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Dude thats cool af that you used to be an archery instructor.

nah it just sounds really cool. 

it was for small children, so like, getting hit on by prepubescent boys (not fun) and helping lots of 5 year old girls figure out how to hold a bow (cute and fun but stressful) and edgelord 13 year old girls questioning your authority as they actually start to aim the arrows everywhere else but the target range (terrifying)

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what does it mean to identify as an agender boy/girl? or a non-binary boy/girl too. thank u !!

Charlie says:

these terms may seem contradictory, but they don’t have to be. 

Agender boy/girl describes someone who is either partially agender and partially a gender, or a fully agender person who still aligns themself with a gender as a social and political class (this is more often the case of some agender girls I’ve seen??).

Likewise, a nonbinary boy/girl is a nonbinary person who considers their identity somewhat close to a certain binary gender, though not exactly that gender.  You can’t assume how closely aligned they are from the use of that term, and should still ask which titles to use.

Of course, not all nonbinary (and subsequently agender) people need to align with a binary gender and many are not, but remember that gender aligned nonbinary people are still just as valid and 100% nonbinary. Hope I helped ;)

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Don't fret Homura I bet you'll do a good job with Jyushimatsus body till your back to normal. ^^ So why not try a cute Jyushi impression since ya know why not? *places a baseball sticker on your cheek*

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Hey just wondering with your post about Hermione and Harry's sexuality, do you include if Hermione points out that he might have a crush on Draco? But not explicitly about his sexuality

If he’s in the closet, and Hermione tells him “Harry you have a crush on Draco Malfoy”, yes. That is still forcing him out of the closet. Encouraging Harry to think about how he feels about Draco, asking him questions to prompt the exploration of those feelings (e.g., you’ve been getting along with Malfoy lately, how are things between you two, do you like spending time with him, etc) and letting him come to her on his own time are okay and good ways to help out a friend. Straight up telling him he’s attracted to a member of the same gender isn’t.

Ok question, just a general question not meant to be rude or anything but an honest question that I hope someone will be able to answer.

If you want to reply/reblog with an answer or even send an answer to my ask on anon that’d be fine. I just would like an answer.

Anyway: Why do we have to say trans men/trans women? Why can’t we get say men/women?

Like isn’t that the whole point? That they are a “normal” man or woman. Like for me, when I hear someone saying “he is trans/she is trans” it’s just furthering a difference that they were born as the opposite gender, and are “different”.

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier just to say “he is a man/she is a woman.” or whatever and leave it at that?

I don’t know. Like I said, it isn’t meant to be rude or anything, just an honest question I hope someone can shed light on for me because I honestly don’t understand.

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Raven girls AU: listen, girls who attend private schools and have to wear uniform skirts always (I know personally) wear some sort of shorts underneath (patterned cotton boxer shorts, spandex, athletic shorts). Anyhow, I'll let you decide what the raven girls wear.

okok ok omg

  • adam wears cotton athletic shorts left over from previous years of PE
  • ronan wears boxers in a plaid that clashes directly with the colors and patterns of the uniform
  • gansey probably has expensive spandex-y shorts that are made especially for the purpose of wearing subtly under skirts 
  • (in her time, noah wore basketball shorts, and frequently got in trouble because they were too visible… so then she’d take them off and let the world see her underwear and get in more trouble)