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Yvette Young - Hydra [Just Guitar] played on Strandberg

Sweet tapping. This girl is fuckin’ awesome.

Danielle Haim of Haim in Premier Guitar
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I have two spreads in the July issue of Premier Guitar. The second one is a photo of Danielle Haim of Haim playing a 2005 all-stock Gibson SG Standard.

All Images Copyright © Lindsey Best. Please do not steal my images without prior consent & proper credit.  If you’re interested in licensing an image or acquiring a print, please email me.

Decided to do a cheeky Prince cover after the horrible news of his death last week. He had so many amazing songs. This being one of them.

Please excuse my face (my skin is HORRENDOUS right now) and my general loserish being. I clearly got too excited at the end and thought I was a rockstar or something 🙈 This is by no means my best work. Then again, I say that about everything I do…

P.S I’ve been flapping over posting this for an hour because I’m a wimp. An HOUR! Get a grip, Workman!

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