girl funny worried

I’m so worried for Ellie. Not for what’s gonna happen to her but for who she became.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to see my baby grew up as a badass woman, but… she’s so full of rage, hate. I know there’s a more than valid reason for that (even tho we don’t know it yet), but is there still the same girl who loved making dumb jokes in the middle of the apocalypse?
I’m just so afraid I’m not gonna see her smile again.


#im a real boi

  • Me: misses someone
  • Brain: call them
  • Also brain: no then they will think your too clingy
  • Brain: go on there blog to see how they r doing
  • Me: *goes in there blog and likes everything*
  • Brain: nonono stop they will think your a stalker!!!!!!
  • Me: *keeps liking there stuff and reblogs everything but is too scared to say anything*

when joolia was here we were high and we were talking about sirius being friends with crookshanks and joolia’s like “he specifically says the cat told him stuff so he can talk to him but he doesn’t know his name cause he says:this cat…crookshanks YOU call him” and I was crying laughing cause that can only mean that crookshanks doesn’t identify as crookshanks