For everyone looking for lgbtq representation in kpop, look no further!! 

Choi Hanbit, leader of rookie girl group Mercury and supermodel, is a transgender woman!! Mercury has a new song coming out today (You can watch the teaser here), and it’s really important that we support them.

The four members of Mercury, Sehee, Seoa, Hyena, and Hanbit (left to right), are super nice! They interact with fans over Instagram all the time. I have had all of them reply to a comment of mine at least once, and they also like my posts occasionally on both my personal account and mercury fanpage. 

You can find interviews and mercury-related videos on @mercurykpop ! Please support them!! The more support we show Mercury, the more successful they will be, and they really deserve it. Lgbtq kpop fans also deserve to have an idol to look up to, and Hanbit is more than perfect for that role.

Check out their debut music video below!

Girl groups get so much shit just for being girls. If they do a cute concept they are called boring and are accused of plagiarizing other bands when boy groups only do two concepts that are like 70% inspired from other groups and they are paised and get called kings. 

If girl groups do sexy concepts they are slut shamed and terrorized by pervs everywhere but if boys do it they are sex symbols and gods.

Girls for just being girls have to work 30 times harder and deal with 10 times the crap but still get called lazy, unprofessional, sluts, boring, dumb, untalented, etc.

Groups like 9muses have to go trough hell to even debut and even if they have it all (talents, looks, personality, songs, dance, rap) people still don’t like them just bc they are girls. 9muses has lost 8 members and people online just pity them for it. Beast lost 1 and people are rioting for them to get a better treatment.

Stellar has had to get bashed by media all over the world for a concept they aren’t comfortable  in and maybe even get disbanded soon and people still don’t pay attention to them and their amazing music. But Speed might have disbanded and people keep crying and screaming online about how great they are for dancing in heelys.

It’s tiring and boring that girls and girl groups have to do 10 times what boys do and be 10 times better to get half of the fame and praise recycled boy groups get for appearing on stage.

Girls work to do such unique things inside their concepts but people look only at the fact that other band did it again and boys do the same cheap bad boy or school boy concept but just bc they are a different band they are called influencers. 

AND THEN WE HAVE 4MINUTE. I could go on and on for the longest rant about girls and girl groups not getting the right treatment just because they are girls for hours but I’ll leave this more recent stuff here. Really it’s dumb that so many people don’t get it. If you want more info come to me.



Shadiest moments of 3LW


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