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Katie McGrath Week - Day 1:  Favourite Role

“She is Uther’s ward. The first lady of Camelot and we are very aware that she is top dog. She is in control and she can manipulate all the men. She’s very interesting, great fun to play. Not your average, retiring type of girl. She’s a go-getter, stand up for herself kind of girl.”— Katie McGrath

Hello, all you wonderful people! As you may know, I’ve been working with @kianamaiart on a new comics pitch that’s a combination of magical girls and cheerleading, called Sunshine Cheer Squad Go! I’ve already shared some of Kiana’s amazing concept art, and now I thought I’d give you a little info about our characters!

First up is Summer Watanabe, perpetually peppy go-getter girl and captain of the squad! Summer’s mission in life is to make people happy—not by ignoring or denying the bad things that happen to them, but by overcoming and accepting them. Summer is an optimist, but not a Pollyanna—she knows that being happy takes work, and time, and isn’t just a matter of smiling all the time. When Summer finds out that her high school doesn’t have a cheerleading team, she makes it her mission to start one—but she has no idea that her squad will also be Earth’s only defense against the Void Queen and her sinister minions! On the team, Summer is the cheer captain, coordinating and calling out their cheers. As a magical girl, she has sonic powers: she can shout loud enough to shatter glass, or disorient and topple monsters.

Follow @tedlyanderson and @kianamaiart for more info on this project!

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How would the RFA react to MC being constantly scared she is being abusive towards them because she has been accused of being abusive in the past? Like their relationship is absolutely healthy, but she keeps being tempted to call it off because she loves them so much and is scared of accidently hurting them.

Okay, so maybe this isn’t fully abusive, but I hope you still enjoy this!

RFA reassuring MCshe’s not being abusive


  • Of course you get jealous, okay?
  • How wouldn’t you? He’s gorgeous, he’s nice, it’s obvious he has fans and coworkers running after him.
  • But you’ve been here before, you are so possessive! Remember what your ex used to tell you? You were a crazy paranoid bitch!
  • So, in order to not being accused of getting possessive, you try to be as more indifferent that you can
  • “Babe, I have this new co-star in that musical, is it okay if we do some… provocative scenes?” “Do what you want. Your career, your choice.” Oh, okay…
  • Well, he’s glad you’re cool with that, but sometimes you’re too cool, you know? To the point of being cold… As if you don’t really care about anything, about him or this relationship whatsoever…
  • When he confronts you about it, you’re so confused. “Wait… you’re mad at me because I’m not jealous?” “No, it isn’t like that, it’s just… you’re so cold sometimes, MC! I feel like I could do porn and you wouldn’t even say anything. I… feel like you don’t want to be a part of this with me. And it’s hard because both my career and you, they’re so important to me.”
  • Oh my god… he’s so hurt! What the hell are you doing? “Zen, I… of course I want to be a part of your career, I’m just trying to give you some space, I don’t want us to break up because I couldn’t control my possessiveness…again.”
  • “Again?” then you tell him everything about your ex-boyfriend, and… okay, maybe you are a little paranoid, because, from what he can tell, you never acted possessive around him, not even during that whole Echo Girl ordeal.
  • All you’ve always done ever since you showed up was being supportive to his work and his choices. And jealous isn’t good, but it’s normal, he gets super jealous sometimes too.
  • He tells you all this and hugs you in reassurance, he wants you to always speak up your mind if you don’t like something on his work, consider yourself his symbolic manager from now on.
  • And a few months later, symbolic manager turned into real manager.


  • In your defense, he can act like a train wreck sometimes
  •  It’s so common to see him nervous and flustered with every attempt of getting… intimate coming from you.
  • So you’re pretty sure you’re pressuring him on doing things he’s not ready to do and doesn’t want to.
  • You want him to be comfortable and do as he pleases, so… any initiative should come from him from now on.
  • And, since he’s shy, there is no initiative coming for a while now, to the point you two are feeling like two buddies sharing rent, not a couple living together.
  • So here are you in the bed getting ready to sleep, but neither of you are really sleepy, so you’re cuddling lazily and catching up about your day.
  • And since it’s been a while… things get heated pretty fast, with kisses growing deeper and you subconsciously getting closer. You look at him and he’s red as a tomato, then you immediately back away.
  • Poor boy is so frustrated, did he do something wrong? Is it that bad that you won’t even talk about it? No, but he needs to know what’s wrong in order to fix it, right?
  •  “MC, am I… am I not good enough for you?” “What? You’re great for me, honey!” “No, I mean… on… you know, bed stuff…” Ohhhhhh…
  • “You… are great if you’re not feeling forced to it” “F-forced? But I was never forced before, MC!” “Really? Because I feel I’m forcing you sometimes! You get so flustered and uncomfortable, and I hate seeing you like this, but I like being close to you so much I don’t even… ugh, I’m so selfish, Yoosung!”
  • Selfish? That was the last thing he could ever think about you… and boy, he might be insecure, but you’re on a whole different level, ain’t you?  
  • He’s shy and gets flustered easily, but he never felt pressured to do anything, much on the contraire, he feels like you really encourage him and boost his confidence on being the man he wants to be.
  • He told you all that, and let’s say you both felt really encouraged that night on doing a lot of new things.


  • This is most about you as business partners.
  • When you were in school, people will say working with you could be a challenge sometimes, since you tend to be a control freak and not taking other people’s opinions that well
  • So obviously you’re afraid of being authoritarian, because Jaehee dealt with a very commanding boss for too long now.
  • So you usually do as she says without questioning much, or nothing at all.
  • At first, it feels good to Jaehee, she feels a lot of freedom, but as time passes, she realizes it’s not that great.
  • You’re creative and used to contribute with great ideas, she misses this. Also, what’s the point of being partners if you’re just doing it as she says? Like you’re just one random employee?
  • She’s afraid of saying anything, but she can’t stand this anymore! What if this ends up affecting your personal relationship as well? With you acting like her puppet or something?
  • So she finally gathers some courage to confront you. “MC, are you unhappy with the cafe? Is that why you’re not taking part in decisions anymore?”
  • “What? No! I… care so much about the cafe, Jaehee! I want it to succeed and I know my bossy tendencies would only get in the way of it…”
  • “What bossy tendencies? All I see is an assertive, go-getter girl with great ideas…” “Yeah, who sucks at team working, you should see the disasters my projects ended up being in high school…”
  • Hum, high school wasn’t the highest point of her life either, but from very different reasons. Either way, she’s sad you carried these insecurities up until being a grown woman.
  • This isn’t high school. If you have a problem, you two will deal with this together, you’re not alone anymore.
  • You’re partners in business and in life.


  • He’s not the only one worried about not being able to handle emotions very well.
  • Yeah, your ex kept telling you over and over how cold and distant you can be,almost like you didn’t care about the relationship at all, even your parents would endorse this as well.
  • You don’t want to be cold, that’s not what Jumin needs, he needs a bright attentive person.
  • So you’ll be that person, to the point of being… clingy.
  • At first, he enjoys the attention. You’re always calling and texting, even when you have nothing important to say.
  • But then it starts getting in the way of his job a little. He doesn’t want to hurt you, but he can’t keep walking out of important business meetings just to talk to you, even though he would really like it.
  • Even his father took a notice of this and, based on his experience with women, he could only come to a single conclusion: she’s trying to mark territory because she thinks you’re cheating on her, son.
  • OH. MY. GOD! Why would you even think something like this? He would NEVER cheat on you, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he ever did something so despicable to you.
  • “You know how much I love you, right, my love?” “Yes, sure. You know I love you too, right?” this isn’t romantic at all, it’s just tense as hell!
  • “I do, and I appreciate it a lot, so keep this in mind and never think I would do something that could hurt you, MC, like leaving you or… cheating on you…” “Cheating on me? Why would you even say that, Jumin?” okay, now you’re both super confused.
  • “Because… you’re worried about me cheating on you?” “No, I’m not. I mean… I wouldn’t be surprised since I’m so cold sometimes…it wouldn’t be the first time…”
  • Oh, yeah, the ex who cheated on you because you were allegedly too cold… you talked a little about him. He’s a smart man and can put two and two together pretty fast, your recent clinginess has everything to do with that.
  • “People can find as many excuses as they want when they’re willing to cheat, MC, but in the end they’re just cheaters. Maybe I’m being biased here, but I don’t think there’s something wrong with you at all.” And do you even care he’s being biased?


  • Okay, we all know he pushing you away like that was most about him and his own insecurities.
  • But you’re pretty sure it has to be about you as well, I mean, you can be very needy when you want to, your ex told you that a couple of times.
  • You want to give him all the love he deserves, but… you don’t want to be a clingy co-dependent person.
  • So guess whose turn is it in pushing away? Yep, yours.But you’re more subtle, actually, you never get angry or snappy, you just… avoid him. A lot.
  • At first he thought you were just giving him space to deal with his brother issue, but even after Saeran got a little better, you were still very distant.
  • Where was that supportive optimistic girl that got trapped with him in that apartment? He misses you and your joyful spirit.
  • Is he doing something wrong again?
  • “MC, you know you can call me out if I start acting like a prick again, right?” “Yeah,sure…”
  • “Okay, so what are you waiting for, then?” “Excuse me?” “Tell me what I’m doing wrong this time, MC.” “Nothing! Why would you even say that?”
  • “Well, because you’ve been so cold lately… I’m trying really hard not to be that guy from before, MC, I would hate to hurt you like I did back then just because I have a lot to deal with…” “Well, maybe I have my share of responsibility on what happened back then?”
  • What are you even saying? You’re blaming yourself for him getting insecure and snappy? No! He was the problem back then, and he wouldn’t be able to come through if it wasn’t for your patience and reassuring attitude. You’re the light of his life!
  • To make it up for lost time, you two never cuddled so clingy that night. Not that any of you is complaining, tho.

I fell instantly in love with Leur Getter’s bunny cardigan when I first saw it but knew I could never afford it and that even if I could it might not fit soooo I’ve got all the bits and bobs together to make one of my own! Check back in a couple of weeks to see how I get on! 🐰

What would you like to see next week in My Kawaii Life?

BTS Ideal Types - Requested


Hello! This is my first time trying this, so I hope you guys like it. Requested by anon.

Before I begin just a note that this is purely my opinion of what i think they would like and has no bearing on their actual preference. its solely for entertainment purposes. Also had to change the request a little because believe it or not it was hell trying to find pictures of ideal types. So i wrote a description for style and personality instead. Hope you dont mind anon :) Enjoy everyone



  • I think Jin would like a very feminine style in a girl. 
  • He has said so on many different occasions. Not only because he has said so but because i think he is the traditional kind of korean guy so he would like a cute, feminine style in a girl 

Personality :

  • He would likely want a girl who could cook just like him. 
  • Someone who is genuinely kind, and someone who could boost his confidence when he needed, and someone he could confide in.
  • He would like a girl who could take care of herself, but at the same time have the ability to take care of others around her, just like him. 
  • The kind of girl who would baby him instead for change. I think he would be into that . The kind of with a very motherly personality, would be very attractive for him I think
  • I think he would also like for her to have some kind of aegyo because it does fit the cute personality description.



  • I think he would like a girl who was a little bit more hip and rock. Like not completely edgy, but not completely girly either. Something in the middle of both (if that makes any sense). But honestly dont think he would have that much of a preference or care that much. He is very simple.


  • I don’t think he would be too specific about personality traits. He is very straight forward and a no nonsense person, so I think he would prefer someone like that as well. 
  • He might be like a girl who could voice out her opinions freely and not give a crap about being judged. Someone who is the right mix of bold but also shy.I believe he would like a girl who knew what her boundaries and someone who could use logic and common sense well in everyday situations. 
  • I also think he would like the kind of girl who was respectful and understanding of his struggles and someone he could rely on 100% no questions asked.The kind of girl who had sass, and could shut anyone up by just using her words. 
  • Someone who has a little bit of swag in their personality and a girl who is confident. Not that he wouldn’t care about insecurities, but just because he kind of sucks at comforting and showing emotions.



  • I think he would prefer the sophisticated and chic kind of style in a girl. He probably would like a girl who could pull off the newest trends. 
  • Maybe add a little bit of sexy in the mix. But I honestly think he would maybe like the kind of girl who could rock any look


  • One of the biggest things I think he would like in a girl would be confidence. I think he would be more attracted to the confidence in a girl rather than looks, or style.
  • I think he like the kind of girl that is comfortable with who she is. Someone who is more of a go-getter. 
  • A girl who could listen well, because honestly he would have a lot to steam to blow off. He would like a mature, reliable and independent girl who knows her worth, I think.
  • Another thing he might like would be responsibility, and someone who could share his responsibilities with him and be an equal partner in the relationship. 
  • Lastly he might like the kind of girl that could speak/orate well like him.



  • I think like Jin he would like the cute, feminine kind of girl. A girl who would maybe like wearing a lot of dresses, and a lot of cute outfits.


  • The biggest thing for him might be someone who could just love him for him and be a very positive and bright person like him.
  • I think contrary to his happy image, he might be very sad himself. That’s just what I think, so I believe he would like the kind of girl who was very attuned to his emotions to understand his needs.
  • I also think he would like the kind of girl that could put a smile on anyone’s face with a cheerful demeanor. He might also like girls that are compassionate and sympathetic towards others because he himself is like that too.
  • The kind of girl who could take care of him and love him for him, for real and not because he is JHOPE of BTS. But recognize he is just a normal guy like all the guys in the world.
  • I think he would like for her to be a bit humorous as well, and aegyo would definitely be a plus for him. *aegyo couple #1*



  • I think style he would like a very quirky and preppy style, but in a cute way (if that makes sense. It makes sense in my head but not much in writing). 
  • Maybe using cute accessories. The girl next door kind of look.


  • AEGYO!! For real I think that would be his biggest requirement and maybe the only one too (nah kidding… or not. JOKES)
  • I think he would like a girl who just had a very cute personality. Like a shy girl that could maybe easily blush (what even am I writing..? Hopefully you got what I mean)
  • I believe he would also like a girl that could understand his personality because lets be honest he is amazing. So someone who could understand his little quirks would be good.
  • Another thing might be for the girl to have her own weird little interests. Something that made her unique and stand out from the crowd. I think he would also like a girl that was independent because then he could always rely on her to be his support system.
  •  He would like the kind of girl that knew when to be funny and when to be serious and could easily adapt to different situations just like him.
  •  A girl with a flexible personality. Spontaneous would be the right word.



  • Much like hopie I think he would like the cute style and like Tae he would probably be attracted to the girl next door look.


  • Jimin I think would into the shy and cute kind of girls. Someone who could pull off aegyo.
  • But on a deeper level I think he would want the kind of girl who is mature enough to understand his insecurities and handle him at his worst moments like a pro. 
  • Someone who could encourage him and motivate him all the time and be supportive overall.I think he would like a girl that could make him love himself. 
  • The kind of girl that could make him realize his worth (BECAUSE HE IS WORTH EVERYTHING)
  • Related to that last point I think, he would want a girl who would always be herself, and never pretend or put on an act to try and impress others.
  • I think he would like the kind of girl that could be as vulnerable as him, but at the same time be confident enough to show that vulnerability.
  • He would want the kind of girl who is loyal to a fault and will have the ability to reassure him of her love at all times



  • I think he would like the athletic, yet feminine kind of style in a girl. Not necessarily clothes, but just the style that would reflect in her personality.
  •  He would also like a girl with a tiny bit of an edge in her fashion sense I think.


  • I think he would like a girl who has a stable personality and by that I mean someone who knows what they want and need. 
  • A girl who is confident, but at the same time be able to rely on him so he could feel like a man. I think he would need that.
  • A girl with a competitive side, but she should know when to be let go because with his competitive side it could lead to a lot of fights. 
  • An adventurous girl who would be ready to try new things and be able to step out of her comfort zone with ease. 
  • I think he would like a girl that could spoil him to the max and baby him.
  • He might like a girl who could cook for him, since he is a big eater. 
  • He doesnt open up much so a girl he could be himself around and open up to her about his deepest worries and fears. So someone that is mature, wise and sensible. 
  •  Overall he would like to have the kind of girl in his life he could show his real self to and feel comfortable doing so, and just love her and receive that love in return. 

There you go hun! Hope you like it and have a lovely day ahead :) and apologies for no pictures. 

Also dont feel sad or disheartened because of this. If you dont fit any of these descriptions, just remember this your girl’s opinion, and not the boys. Even then love who you are be proud to be you. :)