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BTS reaction to their child refuses to call them dad because they were away for so long

Anonymous said :

BTS reaction when they haven’t met their child for years and when they finally see each other, she/he (their child) doesn’t want to call them appa and how can they fix it, please :)))) I love ur work so much, keep working hard 😘

Hi lovely~thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reactions and I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you enjoy it too >< .

Jin :

All he was thinking the way home is his little kid .The last call he had from you was about his little boy’s first birthday ! ..he went to the military when you were in your second month his biggest dream was to see his child for the first time ! ..when he knocked at the door he expected his child to come running like a little pinguin and hug him ..but what happened wasn’t as he expected the meeting to be ..his little child showed up with his diaper and smiley face ..which has changed the moment he spotted his father ..Jin was in heavens that time ..untill his baby ran fast inside ..screaming and calling for his mom ..and you were already on your way to the door stopped the moment you saw your dear husband ..smiling as if you have never smiled before ! ..but your child ? he was behind you ,hugging your leg ..begging for protection ..and that was the last thing Jin wanted to see papa ? appa or even daddy ? ..that broke him from the inside ,so the hug wasn’t that tight ..he was sad deeply …which didn’t make him sleep that night ..he was thinking of a way to change the way his baby sees him he decided to spend more time with him ,till he -with no control- called Jin (appa) because how strong their relationship was !

Suga :

A 7 months girl won’t remember her father ! ..especially if he left for tour for about another 8 months ! ..that would make it even more complicated..he heard his girl saying her first word when you recorded it he was so excited to hear it live ..when she is calling him! ..calling him (appa)!! ..he came home at 4 am ..after hugging you and showering you with kisses, he dashed to his girl’s room to see her sleeping in her one peace pijama ,with an angelic face and silk brown hair .He sat next to her and kissed her face ,two seconds and she was staring at him ,and his smile never faded away ,till she started crying so hard …calling her mom (AMMA!! ..I’M SCARED !!) ran to her room and saw Suga staring at the wall ,in an another world . You hugged her till she calmed down ,and Suga still didn’t make any reaction !.. you said ,trying to save the situation “..ohh baby ..this is your father !..why are you scared ?”..she kept crying “NO! ..HE IS NOT MY APPA!! ..HE IS NOT!” ..and buried her face in your chest .. you looked at your husband as you could clearly see him tearing up ..but before you could open your mouth to say a word he carried his body out ,and disappeared in his studio .In the next day ,you saw Yoongi for the first time ,so cuddly and caring ..he tried his best to make her feel protected and comfortable when he is around ,and that worked ! the end of the day ,after a family trip to the amusement park ,he was sitting with her on the carousel..she was laughing so happily in his arms when he was smiling till his ears ,she said in a loud voice between her giggles “YOU ARE THE BEST DAD EVER!” .

Rap Monster :

You and your little boy were waiting for your husband at the airport ,when he was away for one year with his mother ,trying to do some surgeries for her because she had two kinds of cancer,and you couldn’t leave with them due to your job .Your little boy was one year and a half ,so he had only few unclear memories about his father ,he looked at you “mom ? ..when was he all the time ?” smiled and looked down “our grandma was sick so he was helping her !” ..he pouted “but ..when I was sick he didn’t help me !” remembered when your child once had a virus and he was at the hospital for two days ,you knew that would affect on him because his father wasn’t there ,but you hoped nothing negative would happen .When Namjoon appeared you smiled brightly and pointed at him “look ! ..he is there !!” and you ran to him ,hugging him so tight ,and your boy? ..still standing where you left him ,and when Joonie took few steps toward his child ,the last one took another steps back ,there Namjoon was shocked ,and you knew how much that distance had affected on him ,even though the first conversation between them two was “you know that I asked about you everyday? ,your photo in my wallet ..and I take it everyday and I kiss it !” ..” ohh ..thanks seem as a good man grandpa Max in Ben10 !!!” ..and that moment you knew that Namjoon was broken ,as a knife stabbed him so deeply or as his heart was broken into peaces ,but what doesn’t kill you ,makes you stronger ! ..he took a vocation for a month to spend it with his boy ..and , it has beed successful ! .

J-hope :

His military service had to end today ,so you waited for him at the balcony with your little kid ! ..till he arrived with his soldier’s vest ..your boy cheered “mom look ! ..a soldier! “ smiled brightly “yeh baby ..he is your father !” ..and you ran downstairs, when your boy stood still and mumbled “my father ?” .You hugged your husband as if it was the first time to see him after 100 years ,so you shouted at that kid on the balcony “COME AND HUG YOUR DAD!” ..but he didn’t move ,so Hobi just kissed you and whispered “I’ll go for him!” ..and when he was two steps away from his child ,with the happiest face ever ,your boy said “so you are the hero my mom told me about ?” ..he nodded and pulled him in a warm hug ,but your kid broke it Hoseok pouted “what’s the problem my baby?” ..your kid simply shouted and ran away “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU !!!” ..Hoseok with no control started crying with no sound and you couldn’t do anything but hugged him, when he refused “you didn’t show him my photos ? ..didn’t you tell him the messages I wanted him to hear ? ..didn’t you tell him that I love and miss him so much ? ..why he hates me ?!!!” .After days he was trying his best to get closer ,but we cant deny that he had some difficulties to deal with ,his boy was a closed one ,not like his father ..but ,they made it at the end .

Jimin :  

Another one was away for tour ,but he suffered from another problem , a member was sick and he had to be next to him ,which made him be away for 9 months ,and that wasn’t so accepted by his little girl who he left when she was 3 months old and now she is one year old .He asked the driver to drive the fastest so he would see his daughter, he missed her till he couldn’t control himself .And when he was in front of her ,he came closer and hugged her as if it was the first time ..and she couldn’t make any reaction..all she was thinking about was (is he really my father?) ,and he didn’t notice that till he was taking a shower and you making the dinner ,when she moved in hesitated steps and knocked at the door of the bathroom “umm said the dinner is ready !” ..he opened the door with the biggest smile and carried her on his shoulders .When they were on the dinner table ,Jimin kissed you and mumbled “you are the best mom! ..I was afraid she would enter the bathroom so I locked it !” smiled and looked in a teasing way at her “ohh..that’s weird ,because she usually doesn’t knock ,but enters with no warnings !” ..your daughter looked at her plate in a guilty way “but you taught me to be polite with those I don’t know !” ..and that moment Jimin choked and sank in his blank thoughts ..that his daughter is no longer his  ,but just a girl he loves and she doesn’t ! ..that made him cry in his room alone at midnight ,also made him make a plan to let his daughter knows that he is not a stranger , but a person who loves her more than she thinks .

V :

It wasn’t his choice ,he had to leave for some business and you couldn’t go with him because you had to take care of your parents and your work ,so he left for a year and a half to complete the deals with many modeling companies ,he was a lit! ..after he realized that his family has the right to see him ,he canceled any new deals and went right back to his hometown .He was outside of his huge house’s garden ,when he saw his little girl running after her dog ,she was wearing ballet skirt with wings of a fairy ,till she stopped when she saw him ,he opened the gate and ran toward her ,picked her up and swung her in the air which made her giggle ,he pulled her in a hug and let her down ,so he sat on his knees ,admiring her beauty and how much she grew up without him ,that thought made him tear up ,till she shocked him saying “you are a cute like my joje (her puppy) …and you look like my dad~” she said with an accent of a cute little girl ,which made him smile brightly “ohh your father is cute ? about I AM your father ? …your TaeTae ?” ..she giggled “ohh no you are not ..bye stranger !!” ..and she waved ,left him there looking at her running after the dog again ,stranger ? ..that was the last thing he would like to hear ,for a family man ? ..that was a living nightmare ..and u knew that when he entered the house and his face covered with tears .But ,that didn’t stop him ,he got out of that scary hell and started all over again ,playing and chasing the dog with her ,till they became bestfriends ,till he became her TaeTae .

Jungkook :

That scholarship he had for the most famous music school in the world ,he dreamed of having it ,and when he got it ,he waited no second to accept it ,and when he knew he can’t get his family with him ,he had to risk ..two years he could only see you on FaceTime, but what really made him break down every night ,that his kid refused to FaceTime with him ,as he was that shy around strangers ,he didn’t have the courage to talk to that man who called his father and never saw him before ,that made Jungkook give up the rest of his scholarship and go back home .Out of his kid room he stood there ,afraid as hell ,will he accept it ? ..he knocked at the door and that three years boy opened it with his pijamas on ,the moment he saw his father his eyes went wide and slapped the door ,as if he slapped Kook on the face ,his feelings were down as he was holding himself not to cry ..”babe ,open the door ..I’m your father you were FaceTiming with ! ..I came but will never go again ! open the door and let me hug you ..!!” ..but that didn’t affect on the insecurity of his kid ,but made him shout out loud “NO ..!!” .After that situation, Jungkook tried everything to get his kid’s heart ,from watching his favorite cartoon with him to playing with him his favorite games needed time but ,it was successful too !.

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Highway (Part 7)

Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

Summary: There’s a charming man that enters the diner like he owns the place, like he owns the town. And when he’s calling you babydoll, with a devilish smirk on his face and a twinkle of silver in his baby blues, you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling for the infamous Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 2,923

A/N: lol poor bucky dude

Part 1  / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7


The disappearance of Bucky Barnes took more of a toll on you than you’d expected.

You would’ve liked to say that it really didn’t matter all that much because it really shouldn’t have. You knew nothing more than his name and his address and the exact depth of his voice, the exact color of his eyes and brightness of his boyish grins. 

It’s been nearly two weeks without a word from the man that you’d quickly formed a bond with. 

You fancied your pride over desperation, however, so you responded to his radio silence with that of your own. You’d done so with a frown on your face and a yearning in your chest that begged you to search for him. Especially so after his most recent text, one that he’d sent you the night he took you out for a ride; it had been an oddly comforting text message. But then he never responded to your morning text. And then your afternoon text. And then one more after that.

And then you’d surmised that maybe he’d gotten bored with you.

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Happy Birthday To Me!

2 June 2017

The first order of my birthday was a run with my main pressie (the Garmin FR235) and the pup. Well, I ran about 2.00km but botched the buttons and got no reading. I had more success at lunchtime when The Girl and her current dog-sit charge (Ziggy the Kerry Blue Terrier) went for a walk - press and press again! But first…breakfast with the fam; The Husb, My Kids, The Girl’s BF, My Sis and my nephew The Pianist. We went to The Shipping Lane, where I had a stack of potato, haloumi, corn fritter, pumpkin, avocado & field mushroom, with a poached egg on the side.

I was spoiled. The kids bought me Fitbit Aria (which I eventually got set up after the usual glitches - they’d better be good after the Charge HR break-every-five-months x 3 disaster). The Husb passed The Girl some cash to get me some pretty pajamas and somehow, my SIL managed to find a bicycle scarf that matches all my clothing! A birthday isn’t complete without chocolates and body lotion - I am totally sorted!

At sunset, My Bro & SIL joined My Girl & I at the dog sit house for champagne on the balcony - we were chatting so much we didn’t take our selfie until all the colour had gone from the sky! The home/dog owner said she couldn’t believe Ziggy hadn’t tried to eat the cheese.

All-in-all a lovely day, with many friendship messages to make me feel special.

A note on the raven photo: Two young ravens have been visiting and taunting Mitzy. They land on the deck railing and creep closer and closer until she races them off - long after her food bowl is empty. It’s like a game. Quite funny to watch.

Creepypasta #1151: May I Pet Your Dog?

Length: Medium

When I was a child, every time we went to the park and someone had a dog with them, I would want to pet it myself.

I understood very well how it worked. You politely ask the owner if you may pet the dog. If they say yes, you stick your hand out and allow the dog to smell it. If the dog approves, go ahead and pet it.

Not all owners were approving of their dogs being pet by a strange kid, and not all dogs were friendly. But the majority of the dogs and owners I met approved, and I always held those moments of making a (temporary) new friend in high regard. In fact, there were several dogs that were recurring visitors to the park and I had met on a regular basis, like Chip the wire-haired Dachshund, Hal the German shepherd, and Fritz the golden retriever.

I remember one cloudy summer day, we had the park to ourselves. I was spinning around the soccer field to see how dizzy I could get before I fell to the ground. I got up after the fourth or fifth time, and noticed an old woman walking a large dog along a paved path in the distance.

In hindsight, I’m not sure if the animal she had with her even was a dog. It was very large, larger than any Saint Bernard or mastiff I had ever seen. It had coarse black fur, a hunched back like a hyena, long thin legs with tan stripes, tall pointed ears, and very long jaws. But back then, any large animal on a leash was a dog, at least in my eyes.

I ran to my parents and pointed to the big dog over there, asking them if I could pet it. As soon as my dad saw the huge animal, his face turned cold. I could see his hands shaking. Then he turned to me.

“No,” he said with a stern look. “Stay away from it.”

My mom looked at Dad confused. As soon as she turned her head and saw the large dog as well, though, she gained the same cold expression.

“Your father’s right,” she said. “Don’t go near that dog.”

I wondered why they said that. Usually they were perfectly fine with me petting people’s dogs as long as the owner was alright with it and the dog was friendly. What was it about that particular dog that made my parents so afraid like that?

A few weeks passed. One day, we were once again alone at the park. This time, it was just me and my dad. I was playing in the sandbox when I suddenly heard a creaky and scratchy voice calling me.

“Little boy! Over here!”

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speedycatbluebird  asked:

ok but imagine early in the relationship monty's shy quiet gf plays a drinking game with the boys at a party and she drinks more than everyone else but in the end she's the only one still standing and everyone is surprised bc this tiny quiet humanbeing outdrank them and doesn't even look like it?? And then she just smirks and whispers in monty's ear: "oh i'm sorry, did you think i was a good girl?" like CAN YOU IMAGINE MONTY'S FACE

This is just hilarious to me because all of the jocks would just be like, “This is going to be so god damn easy, look at this girl, I can’t believe she thinks she can run with the big dogs, she is going to be barfing in the bathroom so fast” and it literally ends with her picking her way across the floor and doing her best not to step on any of the guys that are passed out on the ground because she’s a little hungry and just wants to get to the fridge.

And some of them are full blown passed out, and others are just so gone that they’re laughing randomly or talking to themselves, and Monty is halfway between the spins and being passed out, and he’s groaning on the floor and he lazily reaches out and grazes her ankle as she walks by him and says, “Baaaabe, what the fuck?” because Monty never thought she’d be able to drink that much either.

And she just chuckles, crouching down next to him and ruffling his hair. “Oh, Monty. I’m not a complete goodie-two-shoes.”

Love in a Hopeless Place

Title: Love in a Hopeless Place

Pairing: Domestic AU - Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 5344 (I’m so sorry)

Warnings: ANGST (but mostly fluff, so don’t worry!), cursing, one tiny mention of sex, prejudice against the reader, really entitled and stuck-up people, a verbal fight, implied drinking (…and a partridge in a pear tree)

A/N: This was written for @supernatural-jackles ‘s birthday challenge. My prompt was the GIF that’s included near the beginning of the fic (this was also my first time adding a saved GIF to any post, so I really hope it works, haha). Happy birthday, darling.

This fic got away from me, so I’m sorry it’s so long lol. Also, I apologize if any of it seems kind of rushed since I’ve had this mostly written for so long, but I couldn’t find a way to write some parts till today. Whoops.

This was sort of inspired by New Man by Ed Sheeran. :)

Any and all mistakes are mine and mine alone since this is sort of unedited. Constructive criticism and feedback is much appreciated!

Ever since Dean moved to the little town on the Pacific Coast, he had heard rumors of the Y/L/N family. He was always told to stay away–not that they were dangerous or anything, but they were the wealthiest family in the entire city and apparently had an ego the size of their wealth.

Dean had met the parents once before when they came to get a check up on their car, and they were some of the most entitled people he’d ever encountered. After their visit, he was not excited to meet their daughter.

The years went by, and Dean had avoided conflict well enough. He hadn’t talked the Y/L/Ns again after they paid for Dean’s services, only a few polite waves every now and then, and Dean planned on keeping it that way.

“Duke! Come back here, boy! C’mon, I’ve got a treat for you!”

Dean looked up from his car and squinted against the sun.

When his eyes adjusted, he saw a girl running after a dog in the middle of the street.

The dog ran in erratic movements across everyone’s lawns, making patterns in the morning dew. The girl stopped on the sidewalk in front of Dean’s house, putting her hands on her knees and trying to catch her breath. Her face was red from exhaustion, her jeans and sneakers had mud on them, and her hair was a mess from running. She looked up and met Dean’s curious gaze. His eyes widened slightly in recognition when he realized who she was.

Y/N Y/L/N.

Dean had only run into her once or twice in the two years he’d lived in town, and not once had he uttered more than a simple “hello.” From what he’d heard, Y/N was just as obnoxious as her parents, possibly worse.

But those were just rumors, right?

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Halloween Treats

Summary: Roman breaks the news to his wife (the reader) that he won’t be home to go trick or treating with her and JoJo. But Roman ends up surprising them and coming home Halloween day, cute adorableness ensues.

Requested by: Anon.

“You ready baby?” You asked JoJo as you moved around your kitchen table, heaving her heavy pumpkin onto the table in front of her. Your step daughter hummed and nodded, excited to carve a pumpkin and seeing her dad. You laughed at her bubbly attitude and took a seat next to her with your own, smaller pumpkin in front of you. You leaned forward and pressed the FaceTime button on the iPad in front of the two of you, selecting Roman’s name before waiting for your husband to pick up. JoJo bounced up and down in her seat and yelled out a happy “Hi daddy!” Once Roman appeared on the screen you and JoJo waved wildly making Roman smile and wave back. “Hey baby, how are you and mommy?” You waited for your daughter to answer with a smile on your face. “We’re good!” “Tell daddy how much we miss him.” You prompted her, sending Roman a secret cheeky wink at the nickname, your husband smirking back at you. “We miss you!” Roman and you chuckled at her loud words. “Well I miss you both so much. Should we start carving our pumpkins?” Roman had his own pumpkin ready to go, his words making JoJo nod eagerly and urge you to cut open the top of hers. “Hurry mommy.” You huffed at JoJo’s words, grunting as you forced the large knife through the pumpkin. You stuck your tongue out at Roman when he started to laugh at your struggles, muttering about how your daughter had to pick the biggest pumpkin in the patch. You blew the stray pieces of hair that had fallen into your face out of the way after you pulled the chunk of pumpkin out and handed JoJo a spoon to scoop out the insides. You made mindless smalltalk with your husband and daughter as you cut into your pumpkin and scooped out the insides of your own pumpkin. “Mommy, I’m ready to draw.” JoJo announced after a good 20 minutes of flinging pumpkin guts around. “Okay baby, just be careful.” You uncapped the black marker and put it into her dainty hand, grinning as you listened to her describe her idea to her dad. You drew a simple face on your own pumpkin before beginning to carve out the eyes of yours, freezing when JoJo grabbed your arm gently. “I’m ready.” You sighed and gently set down the knife before looking at her complicated design, eyes widening at all the small details. “JoJo, don’t give mommy a hard time.” Roman smiled gently at the two of you, his words making you chuckle and JoJo pout slightly before hugging you tightly. “I’m sorry mommy.” She melted your heart with everything she did and you gently hugged her back. “Don’t be sorry baby. Daddy’s just being dramatic.” You gently pulled out of her grip and started to slowly carve out the start of her design. JoJo soon got bored and jumped off her chair calling for Dakota, laughing when the husky ran around the corner eager to play. “JoJo, go play in the living room. There’s knives in here, I don’t want you getting hurt.” Your little girl listened and ran out of the room with an excited dog running after her. “Hey baby…” Roman started, his tone making you pause and look at the screen. He had dropped the smile that covered his face earlier and he had stopped carving out pieces of his pumpkin. “Yeah? Is something wrong? Are you hurt?” Your mind took over and the words spilled from your mouth like vomit. “No baby, I’m fine. It’s just…I’m not gonna be able to make it home to take JoJo trick or treating with you.” His words made you freeze, listening to make sure JoJo hadn’t heard her fathers words. You sighed in relief when you could still only hear her loud giggles and barks from Dakota. “Roman, she’s gonna be crushed.” You sighed and dropped the knife onto the table and ran your fingers through your hair. “I know, but she’ll be okay.” You groaned and tugged at the roots of your hair. “You’re not the one that has to tell her.” You gave Roman a sad and disappointed look making his frown grow bigger as you pushed Cooper, your german shepherd away from the pumpkin guts on the ground. “You know I’d do anything to be there Y/N, it’s just not possible.” Roman sighed out as you crouched down to pick up the mess your daughter had made. “I know Ro. Listen, I’ve got to clean…I’ll call you later.” You tossed the mess onto the tablecloth you had put down for this specific reason before throwing Roman a soft smile. “Okay, I love you.” You sent you a sad smile before you said your I love you’s back and hung up. Leaving the mess in the kitchen you headed to the living room, taking Cooper with you so that he couldn’t get his curious nose in the gunk. “Hey JoJo, can you come sit for a second? Mommy has to tell you something.” Your daughter nodded and ran towards you, throwing herself into your lap. The dogs jumped onto the couch beside you two as you held your daughter close, trying to prepare yourself her sad reaction. “You know daddy loves you so much right?” You started off slow, your words making her light up and nod. “Don’t worry, he loves you too mommy.” Her innocence made you smile sadly at her. “I know baby. But you also know how important daddy’s job is right?” She nodded quickly, curious doe eyes locked on you. “Well… because of that, daddy can’t make it back for trick or treating.” You dropped the bomb and your heart shattered when you saw her eyes darken in sadness. Her shoulders hunched over and she looked down at her hands, leaning into you more. “But we can still go out just the two of us and get lots of candy.” You tried to get her to look at you and get a smile onto her face but instead she hugged you tight and hid into your shoulders. “I don’t wanna go trick or treating without daddy.” Her words were laced with tears that you could feel through your thin shirt, her sadness making you want to cry yourself. “Shh, okay. If that’s what you want.” You soothed her, in no mood to push her to do something she didn’t want too. “Let’s go finish Apple?” You asked, using the ironic name she had given her pumpkin. You felt her nod against you and you stood up, carrying her back to her original spot.

You had spent the days leading up to Halloween trying to cheer JoJo up and convince her that the two of you could have fun trick or treating without Roman. But every time you managed to pull a laugh or smile out of her she seemed to remember her fathers absence and immediately frown again. Watching her favourite halloween movies didn’t work, taking Dakota and Cooper for a walk to see the Halloween decorations didn’t work, and neither did making candy apples and baking Halloween treats. “JoJo baby, wake up. It’s Halloween.” You gently shook your daughter awake, her large smile fading slightly when she realized her dad wasn’t beside you. “You wanna wear your costume all day?” You asked with a gentle smile, hers growing bigger when you suggested that. She nodded and hopped out of her bed and pulled you towards her closet where the little red riding hood costume hung, letting you help her put it on properly.

Your heart melted as you looked at JoJo in her small red cape, eyes happy and smiling wide for the first time in a while. “So what do you wanna do?” You asked as the two of you headed to the kitchen. “Eat candy, watch movies, and stay up past my bedtime!” The young girl cried out with a giggle as she skipped around you. “How about we have breakfast before we eat candy?” You paused at the fridge and looked to JoJo. “Daddy usually lets me have candy for breakfast on Halloween.” Her eyes were wide and she put a pout on her face, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to resist her. Sighing and cursing Roman’s tradition under your breath you pulled out some candy from the cupboards, mentally preparing yourself for a hyper child. “Alright let’s go then missy.” You lead JoJo to the couch and let her hold the candy bowl as you put in the first movie before plopping down beside her. As the day progressed you and JoJo only got up to change the movie, get more candy, use the washroom, or answer the door for trick or treaters. At some point during The Nightmare Before Christmas you two had started talking about how men (or boys in JoJo’s case) were unreliable and annoying at times. You didn’t even hear the front door creep open or bags hit your hardwood floors, too distracted by the movie and the conversation you and JoJo were having. “I love your daddy, but sometimes he frustrates me.” You sighed and stuffed more candy into your mouth as you adjusted your slouched form into the crease of the couch that had formed. “There’s this boy named Kyle in my class, and he’s cute but he can be dumb sometimes. And he likes to pull girls hair.” JoJo sighed at the thought of the young boy in her class. “Mmm,” You started with a hum before swallowing the sugary sweet in your mouth. “You don’t want that. Boys that pull hair are not good people.” You turned your head lazily towards your step daughter. JoJo turned her head towards you as well and sent you a goofy look, you sticking your tongue out at her in return. She covered her mouth with her hand and giggled into her palm once she got a look at your tongue. “What are you laughing at?” You chuckled, not noticing the other person that had been standing in the doorway to the living room for a few minutes. “Your tongue is blue mom.” JoJo spluttered out making you pick up your phone and look at your tongue in the camera app. “Darn those blue raspberry ring pops.” You sighed and tossed your phone down. “Darn boys too.” JoJo smiled making you gasp jokingly and look at her. Before you could say anything a deep voice broke through the air. “That’s not very nice.” You gasped loudly as did JoJo, the two of you too shocked to realize who the voice belonged too. You quickly moved your feet off the coffee table and shielded JoJo with your body, your motherly instincts taking control. You could hear JoJo whimpering slightly from underneath you and you tried to sooth her as you shut your eyes tightly. “And blue raspberry anything is your weakness babe.” Your eyes shot open and you quickly turned your head, recognizing the voice and smiling in relief when you saw Roman standing in the doorway. A second later JoJo was squirming out from underneath you, realizing it was her dad and not some intruder. You smiled happily as you watched JoJo run to Roman and let him scoop her up into a tight bear hug. “Come on mama.” Roman winked at you and held JoJo with one arm while his other was out to the side, waiting for you to run into his embrace. Rolling your eyes at the silly nickname you shot up and quickly rushed into your husbands warm hug. You hid your face in his chest and smile when you felt his hand start to run through your hair gently as he held you and JoJo tightly. “As much as I love you being here…what are you doing here?” You looked into his warm eyes and bit on your lower lip. “Yeah, mommy said you wouldn’t be home for trick or treating.” JoJo added onto your question. “Well I told mommy that I wouldn’t be home for trick or treating. But I realized how important this was to you and decided I couldn’t leave my two best girls hanging.” His words made you smile widely and lean up to give him a sweet kiss that was cut short by JoJo squealing and clapping happily. “Yay! You two get into your costumes and then we’ll go out!” JoJo urged both you and Roman to get into your costumes as she watched the families walking around to each house in the dusk. “Okay okay we’re going.” Roman chuckled and set her down gently, giving you a proper hug once JoJo was on her feet again. “I love you.” You heard Roman whisper into your hair as he squeezed you tighter. “I love you too.” You sighed into his chest and rubbed tiny circles onto his back with your thumbs. “Hurry.” JoJo started to tug you away from Roman as she drew out the urgent word. “Alright JoJo, daddy’ll stay down here with you to answer the door while I get changed.” You blew your little family a kiss before running up the stairs. You quickly stripped before pulling on your dark grey top, faux fur vest, dark grey leggings that had more of the fake hair glued down the sides thanks to your craftiness. You quickly grabbed your fur covered knock off UGG’s and wolf ears and ran down the stairs, grinning when you saw JoJo and Roman giving a group of kids some candy. “Okay your turn big man.” You walked past Roman and gently swatted his bottom with your hand as you did. Roman simply chuckled at your excited antics before casually heading up the stairs. You and JoJo handing out candy to a few groups of kids before Roman appeared again, his outfit making you and JoJo freeze. “What is that?” You asked and gestured to your husbands black hoodie and jeans ensemble that was topped off with his own pair of wolf ears. “Are you insane?” You whispered with a disgusted look your face as JoJo spoke over you “Daddy, no one’s gonna think you’re a wolf! And mommy put so much effort into your costume…Go put it on!” You fought the smile that threatened to fight it’s way onto your face at your daughters words. “Oh c’mon on JoJo.” Roman whined and tried to get his way out of the costume, looking at you for help. He sighed in defeat when you and his daughter simply crossed your arms across your chests and jutted out your hips. Roman wanted to smile at how much JoJo had taken after you in the time he had been away as he admired how identical your poses and facial expressions were at that moment. “Roman.” You began to pout and JoJo quickly caught on. “Daddy you promised.” The young girl started pouting as well, her puppy dog eyes locking onto her dad. Roman grumbled to himself before throwing his arms up in defeat and heading back upstairs, mumbling about the stuff he does for his girls. Once he was out of view you and JoJo started giggling and high-fiving each other. JoJo and you waited eagerly for Roman’s return and when he appeared in the fur covered costume you both smiled widely. “Yay!” JoJo bounced up and down as she clapped eagerly. “Just one last thing.” You grinned and approached your husband slowly. You gently pulled out the hair tie that was holding his man bun in before messing up his long curls so that they were wild and messy before placing the ears back on his head. “Much more…wild.” You winked at him making him growl teasingly at you. “Don’t get too excited yet babe, there’s still lots of candy to be gathered before you get something sweet.” You muttered to him, more than aware that JoJo was in the room. “Okay let’s go.” JoJo pulled at yours and Roman’s hands, heading towards the front door. You stumbled for a second before regaining your balance and grabbing your house keys when you passed the small table in the front hall. You quickly locked the door before turning back to your awaiting family. As you started to walk and begin the long journey that JoJo would drag you on you grabbed Roman’s hand in your own. He intertwined your fingers with his as the two of you watched JoJo skipping slightly ahead of you, waving at the kids she recognized. Roman continuously whispered sweet nothings into your ear as you walked from house to house, his simple compliments meaning the world to you. Eventually JoJo decided to stop skipping ahead and made her way between you and Roman. As you walked you and Roman each had one of JoJo’s hands in your own, swinging her back and forth in the air every once in a while. Whenever the three of you approached a house and an adult would answer they would fondly smile at your costumes and say how cute JoJo was. “Okay, I think this is the last one JoJo.” Roman declared the end of your adventure when he looked around the dark street and only saw a few wandering kids with parents or teenagers. “Okay.” JoJo sighed a bit disappointed but continued to head towards the last house on the block. You breath hitched when you felt Roman’s large hand brush against the curve of your ass. “We’re not home and she’s not in bed yet Roman.” You scolded and took his hand in yours again to stop its wandering. “You mean I still have to wait through her sugar high and crash?” Your husband pouted and dropped his head onto your shoulder, the wold ears on his head tickling your face. “She’s been eating candy all day, the crash should happen as soon as she steps inside the house.” You smirked and gave Roman’s butt another cheeky smack before running to catch up with JoJo, laughing when you heard Roman gasp and run after you. You both caught up to JoJo just as she stepped onto the house’s front porch. She giggled at the two of you and rung the doorbell, waiting impatiently for someone to answer the door. “Trick or treat.” Your daughter declared and held open her already full bag with a wide grin. The two bored teenage girls that opened the door gave JoJo a small smile before one of them picked up the bowl of candy. As they let JoJo rummage around the half empty bowl they looked up at you and Roman, their smiles immediately widening. “Oh my god.” One gushed and looked between the three of you. “You guys are so cute.” The other one giggled, the attention making you blush slightly. “Thanks girls.” Roman chuckled slightly. “Here, take the rest of it. I doubt anyone else is going to show up.” The first girl opted to carefully dump all the bowls contents into JoJo’s bag, much to her delight. “Thanks girls, what do you say JoJo?” You thanked the teenagers and prompted JoJo to do the same. She threw out a quick thank you before pulling you and Roman away from the porch, blabbering about how much candy she just got. The slight blush on your face got more pigmented as you heard the teenagers gushing about how you were “Goals.” 

You carefully stepped around all the candy wrappers on the ground as you followed Roman up the stairs to tuck a knocked out JoJo in. You pulled back her blanket and watched with affectionate eyes as Roman gently set JoJo onto her bed. After you pulled the blanket over her sleeping form you both kissed her forehead gently before silently creeping out of the room. When you headed to the stairs Roman quickly grabbed your wrist and pulled you into his chest. “I’m glad you made it home. JoJo missed you. I missed you.” You admitted with a tiny smile as you felt Roman’s rough hands circle your hips. “I missed you both too. You know what I missed about you most?” His hushed words sent shivers down your spine and the devious smirk on his face made you flush. “Hmm…could it be the naughty things we get up to late at night?” You ran a single finger down his firm chest and watched as his eyes darkened and his jaw clenched. “That was number two. I missed your beautiful smile and all the support it brings me the most.” Roman’s words made you smile widely and press a loving kiss to his soft lips while you cupped his jaw in your hands. “But now that I’ve seen number one multiple times, I’m missing number two a whole lot more.” Roman mumbled into your mouth and hurriedly lifted you up and moved quickly to your bedroom as your legs wound tightly around his waist. “Here we go.” You giggled into the hot kiss he had you locked into as he shut the bedroom door behind the two of you.

Little girl (Tig-Sons of Anarchy)

Request: A tig imagine where you take care of each other after a rather tough night of ring fights at a club party, flufffy please😘😘

Thank you for the request!! Yasss for bad ass ladies!!

“You fight like a girl!” One of the guys currently in the ring  yelled at the guy on the floor before flexing, earning cheers for everyone around.

“And how exactly does a girl fight?” A 5'5’’ girl said over the cheers after jumping on the edge of the ring.

“No! Y/N! Don’t!” Gemma tried to grab at her but Jax put his hand on her shoulder.

“C'mon mom, She’s not a little girl anymore.” He said looking up at his 25 year old half sister. “She’s in the Army for fucks sake.”

“She’s a hacker for the army!” Gemma snapped, “Not a solder!”

“She’ll be fine.”

“Look I know you’re Clay’s kid, but that wont stop me from bashing your head in if you dare to come in to the ring.” The guy said making everyone laugh.

“Well it’s a good thing that l’m in to that sorta thing.” She said sarcastically jumping over the fence and in to the ring.

“You sure about this?” Tig said from his spot besides the ring as she took off her rings and gave it to one of the crow eaters standing there.

“Oh Tiggy, it’s time to show this club who’s the real boss.” She said winking before taking a deep breath and turning around. “Ready, buddy?”

“Last chance to back out, sweet cheeks.” He said walking over to her cupping her face.

“Now where would be the fun in that?” She said looking up at the taller man.

“Ready?” Opie said and when the two in the ring nodded a yes lyla hit the bell which meant the fight can start.

Y/N hooked her arm over his forearm snapping it away from her face. The black haired man stumbled back in surprise.

“Okay then.” The man said catching his balance. “You’re in for it  now little girl.’‘  He ran forward with his full  streight throwing a punch directed at her head but she saw it coming and bent down, making him miss her head.

’'Be careful, you’ll get tired, old man.” She said punching him in the ribs twice before he grabbed her long pony tail and pulled her away. He used the chance to hit her in her jaw making her scream out in pain.

Just as he was about to throw a second punch she jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist, Making him stumble back, letting go of her hair.

“Is this all you can do?” She asked before punching the space between his shoulder and his neck multiple times. She knew the base of someone’s neck was own of their week spots.

“Fucking bitch.” He roared out throwing them both on the floor.

“Ahh.” She felt the air being knocked out of  her as both her and his weight landed on her back.

“You see this position would be much nicer if we would both be naked.” He said, trying to shake off the dizzy feeling  he got from the hits she gave him.

“Are.. you .. trying to make me vomit?” She asked trying to breath normally.

“Playing hard to get?”

“Nah.” lifted one of her arms and pressed her thumb in to his eye socked making him yell out.

“Slut!” He grabbed her throat with both of his hands, cutting of her air flow. She took the chance and reached up with her other hand, doing the same thing to the other eye. She knew it was a question of who can tolerate more pain by now. and she knew she would win.

She wrapped her legs around his waist again, kicking backwards, making her heal hit directly at the base of his spine making him roar out again.

Y/N felt light headed, she couldn’t breath. “C'mon’'  She said, knowing she only has to hold up a bit longer. ’'C'mon” She said  kicking again and putting all of her straight in to her hands, her nails digging in to his scalp untill he let go of her neck and grabbed her hands, trying to pull them off off his face.

She started coughing, the air filling her lungs overwhelming her, she let go of his scalp for a second. Seconds later she was able to breath normally again. She got on her knees and reached for his head again, slamming it in to the Grounod twice before hearing the bell again telling her to stop.

It was the Army discipline in her, she let go of his head the second she heard it, standing up straight. She whipped the blood off her lip and smiled down at her mother and brother. Who couldn’t look more different at that point. Gemma had so many wrinkles of worry on her face, her mouth tight. And her brother… She hasn’t seen him look so proud in years. And that made her smile as well.

The Lyla walked up to her, lifting her arm before Opie proudly said “And by a Knock out we have a winner! Y/N!”

After the cheering died down the girl sat down on the picnic table a bit away from the ring, taking a sip of her beer.

“You did great up there.” Tig said sitting down besides her.

“Thanks.” She smiled. “You were pretty great as well.” She said thinking back to the fight that took place a couple hours before hers.

“What can i say, i’m just that great.” He said in a cocky voice making her laugh before turning to face him.

“That’s gonna be a bruise tomorrow.” She reached up to his face, gently touching his cheek.

“Well i heard you like it rough…” He said sending her a half smirk, “So that would mean you would find me more attractive with a couple of bruises.”

“Oh you’re attractive enough already.” She said moving her hand from his cheek to his black curly hair. “ You know..” She said playing with his curls, “I always thought you were the hottest Son.”

“Did you, now?” He said, his hand landing on her thigh.

“Mhm.” She smiled at his disbelief.

“So why didn’t you ever say anything.”

“I was 16.’'  She said like it was the most obvious thing on the planet.


“So… you would end up in prison… Or dead.” She said motioning towards Jax and Clay.

“Good point.” He laughed. “What about now?” He said, pulling her over to him so now both of her legs were resting over his.

“Well, I’m not their little girl anymore.’'  She said leaning against him.

’'That’s what i Wanted to hear.” He said wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

“Ow” She winced.

“Sorry.” He smiled apologetically, gently pressing her in to him. “When are ya heading back?”

“To the military?” She asked taking a sip of her beer.


“I don’t know. When they call me.”

“Don’t you ever miss this town?” He asked looking around, “This people?”.

“I do. But there was never something that really kept me here.” She explained.

“What would have to be that something to keep you here?”

“A puppy.” She said half joking half telling the truth. She  liked her job but it was very stressful and she sometimes wished to have some job closer to home.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” He chuckled at her answer.

A week has passed since the fight. Y/N has been spending a lot of time with Tig. She was able to catch up on all the club buisness and help Gemma renovate all of her office software. Everyone was happy to have their little girl back home.

She was working on the last of Gemma’s computers when she felt something wet on her leg. She looked down to see the most adorable little puppy she has ever seen.

She let out a scream of job before jumping off the chair and on to the floor. “Who are you?” She asked the little puppy in front of her who sat  down in between her legs.

“Butterfly.” A familiar male force said from the doorway, making her look up from the puppy in her lap.


“Yeah, you had this white puppy toy thing when you were little, you always called it Butterfly.” Tig smiled at the memory of a little girl running around the garage with a toy dog.

“He’s yours?” She asked, focusing on the dog again.

“No.” He shook his head, looking down at the adorable girl sitting on the floor.

“You’re naming random people’s dogs?” She asked confused.

“I’m naming your dog.” He said making her head snap up.

“You got me a dog?” She asked not believing her own words.

“You needed something. I got you something.” He said simply.

“Tig!” She jumped up and ran to him, wrapping both of her arms around her neck.

“I take it you like my something.” He laughed hugging the girl back.

“I love your something.” She said before pressing her lips to his.


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AN: Hope you like it. I always love writing about Tiggy :)

…Iggy kicked [Fang].
“Ow! Dang it! What’s wrong with you?”
Unerringly, Iggy’s hand shot out and grabbed a fistful of Fang’s shirt. He pulled Fang’s face close to his own. “Describe. The. People.”
“There’s a million people,” Fang said, irritated. “Why? Are you meeting someone in particular here? Should I be looking for a man with a rose in his teeth, holding the New York Times?”
“This is Venice Beach,” Iggy said again. “Home of roller disco. I smell coconut oil. I hear high-pitched giggles. I know we must be surrounded by beach bunnies, and you’re looking at a map!”
[…]Sighing, Fang looked around. “Um, okay. There are two girls over there. One’s in a white bikini. One has ‘Utopia’ written across her butt. They have big blonde hair. Um, over there is an Asian girl, skating on rollerblades, with her dog, like a greyhound or something, running beside her. Oops, she almost took out that stroller.”
“What’s she wearing?” Iggy asked.
“A striped bikini.”
“And knee guards,” Gazzy put in.
“Oh man,” Iggy breathed. “More, more.”
“Um, there’s a girl meeting her friend,” he went on. “Her friend is giving her an ice-cream cone. Oh– it’s dripping. Huh. It, uh, dripped on her… chest.”
Iggy drew in a hissing breath.
—  my favorite passage from any maximum ride book ever aka IGGY CONTROL UR THIRST

My day today: I was talking to my professor and another girl in the class comes up to me and says “Hey, are you  the girl who face planted in the snow running to pet my dog?” 

Oh but I managed to get all the cards in Kindergarten, an edgy pixel blood game, in eleven in-game days. That’s difficult!

It’s one of those games where there’s more going on than you can get to in one run-through, so you have to repeat it to do everyone’s tasks. I like that kind of game.