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(Part 3) Fated to Love Just You: BTS Mafia!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok// Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: Mild cursing, mentions of blood

Word count: 1,881

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You were glad that missions in the middle of the night was a thing for gangs. No one was really surprised to see you walking in to headquarters at 2 am in a wrinkled dress and messed up hair. They probably thought you just came back from a mission. You sighed in relief rushing to get to your room quickly.

“Y/N?” You hear a voice call out from behind you. So close. You turn around slowly and found a confused Jaebum behind you. Thank god it was him and not BamBam or Jackson. You put a finger up to your mouth signaling him to be quiet and dragged him to your room.

“I’m pretty sure we didn’t have anything scheduled for tonight, why do you look…like that?” Jaebum said amused as he sat on your bed watching you close the door so no one else could come in. Once the coast was clear, you fell onto bed closing your eyes.

“Hey! You can’t fall asleep yet! I wanna know what happened.” He said shaking you to get up. He was the only one you told about the party tonight. You knew Jackson and BamBam would be on your case on how dangerous it would be. Sure you all have been together since you started out but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re scared shitless of both.

“Alright alright! Let me change first. Give me 10 minutes.” You said getting up to grab a fresh pair of pajamas. He nodded as he grabbed a pillow and laid down. It was the first time since you left that you saw yourself in the mirror. You really did look bad. Thank god the club was dark and you had a mask on. As you finished your face wash routine and changed out of the huge dress to your oversized pajamas, you finally felt like yourself again.

“Okay so-” You started to say getting out of the bathroom when your eyes land on a peaceful Jaebum sleeping on your bed. You rolled your eyes, grabbing the pillow from under him and hitting him with it.

“Ah! Ah! Okay sorry!” He shouted waking up immediately.  

“Can’t believe you were yelling at me for sleeping you hypocrite.” You said plopping into bed next to him.

“Yea yea go on with the story time. How was it? Did you meet someone? Was the food good? Did-” He started.

“Chill man I’ll tell you everything. Alright so honestly the party itself was pretty boring. Maybe cause I didn’t really know anyone? I don’t know. I did make one friend though. He was tall… and nice… and cute…. Oh and some guy tried to harass me but Mr. Dream guy saved me. And then the police came and we had to run. Oh but the food was amazing I really should have brought some for you.” You explained nonchalantly.

“Dude. What.” Jaebum finally said.

“Hey! I’m sorry but I really couldn’t get anything since I was running so fast-” You said defending yourself.

“That’s not what I meant! First off I wanna be angry with you for getting caught by some random guy?! You’re a gang member! You should be above that but then again that guy did save you so I guess you’re fine. Also who is this guy? I wanna know more about this ‘dream guy’. And the police came too?! You didn’t kill the guy did you?” Jaebum said running out of breath.

“Woah slow down Jae. Honestly… I don’t know much about the guy. Maybe he was interested in me? He did try to kiss me after all and no I didn’t kill the guy gosh. The police came because it was too loud.” You explained attempting to calm him down.

“Uh he tried to kiss you? No offense Y/N, but you can’t just get so intimate with guys you just met? This isn’t a Disney movie. There are crazy people in this world. He could’ve been a psychopath for all you know.” Jaebum sighed.

“A psychopath who wanted to save me? I appreciate your concern but I can look out for myself.” You said slightly taken aback by the doubt Jaebum had for you.

“If you say so Y/N. Now about this party, how’d you find out about it again? I may just come along with you next time.” He said trying to calm the mood.

“Ah remember that one bank robbery we did? I kinda took the girl’s phone and found it on her instagram?” You said reaching for your purse to show him. Jaebum scoffed at yet another foolish action of yours.

Your heart dropped when you only felt one phone.

“Jae. I lost it.” You said dead serious.

“Please tell me you’re joking Y/N.” Jaebum said in the same tone.

“I-I’m not! I must’ve dropped it? When I was running from that stupid police officer!” You recalled.

“In front of the police officer?! He can track its location history if he manages to get into it, are you sure?” Jaebum said starting to panic.

“Ah wait! I threw one of my smoke bombs before I left. It should mess with the phone. Actually…It was one of my more powerful ones. I doubt they should even be able to turn it on.” You stated in relief.

“Thank god,” Jaebum sighed. “this should be a lesson though. Don’t be so reckless next time Y/N.”

You nodded in agreement. You almost cost yourself your identity all because you were focused on one guy. How stupid.

“Well I’m sure you’re tired from today’s events. I’ll let you sleep now.” He said getting up. As he reached the door he turned back one like time and said, “Have fun dreaming about Mr. Dream Guy Y/N, Sweet dreams!”

“You little…” You scowled throwing a pillow at him which he skillfully caught and threw back to you before leaving. You finally managed to lay in bed at peace. Jaebum was most definitely right about some things. You did have to learn to be more careful. But as for this mystery guy… he wouldn’t want to hurt you would he? He seemed so nice… You groaned at all the thoughts swirling in your head and finally decided it would be better to just fall asleep and so, you did.

“You’re late.” Yoongi muttered not looking up from his laptop as Hoseok walked in.

“You’re still behind that computer. You haven’t even moved an inch since I left have you?” Hoseok fired back.

“For your information I went to the bathroom.” He retorted unfazed.

“It feels great to be back. Where are dumb and dumber?” Hoseok asked as he placed his mask on the table looking for something to drink (Probably since he never got his at the party…)

“Don’t know. Probably playing video games or something.” Yoongi replied.

He went into Taehyung’s room to find Jimin and Taehyung fighting over who gets to play Waluigi in the next round of Mario Kart. Typical.

“I want to play him! I like how he says wah!” Jimin yelled.

“Well he’s tall, I’m tall I think I should get him!” Taehyung yelled back

“Jimin. Come here.” Hoseok beckoned breaking up the fight. They both looked up frozen in their fight poses.

“Hoseok back so soon from your party-” Taehyung started but couldn’t finish when Jimin covered his mouth with his hand. Jimin nervously laughed hiding the fear in his eyes.

“You told him about me going out did you?” Hoseok said rolling his eyes.

“I’m really sorry but he just wouldn’t stop bothering me! Can you blame me?” Jimin exclaimed.

“Honestly I couldn’t care any less about you guys. You didn’t tell Yoongi though did you?” Hoseok said getting bored. They both shook their heads no.

“Then I guess we don’t have a problem.” He said as he sat down grabbing a controller.

“Well did anything happen?” Jimin questioned, glad that he didn’t do anything to them.

“Mmm not really. I almost got some massive information on the Cherry Blossom but those stupid cops came before I could do it.” Hoseok replied starting a new race.

“Wait, you ran into a member? Well how’d he look? Was he tall? Scary? Fat?” Taehyung inquired.

“It was a she actually. Couldn’t really see her face from the mask but I mean her hair was pretty before it came apart?” He stated.

“A she?! Do you know how rare it is to see a female gang member?” Jimin shockingly stated.

“Woah a female in one of the top gangs. That’s hot. Hoseok you’ve got to introduce me.” Taehyung implored.

“Calm down. I don’t even know when I can see her again. I told her I’d see her again soon… but that was just to keep her interested in me. Not like I didn’t have to. It was clear she was head over heels for me. So naive. This is exactly why they shouldn’t let girls into these underground gangs.” Hoseok scoffed.

“Ah don’t you think that’s a little too mean?” Jimin said.

“Do I look like I care? But I must admit it was nice to play with her. I don’t think I’d kill her right away to be honest. Maybe just take her in to be a plaything.” Hoseok smiled at the thought.

“Hoseok… you’re scary man.” Taehyung stated.

“Namjoon look at this!” Jungkook said as Seokjin and Namjoon piled into the car.

“Ah not now Jungkook we still have to report this to the station.” Namjoon replied wearingly.

“But-” Jungkook continued.

“Kook please. Wait.” Seokjin cut him off getting irritated. He shut up instantly, knowing he must respect the eldest. The rest of the car ride was silent.

As the squadron lined up into the office, they spotted the head chief waiting at the main desk.

“Wow I’m surprised you guys finally managed to do something right. Maybe we should just keep you in this position. Taking care of little club parties.” The chief spitefully commented.

Jungkook watched his leader clench his jaw in anger. He was about to bring up the encounter with the Gray Cherry Blossom when Namjoon interfered by saying:

“Sir, with my utmost respect I must let you know that I take great pride in what I do. Whether it be car chases, chasing underground mafias, or even keeping peace among civilians. No matter what you do to me and my team, you will not break my spirit. Remember that next time you feel like spewing hate at my members.”

The chief snickered at Namjoon’s speech before turning his back on them to return to other matters. Jungkook stared in awe this was exactly why he signed for Namjoon.

“Namjoon are you okay?” Jungkook implored as they left the building.

“Yea, don’t mind that old geezer. What did you want to show me again?” Namjoon said rubbing his aching shoulder. Seeing his discomfort Jungkook hesitated.

“Ahh it’s nothing I’ll just show you tomorrow. Get some rest leader.” Jungkook said showing the ziploc bag further into his bag.

“If you say so. Goodnight Jeon Jungkook.”

“Goodnight Namjoon.” He watched his beloved leader sulk to his car.

Don’t worry Namjoon, you won’t be suffering for much longer. We’ll figure this out. I’ll figure this out. That girl is our first clue.


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