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If you are a trans boy and you’ve ever been forced to go into the women’s restroom, I am so sorry.

If you are a trans girl and you’ve ever been forced to go into the men’s restroom, I am so sorry.

If you are nonbinary and you’ve ever been forced to go into a restroom that you’re uncomfortable with, I am so sorry.

I apologize to each and every single one of you that are made uncomfortable by society’s binary bullshit. I know exactly how it feels. I can only hope that one day the world will see you for who you are. For who I see you as. 

UMMMMMMM…. can we all just take a moment

The Human Pin-cushion

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Bad Girl/Good Boy!AU
High School!AU
Jongin x Reader
Genre: Smut (this was originally meant to be fluff + sexual tension BUT…yeah)
Rated: M
Summary: He’s the quiet, shy type with a future career in music whose body is his temple - except when it comes to fried chicken. When he’s teamed up with a fellow student who’s hair changes every three weeks, flirts with any and everyone, chews WAY too loudly and is a walking pin-cushion; the chemistry surprises both him…and you.
Word Count: 4,156 (I’M SORRY)

Opposites Attract Mini Masterlist

What do you think?

For the last few months, Jongin has been preparing for this; his routine is tight and flawless, his body perfectly toned for an eighteen year old male due to the strict training regime he’s given himself – except for when his parents bring home fried chicken.

Kim Jongin, top of the class in Dance and Theatre Arts, is a boy who loves his body and treats it like a temple.

Unlike you.

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Could you draw Komahinanami? Thanks in advance if you do!

Definitely Anon~ Have them hanging out at the arcade together >7<)/.
-Mod Neysa


No, Sock don’t think so… Glameow and Purugly are very pretty…

Sock is on a mission

One of these ladies will be swooned he swears it