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Lucy: "Piano me like one of your French girls"

OK you trash panda, here is something for you.  It’s some pretty classy piano smut, hope you like it!


Susan’s fingers began gentle and soft, up high, twinkling and whispering.  Lucy sighed.  Susan knew her, knew how to touch her with the gentle authority that got the loveliest of sounds from her lips.  And, Lucy knew, as Susan’s fingers caressed her cheekbones, chin, the shells of her ears, the tendons down the sides of her neck, that she was only warming up.  The soft, high sounds that Lucy heard herself making were only the prelude.

Strong, dexterous, Susan’s thumbs swept over Lucy’s collarbones, slipped up to brush across her lips, and then back down, increasing ever so subtly the pressure of her touch as she did, changing her approach to the same ground even as she covered it again.  Her fingers rippled across Lucy’s skin, over the rounds of her shoulders and then back, and then again, back up to brush across her mouth.  And Lucy’s sighs changed, and came from lower in her throat. 

Theme, and variation.

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[LIST] BTS' Movies they like

V: You Are The Apple of My Life // Léon // If Only // Derailed // Twenty // The Girl Who Leapt Through Time // Wolf Children // Summer Wars // Piano No Mori // Ghibli movies // A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Suga: Inception // Piano No Mori

Jin: Matrix // Movies about zombies // Pretty Woman // A Werewolf Boy // Miracle in Cell No. 7 // Pure Love // Home Alone // Ghibli movies // Princess Mononoke

Jungkook: Iron Man Spirited Away // 5 Centimeters Per Second // The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

RapMonster: Léon (he really loves that movie) // Blue Is The Warmest Color

Jimin: Tazza // Twenty

J-hope: If Only