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Cake-fic : Highschool Bullies 2

Summary: Calum used to bully Luke but things changed as they got older. Now Luke ‘bullies’ Calum, but they’re also falling for each other.

Read Highschool Bullies Part 1.

Prompt: Can you write a cake-fic where Calum comes to school one day with a black eye and Luke keeps asking him about it? You can turn in into what ever you like :)

“Where did that come from?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Lucas.” Calum ducked his head low, trying to hide the obvious black eye from his overly-protective… bully? Make-out buddy? Boyfriend? They hadn’t quite gotten around to defining this confusing relationship where Luke was taunting him one minute and kissing him breathless the next.

Anyway, right now, he had more pressing problems to deal with than trying to sort out all the nuances of whatever this thing was. It was already a quarter past eight; he didn’t have time for the Spanish Inquisition that would inevitably begin once Luke got a proper look at him. This big blond doofus might be a straight-A student, but Calum had always struggled with school. Missing class-time was not an option for him if he wanted to maintain a high enough grade point average to stay on the soccer team.

The warning bell rang.

“Uh… I gotta get to class,” he mumbled, quickly walking away from the younger boy.

Unfortunately, escape wasn’t going to come so easy. A broad hand grabbed at his wrist and jerked him to a stop, yanking him back hard until he went stumbling into Luke behind him, his back cradled against that wide chest.

“Oww… You don’t have to pull my arm out of my socket,” he complained, and tugged his hand free of that vice-like grip.

His protests were summarily ignored as Luke’s hands curled around his shoulders and turned him around so he was facing the taller boy. Great. There went any shot he had of getting to class on time. Now, he’d be stuck playing 20-questions until Luke was satisfied. 

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