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SF Pap and Fell Sans's s/o are still arguing about the the best boyfriend stuff, they even attempted to pull off the skeletons's top while yell at each other: "Have you seen this fine bones!?"

{ Oh, my Lol-!

This is going to become a tele-novella:

There’s Something About the Skels.

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🙎 Reddy & Rus ;

It seemed that the two girls have managed a truce, but it was just the quite moment after the storm because they did not finish fighting, and the two skeletons were the poor and naive victims of this battle.

The stares that the girls were giving to each other were deadly and not so innocent, but they smiled when the boys looked in their direction. Papyrus, because of his sixth sense, felt a strange sensation through his bones, that they were acting pacifistic, but they got something in their dirty minds. He decided to ignore this emotion hoping it was only his usual pessimism. He often thought to the worst scenario, in every situation of the existence.  Then, the girls started chatting about nothing in particular, even if their facial expressions were always weird and threatening. Sans realized the situation too, but he was too lazy to say something and he did not understand the reason of this hatred since Red and Rus were losers in the same way, he thought. Nothing to be worried!

The omen of Papyrus was right because the two girls started arguing with more ferocity talking about embarrassing arguments. Their voices were louder, and Sans questioned himself if a ring was not truly necessary in this situation, it was the right time for a good  wrestling match, he was a fan of this sport. Papyrus face palmed himself asking if Sans could be serious one time in his life, but he said it was only his way to keep things light but Rus was so worried for their S/Os safety, he did not want they hurt themselves.

Then, the two women said something about bones and who was the best in that thing. The two skeletons stared to each other with a confused look because it was too weird but interesting at the same time. Sex was one of the few things that made Red so proud of himself so he was touched of it. He really put all his passion in this activity. Rus took this subject seriously, too. Maybe this match would have last all the day, or forever. They had to stop anyway, because the joke’s gone far enough.

Papyrus, with all his calm and composure, declared that they were not going to see any bones, if they kept acting like two little girls. It was the judgment! Their S/Os remained speechless, even Sans was unsure but he was a little sadist so he could accept it. They had been really bad so they deserved a punishment. Their S/Os could only see bones in their dreams.

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