girl gym


Second day back in the gym after roughly a month break due to exams.

Feeling extra positive and overall happiness has definitely increased.Feeling good about life for once.Definitley benefiting from those post workout endorphins.

I’m extremely glad that I haven’t lost any of my strength and I could pick back up where I left,I’m definitely getting out of breath more but that will slowly go.

Since I have maxed out some of the weight lifting machines on my legs I am finally slowly gaining the confidence to use other apparatus and not care if somebody is judging me.

Now training legs,squatting with a weight bar(20kgs/45lbs)…let the journey begin.

Doing some stretching before I train my 🍑!
After a long time of training in the gym and some injuries I learned, how to properly warm up my body and how important this is for the quality of the workout. Some people that are new to this whole workout/fitness thing underestimate the power of a correct warmup.
So don’t forget to do a good warm up guys 🙂

Here’s another workout guide for you guys!

If you feel lost everytime you get to the gym try writing down the workouts you want to do based on the muscles you want to work, this will help you be more time efficient at the gym.

Dont forget to have fun 😘💪