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Do you want to know the real reason why I left National City? I wasn’t happy.


Abby Griffin is the best doctor in town, and the wife of the man who owns the most lucrative ranch in the county. Life is good - until a tragic accident takes her husband’s life, and the ranch is left solely in her care. She makes a strong effort to keep it alive, but can’t help feeling desperately unqualified; something that Marcus Kane, Jake’s childhood best friend, is also a little too convinced of. Determined not to see his friend’s legacy ruined, he leaves his cushy job at a law firm in the city and makes himself right at home on the ranch… whether Abby likes it or not. 

Outraged and suspicious of his intentions, Abby challenges his efforts to “help” at every opportunity, urging the city slicker to go back where he belongs and leave her be. But after weeks of childish arguments, she finds (with a degree of reluctant pride) that the fruits of her stubborn determination to prove him wrong are bountiful - and goddamnit the asshole has a way with the horses. And that asshole? He can’t help but notice that without the busy haze of the city, there’s nowhere for him to hide… but for some mysterious reason (that he insists has nothing to do with her) he no longer feels the need to. 

Slowly, the two nemeses find themselves unwittingly beginning to play for the same team, his intellect and her intuition combining to create an unstoppable force. Sooner than she could have ever thought possible, the ranch then begins to thrive in a way it hasn’t done in years, even while Jake was alive. But as they come to better understand the horses, the land, and each other - both Abby and Marcus will become painfully, exquisitely aware that there might be something else beginning, too.

Something that feels a lot like hope. 

This AU comes with music! Click here for a mix of songs for drinks on the porch, nights of cool country air - and, of course, romps in the hay.

redangelx3 said: Pharah and Zarya and find a box of kittens and they’re overwhelmed by them because they’re nervous about accidentally hurting them since they’re so strong.

I’m so happy that the first request I got was to draw these lovely ladies

The signs as 90s cartoons

Aries: The Rugrats

Taurus: Ed, Edd, and Eddy

Gemini: Cat-Dog

Cancer: Courage the cowardly dog

Leo: Life as Told by Ginger

Virgo: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Libra: Code Name Kids Next Door

Scorpio: Doug

Sagittarius: Hey, Arnold

Capricorn: Dexter’s Laboratory

Aquarius: The Wild Thornberrys

Pisces: The Power Puff Girls

it’s been awhile since i added any dragons to my dragon fam but this is viran!! altho he really only goes by angel, and he’s a mage bc yknow screw being a dragon 

ok look i get that violets are the Original Lesbian Flower Symbol bc sappho n shit but honestly why isn’t the iris more of a Thing in wlw culture too, considering in greek mythology the goddess iris is the literal personification of the rainbow?? plus you’ve still got purple flowers so they still fit in with the whole Lavender Menace Aesthetic

tl;dr irises are Gay, i’ve claimed them

Your Fave is Problematic: Graham Coxon
  • writes WAYYY too many songs about sexual frustration
  • is the only member of blur not in love with graham coxon
  • always seems surprised about being everyone’s fave member of blur
  • tweets about dicks all day then blames on alter ego(??) mark coxon
  • lurks around blur forums as “tweedo” often yells at people
  • is the reason the blur forum was closed after NME published something “tweedo” wrote
  • constantly uses insane punctuation and misspells words intentionally
  • 13-year old girl selfies
  • “reboomed”
  • cat named “bastard” that had to wear a tie when company stopped by
  • “gra aa hma”
  • mr shoe
  • wears 20 year old tee shirts
  • makes constant terrible innuendo-type jokes in tweets
  • comes across fan fiction, accidentally clicks the link
  • “shitulance”
  • “i am material”
  • “i know all about urges”
  • uses far too many suggestive emojis and “tehee”s
  • the worst

so on the topic of cringe culture i feel the need to share a little story

10 year old me liked neopets and anime 

10 year old me drew with a mouse and ms paint

10 year old me would have more than likely been labled as cringey nowadays but i was lucky enough to be on the internet at a time where most adults had the decency to be nice to kids who just wanted to draw their crappy anime ocs

one of those ocs was a super generic cat girl literally just named Neko

being that i was on flickr at the time (my dad was a photographer so he’s the one who made me an account on there) a majority of the people i knew were a lot older than me. a lot of them blew my tiny 10 year old mind with how well they could draw. by my standards these guys were basically professionals. 

one of these artists in particular was a huge inspiration for me. while it wasnt phenomenal looking back at his stuff, it was absolutely gorgeous by my standards. we talked pretty often as we were in the same groups for anime art (bless him for putting up with my annoying 10 year old-ness) and imagine my surprise when i see that one day he decided to draw my crappy generic anime cat girl oc.

“The Character Neko is the property of Allykazam the pokemon. All rights reserved.”

i felt like i had made it big.

i honestly think about how inspiring this was to me as a kid a lot when it comes to how kid artists on the internet get treated nowadays. if it weren’t for such a positive group of people, im not sure if i’d still have drawn as much as i did. i remember when i saw my first Bad DeviantArt blog pop up i was so scared i was gonna end up on there.

im not saying you have to go out and draw free art for random kids on the internet just to blow their tiny minds, but the smallest positive comment on their shitty ms paint anime cat girl oc could really make their day and inspire them to keep drawing. sure it might look dumb and “cringey” now, but who wasnt at that age?