girl blonde


It’s so difficult for me to find jeans that fit, there’s always a huge gap in the waist but these are perfectttt! Both top and jeans are from Fashion Nova, it’s so nice to have access to affordable plus size clothes, that wasn’t a thing growing up and my choices were limited to expensive, old fashioned and excessively modest. It’s a different world but there’s still lots of progress to be made. Bag is my go-to every day purse, it’s from Doc Marten.


Fresh cut ✂️
Feels so nice to get to the barber, touched up my roots too. I have a surprising number of women tell me they’d love to cut their hair or shave their head but the thought scares them or they’re afraid it won’t be flattering and I get that, but I wouldn’t go back now. I love my super short hair, I feel like it emphasizes my bone structure, it’s easy to style and take care of and it’s so comfortable in the summer. For every troll who mocks me for it, 3 or 4 strangers approach me on the street to tell me they love it.

Have to mention that I LOVE this Evil Dead shirt I picked up at a thrift and t-shirt shop in Toronto—The Black Market—I hacked it into a crop top like everything I own.