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Ok guys… you can tell I am hardly ever on this fanpage anymore due to my hectic life and work, soooo I wanna give the fanpage away to a lucky fan that will keep it rolling strong in the name of Bino lol. I came up with a contest instead of just randomly giving it away 😊.

🚨🚨RULES: 🚨🚨

1. Must be following @thechildishgambinofanclub

2. Take a picture of you holding a sign (a simple sheet of paper with a pen or marker lol) saying “I want The Childish Gambino Fanclub” and when you post it, put #Iwantthechildishgambinofanclub in the tag for submission. No tag, no submission 😥

3. Incorporate Bino somehow into the picture. (Cd, T-Shirt, Poster etc)

4. Whoever gets the most likes and reblogs will receive the password and have all rights to The Childish Gambino Fanpage to do whatever he/she chooses from there on out.

So post your pic with the tag #Iwantthechildishgambinofanclub then go tell your friends, your mama’s, your cousins, your aunts and uncles..EVERYONE to like your pic and reblog the hell out of it so you can win!!!!

The contest starts now. Good luck to everyone that participates. 😘