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BTS reaction to their child refuses to call them dad because they were away for so long

Anonymous said :

BTS reaction when they haven’t met their child for years and when they finally see each other, she/he (their child) doesn’t want to call them appa and how can they fix it, please :)))) I love ur work so much, keep working hard 😘

Hi lovely~thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reactions and I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you enjoy it too >< .

Jin :

All he was thinking the way home is his little kid .The last call he had from you was about his little boy’s first birthday ! ..he went to the military when you were in your second month his biggest dream was to see his child for the first time ! ..when he knocked at the door he expected his child to come running like a little pinguin and hug him ..but what happened wasn’t as he expected the meeting to be ..his little child showed up with his diaper and smiley face ..which has changed the moment he spotted his father ..Jin was in heavens that time ..untill his baby ran fast inside ..screaming and calling for his mom ..and you were already on your way to the door stopped the moment you saw your dear husband ..smiling as if you have never smiled before ! ..but your child ? he was behind you ,hugging your leg ..begging for protection ..and that was the last thing Jin wanted to see papa ? appa or even daddy ? ..that broke him from the inside ,so the hug wasn’t that tight ..he was sad deeply …which didn’t make him sleep that night ..he was thinking of a way to change the way his baby sees him he decided to spend more time with him ,till he -with no control- called Jin (appa) because how strong their relationship was !

Suga :

A 7 months girl won’t remember her father ! ..especially if he left for tour for about another 8 months ! ..that would make it even more complicated..he heard his girl saying her first word when you recorded it he was so excited to hear it live ..when she is calling him! ..calling him (appa)!! ..he came home at 4 am ..after hugging you and showering you with kisses, he dashed to his girl’s room to see her sleeping in her one peace pijama ,with an angelic face and silk brown hair .He sat next to her and kissed her face ,two seconds and she was staring at him ,and his smile never faded away ,till she started crying so hard …calling her mom (AMMA!! ..I’M SCARED !!) ran to her room and saw Suga staring at the wall ,in an another world . You hugged her till she calmed down ,and Suga still didn’t make any reaction !.. you said ,trying to save the situation “..ohh baby ..this is your father !..why are you scared ?”..she kept crying “NO! ..HE IS NOT MY APPA!! ..HE IS NOT!” ..and buried her face in your chest .. you looked at your husband as you could clearly see him tearing up ..but before you could open your mouth to say a word he carried his body out ,and disappeared in his studio .In the next day ,you saw Yoongi for the first time ,so cuddly and caring ..he tried his best to make her feel protected and comfortable when he is around ,and that worked ! the end of the day ,after a family trip to the amusement park ,he was sitting with her on the carousel..she was laughing so happily in his arms when he was smiling till his ears ,she said in a loud voice between her giggles “YOU ARE THE BEST DAD EVER!” .

Rap Monster :

You and your little boy were waiting for your husband at the airport ,when he was away for one year with his mother ,trying to do some surgeries for her because she had two kinds of cancer,and you couldn’t leave with them due to your job .Your little boy was one year and a half ,so he had only few unclear memories about his father ,he looked at you “mom ? ..when was he all the time ?” smiled and looked down “our grandma was sick so he was helping her !” ..he pouted “but ..when I was sick he didn’t help me !” remembered when your child once had a virus and he was at the hospital for two days ,you knew that would affect on him because his father wasn’t there ,but you hoped nothing negative would happen .When Namjoon appeared you smiled brightly and pointed at him “look ! ..he is there !!” and you ran to him ,hugging him so tight ,and your boy? ..still standing where you left him ,and when Joonie took few steps toward his child ,the last one took another steps back ,there Namjoon was shocked ,and you knew how much that distance had affected on him ,even though the first conversation between them two was “you know that I asked about you everyday? ,your photo in my wallet ..and I take it everyday and I kiss it !” ..” ohh ..thanks seem as a good man grandpa Max in Ben10 !!!” ..and that moment you knew that Namjoon was broken ,as a knife stabbed him so deeply or as his heart was broken into peaces ,but what doesn’t kill you ,makes you stronger ! ..he took a vocation for a month to spend it with his boy ..and , it has beed successful ! .

J-hope :

His military service had to end today ,so you waited for him at the balcony with your little kid ! ..till he arrived with his soldier’s vest ..your boy cheered “mom look ! ..a soldier! “ smiled brightly “yeh baby ..he is your father !” ..and you ran downstairs, when your boy stood still and mumbled “my father ?” .You hugged your husband as if it was the first time to see him after 100 years ,so you shouted at that kid on the balcony “COME AND HUG YOUR DAD!” ..but he didn’t move ,so Hobi just kissed you and whispered “I’ll go for him!” ..and when he was two steps away from his child ,with the happiest face ever ,your boy said “so you are the hero my mom told me about ?” ..he nodded and pulled him in a warm hug ,but your kid broke it Hoseok pouted “what’s the problem my baby?” ..your kid simply shouted and ran away “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU !!!” ..Hoseok with no control started crying with no sound and you couldn’t do anything but hugged him, when he refused “you didn’t show him my photos ? ..didn’t you tell him the messages I wanted him to hear ? ..didn’t you tell him that I love and miss him so much ? ..why he hates me ?!!!” .After days he was trying his best to get closer ,but we cant deny that he had some difficulties to deal with ,his boy was a closed one ,not like his father ..but ,they made it at the end .

Jimin :  

Another one was away for tour ,but he suffered from another problem , a member was sick and he had to be next to him ,which made him be away for 9 months ,and that wasn’t so accepted by his little girl who he left when she was 3 months old and now she is one year old .He asked the driver to drive the fastest so he would see his daughter, he missed her till he couldn’t control himself .And when he was in front of her ,he came closer and hugged her as if it was the first time ..and she couldn’t make any reaction..all she was thinking about was (is he really my father?) ,and he didn’t notice that till he was taking a shower and you making the dinner ,when she moved in hesitated steps and knocked at the door of the bathroom “umm said the dinner is ready !” ..he opened the door with the biggest smile and carried her on his shoulders .When they were on the dinner table ,Jimin kissed you and mumbled “you are the best mom! ..I was afraid she would enter the bathroom so I locked it !” smiled and looked in a teasing way at her “ohh..that’s weird ,because she usually doesn’t knock ,but enters with no warnings !” ..your daughter looked at her plate in a guilty way “but you taught me to be polite with those I don’t know !” ..and that moment Jimin choked and sank in his blank thoughts ..that his daughter is no longer his  ,but just a girl he loves and she doesn’t ! ..that made him cry in his room alone at midnight ,also made him make a plan to let his daughter knows that he is not a stranger , but a person who loves her more than she thinks .

V :

It wasn’t his choice ,he had to leave for some business and you couldn’t go with him because you had to take care of your parents and your work ,so he left for a year and a half to complete the deals with many modeling companies ,he was a lit! ..after he realized that his family has the right to see him ,he canceled any new deals and went right back to his hometown .He was outside of his huge house’s garden ,when he saw his little girl running after her dog ,she was wearing ballet skirt with wings of a fairy ,till she stopped when she saw him ,he opened the gate and ran toward her ,picked her up and swung her in the air which made her giggle ,he pulled her in a hug and let her down ,so he sat on his knees ,admiring her beauty and how much she grew up without him ,that thought made him tear up ,till she shocked him saying “you are a cute like my joje (her puppy) …and you look like my dad~” she said with an accent of a cute little girl ,which made him smile brightly “ohh your father is cute ? about I AM your father ? …your TaeTae ?” ..she giggled “ohh no you are not ..bye stranger !!” ..and she waved ,left him there looking at her running after the dog again ,stranger ? ..that was the last thing he would like to hear ,for a family man ? ..that was a living nightmare ..and u knew that when he entered the house and his face covered with tears .But ,that didn’t stop him ,he got out of that scary hell and started all over again ,playing and chasing the dog with her ,till they became bestfriends ,till he became her TaeTae .

Jungkook :

That scholarship he had for the most famous music school in the world ,he dreamed of having it ,and when he got it ,he waited no second to accept it ,and when he knew he can’t get his family with him ,he had to risk ..two years he could only see you on FaceTime, but what really made him break down every night ,that his kid refused to FaceTime with him ,as he was that shy around strangers ,he didn’t have the courage to talk to that man who called his father and never saw him before ,that made Jungkook give up the rest of his scholarship and go back home .Out of his kid room he stood there ,afraid as hell ,will he accept it ? ..he knocked at the door and that three years boy opened it with his pijamas on ,the moment he saw his father his eyes went wide and slapped the door ,as if he slapped Kook on the face ,his feelings were down as he was holding himself not to cry ..”babe ,open the door ..I’m your father you were FaceTiming with ! ..I came but will never go again ! open the door and let me hug you ..!!” ..but that didn’t affect on the insecurity of his kid ,but made him shout out loud “NO ..!!” .After that situation, Jungkook tried everything to get his kid’s heart ,from watching his favorite cartoon with him to playing with him his favorite games needed time but ,it was successful too !.

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These are the nights I live for. The ones where we sneak our dog onto the beach when the lifeguard leaves. Running around in the water in the dark feeling free and alive. Dancing until the sun sets. Laughing, singing, and feeling so happy. Coming out of the chilly water and running up to the sand to grab our towels. Sitting on the berm of the sand and watching the colors of the pastel sunset fade into the dark night sky. Dreaming of when every night will be this special. 💙

Day 2: Remember

For @jonxsansafanfiction Day 2 - Comic Book/Graphic Novel Couples

Summary: It takes him seventy years to realise he’s in love with her and she’s no longer the girl he once knew. They’re both different now, fighting on different sides, him as Captain America and her as the ruthless Winter Soldier, but Jon refuses to believe this isn’t his Sansa and he’ll do whatever it takes to reach her. 

It has been seventy years since he crash landed in the Arctic, seventy years since he’s seen a familiar face, and although the technological advancements of the twenty-first century are something to marvel over, Jon doesn’t feel particularly that impressed by it. New York is harsher than he remembers, colder in a way that the war never brought out; people are always rushing from one place to another, shoving and yelling at each other without a modicum of respect. His New York wasn’t perfect, Jon knows this, and he remembers the injustices and the cruelty that lurked at every corner, but he misses the community. He misses his mum, though she died years before he ever even enlisted in the war, but most of all, he misses the Starks. Great big overprotective Robb, tough little Arya, kind and smart Bran and young baby Rickon.

But of course… her. Oh, he misses her like a bird longs for flight. In a way, the comparison is apt. She was his freedom, her smile his salvation and her eyes his home.

They hadn’t always been as close as they were. Sansa was different to the Starks. She longed for a life on the stage, to be front and centre, dancing and twirling batons to help lift the spirits of the troops overseas. It was her way of giving back, she always said. Jon never liked the idea, only so much as he didn’t like the idea of Sansa ever being anywhere near the line of duty, but once that girl sets her mind to something, she always does it.

It was a source of contention between them for much of their childhood. At first, Jon couldn’t understand why she would want to be a dancer. He was a stubborn ass though, so this wasn’t news; he simply couldn’t see how a dancing troupe could affect the war positively in any way. She should’ve been more like Arya, raring to fight alongside the men and doing her damndest to do so. That was true bravery in his eyes. But then that all changed.

Jon was walking home from the recruitment centre, rejected again for the umpteenth time for being medically unfit, when he came across a group of known bullies ragging on some poor kid only an inch shorter than Jon himself. The rage was abrupt, curling and roiling inside of him, and he had his hands in fists before he even stepped off the pavement. But a second later, Jon realised he didn’t have to. A sweet voiced called out, sharp and soft but no less demanding.

“Why don’t you boys pick on someone your own size, huh?” Sansa stepped up to the three large brutes. Jon felt his hackles rise, a deep, surprising need to protect her surging forward.

But she was smiling and it seemed to soften the blow as the three boys merely appraised her, taking in the curve of her hips, emphasised by the cinched waist of her dress. “This is America, dollface. We gotta show we’re tough. Letting these tweeds walk around while the rest are fighting ain’t good. You understand.”

Sansa’s smile tightened. “What I understand is you aren’t out there fighting either, so I suggest you go on get yourself enlisted before the girls around here find out you’re all cowards.”

“Hey, who said we haven’t! We were just –”

“I’m not saying anything,” Sansa interrupted with a pretty arch of her brow. She walked up to the one clearly in charge and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Big boys like you will surely do us all proud, right?”

Within seconds, Sansa had all three boys eating out of the palm of her hands before they all went scurrying away to prove their worth somewhere else. Almost as soon as they were gone, she hurried to kneel beside the younger boy and propped a hand behind his head.

“Hey, hey,” she murmured. “Are you alright there? Gosh, I’m so sorry about them. They’re mean ones. If my brother was home, he would’ve…” Sansa stopped abruptly and inhaled sharply, whilst shaking her head. “You remind me of someone, you know? Real tough guy too.”

The boy, barely a year or two older than Bran, sniffled and shook his head. “I’m not tough, miss.”

After getting the boy to sit up, Sansa inclined her head and smiled, genuinely now. “What? Looked like you were being mighty tough from where I was.” She gave a soft chuckle. “It’s easy to answer life with violence. It’s harder to weather its beatings.”

The boy looked doubtful as he wiped at his bloodied nose, the sleeve of his shirt coming away crimson and wet.

“Trust me,” Sansa said, helping him stand. “That someone I know? He’s real brave, just like you. Gets into more fights than you’d believe but he keeps going, you know? Keeps on getting up, putting up his fists like he knows what to do with ‘em. Real dumbass too, but… brave.”

That was him… Wasn’t it?

Jon couldn’t understand it. Never in his years of knowing the Starks had Sansa ever really spoken to him and yet she… admired him? It didn’t make sense. None of it made sense. And with a clouded mind and a conflicted heart, Jon walked away that day, trying to reconcile this image of snobby Sansa Stark with the one he had just witnessed.

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Happy Birthday To Me!

2 June 2017

The first order of my birthday was a run with my main pressie (the Garmin FR235) and the pup. Well, I ran about 2.00km but botched the buttons and got no reading. I had more success at lunchtime when The Girl and her current dog-sit charge (Ziggy the Kerry Blue Terrier) went for a walk - press and press again! But first…breakfast with the fam; The Husb, My Kids, The Girl’s BF, My Sis and my nephew The Pianist. We went to The Shipping Lane, where I had a stack of potato, haloumi, corn fritter, pumpkin, avocado & field mushroom, with a poached egg on the side.

I was spoiled. The kids bought me Fitbit Aria (which I eventually got set up after the usual glitches - they’d better be good after the Charge HR break-every-five-months x 3 disaster). The Husb passed The Girl some cash to get me some pretty pajamas and somehow, my SIL managed to find a bicycle scarf that matches all my clothing! A birthday isn’t complete without chocolates and body lotion - I am totally sorted!

At sunset, My Bro & SIL joined My Girl & I at the dog sit house for champagne on the balcony - we were chatting so much we didn’t take our selfie until all the colour had gone from the sky! The home/dog owner said she couldn’t believe Ziggy hadn’t tried to eat the cheese.

All-in-all a lovely day, with many friendship messages to make me feel special.

A note on the raven photo: Two young ravens have been visiting and taunting Mitzy. They land on the deck railing and creep closer and closer until she races them off - long after her food bowl is empty. It’s like a game. Quite funny to watch.