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To all the new fans of Hayley Kiyoko who recently became a fan because of Girls Like Girls, would you like to know an interesting fact?

She use to be in a 5 member girl group called “The Stunners”  
Tinashe (2 On, All Hands On Deck) was also in it.

How interesting is that? The group wasn’t that big back then…

but now they’re both pretty successful so I’m very happy for them! :)

  • (Tinashe in the middle and Hayley is on the far right.)

I feel like people always complain about girls. Whatever they do it’s not the right thing. You know those people, those who says they don’t like girlgroups because “they are all the same.” But girls are definitly not all the same. And I assure you, everyone can find some song they like on the endless list of songs by girls in kpop.

Just tell me what you like. There are happy songs, sad songs, songs about love, songs about hate. Songs about good relationships, songs about bad relationships, songs about being single. Songs about liking boys, songs about liking girls, songs about LGBT-relationships. Songs about break-ups, songs about girls calling out guys on their bullshit. There are songs about missing someone, there are songs about judging someone from their appearance, there are songs about financial problems.

They pull off cute concepts, they pull off sexy concepts. Dark concepts, mysterous concepts, retro concepts, robot-concepts, colorful concepts, black & white concepts, sporty concepts, and funny concepts. You’ve got your confident girls, angry girls, shy girls, flirty girls, tomboys, or girly girls. There are good rappers, good singers, and good dancers. There are songs about having low confidence, and there are songs that help you gain some confidence.

There are summer-songs, songs with a fairytale-theme, songs with references to magic, songs with childish themes, songs with more adult themes, perfect songs to dance to, songs stating that girls can wear whatever clothes they like, and songs with weird metaphors.
And of course, there are lots of G I R L P O W E R.

Girls sing about a lot of things, and they pull off every concept imaginable, still they always get criticism for being either “too sexy,” “too cute,” or just “too plain.”
And I think that’s ridiculous.


reasons why you should let M.O into your life

  • they can sing!!! 
  • they have great chemistry and you can tell they really love each other
  • they are so supportive of other women in the music industry and most of their songs have empowering messages
  • their covers are better than the originals tbh
  • they’ve been releasing music for the past two years, they deserve to be recognised for all the hard work
  • they are hilarious and adorable and you should love them
  • just listen to them to be quite honest 

sojin please


I was watching Holland’s got talent and I saw these girls and i thought they were quite good?! They’ve been together for just 2 WEEKS