girl advice

Flirting/Seduction Tips 🍸

Some of these could work for your girl crushes too. 

Let’s start with the most subtle things you could do: 

- Wear a vanilla scent or something sweet. I get a lot of compliments from my guy friends when I wear a basic vanilla body spray. It smells like home to them.

-Exotic fruit scents are also very pleasant and leave an impression

-Another scent my guy friends like is the Amor Amor perfume. A bit heavy at first but it is very sexy! 

-If the guy is a friend or you both feel comfortable around eachother(which is rare when you like someone) hug him and the scent of your perfume will turn into a memory. It sounds funny but it is true!

-If you are shy, just listen to them when they speak and look at them. Eye contact can be everything sometimes. Plus everyone appreciates the people who listen to them and are interested about their life and themselves, so you could ask some questions!

-Flip your hair. Not is the sassy way but in the “I’m just trying to fix my messy hair” way. Flip your hair behind your shoulders and show of your neck and collarbones. 

-You could mention something you enjoy doing (cooking, baking cookies, collecting things) because guys will get curious(especially if it is something with food) and you could offer to do something for them sometime! However you shouldn’t lie about your hobbies. 

- Having a quieter and softer voice around the person you like is attractive! A playfull voice could work too, but don’t change up your natural voice because of another person. 

- Don’t smile all the time. But when you do, smile at them. 

-Don’t be pushy and don’t talk about very personal stuff. Do not put down other people and make fun of something. Try to be positive because they will feel the energy and enjoy being around you. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  🍸

DIY Dorm Decor: Wall Art

Get some washi tape in your favorite colors and patterns, and use it to put your favorite photos on the wall. As you tape up your photos, create fun and interesting frames! 

Keep your washi tape handy, it’s a perfect material to use for temporary wall paper. Pick the colors and patterns you enjoy the most, and arrange them into cool patterns across your boring walls! 

Cut out letters from your favorite magazines, tape it up on the wall, and frame it with some lights. Extra points for not so traditional christmas lights. 

If you don’t love huge cork boards, cut out shapes you like, and glue them on to a cardboard shape that is the same but slightly larger. Paint the cardboard shape and pin it up on to the wall! 

Find a free corner in your room and arrange your photos into a heart. No frames necessary :)