girl cyclist

25 Things I Love About Cycling

Sometimes the more you do something the less you enjoy it because it becomes boring and repettive. Sometimes the more you do something the fonder and more excited you become with it. As I cycle toward my goal I have a bit of spare time to sit and think about the reasons that cycling is so enjoyable, peaceful, and rewarding to me.

Here are a few of the things that I love about cycling:
Riding into the wind at the front of a pace line.
Espresso half way though a long ride.
Pushing your legs and body to complete exhaustion doing intervals.
Finishing a ride covered in sweat, road dirt, and looking the worst for wear yet feeling like a million bucks.
Riding a new bike for the first time.
The first outdoor ride of the year after spending the winter cooped up on the trainer.
Getting new cycling gadgets & gear.
Being asked to take another pull or a longer one at the front of a pace line.
Outsprinting a dog with your heart beating out of your chest.
Being told you climb really good “for a big guy”.
Gliding past cars in traffic while drivers stare ahead filled with road rage.
Your first ride in a real cycling kit.
Teaching your kids to ride a bike for the first time.
Finally learning how to pedal circles and seeing how it changes your pace forever.
That click your shoes make locking into your pedal (well, I used to).
Being able to help someone fix a flat (well… moral support because I do not appreciate to srew up with may nails #fact)
Riding on an open road with no one around for miles.
Watching the pros climbing in Le Tour and daydreaming about doing it someday.
Being schooled by an older rider on a fixie.
The first ride after cleaning your bike.
Your first successful clip out.
Seeing someone admire your bike.
Breaking 42 miles per hour on a hill decent.
The anticipation of a weekend ride after a stressful work week.
Standing to climb a hill and smiling when you reach the top only to realize you made it without walking or sitting.