girl gig

about that au where allura is in a popular girl group:

okay so naturally allura is the group founder and leader who tends to strive so hard for her goals that she sometimes forgets to stop and smell the roses, but nevertheless is still the heart of the group, and the girls’ biggest dreamer, reminding them constantly that they can break any barrier and top any chart as long as they stick together

pidge, the smart one (and the cute one, as she’s the youngest) is tightest with all the roadies, and is chosen by allura to be the girls’ main spokesperson during meetings with the stage technicians who want to discuss lights & special effects

shay is the sensitive and sweet one, and the biggest crier of the group (she just feels so much love for everyone!!) she replies to all her fanmail by hand, signing each letter w/ a heart, and she co-writes most of their songs with florona

nyma is the group’s bad girl, and their toughest member, she’s quick to yank the tie of any producer who thinks they can con her girls out of their earnings, and slap any fanboy who shouts gross comments at them onstage. she’s the most mysterious to their fans, but is also the funniest and most chill in video diaries, especially when she’s with shay

plaxum is the group’s adorkable idea girl, always speaking up for what she believes in, she’s an idealist and an activist and is always insisting that the girls take gigs at fundraisers and protest concerts and use their popularity to spread awareness of important causes, their public relations team doesn’t exactly love that, but her girls do and so do their fans & sponsors

florona is the group’s flirty poet and drama queen. she writes most of their songs, often with the help of shay. she’s very purposeful and seductive about her moves on stage, often blowing kisses, waving and winking at the crowd. a lot of her lyrics tend to be about how secretly in love she is with plaxum but so far no one has been able to tell


So there was a gig thing I went to and got very drunk and cocktails were 2 for 1
I ended up sobbing all over my brother towards the end of the night because abi managed to get her heart broken twice yay
I think I looked kinda hot
I’m happier than I was wbu

My friend did a tequila shot from my cleavage and did a body shot off her and we nearly fucked oops

Whoever keeps sending me anons can u not