself-” He attempted to lift himself up with his hands until Beverly reached her small arms out and grabbed the leather from his sleeve.

“No, richie you’re- I’m sorry,” she looked away.

Richie raised an eyebrow, “Hey, chill out you’re fine,” he slowly dropped to the floor against the wall.

She rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, “I’m so fucking tired,” she laughed hysterically.

“Go back to bed.” he placed the cigarette in his mouth.

“No,” she did the same.

That stupid grin spread on his face mischievously, “I bet Ben would love to keep you company up there-”

“Beep beep Richie,”

“Yeah, yeah-”

“Eddie’s gonna worry about you,”

“Nah he’ll be fine,” Richie’s sly grin turned to a soft smile and a blush.

She noticed his change in his facial expressions, “You guys are real cute,”

“Eds is cute, but not me, I’m just his depressed boyfriend,”

“Don’t say that,” She frowned, “ Eddie needs you”

“I don’t think he does,”

“Richie, you two are perfect for eachother, don’t doubt it for a second, and if he breaks your heart I’ll beat him up,”

Richie laughed, “You’re really gonna beat up spaghetti man,”

“Spaghetti man or not no one hurts my best friend,”

“I don’t think you even have to worry about that, we’re not even dating.”

“I bet you could change that.” She said nudging his elbow.

“Well, then what about Ben?- Oh that rhymed!”

she rolled her eyes and chuckled, “I don’t want to talk about him.”

Richie frowned, “Why not? What’s wrong with haystack?”

“Nothing! Nothing’s wrong with him, he’s perfect,” she could feel herself blushing, “He’sjust so sweet and caring, and smart, like he fucking told us how to build that barricade on the fence, he deserves someone better than my ratchet ass,”

“Oh come on! He’s liked your,” he used quotations with his fingers, “‘ratchet ass’ since seventh grade, probably longer!”

“I don’t care, I’m not the one for him!”

“Why not?”


“Because why?”
“Because I’m gonna be a fucking zombie tomorrow! Okay?” she yelled.

“Beverly, fuck,” he whispered but she pulled away.

“This fucking disease is in my blood! It’s slowly turning me into a monster!”
“Bev keep it down-”

“Even Eddie is already scared of me!”

“That’s even true!-”

“Don’t, Trashmouth! I’m a fucking monster!”

“Hey asshole! What about everything Eddie’s been doing to help you?”

“He’s just doing it because I’m your friend! It’s my fault you have that bandage around your arm!”


The arguing two slowly stood up. Richie peered through the garbage bag, “Now we’ve done it,”

“Shit don’t tell me-”

“Go get Bill,”


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Next Chapter (out tomorrow): Fighting and angst

PREVIEW:“What the fuck are you doing Eddie!” Bev said while stabbing a zombie in the eye that was about to eat the small boy. “Just trust me, assholes!” he said.

Daddy Issues - Tig Fanfic

omggomgomgomgomgggggg this chapter is one of the moments that sparks up Tig and Jamie’s secret passion they feel for one another ;)))))

they have a long way to go before realising that though, but it’s gonna be worth it. I promise!!

Thankyou to everyone who’s reading this fic, please please let me know if I should carry on posting the chapters or if I should stop lmao,

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tw: mentions of alcohol, drunkenness, and sexual stuffs… ;)

okay here is chapter 4 <3


4 - Drunken Decisions.

It’s been almost an hour since Jamie passed out from lack of oxygen when having a panic attack. She was lying on the bed in his room after Jax had brought her there.
She was starting to come to when hearing two people talking.
“She’s been out for a while..” A female voice said sighing.
“God dammit, why the fuck does Wendy think she can come into MY house to see MY son!? This wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t show up.” A male replied, annoyance was clear in his voice.
Another sigh came from the woman. “Baby, calm down.” She spoke in a soothing tone. “Why don’t you go for a walk? I’ll stay here.”
“I’m not leaving her mom!” The man was getting more and more irritated. “Fuck sake, man!” He snapped. A bang was heard after he spoke.
Rubbing her sore head, Jamie woke up with a groan. She opened here eyes and blinked a few times before her blurry vision cleared. She looked around the room to see Gemma and Jax arguing.
“What’s going on?” Jamie asked groggily as she looking up at them through squinted eyes.
When hearing her voice, the two of them rushed over to her. Gemma sat on the bed beside her and pulled her into a hug. “Oh thank god..” She whispered. “You really scared us!”
Jamie pulled away and looked up at Jax who was relieved she was okay. “You really did.” He said with a sigh.
“Sorry..” Jamie mumbled. “How’s Abel? Has Wendy gone?” Gemma nodded and smiled at her.
“Abel’s sleeping. Wendy left after you passed out.” Gemma told her, taking hold of her hand and stroking it. “Are you okay baby?”
The girl shrugged. “I think so? I mean, i can breathe again..” She chuckled, trying to lighten the mood. “You don’t have to worry. I’m fine.. I think.”
Jax and Gemma exchanged a look before turning back to the girl who looked like she wasn’t okay. Jamie had been having panic attacks regularly since last month. But it did make sense… Last month was the 10 year anniversary of her father’s death.
“How’s your nose?” Jamie asked Gemma who’s face was starting to bruise. She had washed the blood that had ran all down her face so she didn’t look as horrific as she did earlier.
“It’s not broken. I’m all good, baby.” Gemma told her with a smile.
“What time is it? My shift at the Club will be soon..” Jamie said getting out of the bed. Jax furrowed his brows and shook his head at her. “I’ll be fine. I don’t wanna stay cooped up in my room, it’ll make me worse. Plus, you guys will be nearby.” She also didn’t want everyone to keep treating her like she was a china doll and would break if the slightest thing knocked her down.
Gemma let out a little laugh. “I swear you’re invincible..” Jax nodded in agreement.
Jamie smiled at them. “Seriously though guys, i’m okay. I ain’t dyin’. It was just a panic attack.” She tried to reassure them but they didn’t buy it. They’d seen her moods get lower and lower and they were really starting to worry about her.
“Okay, well, i’m gonna go have a smoke and then i’m going to work. I’ll see you both later.” Jamie announced before making her way downstairs. She walked over to the front door but just before she left, Jax ran after her.
“You sure you’re okay?” Jax asked with concern. She smiled at him and nodded.
“I’m fine. If there are any problems, i’ll call you, okay?” Jamie said standing up on her tip toes to place a soft kiss on his lips. “See you later.”
And with that, she walked outside, got in her car and drove to the Clubhouse aka her second home.

That evening, after Jamie had spent a good couple of hours working and serving the bikers, her shift had almost finished. Rather than cleaning up and getting ready to go home, Jamie decided to stay late. She didn’t fancy going back home where she’d do nothing until she went to bed.
Jamie’s routine was the same pretty much everyday, wake up, shower, get ready, eat breakfast/dinner, work at the bar, go home, watch tv and then sleep. It was boring as hell and after the day’s events she wanted to have fun and let loose.
The girl sighed to herself as she tried to think of fun things to do. There wasn’t many fun things happening in Charming but she didn’t exactly want to leave her hometown by herself either. She was a bit stuck.
“What’s up blondie?” A male voice asked, ripping her from her thoughts. She looked up to see Opie staring at her. “Jax told us about what happened earlier.. Are you okay?”
Jamie rolled her eyes. “Will everyone stop fuckin’ asking if i’m okay?!” She yelled, making the room fall silent. “I’m FINE!” She yelled, looking at the people around her who were kind of confused by her outburst. “I’m not a fucking baby! I’m a grown ass woman!”
Opie let out a chuckle and nodded. “Okay.. Okay..” He said awkwardly. “To Jamie, a grown ass woman who’s fine.” He raised up his beer, grinning and winking at the blonde.
The SAMCRO members and their friends in the Clubhouse also raised their drinks, making Jamie blush a little in embarrassment but she smiled.
“Here, here!” A man yelled, making her laugh. She also raised a bottle of Vodka in the air confidently before taking a couple gulps of the liquid.
Her face scrunched up at the taste but she carried on drinking. Sometimes the only thing a girl could count on to make her feel better was Vodka.
After the toast Opie made, everyone got back to whatever they were doing and the room was filled with voices, laughter and music again.
Opie smiled at Jamie who sparked up a cigarette. “So, woman, what are your plans for tonight.” He asked her.
Jamie shrugged, blowing out a cloud of smoke. “No idea, my friend. No fucking idea.” She hopped up onto the bar and swung her legs over so she was facing the man. “I wanna do somethin’ fun. But there’s fuck all to do.”
Opie nodded in agreement, he too wanted something fun to do. The man tried to think of something, but not much happened in Charming. “I mean, it’s not even 8pm yet… We could throw a party?” He suggested, making Jamie’s face light up.
“Do ya think Clay would let us?” Jamie asked him with a raised brow.
“Maybe if you ask.. He thinks of you like his own. You could play into his hands easily and get pretty much whatever you want.” Opie told her.
Jamie felt slightly uncomfortable when thinking about Clay thinking of her as his daughter, but, like Opie said, if she acted like it she could get what she wanted. A mischievous smirk appeared on her lips and she nodded.
“I’ll give him a call then.” She said with a giggle. “You’re in charge of roundin’ everyone up. Let’s make this a motherfuckin’ night to remember.”
Opie chuckled and nodded. “I’ll get right on it, blondie.” He said finishing his beer.
Jamie jumped down off the bar and walked outside so she could call Clay. She warmed herself up and practiced her acting skills before taking out her phone.
Just like Opie thought, Clay agreed to Jamie throwing a party so she went back inside and told everyone before getting the place ready along with Opie’s help.

Within no time, the Clubhouse was packed full of bikers, strippers, couples and family and friends. The party was in full swing and thankfully there was hardly any preparation as it was so last minute.
Unfortunately, Jax wasn’t able to make it as he wanted to spend his night with Abel. He felt awful for leaving him home with his nanny Neeta the past few nights so he wanted to spend as much time as he could with his son.
Clay and Gemma also decided to stay home, they wanted a quiet night in… Alone together. They were definitely going to have sex now they were home alone. But it wasn’t like Jamie being there stopped them the past few times.

People danced to the music blasting from the speakers throughout the building, some people laughed and joked and others drank themselves silly, Jamie being one of them.
The blonde girl was holding a bottle of vodka in one hand and a cigarette in the other whilst  dancing and singing along to the song that was playing. Despite being drunk, she was quite good at multitasking.
“She looks like she’s havin’ fun.” Chibs said with a chuckle watching the girl as she gulped down the vodka like it was water. “It’s nice to see her letting her hair down.”
Opie nodded in agreement. “Sure is. I think she needs it.” He told his friend, taking a sip of his beer. “Strange to think it’s been 10 years already, ain’t it.”
“Yeah, poor lass. She was Grant’s world, and he was hers..” Chibs let out a sigh. He was also close friends with Jamie’s dad. When he first joined SAMCRO, Grant was really welcoming and friendly. And throughout the years their friendship grew to brotherhood.
Opie cleared his throat. “Anyway, i’m gonna go see if she’s alright.” He got up from his seat about to walk over to her but Chibs stopped him by placing a hand on his shoulder.
“Leave her be brother, let her have some fun.” The man told the bearded biker. “Just keep an eye on her from afar.”

The next song came on and Jamie squealed and jumped around, still holding the bottle of vodka. People laughed at her dancing crazily and singing along to the lyrics. She obviously really liked the song.
Jamie shut her eyes as she danced, forgetting about all of her worries and thoughts and she smiled to herself. For the first time in what felt like forever, she was happy and carefree.
Suddenly the sound of yelling and banging made the girl’s eyes open and her head turn in the direction of the noise. Tig had just walked in and people were greeting him with hugs and playful punches.
“Havin’ a party without me?! How fuckin’ dare ya!” Tig yelled as he walked through the crowd of people. He reached over the bar and grabbed a bottle of whiskey and poured himself a drink.
A grin appeared on Jamie’s face as she saw the man. “Tiggyyyyyyy!” She shouted as he downed his drink instantly. He looked over his shoulder and saw the blonde girl smiling at him.
Tig made his way over to her with a smirk on his face. He could tell she was drunk, not just by her appearance but why else would she be happy to see him?
Jamie met him halfway and practically jumped onto him, wrapping her arms around him and squeezing him tight. Tig laughed, hugging her back before she broke away.
“I’ve been waiting for you to turn up!” Jamie spoke loudly over the booming music.
Tig raised his brows and winked at her. “Have you now?” He asked grabbing hold of her and twirling her around in a circle.
“Yeah, they’re bein’ borin’ and not coming to dance with me.” Jamie said pulling a sad face as she pointed over to some bikers. Tig looked at who she was pointing to and let out a chuckle. Opie and Chibs waved at the two of them before going back to their conversation.
“I’ll dance with ya any day, babydoll.” Tig whispered in the Jamie’s ear. She blushed a little and then grabbed his hands and pulled him over to the crowd of people who were dancing.
The two of them danced together, their bodies touching every now and again. Tig watched Jamie as she danced without a care in the world. She was jumping about and throwing her hands in the air as she danced.
“Where’s your boyfriend?” He asked her. Her brows furrowed and she shook her head.
“Don’t have one.” She replied with a smile. She wasn’t exactly lying.. But she did feel a little like she was cheating on Jax. But in that moment, she didn’t care about the blond male.
Tig grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her towards him. Their bodies touched and their faces were inches away from each other. “Good.” Tig said and she bit down on her lip flirtatiously.
Jamie spun around to hide her cheeks which were now a dark shade of pink. Despite thinking that Tig was a bit of sleazy asshole, she couldn’t deny the fact that she found him was extremely hot. She’d even fantasized about him a couple times, but never told anyone.
Jamie had her back against Tig’s chest and they grinded against each other to the beat of the music. Tig’s hands rested on her hips and his head hovering above her neck. His hot breaths tickled her neck making her squirm a little which made a wave of pleasure wash over him.

Across the bar, Opie and Chibs were watching Tig and Jamie dance. They were practically dry humping each other in a room full of people. The Scotsman let out a sigh and scratched his beard awkwardly.
“Jesus..” He muttered under his breath. “He moves quick don’t he?”
Opie nodded and got up from his seat. “He’s gonna get her in trouble.” He clenched his jaw as he watched the sleazy man’s hands slide up and down her body.  
Tig started to kiss Jamie’s neck, much to Opie’s disgust. He had to stop them before things got carried away. “Jamie!” Opie called her name over the booming music. The pair broke away from each other quickly.
Jamie saw Opie glaring and shaking his head at her. She pursed her lips and folded her arms over her chest. “Alright, alright..” She told him with raised brows. What a buzzkill, Jamie thought. She knew that Opie wasn’t happy with her being with Tig but she didn’t care. She was drunk and wanted to have fun.
Tig looked over to the bearded man and smirked. He found Opie’s annoyance amusing. “We were just dancin’ man.” He chuckled, making Opie roll his eyes.
“Well turn it down a notch.” Opie grumbled, sitting back down beside Chibs who was smirking at the situation.
Tig and Jamie carried on dancing, this time further away from each other. The girl glanced over to see that Opie and Chibs weren’t watching them anymore and she smiled.
“Wanna go somewhere quieter..” Jamie asked, looking over to the dark haired man. “Where we can be alone?” She added which made Tig lick his lips. He had been waiting for the chance to finally fuck her.
“Lead the way.” He grumbled.
Jamie grabbed hold of his hand and pushed through the crowd before disappearing down the hallway to the bedrooms sneakily without being seen by anyone. Tig opened the door for her. “After you babydoll.” And they went into the room, kicking and locking the door shut behind them.

Can we just think about Carl from Peter’s perspective for a moment. An older guy with a French surname and history of leaving behind trails of heartbroken French girls. Or one French girl, at least. Someone who holds his cigarette like a superstar and taught Peter how to steal a car. Well, a moped. Who reads Oscar Wilde and writes his own complicated guitar riffs, who grew up living with his hippie mother at communes and tent farms, who loves tenderly but fights dirty.

It was like a character from Peter’s wild imaginations come true.

Then imagine when Peter discovered that there could have been two Carls.