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“Rose is psychotic, but she lets you know it upfront.”
- Cassandra Sandsmark, Teen Titans (2003) #40 

I know I’m pretty slow with requests but look!!! I did one!!! :D
Hope you like it, anon.

(Plus I’m always up for drawing Rose Wilson)



I hear the theme song every time I look at this painting haha. This is my contribution to Nico’s awesome SailorMoon themed art show! 

Basically, this weekend. Aug 16th in Los Angeles at Meltdown Comic’s Nerdist showroom, come by to see MEATBALL HEAD, a 100+ artists’s take on the most famous magical girl of our generation! The show features so many of my favourite artists/collegemates! I’m really sad that I can’t be there in person, but please stop by if you’re in the area! It’s sure to be a blast! 

For more information, read his post below!


About 2 years ago when I first started planning art show curating, one theme in particular was at the top of my list. And now it’s finally happening!!


MEATBALL HEAD: An Art Gallery Celebrating Over 20 Years of Sailor Moon

For Love and Justice!Meatball Headis an artistic celebration of the beloved Japanese phenomenon Sailor Moon, brought to you byover 100 talented artistsfrom around the industry. Curated by Nico Colaleo!

After fighting evil by moonlight, you are coordially welcomed to join us for the opening receptionat Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics (7522  Sunset  Blvd, Los Angeles) from 7pm-11pm, Saturday, August 16th 2014! Enjoy free beer and wine, along with Sailor Moon-themed entertainment, decor, surprises, and photo-ready backdrops. Start planning now, because in the name of the Moon, you’re not going to want to miss this fantastic evening!



Some time back (over the course of 2014/15) I took advantage of @davidbaronart ‘s generous comic page commissions and had him do a series in which my character Jenn trained with his boxer character, Shelby.

David’s original comics were in black and white, and I added the colors myself. I’d never shared them here, so I thought I would! 

(For those viewing on my actual tumblr homepage instead of on your own dash–there are a total of five pages here–make sure you click the little arrow on the right to scroll through each one).

Here’s a direct link to a post on David’s blog with the original black and whites of part 3 (which includes links to the other black and white parts).

I’m usually more into Marvel movies, because DC has been quite disappointing so far, but I have to give it to them this time. They finally did it. I’m so proud of this movie. This is the kind of hero that little girls need, this is the example they have to follow and this is the model to be inspired by. In just two hours, this movie changed so many lives. I’m not exaggerating, I bet many young girls felt more empowered and more “worthy” just by watching this movie. It’s very well done and directed, my deepest compliments to the entire crew, and it really sends the message. Women can do whatever they put their mind to, we’re stong-willed, powerful and resourceful, and we can achieve anything if we truly believe in ourselves. A massive thank you for Gal Gadot for her amazing portrait of Wonder Woman, I don’t think this role would have suited anyone else. She’s such an inspiration.